If You Scream, You Lose: IRL

čas přidán 16. 05. 2022
Go watch Try Not To Laugh: IRL • If You Laugh You Lose:...
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  • Comment how far you got without flinching 😈

  • Mack, never cut your hair. It's too good.

  • I was laughing hysterically because i thought a "professional" archer had just missed his target by half a metre

  • Sam was very determinedto win, it's sad that they didn't end up going to Italy.

  • I love how they progressively got more and more bananas during the interviews

  • I love how Sam didnt scream ONCE the entire video

    • Dammit, I should’ve waited until I finished the video to read the comments

    • @@alexbrown8618 lol

  • Mack's french accent was actually on point 😂

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! Haha! My dream destination is Maldives!

    • I went there it is amazing I recommend soneva Jani

    • same bro the Maldives is so cool its my dream vacay aswell

    • Same

    • Zarkaroo?????? BG in airrack channel hi po kuya zark

    • Tyler you silly buffoon! Haha! My dream destination is Maldives! "Totally not stolen"

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! Started watching your videos recently and am loving your content keep up the great work!

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! Keep up the good videos 😊

  • 1 year later and tyler is still a silly buffoon

  • Sam was such a badass facing her greatest fear stone faced like that. Absolute trooper.

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! Loving ur content man. Keep it up. Congrats on the 10mil🎉❤


  • How in the world did Sam not scream once

  • Why does it feel like Mack and Hope are always fighting for Eric's love? Lol

  • Id love to be on the show, cant stop laughing and would love to go to Spain. :)

  • Tyler you silly buffoon ! Love this video

  • I want to go to Antartica. It was one of two honeymoons we were supposed to go one before my then-husband falsely accused my of domestic violence after he disparaged my gender not once but twice on our wedding day this year in January. I've almways wanted to go to Antartica before it melts

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! Hey man I loved the video so much I would love to see some more content like this in the future!

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! Love all your videos🥰💜🥰

  • I wouldn't be surprised if at the last level (rats) Sam would've said ''Hey :DD, ur so cute'' to the rats

  • Beans In The Fridge Was Weird!

  • um ya first challenge made me J U M P

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! Loved this video! I'm Hoping Eric makes more of these videos!

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! Loved this video, can't wait to see more!

    • Npc comment

    • @@thekrattbrothers7940 wdym xd

    • @@thekrattbrothers7940 ur the stu[id unintellegent npc

    • @@Sb_389 dang, why did you got offended so fast. Chill out you numbnutts

    • @@thekrattbrothers7940looks like someone didn’t watch the whole video

  • Ok, I have never screamed in 6 FREAKING YEARS. I haven’t watched this yet, but good LUCK. :3

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! We need more content like this, its very entertaining.

    • I will call you crocodile man. Crocodile u are prooooooooo!

  • Tyler you silly ballon🎈😊

  • You guys are doing such an amazing job! Very engaging content! :)

  • Sam tapped into a dark place in that last one. Respect

  • Tyler! You sully Buffoon! This is the best youtube video i have ever watched in all your channels!! Pls make more interesting videos! They are hilarious! keep on going! I would love to go to Dubai!

  • Tyler you silly buffoon. I really enjoy these vids while eating, keep up the great content!

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! We need more of this content, I love it and it's really entertaining.

  • el mejor video que he visto chabal, que alucinante y creatvidad de desafios. el video me hixo pensar sobre mis miedos y como solucionar estos miedos, la verdad ese video es una obtra de atrte ben elaborada, sos una maquina maquiavelica del mal

  • First we get try not to laugh and now try not to scream irl 😂😭😭🔥

  • Tyler you silly buffoon, I actually laughed during this vid

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! Loved this video, can't wait to see more! Pizza Party!!

    • here we see the copycatilasaurus, more known as a copycat.

  • Tyler you silly Buffoon the others could've gone to countries but you went to a nearby beach. I love your videos and make more videos like this it's sick content

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! Loved this video! I'm Hoping Eric makes more of these videos

  • Tyler you silly Buffon.

  • The videos are getting better and better 👌🏻

  • Sam has transcended to a different dimension in the last challenge Lmao. BTW, Tyler you silly Buffoon!

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! Man this is amazing to see how far you've come. Keep on being you man. It is a livelong dream to go to Machu Picchu, Peru!

  • Tyler you silly Buffon

  • Tyler you silly Buffoon, I love your videos I can’t go a day without watching you continue the good work 👌👍

  • Tyler you silly ballon… wait I mean Baffon

  • Tyler you silly buffon! Tyler's mom: yOu DisAPPonIT mE. ThiNk abOuT pOOr SaM, NOt GoiNG tO ItAly. To BusY Huh!?🥸

  • sam is literally a legend she aint even flinched once and tanked all her way through

  • As a Romanian (poor-ish country), hearing americans saying that greece is the most expensive was really funny 😂 We can travel there by plane and at a nice hotel with about 500€


  • Tyler you silly buffoon 😹😹😹

  • Tyler u silly Baffin

  • this is like the amazing race but 10x better

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! Great vid can’t wait to see more like it!

  • 6:52 lmfao when they brought the monster in

  • The first one was done so well

  • big dubs to tyler… he’s come so far in his career. at the point of saying “too busy” for a potential core memory. tyler, you silly buffoon!

  • I loved how Eric screamed help help help help help on the first challenge By the way, Tyler, you silly buffoon

  • 12:24 I would really want to go to Hawaii or the Bahamas. Both of the places are beautiful and fun.

  • Tyler you sily bafoon! I would love to visit Oslo in Norway! Its where my favorite voice acter (kind of a voice actor) lives!

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! I love your videos

  • Avery: I'm really just scared of disappointing you. Mack: Babe, you can never disappoint me...unless you scream.

    • nice comment lol! i just started yt, any support appreciated. 💗🎮🤗.

    • @@zansfn I reply to your reply

    • Hey! Did you know God is three in one!? The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! Bless them! Jesus died for our sins, rose from the dead, and gives salvation to everyone who believes in him and follows his commandants! Have a blessed day, everyone!! ❤

    • 😂

    • This reminds me of this cs-tv.org/tv/video-6CZT_XejBzg.html

  • Tyler you silly Buffoon, I love your videos I can’t go a day without watching you continue the good work

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! Thank you for so much kid friendly, funny, and very entertaining content. Please reply Eric. Never change.

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! I love y’all’s videos y’all are my favorite CS-tvrs My favorite video was when y’all went to celebrities houses and acted like y’all were cleaning the cameras and there pool ( Well yall did )but jumped in their pool

  • the way mack got the tallest girlfriend is crazy He's a living W

  • Tyler you silly buffooooon

  • Tyler cares for your bank account, that’s why he didn’t go to Italy, so generous.

  • Lol. I pride myself on being able to hold in my reactions. It's a skill I developed over the years. Sometimes letting people see how you react to things gives away too much. Try not to Laugh, Scream, flinch, etc nothing can get me to react if I choose not to

  • I haven’t even flinched but I would love to see another one of these scare videos

  • 11:17 esa es la ecsena de suicide squad?

  • Tyler you silly Buffoon 😂.love your vids by the way can’t wait to see more like this

  • that art atack scared me so much even though i new they were gonna atack

  • Tyler is silly, but fr, vacation being in Airrack video seems way more fun than Italy!!!

  • Bruh Mack made my laugh so bad when he was like we were gonna be eating corrsonsts on the ifel towers!!!

  • Eric, take ur girl to that cabin. That’s so wholesome; she deserves it.

  • the bananas as the microphone 😂

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! My favorite part was probably the mannequin scene, loved this video❤

  • Dude, your content is so next level, such an inspiration for creators! Keep up the good work my man

  • When he brought in the snakes i just got more excited and a smile grew on my face, if i were in that challenge i would be so calm and smiling because snakes are my favourite animals.

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! 😂 this was so much fun to watch.

  • tyler you silly buffon

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! This is a great video, and you have gone so far man.

  • took me such a long time to tell if the bricks were real or not im still going.

  • The fact that Sam peed herself but didn't even scream was pretty hilarious and awesome

  • Loved this video, can't wait to see more!

  • Tyler you silly baffun

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! Man this is amazing to see how far you've come

  • TyYyLLerrr YyoooUUUU SiLy BOoFoOn!!!!!!

  • Imagine being one of his friends, they must be entertained or terrified every single day.

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! Loving your vids! :)

  • empece a ver tus videos por que me aparecieron, y me gustaron demasiado.😍😍

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! to be honest the rats are kinda cute for me, btw i love your videos!

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! the video was hilarious. Incredibly well crafted

  • Tyler you silly baffoon.

  • Airrack is becoming one of the most high quality creators on the platform as we speak, mad props to him and the team

    • cs-tv.org/tv/video-dC11klYPa2c.html наконец-то здесь...

    • 100% ive been subscribed for a while now and i remember the videos before the 1M subs in one year goal. The dude achieved it and now hes one of the most relevant youtubers currently, going from trolling logan, to having the financial balls to buy sofas and get in with them.. AND then turning down jake for a team 10 addition = WOW. Year 2: going from 1M to 6.25M in what 5 months? - he proved that you can still make it from nothing and is being original while doing it. Probably the most calculated youtuber after mr beast.

    • Tyler you babbon

  • At 10:49 Eric says he had a pizza party when he was 5 and no one came, but in his other videos he says he's 6 when that happened although it could be the birthday(age changed) This is a theory Love your vids

  • Tyler you silly buffoon! I loved the video and I hope you get to 10 million! Keep up the good work

  • Tyler you silly babon thank you for keep