Impossible Magic Tricks!

čas přidán 16. 12. 2021
Our minds get blown away with these magic tricks!
David Blaine
• Levitation | David Blaine
• Pulling Out a Stranger...
• David Blaine catches a...
• Just Give Me a Quarter...
Magic Pro
• Criss Angel - Walk Thr...
Darcy Oake
• Darcy Oake - Dove Magic
Zach King
• Almost hit by a car #s...
• Furniture Optical Illu...
• Why you should never p...
Shin Lim
• Penn and Teller Fool U...
• World's Deadliest Stra...
• Penn and Teller-Shadows
Kuma Films
• Hypnotizing Optical Il...
• Contact Juggling - Tai...
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  • I’m always happy to see Jimmy and Chris express their personalities with these videos they make my day so much better

    • yes

    • No

    • These are just their internet personas

    • he was on the other side the fence with his foot on the other side

    • @Mpro256 Why no

  • Your videos are too enjoyable Jimmy, keep making people smile with your great content ❤

    • Your videos are too enjoyable Jimmy, keep making people smile with your great content ❤

  • I remember watching David Blaine a lot with my grandpa when I was younger and his tricks just blew my mind. They still do

  • O artista de rua do Brasil merecia um destaque maior em todas as midias. Ninguem nunca fez algo que nem ele fez ou descobriu como ele fez hahaha

  • I love how Jimmy is so funny!🤣

  • Jimmy's genuine reaction to those videos makes so many peoples day.

  • All the kindness of our planet lives in Jimmy's heart. All he's doing for people is TRUE MAGIC.

  • Shin Lim is legit one of the best magicians in the world

    • Ye, He's so good he even won AGT.

    • ​@IDK??? Twice

    • @Jonathon Rodriguez Twice? When was the second time?

    • @IDK??? it was a champions season.

  • The difference between Jimmy and other CS-tvrs is Jimmy’s courage to do something dangerous and interesting.

    • I mean, that is true, but you are commenting this on a reaction channel.

  • Jimmy never ceases to amaze me 🧡

  • I love watching Jimmy and Chris reacting to videos makes the day wayy better. Also I do street magic as well.

  • The guy with the smoke in his mouth and the appearing cards is called Shin Lim. I highly suggest checking him out as he has some incredible magic tricks.

  • Shin Lim (the magician that made the cards appear out of thin air and with with the smoke) actually won Season 13 of America’s Got Talent for his Magic, he’s practically a living legend among magicians right now. Jon Dorenbos (the football player on the sports broadcast) also competed in the 11th season of AGT and got 3rd place. These guys are just insane.

  • we need a podcast where Jimmy and Chris talk about PURE randomness

  • Jimmy always puts a smile on our face

  • Shim lim the one who made the cards appear out of no where is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Especially all his agt performances.

  • you should do more of these street magic videos, they are insane! ( I am team David)🎩♠

  • Jimmy was right about metal rod connected to a harvest in that one trick.

  • Can we just appreciate how funny his videos are.

  • What's funny,Jimmy was right about the sliver guy on how he is floating lmao

  • Jimmy always make thousands of people's days better

    • That’s true

    • You're wrong he makes million of peoples day better thats the right grammar 😂

  • 4:38 I love how Chris quickly corrects himself here.

  • I love how Jimmy is so funny!

  • David Blaine inspired me to become a magician ten years ago

  • Thanks for doing this type of stuff for people Jimmy

  • Your reaction videos make my day❤️

  • Love it❤️❤️💯you guys help me get thru the day 🙏

  • I have watched every single one of these , always entertaining me. Thanks for the content❤

  • Thank you for your amazing content Jimmy!

  • U know it’s a good day when Jimmy uploads

  • Chris:*takes out thumb* Jimmy:CHRISSS!!!! be careful Chris:Yeah,sorry

  • I remember seeing some insane street magic in newyork, it’s honestly dope lol

  • i love your content keep it up man

  • Jimmy should totally make a podcast for random things

  • You always know how to make me smile (:

    • У него своя магия

  • i honestly love Stuart edge because he did some neat magic and he was also very kind, i would have loved them to see them react to him

  • I can do the levitating stick trick :) It's really fun to do 6:08

  • 5:20 i love how jimmy casually looks happy being buried alive for 50 hours

  • I'm glad that Jimmy is uploading more videos now

  • The guy at 0:37 and 3:30 is Shin Lim. Dude's a card-trick WIZARD.

  • Zach King, the King of Magical Illusion ❤️

  • Chris is the funniest person ever

  • Love your videos keep it up

  • This always brings out my day with all the humour 😄

  • These videos are always so funny

  • Imagine how many stories Jimmy will be able to tell when he is a grandfather. RESPECT!!

  • The one with the pigeons is Darcy Oake. He's amazing 😍

  • Binging these videos while im sick with the flu thank you for making my daw better!!

  • always your reacts make my mood better:)

  • You know it's a good day when he uploads

  • Jimmy himself is magical

  • i love how Chris is always saying “but u have a child” lol 😂

  • 6:59 if you didnt know thats a Leviwand, it looks really trippy but theres a string attached in the middle

  • I love your both reactions ❤️

  • Thank you for making my day jimmy:)

  • Always Jimmy doing good videos with the boys

  • For the smoke guy, my dad was there when the world found out about his skills

  • I love that the dog is chilling back there :)

  • Que bueno que esta traducido It's good that it's translated

  • Love the vids keep it up Jimmy!

  • You know it's gonna be a good day when Jimmy uploads.

  • I just loveeeee Shin Lim one of the greatest magicians who also uses smoke in a proper way

  • Chris: He was also very attractive too. Jimmy: What? Chris: …..What? Sus…

  • Can we all agree that mr beast never dissapoints with his videos

  • Was so surprising within the magic trick where when I look at the words it’s exactly what I hear! Credits to the person who did that one

  • Beast’s reactions are insane ❤️

  • Omg as an amateur magician this is awesome to see you watch

  • A have no words to describe how much I love this channel ❤

  • 6:20: the "shadowmancer", a man who practices the art of manipulating objects by their shadows. Otherworldly!

  • Your vids are so entertaining and funny 😂

  • I love your videos 😍

  • Amazing Content as Always! ❤️

  • That's the beauty of magic You just need a good editor 😉

  • Love your content

  • Your videos are amazing jimmy so much effort put in

  • I love ❤️ your videos and i have been a fan for 1-2 years now

  • 1:05 Chris was just genuinely shocked

  • 90% of magic today is studio magic. Yes jimmy, editing.

    • Especially Zach..

  • David Blaine is a legend

  • -Он очень привлекательный -что ? - что? 😂😂😂😂😂

  • We all wish to do this and Thanks for Jimmy he made my day always

  • 6:06 had me dying😂

  • Amazing content Jimmy!

  • Thank you for reacting to this. I love magic so much

  • It is now Canon, Chris is a genie. He's summoned in a cloud of smoke.

  • The person who excaped from being clamped his Harry Houdini btw.He was very famous for excaping almost anything in a matter of seconds

  • Magicians actually die doing dangerous tricks more than you’d think.

  • Great magician❤️

  • I'm a magician, so I know he is Shin Lim.

  • Bro jimmy is just uploading videos after videos just loved it 😊

  • Thank you mr beast and team ❤

  • I just love people on the streets doing magic

  • great content !

  • Gave away a whole island. Donated millions. Spent 3.5 million on squid game for our entertainment. This guy is a Legend.

  • as a homeless person i think just meeting this guy would be crazy. sure wish he lived in my neighborhood

  • jimmy is the reason i wake up ever morning

  • Jimmy: “who invited him?” me: “ you did”😂

  • This was literally Unbelievable!😃🙂

  • Mrbeats keeps bring it this guy is awesome

  • Who else loves when he uploads?