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čas přidán 21. 12. 2007
It's not much unlike sticking your hand into a nest of honeybees. It's a twist on a test of manhood in the Amazon jungle.
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Initiation With Ants | National Geographic
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  • Pshhhhh... I once heard of a millennial whose iPhone battery died in the middle of Candy Crush...

  • テラフォーマーから

  • Sorte minha que moro no sul do país kkk

  • Barbarous tradition.

  • And here i am cant even do another shoot of vaccine after one shoot .

  • Lol such a PC version!!! , i've seen it done on little children - its barbaric with no choice just brutal peer pressure. If National Geographic was honest it would show that version not the cute PC adult version,


  • God that has to hurt

  • Umm...Were their hands black before they put them in the gloves!?!? This is just insane...How does putting ones hands into a glove with like a hundred of the most painfully stinging ants 20 times for 10 minutes each prove anything!?

  • Talk about an idle mind smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ they have way to much time on their hands. Literally

  • literally toxic masculinity

  • Hi! I'm from Brazil Amazon and I did the ritual bullet hant

  • The deadly ANTS causing EXCRUCIATING pain

  • primitive morons

  • My brothers!

  • i wouldn't want to stick my hands in gloves with bullet ants in them! they'd hurt me

  • respect for coyote peterson but how does this only have a portion of views and likes

  • Ok

  • This Is So INHUMANE

  • apakah ada orang indonesia di sini

  • How much can you know about yourself if you’ve never been stung by a billion bullet ants?

  • "Hi! I'm Coyote Peterson, and I just found some people with bigger balls than me!"

  • What is this ritual called

  • Can’t they just have a bar mitzvah or something

  • I think is beautiful ♥

  • be brave stay wild

  • Sick fucks

  • So basically it's a tribe of retards? Got it.

  • Coyote Peterson ain't got nothing on these guys

  • I see they found Chuck Norris's Fleshlight

  • strangely JACKASS members diditn try this.. or maybe?

  • imagine coyote Peterson doingbthsi

  • 2:59 okay...

  • Some cultures are better than others....

  • Actually, I think this is quiet beautiful. You see these young men endure excruciating amounts of pain, yet, they are invited to dance with the other men, and the men in this way participate in the suffering. They learn that they're not alone in the suffering, and what brotherhood means. These rituals seem strange to us because we have lost them in our culture but what a triumphant feeling It must be to suffer, live, and fight with your tribe by your side..

  • This time baby I'll be bullet-proof!

  • dumb as fuck

  • the episode I watched was on PBS and it was much more educational, and it was kids not adult men.. BUT it said that the results of this ritual is more of a strengthening of their immune system and they were literally healthier because of it, a comparison to our vaccines but better. super heartbreaking to watch the kids in agony but really interesting and impressive. more power to them!

  • Hope all of these retards get beheaded.

  • Fuck. That.

  • I like how the tribe knows about modern technology, and electricity, but don't really want to use it, and sticks with their primitive ways of life. How many people do you see doing that?

  • dude, this is cool

  • sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many stupid comments from ppl that know shit about cultural practices around the globe....oh well....why should I expect different?

  • TWENTY times? TEN minutes each? ...seems a bit excessive.

  • Can you instead play Dota and get inducted ?

  • Huh...I wonder what the sedating 'herbal solution' consists of. I wonder if the boys also take it before the ceremony ;D

    • The herbal solution is made simply with water and cashew tree leaves, which according to the natives has a sedative property that serves to "calm" the ants. In this ritual, this solution is only used for the ants to be introduced into it.

    • Ayahuaska

    • Nope, haven't thought about it since I watched the video :p You have piqued my curiosity once more though....

    • Hey there :) Did you continue to look into what that solution consists of? I'd be highly interested as well.

    • Also, the herbal solution could potentially have an effect on the venom inside the ant's bodies, imo. At least the stress the ants go through. But none of that means the stings don't hurt like hell. As far as I know, all the factors could POTENTIATE the venom ..

  • so you think falling in love is painful?

  • When she said 20 times I was just done.

  • Bullet Ant < Bullet Pretty sure all the man rituals, dances, spears, and bows in your arsenal of outdated nonsense and traditional fantasy world can't save you in a gun fight there chief - It's been tested a few times I think... go ask the Zulu, Crow, Mayans, Cherokee, Inca, Boxers...

    • Tell that to the Emus. And Jack Churchill

  • "It's not much unlike sticking your hand into a nest of honeybees." It's too much worse.

  • so these are all scientists?

  • Look at all that male privilege.

    • it was an ironical joke dude xD

    • Alexander Dunning It was a fucking joke lmao

    • Thalanox dude don't make it about that, the social context in which this happens is everything. Men get to take a test, and when they pass they get elevated above women, who aren't even allowed to take the test. Besides, this is an entirely elected hardship, so it's ridiculous to cry about broflake sexism.

    • Thalanox ...are you stupid?

  • Did she just call them "Indians?" I didn't know the Amazon was in India

    • Here in Brazil the natives are called "índios".

    • Oh y'all bloody ignorant muricans, those guys live in Brazil, where it's ok to call them índios. Don't try to impose your cultural charades on everyone.

    • Thanks Columbus for giving us a misunderstood name, in which they still say to this day even though they know it's not the right name. You call them indigenous people, all Native Americans are called "American" for a reason

    • John R They would be called indeginees. Or something like that.

    • Ray Cheon well they wouldn't be called native Americans

  • A true warrior will get shot 30 times not 21

  • Is it me or his hand looks like someone set a blaze

    • James Winter their hands are coated in a thin layer of charcoal before the ritual

  • Imagine Donald Trump doing it.

    • a small loan of a million ant stings

    • he wouldn't get as many stings on account of his tiny hands

  • Because things like Ice bucket or salt challenge is not enough...people had to go to the next level with ant gloves challenge :o

  • Watching videos like this make me happy to not be in a tribe, or any other place without technology... They get some crazy ideas with too much alone time, lol

    • Mikayla Springs *Adolf Hitler has some crazy ideas and used technology to propagate them. I think Kim KarTRASHian and Paris Hilton and Donald Trump are all on the same level. Most “me me me me me at the expense of you” or “us us us at the expense of them” celebrities are on that same level.*

    • The Gods must be crazy

  • Fvck that call me a bitch i wouldnt do that sh!t

  • kinda feel bad for the ants, trapped like that....ugh