Illegal HAM Radio Button? (20% off Ham Radio course in pinned comment)

čas přidán 3. 03. 2023

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  • There is a loophole to getting licensed that you can legally use the ham radio bands if you are given permission from a licensed operator and under their supervision. Furthermore if you transmit and not being a nuisance the chances of a ham operator trying to track you down is slim to none and requires specialized equipment that can only be used while actively transmitting.

  • You’d also be like the first person ever to get in any measurable amount of trouble if you pushed that button.

  • Here we go, infamous HAM POLICE... You HAM "elite" operators, instead of threatening, scaring and turning down people, should work on promoting your hobby and welcoming people...

  • The FCC doesn't care as long as it's not on police, fire department, ems, aircare frequencies. The only ones that that'll harass you are the hall monitors that are hard core ham operators.

  • The stupidest thing about living in the US today is that you need a license or a permit for everything. Basically you have to ask the government for permission for what you want to do and if they say no, you cant do it or you get fined/arrested.

  • It is a transmitter. Anyone can use a radio that is only a receiver because that does not require a license. A radio transmitter requires the person to become certified, licensed//registered. Because the air waves are strictly regulated and dedicated for specific uses and governed by the FCC.

  • Inmate 1: "I butchered a family as they slept. What're you in here for?"

  • I’m sure that button gets hit accidentally 100+times across the US daily.

  • Total BS. I have one of those radios he is holding . No license is required for MURS which it is capable of. GMRS AND FRS do require a license but is readily available for a rew bucks and valid for 10 years. No special test required.

  • Dude I was flying into an airfield and couldn’t make any calls cause two guys were on a hot mic roasting a dude about visiting his mom for like 5 minutes.

  • I doubt the FCC (a useless government agency) has the money or manpower or time to go after ham radio operators unless it becomes a problem.

  • Using a false picture of "direction finding" as a way to fear monger new radio enthusiasts is more stupid than that plate carrier.

  • FCC could really care less and they simply don't have the manpower to send agents or whatever to track you down

  • Actually you're wrong... even while licensed, transmitting from that particular radio is always illegal on HAM frequency. Look into it.

  • Use FRS Channels at appropriate output wattage. Not illegal, just baiting us like a tool.

  • I used to mess around on my dad's CB radio. He always told me if i did they'd find me and I'd go to jail lol. (All the truckers knew it was some kid playing around they never got mad)

  • "There's a bunch of men who can track you down"

  • The government also told me I cant grow more than 5 tomatoe plants and cant have more than 4 chickens well they still haven't showed up

  • I promise you that there isn't a single person who is presently employed by the FCC that is paid to give a single shit that you pressed that button. Ever.

  • As low wattage as they are the FCC would rather go after the bigger base station units running more heat. In all actuality Small mobile ones aren’t worth their time chasing around the woods.