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Indianapolis Colts vs. Kansas City Chiefs | Divisional Round Game Preview | Move the Sticks

čas přidán 8. 01. 2019
Move the Sticks previews the Divisional Round matchup between the Indianapolis Colts vs. the Kansas City Chiefs.
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  • *_CHIEFS_*

  • Chiefs win 31-13..

  • Hmmmmmm...............Chiefs def played tougher then expected?????? Wat happened??? #ChiefsKingdom

  • This win goes out to all the cocky colts fans and kyle brandt from good moring football #chiefskingdom

  • Where the haters at now?

  • I got the chiefs kicking the lack luster offense and defense of the colts but maybe you will get us when mahomes retires😂😂😂😂😂

  • Where are the colts fans now?

  • Suck it colts

  • We shall see, maybe colts!

  • The colts snuck in the play offs they trash for that

  • Upset? Maybe, The Chiefs will gets their monkey off their back . Mahome have to used his feet a lot this game

  • Man it’s been forever since my team has made it to the playoffs GO COLTS!

  • Rams vs Chargers SUPERBOWL

    • +William Loveless Rams gon meet them there

    • rdje19 not CHEIFS will be in there this years mohomes is not a choker like we have had the last 10 years

  • Colts vs Saints in the super bowl.

  • Colts to cover and win in OT!

  • Idk it's up in the air for me about who's going to win# either way


  • Colts win 31-28. I bet my life on it.


  • Quarterbacks are key? With 9 inches of snow? if you say so

  • Hoping for a 72-72 tie after four overtimes!

  • Colts are not that good sorry to burst the bubble.

  • colts 3 kc 47

  • luck awful snowboarder... kc wins handily

  • so far every dog has covered the spread. I like the colts. I see a close game n not high scoring. should be a good one. go birds lol.

  • Colts vs saints in the superbowl

  • Please please please chiefs

  • Chiefs taking the win at arrowhead


  • Let’s gooo COLTS nation!!! From LA!! Go horseshoe!!

  • Two gunslingers going at it. Look for a shootout.

  • I definitely wouldnt be surprised if Luck comes out this shootout on top

  • It says Bucky Brooks but I think that is Beetlejuice that used to be on Howard Stern.

  • It's gonna be who can produce some defense.


  • Colts look dangerous

  • It is snowing a lot in KC right now so this will be one tough challenge for both teams today

  • It’s something about them colts defense .

  • Colts nation

  • Chiiiiefs!

  • The Divisional Round: "A Question Of Numbers Raises Numerous Questions; 12 at 15?, 4 at 16?; 17 at 12?; and 9 at 9...?" ----------------------------- Will 12 prevail over 15? Will 4 upset 16? Can 17 do the same versus 12? And which of the two 9 wins?...because only one 9 can win...but one will... ==============

  • Home and The Chiefs will be bearing down pretty heavy on The Colts. Can The Donkey handle The Chief? Pretty tough task.

  • Chiefs will beat Indy like a red-headed stepchild

  • does anyone know what team they might play if they win this??? please answer

  • go colts

  • Two high powered offenses. I believe the Colts will win this game. Their defense is much better than the Chiefs and because of that I'm picking them to win it

  • Colts 38 Chiefs 41


  • Hell yeah! Go COLTS!

  • I think Luck will play better than Mahomes, but I'm sure the Chiefs will win. I want Indy to win, though. Chiefs 35 - 28


  • ♥️💛!WE ARE CHIEFS KINGDOM!♥️💛 #riseup

  • Chiefs!!

  • Mahomes wrecks Luck. Cheifs 46- Colts 35

  • I think the X-Factor in this game for the Colts is Eric Enron, I don’t think Kansas City’s defense can slow down Ebron, they’ve been terrible against opposing tight ends all season long. That’s why the Indianapolis Colts go on the road and get the win over the Kansas City Chiefs

  • I pick the wall. Texas love

  • Andrew Luck is on fire right now, and their defense looks good. Pat is a great quarterback, but history always seems to side with a seasoned veteran quarterback, vs a new to the playoffs one. Colts pull off a close one. Colts 30 Chiefs 27

  • Colts 1 Chiefs 1.5


  • Colts 148 chiefs 147

  • Chiefs are gonna chock Colts 23, Chiefs 13

  • I think the colts will win

  • If the Chiefs win the Patriots have to play on the road should they beat the bolts.

  • Colts

  • 5 total missed field goals 2 touchdowns. Colts 13 Chiefs 10

  • Idk why everyone in the comments thinks the Colts will score big in this game. I think peeps are underestimating the Chiefs offence, and overestimating the Colts defence. But hey, im just a simple Englishman wtf do i know right?..... Well at least im neutral/objective. I say what i see based on the season and its served me well so far. Last year i called the Eagles as superbowl champs during pre-season and everyone said i was a fool. But none of these games matter. All roads lead thru New Orleans/New England and thats a big ask for any team. Thats my prediction for the final. Saints v Pats. Unless the Philly gods strike again.... 😐

  • Colts win 34-17

  • Colts 27 chiefs 24

  • This game is going to come down to defense.

  • Chiefs

  • I see a high scoring game. Chiefs coming off a bye at home with Mahomes still hot, I will call it 42-36 Chiefs.

  • Colts win superbowl. It's gonna be a Mack attack.

  • Chiefs! 🎯🔘 Arrowhead Stadium!

  • 31 - 28 colts baby

  • Let's go Chiefs!!!💯💪#Kingdom

  • Chiefs 40 Colts 21

  • 🔥🔥

  • Eagles vs chargers superbowl eagles win back to back

  • Colts eagles chargers rams

  • Colts

  • Colts 27 Chiefs 24

  • These guys mostly gets it wrong lola

  • Colts are gonna take this one they're lowkey scary 👀

    • The Colts took is away alright, all the back to Indianapolis.

  • I want colts win

  • Andy Reid chokes in a big game again colts 31-27

  • 50-45 colts win huge scoring game

  • The Weather will be awesome.

  • Patrick mahomes has been shredding zone defenses all year this is no exception.

  • Strongest the Chiefs have been in years. They've got some inexperienced players but they also got a whole lot of momentum. I predict a Saints vs Chiefs superbowl

  • Good luck chiefs hope to break this playoff losing streak snow will be a problem on both sides let’s keep going strong defense needs to sack luck like they did Derek carr

  • This going to be a shoot out after the gun smoke Cheifs wins. Patrick Mvp! Chiefs vs Ram Superbowl 53

  • Colts are gonna get destroyed.

  • 28 Kansas shitty queefs 19 Indian cucks

  • Who else but the Colt's 😜

  • colts pats eagles rams all winners this week

  • To be honest with you I got nothing against the Colts but I do not want to see them beat Kansas City because I think the Patriots are going to beat the Chargers. I think Kansas City has a legitimate chance to beat the Patriots in Kansas City. If the Colts win they don't have a chance going in to Foxboro and winning the AFC title game in New England and I don't want to see New England in the Super Bowl.

  • What the world needs now is love Sweet love not just for some but For everyone and its just to Little of

  • Chiefs defense is ridiculously easy this year, it exactly our weak spot, in combination with the fact we've got maybe 2 decent receivers right now hill and kelce, our running back is eh ok...but ....not a kareem hunt by any means, chiefs are in for a rough one if the colts jam up hill and kelce, if they keep pressure on mahomes itll make things even harder for them, the chiefs are gonna have to play close on pass defense to stifle Andrew luck a lil bit, and chief defensive coordinator better have a good idea to slow down the colts run game, if chiefs play off beat in pass defense you'll see colts put up allot of points in this game, good luck to both teams they are gonna need it.

  • I'm 100% in on my hometown Chiefs but either way it's gonna be a hell of a game.

  • Colts will blow them out 31-10