Impossible 0.00001% Odds!

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  • Jimmy & Chris has no boundaries on how crazy their content gets and they always makes our day or night even better keep it up

  • Good to have you back ,Chris and, love both of your different types of humor

  • I love when Chris just explains explains something and jimmy is so amazed or so confused it very funny

  • I loved the cone thingy doing a trick. That was a good clip guys

  • I love when Chris explains something and jimmy is so amazed or so confused

  • I know how they both knocked each other out because the fours they were using for the punch. Also made momentum making it still be able to move through the air and then hit him so whoever hit the other one first.

  • i love how Chris always explains slowly and Jimmy is confused by it

  • enjoy seeing him react knowing totally well that our time will be converted into money and donated to someone i need, is definitely amazing

  • Chris and Jimmy has no boundaries to how amazing their videos can be

  • Felicidades por tus 300000. that pigeon got moves truly.

  • This man is gonna have great stories to tell to his grandchildren. What a legend🏆

    • stop spamming this, it's overused.

    • ​@UR1ZENhow!😡

  • the fact that we see these videos everyday in our yt shorts and insta yet enjoy seeing him react knowing totally well that our time will be converted into money and donated to someone i need, is definitely amazing

  • Felicidades Mr. Beat. Por todos sus logros .Me encantaría poder hablar con Usted pero no hablo english lo siento.

  • I love when Chris explains somthing and jimmy is so amazed or confused

  • Bro tus videos me motivan eres mi heroe

  • Thank you so much for making everyone's days better Jimmy and Chris!

  • Legend says jimmy is still looking for a right time to tell his pool table story

  • Good to have you back, Chris. Keep on being awesome, Jimmy.

    • First 👇

    • 👍🏻 so sweet

    • Jimmy has a moustache, btw...

    • One time while i was at class the whole fan came off and destroyed the table

    • @Afroza Begum update!

  • chipping into the hole [according to coach Dennis] is called an eagle

  • Just so you know in baseball when he hits the yellow poll It is a automatic home run

  • Last time Jimmy reacted to very hard odds it was an unbelievable sight to behold. Maybe Jimmy should try to do something that has impossible odds himself. Jimmy’s special effects are getting better and better too.

  • Jimmy and Chris are just the best combo

  • Hola Mr beast una vez yo ice parar una moneda de 10 céntimos me sorprendió mucho saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪

  • Jimmy and Chris are funny, but the editing makes it so much better. Deff underrated

  • Felicidades 🎇 por tus 300000❤🎉

  • Round of applause for all those people, Also Jimmy and Chris for the great content🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    • 🤝👏👏👏

  • Mr beast has always been an inspiration for creating content

  • I love the reaction videos! Y’all react to it in a better way than other CS-tvrs. Actually you guys in in time and effort and taking your time and get extra funny. Other CS-tvrs just want to post it in a snap!

  • Franchement grand respect à tous ces gens

  • I love how enthusiastic you are about all your videos 🤩

  • 3:20 The referee's decision was a home run, and he even scored a come-from-behind score against the Lions.

  • I love when Chris and Jimmy do videos because its just the best combo two funny guys reacting to funny videos 😂

  • 1:57 Best face Jimmy has ever pulled That made my day😃

  • that pigeon got moves truly

  • Jimmy and Chris are so funny and the editing in these videos is amazing

  • The toddler is a god😂

  • I love when Chris explains something and jimmy is so amazed or so confused.......

  • I love how the dog was there to knock the ball😂😂😂😂😂

  • 1:52 The bird wasn't hit, you can see it in the following frames under the cannon chase.

  • My friend actually somehow made that basketball thing to where it stays on the rim. He was on a break away and put it off the backboard. I was so confused but it was so cool

  • Gotta Rename that cannon to *Randy Johnson*

  • Jimmy and Chris are just the best combo, funny&ntertaining vibes!

  • Love from India Love the content you guys make ♥️

  • They need to show Chandler and Karl More on camera

  • imagine hitting a quadriple doink field goal just for it to be no good 🫠

  • Bro that guy was a hero catching that dog

  • Epic explanation as always Chris 😎 hahaha seing how Jimmy's reacts is soo cool.

  • More power to you Sir

  • Chris needs to watch national lampoons blackball, then judge the high pace, high pressure sport of lawn bowls 🤣

  • His unfinished story about pool will keep me awake all night

  • That pigeon has more skills than I'll ever have in my life 😂😂😂

  • De hecho Beast, hubo una persona que sobrevivió a qué un pedazo de meteorito le aplastara la cabeza. Literal cayó justo al lado de su cabeza... UN PEDAZO DE METEORITO RECIÉN CAIDO DEL ESPACIO

  • You are right Jimmy, I couldn't replicate any of the clips. Thanks for the entertainment!

  • Final con ustedes saludos desde cuba veo todos sus videos y supcritos a todos los canales bendiciones para todo el equipo 🙏

  • actually, if a ball hits the foul pole in the air it's a home run. 🤓

  • As a Mr. Beast fan, and as a baseball fan, I’m a little disappointed they didn’t know the ball hitting the foul pole was a fair ball. Lol

  • That dog must be a goal keeper for our national soccer team🤭🤭

  • I love when Chris and Jimmy do videos because it’s just the best combo two funny guys reacting to funny videos 😂

    • Trent Hamsley nahhh

  • The fact that the man saved the puppy 🐶 from falling He’s a hero❤

  • Just an FYI jimmy and Chris when a baseball hits the foul pole its still a home run 😁

  • If the ball hits the foul ball before it hits the ground That means its A home run home run

  • One of the most informative videos ever 😉

  • My dad accidentally put a bottle on the lid and even one that cannot be put on 😮

  • These videos always brighten my day! Thank you Jimmy!

  • Somehow Jimmy and Chris make content crazy even doing reaction content

  • Cool finds. Thanks for content

  • By the way, if a ball hits, the foul pole it’s actually fair

  • Respect for the goalie that biked the ball and the dog

  • The basketball one happened to me lol a few weeks ago

  • Chris's commentary makes this series fun and jimmy too

  • Me watching the first clip and really wanting to explain to Jimmy and Chris the fact that in the end it was a foul on the player bc he jumped in front of the keeper to get the ball lol

  • Who else would pay good money to get a quick update/follow up on what happened after the Cop realized it was just a homerun that hit his car?

  • The coin thing happened to me 😂

  • Love the facial expressions in your reactions.😅

  • Me encanta cuando dice wow 🤣🤣

  • Jimmy and Chris are the most entertaining people to watch

  • Jimmy I love what you do keep it up❤

  • chris is literally allergic to everything 😂

  • 3:14 Jimmy if it hits the foul pole it’s a fair ball.

  • One time two snacks came out of the snack machine instead of the one snack I got that was the luckiest I've ever gotten lol

  • Me waiting for the pencil to stand

  • I love your videos, hoping someday I'll be one of those participant on your challenge 🥹

  • After 2 weeks of practice... *I DID IT!*

  • I once witnessed a very rare thing so my friend threw something in the shape of a circle and when it was thrown it just hung on a hanger. 😮

  • i love how unintrested they are in baseball but how interested they are in birds doing backflips

  • I was a that drain the put Clemson game. They always have that and that was the 2nd time I got to see it. It’s so crazy! Y’all keep being AWESOME!

  • Jimmy your videos inspire me to be my best every day! Thank you for everything🙂

  • My friend once capped a highlighter, and I thought that was the coolest thing I’d ever seen, until now

  • Thanks Chris, now I’ll never know about that one time Jimmy was playing pool…

  • Imagine doing heads or tails and it ends up on the side

  • You guys keep me entertained for some reason

  • A baseball that hits the foul pole is a home run.

  • 🤣🤣🤣 this is one of the funniest videos I have ever watched from them lol 😂

  • 5:55 are we just gonna ignore the fact that it went in twice cuz of the bounce of throw?😀

  • Minuto 4:04 eso una vez me paso y encima a la primera (no es tan dificil)

  • Love the content keep up the great vids!!

  • Once there was a butter knife on the table and I knocked it over and it flipped into the ground and there is still a mark😂

  • The bull chasing the seesaw, what an adrenaline rush that must've been for the two dudes. 😅

  • Jimmy's sub to view ratio is INSANE

  • Cris seems tiered when filming.