Insane Trade for TITANIC HOLOGRAM CAT - Roblox Pet Simulator X

čas přidán 24. 03. 2023
Insane Trade for TITANIC HOLOGRAM CAT - Roblox Pet Simulator X
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  • thanks DODO for the trade!

  • Fun fact: that jolly cat was duped but gravy was good and gived him back that titanic hologram cat

  • *I love how he can never disappoint us with his content*

    • Bot nah Jk I don’t really care

  • I love your channel keep the good work

    • good work of scamming

  • Nice video! Keep up with the good work Gravy.

  • Gravy sounds like he's been doing bumps all day 😅

  • Keep up the great amazing work gravy and it entertaining to watch

  • Gravy I love you so much and appreciate how u make us videos and they make me happy!

  • I love your vids. Keep it coming

  • Keep the work hard my gravy

  • I know it's a good day when gravy uploads

  • hi your videos brighten my day I really liked it!

  • Love the vid as usual gravy!

  • most of this video comments are keep up the good work and Can just appreciate how much effort and time he put into these videos its too much stuff

    • Nah fr tho 🤔

    • He deserves it but most of these are bots wanting to be pinned

  • This update was actually kinda good 🎉

  • Love the vids you got a new sub🎉

  • Can we all just take a second to appreciate how much time and effort he puts into these videos

  • Keep up the content!

  • Keep up the good work 😊😊❤❤

  • The fact he got the egg on his first time, while me having to open all the chests in all the alleyways

  • Keep up the great work

  • I been watching since 2018, keep up the great work!

  • keep up the good work I LOVE it

  • theres a glitch rn in trading hub where if u trade the servers could crash and it will take away your pets so thats probably why ur sheba is gone

  • Keep up the amazing work gravy it’s amazing

  • Great video gravy keep it up

    • he scammed dodo the jolly cat was duped

    • ​@1Adis yes

  • Hi gravy, i have Been watching you since like 2018 your videos are still good

  • *“believing doesn’t matter”* -Gravy 2023

  • Keep up the Good work and vids ♥️

  • Gravy I’m your biggest fan I watch your videos all the time❤

  • Keep it up gravy

  • Gravy got the worst trade in the world for the titanic hologram cat 💀

    • He doesnt care about values he just want new pets every update lol

    • Gravy might do bad trades but he does for the content

    • That pet was duped but gravy was good and gived him back titanic hologram cat

  • Nice videos man

  • I knew you would get it already, Gravy you are a crazy man

    • ACTUALLY thats wrong.

  • hey gravy! check your mailbox bc u dont check it :) good content

  • Good video Gravy :D

  • I love ur videos please make more I love them

  • Love you content so much I’ve been waiting for this video❤

  • hello gravy i have been a fan since 2017 or 2018 i am not sure i didn’t think you would become popular you wont remember me but i have played with you koala i wont say his name but it was nice seeing you again

  • I love u gravy keep up the work

  • the fact that gravy almost copied vitamin's thumbnail

  • I actually like this new update

  • Hey man to the quest chests u did as much damage is 2 seconds faster than me in 1 hour

  • And your video was so good I love your video ♥️

  • I love your videos so much Gravy, ❤️😺

  • Gravycatman keep. It up

  • Gravy is great :D

  • Never seen someone with a lot titanic,but keep it up!

  • It was such a good trade

  • Me and my cat loves watching u lol😂

  • yo gravy i

  • I missed old gravy cat 😢

  • 7:36 - My favorite youtuber :D

  • Gravy that was an W trade you scam him because it's a new titanic pet and it's worth mare than the jolly cat. Keep up the great work.

  • Gravy u should learn how to bolt click to get 100+ cps for good luck

  • Did anyone notice at the end there was a shiny rb safari cat huge?

  • keep up the amazing work gravy


  • I love you gravy

  • that Titanic jolly you gave Dodo was duped...

  • Love it

  • Gravy is happy that he lost his Huge Shiba-

  • glad too see my childhood youtuber is still doing well!

  • i love ur videos

  • Dodo is czechian youtuber and he has almost 100k subs and his Chanel is named dodo-roblox

  • “whats up guys its gravy” never get old 😖

  • I alr know this will be a banger❤

  • I am a big fan keep it up gravy

  • When i watch gravy's vids in game its so fast like he uses speed up in vids 😅

  • GravyCatMan the tinanic dropped a lot it was like 95t now is 72.5t

  • Jolly Titanic cat is duped

  • Gravycatman is stronger than my whole server

    • And yes i like my own comment

  • Hey gravy I’ve been watching you for quite a while now and your videos make me feel better because I am suffering from a disease by a mosquito when I traveled to Australia and I would love my own huge I’ve been trying to collect one for ages now but I never got one so I would love one and who knows maybe a TITANIC 😮😮 I LOVE YOU GRAVY❤❤❤

  • Dude the update was so fun😀

  • I saw a guy named no-pin he had a mew huge axolotl in this new update solemn in the trading plaza and I took a picture. I don’t know if I could show you, but hope you enjoy it of. He gives it to you watch a Videos all the time Big fan

  • Gravy i love your videos

  • I am Dodo! Thank you for trade bro!

  • If you're in a game and it restarts u get all Ur boost back

  • that Titanic jolly you gave Dodo was duped.

  • Him say its alot more winker had me laughing

  • I’ve been here since gravy cat man only had 1 titanic look at him now with his full team

  • Gravy i am big fan can i please get pinned

  • yeah they buffed the chance of comets spawning so now theres like 1 every 10m

  • Nah this man is crazy doing L trades but this one was good!

  • Nice!!

  • I love your videos!!!!😻😻😻

  • 4:51 so that way they don’t lose players and keep on making kids gamble

  • First

    • Yes you are

    • Looks like your actually the first

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  • Gravy when u added the titanic jolly cat for a hologram cat i already knew it was a huge L

  • Hope the huge bread comes back

  • good trade

  • PLEASE SOME ONE ANSWER NY QUESTIONS TY It is possible to hatch the huge hell rock, there is a chance to get that according to the previous update

  • Gravy 😊 I used to watch you when I was littler

  • Oh and also they actually buffed the chance of the mini comet spawning in every server

  • He got already a titanic in the new update 🎉

  • You're the best

  • Keep work Gravy

  • i love ur videos because you always give people a w trade!

  • Hey gravy are you excited for the next update I herd it’s going to be the biggest update in psx history?