Inside London's "Gotham City" Skyscraper

čas přidán 1. 09. 2021
It's the skyscraper London deserves, and the one it needs right now.
Here's how the team are making it happen -

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Executive Producer and Presenter / Narrator - Fred Mills
Producer - Adam Savage
Video Editing and Graphics - Aaron Wood
Production Management - Clare Furlonger
Content Partnership - Liam Marsh

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Narrated and presented by Fred Mills. Special thanks to M&G Real Estate and Mace Group. Additional footage and images courtesy of M&G Real Estate, Mace Group, Autodesk, Figure and Ground, Geogregor, Google Earth and Warner Bros.

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  • This channel is pure gold, every video is so interesting and well produced

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    • @TC&S J France can sell those diesel subs to Taiwan

    • @The B1M I don't work hard at all, its the people beating me repeatedly that put in the effort. I actively lower the quality of output each time they do. Not by choice, they just mindlessly keep hitting as if to underscore the point that lower quality is better.

    • @Uli Sirius Are they Revit fanboys, trash London!

  • Date me British man

  • This skyscraper was planned back in 2012… nothing to do with getting people back into offices that’s just the crippling fear and hope the developers have as they’ve been contractually obliged to build the building for years.

  • I really don’t like these new skyscrapers in London, the older one were beautiful I’m talking about 30 st mary axe we can’t see it anymore 😞

  • Absolutely love this channel. Very much looking forward to seeing this awesome building next time I’m in London.

  • I wish we had that sightline law for iconic buildings in America. It's a shame that some of the new Billionaire buildings have kind of buried the Empire State building

  • So another glass thing. Making them super tall is less welcoming as it's intimidating, not human scale. There's no ornamentation to look at, the design is very closed creating a sort of shield wall to passers by.

  • BACK ROLLS???🤣

  • wrong. post pandemic, is housing, home working the desire of the most. futher more cement iron glasses boxes.. no more.

  • What is the best way to generate bar code from Revit elements ? I am curious !

  • I’m fascinated how quickly we are going back into the Dark ages.

  • It looks hideous

  • They’re ruining the London skyline.

  • It’s a well produced channel but that building is butt ugly it’s just another butt ugly box. I can’t believe you’re saying this is going to be a groundbreaking skyscraper it’s just pure putrid architecture

  • to me the architectural style looks blocky and boring.

  • 10 years to make. China 1 year

  • Wow the engineers 👏 👏

  • Wrong height! Its going to be 154 metres AGL, not 170M. Also its just another bland glass box in London. Not worthy of a video, but you obviously gotta plug for them eh ;)

  • I thought Mace group went bump (liquidated)?

  • 34 floor, skyscapper? :D My appartment is 40 floor, so I didnt know I was living in a skyscapper

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  • Awesome and beautiful video

  • Wow. London just keeps getting better and better

  • More construction for the rich and (in)famous

    • Famous for bad reason

    • What is the meaning of infamous? Exactly same as famous ?

  • Wow. Another big building. Don't think I'll bother going to London to see it. We have plenty of big buildings here.

  • 34 stores. Skycraper? Hmmmm dont think so

  • good video... but misleading title.

  • Staggered rectangles, what a game changer.

  • I absolutely love these videos. Informative, just the right amount of detail, excellent presentation, no agenda. THIS is what media should look like.

  • Good luck renting office space out

  • "So you're learning nothing about clumping more and more people closer and closer together." Many Thanks and Appreciation, - Current and Future Pandemics

  • It looks awesome! I'm glad it's not another irregularly shaped building that just looks too futuristic. Just a unique but normal building

  • city of london ain't even part of England, is foreign land

  • Reptilians: "Oh, it's a nice building. Come work in it." lol

  • This is Polish version of London:

  • more cagies for the wagies.. very cool

  • Combien coûte le plus grand et haut building de plus de 1300m dans cette magnifique nouvelle ville de Londres " Gotham" ?👍❤️

  • 34 floors, how exceptional

  • How is a staggered design 'clever'? I mean, it's good to have it but is it really that clever?

  • Why Gotham? That title belongs to New York. London deserves a nickname and not a copycat of New York even if its only a nickname for a building

  • I love the way you guys got interviews going on aswell. Really makes the video better and more understandable.

  • Downtown London seems ghetto

  • Looks a lot like the massing of Embarcadero Center in San Francisco combined with some of the various (famous) modernist skyscrapers on Park Avenue in NYC or in Chicago.

  • More glass boxes, yay.

  • we all know gotham is actually new york

  • I look forward every week to see something amazing from this channel. everything is just so astonishingly great knowledge to know what futures would be like ,in transportation and architectures. I love it and I can listen too Fred's dreamy accent all day and beyond. Sooo beautifully soothing too my ears ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • What's striking about this skyscraper? It's blah. Just another box.. sorry, a few staggered boxes.

  • Love the video but it's another building that will be impossible to fill like the others next to it. Even more so during covid19 and after. Also MACE are terrible at constructing anything. Time will tell

  • As long as it doesn’t block the cathedral 🤣

  • why is it allowed to steal all the sunlight from its neighbours? Sunlight and the right to access it, should be a human right

  • THEB1M

  • A shameless sales pitch for a big, ugly, blocky building that will destroy a large section of London's 2000-year-old center.

    • Striking design? That looks like pure specimen of "Give them the standard package".

  • Took 4 minutes to get to the point. Fuck London we came for the pool not London.

  • London would be the best city in the world if we had good weather all year round

  • Does not look like Gotham at all, Gotham was art deco style, just saying.

  • I always thought Minster Court was very Gotham

  • Where do they keep the excavated ground?

  • Being a Civil Engineering student, I appreciate what this channel does. Informative videos..

  • Getting people back into the office... Yeah good luck with that lmao. The cat's out of the bag.

  • Imagine the unrealistic £££££ to live or work in! Rip off London with pointless green credentials!

  • Oh wow... just realised the branded hi viz jacket and helmet

  • Why do presenters always have to stick their stupid talking faces in videos? Is your face a building? No. It’s irrelevant to the topic. Show a building, or a kitten. Save the talking head for your mama.

  • so europe is starting to build skyscrappers now.

  • I love you bro

  • because a new building will assuage peoples pandemic fears, sure thing pal, regular people just clamoring to work in a office building... are you insane or is this just your niche, so blinders are required to believe what you say.

  • Not a single comment about the B1M logo on helmet and Vest. Am I the only one who was surprised by this ?

  • Empire State Building is NOT bauhaus but art deco.

  • This is a very classy modern building.

  • Enjoyed watching, Thank you!

  • Another excellent presentation, thanks. Always fascinating to see how engineering is adapting to meet new challenges. 😃👌👌👏👏👏😂❤️

  • Nothing "Gotham" about this lego block skyscraper.

  • London has some of the ugliest skyscrapers... it shouldn't have built skyscrapers if they were going to be that ugly. England being so patriotic I'd thought they'd build more skyscrapers like the Woolworth building....

  • I love Chinese city

  • Cheaper and safer to work from home, maybe I’d visit the office once per month, if that. As a building Survayor I must attend site anyway, but much prefer doing my paperwork/plan checking from home. The stressful commute to conduct work that could be done from home was plain stupidity

  • Interesting! 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

  • been doing almost all this stuff since before 2010

  • Talking about it being about appeal. All I see is another ugly tall box devoid of ornament or much character that will probably be pulled down after

  • Thought I was in a Tom Scott video for the first 5 seconds

  • "Gotham City"? This thing reminds me more of buildings the people of the Soviet Union had to live in.

  • I really enjoy the design of art deco buildings, but this to me does not really capture a real 'Gotham' building. It looks more like the setbacks that were popular in the 70s and 80s, and doesn't have anything particularly interesting to me, such as more intricate terracotta or stonework. All the glass curtain buildings that have been popular for the last 70 years are so sterile and uninspired. No human scale to them.

  • Damn that's yet an other very ugly building... The hell is wrong with architects!?!

  • There is already plenty of empty useless skyscrapers in London

  • In this case, the problem with attempting to lure people back to office is actually the location. There are already plenty of very nice offices in the City or Canary Wharf, that's not the issue. The issue is that it takes most people 1-2 hours of far-from-great and extremely expensive commute to get there. That being the case no office is going to overcome the £500 and the 60-80 hours a month I save by WFH instead of going all the way to there. I thinking building attractive offices in areas where people can actually live nearby is key here.

  • Combien coûte le plus haut luxueux et grand building dans Gotham City et quand il sera terminé ?👍❤️

  • Is BIM and B1M same?

  • Could you please do a video on the new CBI tower by Zaha Hadid in Baghdad?

  • FE three houses music I like your taste

  • Make it into residential buildings, remote work has taken over already

  • What an incredibly ugly building 😞

  • Please, please don't go back to narration that strongly comes across as an advert for various software providers. I unsubscribed when it got too heavy on that last time and came back because you'd seemingly dropped that. Or at least clearly separate that section out with a clear sponsorship section.

  • BIM 360 may work on this project and projects of this scale however, in my experience BIM has not reduced errors, for instance we had a 1m diameter duct 1.2m above the landing at the top of a flight of stairs in a plant room.

  • The only thing uglier than that building is the Cucumber next to it. Jesus, do Architects have no imagination other than to make Lego buildings? What's wrong with Neo-Classical?

  • This channel is pure gold, every video is so interesting and well produced

  • These new staggered show boxes have nothing in common with art deco. It's just Bauhaus understood wrong (being from the country of Bauhaus and having seen actual, original Bauhaus buildings). It just lacks the finesse and choice in different materials. By the way, 111 West 57th Street is a good example of a contemporary art deco building.

  • anyone here plays beamng

  • anyone here plays beamng

  • Great! Another glass-sheathed monolith that’ll kill birds in the thousands.

  • The new Wayne Enterprises, Inc. building is going to sweet and new basements for the company's "hoarding".

  • Awesome! Thank you!

  • Fascinating stuff !