Intel just can't beat AMD anymore...

čas přidán 30. 03. 2021
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  • good i hope that they go out of business

  • jay: thinks intel launch will be crazy and go out of stock What actually happens: amd cpus go out of stock I like how intel cpus are the only processor units not going through a stock crisis right now. AMD GPUs are out Nvidia GPUs are out AMD CPUs areout Random decade old GPUs are out

  • man with those results, I wouldn't be surprised if the 5600x was on par with the 11900k

  • amd: *curb stomps 10k* intels response: nerf 11k. - -cores. - -die size. - - threads. ++price *11k performs the same as 10k... sometimes worse* *11k gets curb stomped by a weaker amd cpu* intel: *suprised pikachu face*

  • Does this apply to laptops too?

  • I am literally returning my AMD 5900x and getting intel i9 10850k. The idle temp on AMD 5900x is 55-60 and starting chrome or any simple task shoots the temp to 80 and then back to 49-50. Coming from Intel i7 9th gen...the idle temp was only 28-35 with the same Corsair H150 360mm... and it reached maximum 60 degrees while gaming Reading online reviews I saw I need to under volt to get better temps. I am not into this overclocking or under volting ...I need something to work out of the box with good temp..

  • They seems pretty comparable to me. Still just buy last gen or i7 this gen. I think Intel is going to catch up with AMD with 12th gen and most probably run over them. Don't count of Intel just yet.

  • AMD can be faster but Intel is more reliable. Every AMD product I owned in the past died. Same goes for GPU's

  • Should i get intel ?

  • Click bait at its best

  • Head of Intel: "Some software runs faster on an Intel because some greedy people were offered cash to write their software with the Intel compiler, the one that secretly detects who's processor it is first before deciding if top speed is absolutely necesary. The benefit is that people can put food on the table. I thought it was illegal to avoid tax and bride people to only use your products. So, pay tax, be honest about how much tax we've actually paid, don't bribe anyone and stop slapping a new number on the same processors every time a tiny competitor launches a new processor. Got it. Thanks for the advice. Why oh why didn't anyone tell me this years ago? There has been a tiny whisper that someone was waving juicy college-student checks near the Dell, Hewlett Packard, Acer, Lenovo dinner tables if they correctly predicted which trucks are going to deliver the wrong processors to their factories. Incidentally, the people around Germany got to see college students Media Markt (Europe's biggest computer seller) take part in the daytime television game show "Guess the Truck". A strong slow aroma drifted over the fence from a neighbour's barbeque that if Intel eliminated their competition then only the LATEST Intel SSD will work with the newest processors but it was smokey sausages. Luckily security cameras caught the students Userbenchmark and PassMark putting their greedy hands into the padlocked Intel cookie jar, again. I don't feel safe any more. Help! Police! Come and get them! Officer, help! He's got me by the neck! I can't breathe. Help! What is that? That's the biggest knife I've ever seen. Even my legs aren't that long. Help! Help! Yeah! I managed to grab the knife off him. No, no, unfortunately, he's got it back again. Helllp!!! I'm too young to die. Oh thank you, officer. You saved me! Yeah, you got him. He's walking off in cuffs now. Good work, boys. I've never been so scared. You criminals never learn. So, the moral of the story is never use deceit to steal from hard-working ordinary people. How could I be so stupid? How is it that Userbenchmark and PassMark make any money? I think I've finally figured it out: the thefts always seem to happen prior to another version release of their software. Now, they claim it's all a coincidence. Yeah right. Coincidence my arse. However, fear not. I think our new ten-million-dollar security system will finish off all of their update plans. So long, guys. It's been nice knowing you. This is a private message for our fanboys ONLY: maybe, just maybe, there's a teeny tiny bit of truth to the idea that someone else might make faster processors? Ouch! Get off my leg. How do you get rid of this thing? Yes, I know, in five minutes' time its mother will need to feed it with a live alligator. Can't it just eat some pizza? Quick, someone, give them a slice of pizza before they starve to death. I also have a famous mega family but right now I think I need to visit some of my rich uncles, uncle Googie and uncle Amazy, to pass on some of these new tips so that they don't get into trouble with the law. Some people describe Amazy as an ancient alien space coffin. This is a perfect insult. Oh and by the way uncle Amazy is the one who sells all our processors out of his garage, along with several fridge magnets. At least that's what he told me. He says that the garage is where he keeps his 75 cars, sorry, it's where his senior butler keeps his 75 cars, but as none of them have worked for the last 14 years he's been getting free rides from auntie Ubee's cars. I really think it's time she starts paying tax too. Oh and you can keep your money too. We don't need any more of it, thank you very much."

  • So this is Intel's top cpu?

  • At the moment for my country intel chips are vastly in stock and amd vastly out of stock and so amd chips are 2x more expensive yes two TIMES, $600 for the intel i9 11900k and $1600+ for the Ryzen 9 5950x I live in NZ btw

  • AMD suckz for cryptomining

  • Happy I went with AMD this time

  • why am i watching this, i cant afford it anyway

  • Meh, you got 2 dollars more then me!

  • i've been trying to tell this to ppl since youtubers started showing non-paid videos with benchmarks back in the days when zen arch was just announced, where the results were 1-2% difference (mostly in games - turns out they figured out it was from l2 cache) where the price was double compared to intel.

  • What intel gets for moving their RND to Israel and installing backdoors for alphabet soup intelligence agencies.

  • I just switched today from Intel i9 10900k to AMD Ryzen 9 5950x. Luckily, I got one in Micro center last night, and they only have 25 in stock “Store only”. I just tested it in my game, and it feels more smoother, and it increase the fps of my game. Therefore, I’m happy that I switch and not regretting it.

  • Tables have really turn on intel the GREEDINESS caught them by surprise intel didnt expect amd would be a better choice now

  • The days of Intel's unfair competition against Amd are over!

  • I bought i5 10600k

  • Lol I’m trying to understand this stuff and genuinely do not. I have to face facts I’m not the technical type.

  • Forgive my newness to this, but why does this site rate the Intel Core i5-11400F over the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X (20th)? Other Ryzen 7's are even lower ... Honestly, it all seems rather meta and I'm sure I wouldn't know the difference, but it was my source of truth until I saw this video.

    • Don't use userbenchmakrk. It's not a reliable source. They rated a 9th gen Core i3 over a Ryzen 5 5600X. They're biased towards Intel in general.

  • So I did well changing to AMD the past Gen?

  • I had a 2700x and did like it but wasn’t powerful enough for my 3080. I upgraded to a 9900k and it’s better than 2000 and 3000 series (roughly on par with 5000 series) AMD stuff so I’m happy. Plus it’s cheaper than any of the newest stuff

  • I built a AMD system once I never did it ever again. Intel and Nvidia forever!

    • sorry to hear that..

  • I finally abandoned intel for a threadripper 3970x

  • Dude nobody gives a shit about 11 series. Either your just making clickbait videos or your target audience has no fucking idea about computers....

  • That’s what happens when you remove cores and threads.

  • Yes and that's the beauty in it because the golden CPU of 11th gen is believe it or not the 11400F or 11400 if no F is available. Best budget gaming CPU of today that can sniff up to the top browler like 5600X for less than 1/2 of the price, paired with chipset B560 where intel, can you believe it... ALLOWED MEMORY OVERCLOCKING! and added PCI 4.0 support meaning there is M2 PCI 4.0 x4! All of that you get for the price of only a 5600x itself. Amazing what corporation brawl brings! Gosh I love competitiveness between corporations because then we the consumers always win.

  • I know so little about computers. After watching a few of your videos, I am now ready for a masters program. Lol. All joking aside. I really understand so much now. It's like someone speaking in a foreign language and you suddenly understand everything they're saying. Thank you so much.

  • I'm slowly starting to feel disappointed about the way CS-tv is dealing with this subject. Most @ the time you see gaming and render tests on those chips. But that's like telling 1% of the story. I personally would like to see more tests in professional applications like CAD or simulation tools - even office stuff. The gaming and CS-tv community always thinks that all those processors and GFX-cards are made for them to do their games and videos on them - "The cake is a lie" I can tell you coming from the electronics industry... Those big companys only want an effective, fast way to sell their quickly aging hardware... They don't care about your FPS like Nvidia 😂😂😂 Best example: RTX There was an industrial need for this kind of hardware acceleration. So Nvidia built RTX to serve for those needs and to make money from it. The dirty rest on the shelf (if there is one) gets a nice looking box and will be shipped to your house. Additional they tell you in a super satisfying video how they care about you and your needs as a gamer. 🤫 They just don't want you to feel bad after you paid 500$ for the marketing, 400$ for logistics and customer support and 150$ for the actual hard and software😉. They want you to be happy after buying the new RTX-superduper8000 so you will come back 3 years later and buy the next gen leftovers... So testing and comparing hardware is nothing wrong. But try to take into account, what these things are really made for and which market they are targeting.

  • Title: "Intel just can't beat AMD anymore" Intel: *are on their way on releasing Alder Lake-S CPUs in this year* Me: It's been 84 years

  • Imagine a processor designed and optimized for thunderbolt 4 dongle device world take over .11900k is basically a foreign device to current gen mobos imo. New mobos will unlock its greatness. Currently holding off on upgrading from 9700k pro art z490. Almost slapped a 11th gen in with the new mobo, but looks like we need 2022 mobos to see what this thing can do.

  • “Its evolving, just backwards” -Swedish men

  • its oger

  • Well I ordered the 11900k.. Did not even reflect that it had less cores. After this video, I rushed to stop the order, but no dice. I called them and they had no 10900k left. While on the phone I saw they had some 10850k left, and had them swap. Until now I can't find out the difference between it and the 10900k other than lesser turbo frequency on the paper. In reality it performs exactly the same numbers, clocks really nice at 5.5 at 68 celcius in 5 hour stresstest. Only thing I see is my 300 dollar equivalent to Norwegian crowns that I saved. Hey peeps you read right. The 10850k is excellent and the saving is huge (at least for me). I pair it with a 3080 that I got for normal price brand new from a scalper wannabee that bought into my story about 3080ti coming and rendering those holding on to these things useless pricks holding onto bricks.. Well he was already a useless scalper trying to rip me off, so I have no conscience about lying to him. He got his money back and I got my brand new 3080.

  • They should rename it potato lake

  • it still can.. In reliability, stability, and compatibility ;)

  • When he said a multi-billion dollar that's tone def, I thought he was talking about Nintendo.

  • 🤟

  • Getting Intel Ad on this video lol

  • My Ryzen 7 has been kicking ass since I got it, not surprised

  • I have 5800x it is a Monster CPU to gaming. Very happy.

  • Intel was f(bleep)ed rom the beginning. It was obvious that AMD was going to slaughter them. And it was ballsy of them to raise the price to a premium level but it really was worth it. Intel is cheapskate sh(bleep) at this point. Amd is king. And will always be.

  • Of course Intel can still compete against anybody. They're 14 nanometer is a proven platform with the least amount of dead on delivery transactions which can't be said about other manufacturers. Their CPUs are reliable and long-lasting with out of the box no nonsense performance. You don't need to worry about memory speed sensitivity like AMD. I just hope that they're 10 nanometer is as reliable. At the end of the day I never really cared about who was the fastest. If it takes me an extra 10 minutes to render a video on a 10900k compared to a 5900x then I guess I'll use that time to make a cup of coffee or take a walk outside and enjoy life.

  • Bought my 5800x finaly :) waiting to get everything delivered to me :)

  • Howzit Jay may i add something on the fact that you pointed out amd has some comp issues with ram i had that exact issue and just by swapping memory to different slots it actually went from 2667 to 3200 mhz without any issues

  • Sorry guys, I went AMD and I regret it. AMD is very unstable. Hate it. Now I am in the process of switching back to Intel. I hate listening to CS-tvr hype. It really fucked me this time.

  • one thing i liked about amd is it was cheap and powerful enough to do things i wanted it to do back in the day, now amd is the expensive one..

  • Intel can beat AMD price-wise any time. AMD 5800x cost here 610$ same as Intel 11900F. AMD 5600X same price as Intel 11600K or 10700.

  • Idiots, most chip sales are in prebuilds..Intel dominates AMD like a bitch possessed by a BBC. AMD is bleeding money because they can't survive from custom diy nerd sales. AMD won't last much longer mark my words.

  • JayzTwoDollars

  • Who are intel? Haven’t bought an intel cpu in 20 years.

  • I been outa of pc gaming for a while but im building a pc for diablo 2 resurrected. Good thing i went amd but i bought a 5600x. I have been slowly buying components each month. So far i got a 5600x and a rog strix b550 e gaming board. Idk what case im going with yet but i dont care too much about rgb. Will go for an nvidia 3070 or 3060 whenever i can get my hands on one. They are always out of stock. So if you guys have suggestions on good/reliable parts such as cooler , case and other components like mdot2 , ram and psu it would be appreciated.

  • I guess intel is getting desperate

  • Well but check that IGPU that comes with 11900k. For 5800x You need min. 1030 to get something near Intels IGPU. Everyone compare only CPU power but almost everyone forgot that 11900k got very good IGPU.

  • Intel Focused On Higher Is Better 😅😅😂😂

  • CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN WHY USERBENCHMARK SHOWS i9 IS BETTER? No AMD processors are ranked in top 10 on user benchmark for performance. I was literally a hair trigger away from buying the i5 11600k or i7 11700k. Glad I did a little more research, a AMD processor cheaper than 11700k is apparently better than 11900k according to 2 Cents. But why does that not check out on userbenchmark???

    • Userbenchmark is biased towards intel. Don't use it.

  • Intel was once the unquestioned king of the jungle, now sand kicked in they faces on the daily by Impalas

  • Let's milk the fanboys, everybody with a brain is out of reach anyway.

  • My theory why they cut 2 cores: less heat means the remaining cores can hit higher speeds before they start throttling, resulting in higher IPC and better fps - as long as the game can't leverage more than 8 cores.

  • Sauron has fallen, but Saruman has simply taken his place.

  • Yet Intel shares just got to new heights

  • so what if they cant.. amd is full of bugs :).. i rather have something less good that works all the time than something that will have problems-. life is too short for that

  • Hello, Jay! Intel wasn't even trying to compete with any of the competence. Today, Intel is just light years away from anyone by "neuro-morphic computing" and somebody was supposed to inherit the production for gamers. I think that happened to many USA products, just too busy into much more important stuff than satisfying all these poor gamers like me. China is going to manufacture a very nice processors and video cards, gamers are just more happy with AMD and new Chinese manufacturers. Meanwhile, Intel and Nvidia are still the top in much more complicated stuff. All that applies to other products I guess.

  • Crazy how intelligent was ontop and amd literally wiped them off the board

  • AMD is shlt too! pay a half grand for a GPU that puts a couple grams of gold in the processor, but the fans used to cool it are cheap plastic pieces of crap... 145w video card and they can't put a fan that is made out of metal that won't melt at 80℃, it is all press together CRAP.. WHY don't video cards have generic fans on them able to be easily replaced by almost any fan out of a computer case??? BUNCH OF GARBAGE QUALITY!

  • I'll just be chilling over here with my 10700k at 5.1 GHz @24 celcius. I had a zen cpu, and I'm so glad I made the switch. I can appreciate stability and reliability now that I'm older and wiser.

  • AMD is ryzin 👀

  • People are running 1080p with higher refresh.

  • They might not beat them with performances but at least there's stocks and they are often on Sale from the get go. :P I was gonna go with ryzen 5900x.... but they screwed my order and it ended up I went with Intel i9-10900KF for way cheaper and im happy with it.

  • I found your channel looking around for info on building my first pc, my ROG laptop is about 4 years old now and there are a couple titles it really struggles with. i found your channel really informative :) thank you and keep it up. Subscribed

  • Intel has maybe lower IPC, but much better stability than chipset B550. B550 has many issues and problem with stability. I installed 5 bioses just this year. So, AMD no more.

  • Well they fired their talent in 2015 because they weren't the right color. They focus on hardware backdoors as a service now.

  • I just purchase a 10900k, and then the 5800x became available so I bought that. Which CPU should I keep? I will be buying a new Mobo either way.

  • moral of the story is: never disable multicore enhancement on intel motherboards, because your performance will go down the drain..

  • I just got an i5 11400 for my first build but my laptop that I used had an i5 8300h so I’m still happy with my purchase

  • Intel can't even beat Intel at this point.

  • iNtEl cAnT BeAt aMd AnYmOrE

  • 11400f 175 dollars 3900x 600 dollars 3950x 700 dollars 11400f is 2% either way better or worse in gaming then something 4x the price and with 10 year old architecture how isnt that beating? seeing as though all amd fanbois whine about is price.

  • Maybe it's time for Intel to stop doing annual releases and just try harder, for once

  • Jay it doesn't matter. Newegg for example. Searching all CPU's for sale in 5 pages, 3 CPU's are available. None of us are able to buy this crap and its been like that for generations. So frustrating.

  • You buy a laptop

  • I wonder if Intel will ever come back from this especially knowing that AMD seem to have learn their lesson and they're maintaining their agressive strategy even after their successive wins. Hard times for Intel, who would've guessed that the '4 cores is all you need' policy would come back and bite them in the rear...

    • Intel will recover. I refuse to go team red.

  • Correct assumption; I'm on a 10850k+ 2080 Super. 2x 2k monitors, and 1x 1080p monitor. Because can. Also, Jay, can you please convince Microcenter to build a store here in Orlando? Everyone south of Tallahassee would drive to that store to shop. They'd make a mint, and we'd have access to awesome stuff and NOT have to rely on Best Buy or Amazon.

  • Please make a video about Intel's Pludervolt that doesn't allow me to undervolt my laptop's 10750H so i'm stuck here heating my house and boiling eggs while gaming.

  • nobody's going to run Intel limited. That's just stupid testing methodology. 🙄 You should just allow both CPUs to draw as much as they please.. idk. That's how every reputable reviewer does it.

    • Exactly. This to me was not the best way to test a CPU.

  • Make a video on the best pc build for competitive esports gaming one of these days 🙏🙏

  • Video title should be "Should you downgrade from 10900k to 11900k?"

  • This must be the intel equivalent to Bulldozer and Piledriver

  • Who would buy the Intel chip....

  • Just buy a 5950X on eBay and be done with it!

  • Oh I thought that stack symbolized AMD paying you to put their Ryzen 5 part over whatever Intel had lol

  • Best Buy sells most everything at MSRP and has a price match guarantee, Best Buy has become one of the best online retailers to buy PC components from!

  • I am building my own pc after 20 years, kind of terrified. Also might have spent 15k on it.... BUT I went AMD and managed to score a 3090 (for 1300 more than MSRP), YEAH I went threadripper 3990x (I don't really game, oh I'm never going to realistically use 64 of those cores and could have gone with the ryzen 7 series), but if I built a computer 10 years ago, would totally go with intel. I bought AMD stock when Zen 1 was announced, literally have made over 300% on that stock. Tesla was another one I bought when they were fumbling and bumbling about due to their catching fire issue, and again, made a killing off of that stock as well, only about 200% return on that. And I don't play the stock market. I know tech, and that's it.

  • Your studio is in San Luis Obispo!? Woah. I'm from there. Ha!

  • I'm all in favor of getting a Ryzen 5 CPU and think that this family is better than Intel's offering at the moment. But, I wouldn't feel comfortable if I was AMD as they are winning a war using a 7nm process vs 14nm. If intel manages to stay competitive even at this process gap, I can't imagine AMD staying on top if/when Intel has a 7nm part. The technology is here, things are going to get tough (to say the least) for AMD once Intel manages to close the process gap.