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These lipsticks are created with a blend of murumuru butter, Shea Butter & Mango Butter.
They are also infused with Sunflower Seed Oil that helps give my formula the creamy, moisturizing feel. It also contains Collagen & a custom blend of fragrance that kind of smells like vanilla butter cake.
*Sorry in the video I said "Avocado Oil" I mixed it up with a different product i'm developing!
They are also vegan, cruelty free & made in the USA!



  • The way she said, "not too brown," irked me for some reason

  • The irony is she probably would’ve been better off NOT putting her name on this latest shit that she released.

  • My question isn't for Jaclyn Hill. My questions are for the customers and her fans. 1st Let me just say I don't follow the "beauty community" or the drama that surrounds it. I didn't even knw who Jaclyn Hill was until this lipstick fiasco. Since then I've watched some of her videos & videos made about her. As a complete outsider this is my question to followers of the beauty community & her fans... When does a person like herself stop getting chance after chance to prove themselves? It seems that almost every product she has sold has something wrong with it or there's some scandal behind it. It seems that every product she has sold she has to follow it up with an explanation video on why the product is so shitty and why it's not her fault. I've never seen something like this before. And the fact that she has been given so many chances by her fans and still continues to sell shitty products at marked up prices is absurd. I understand not everything can be perfect and things are going to happen but this girl has had major quality issues with everything she's ever sold. When do you, not only as a customer but also a fan, stop and realize that this woman is taking full advantage of you and ur sympathy and getting rich off of it. If there wasn't a person behind the product that makes videos to make her fans feel like she's an actual friend I'm sure nobody would continue to buy her products. Let's take Crest toothpaste as an example. If Everytime you purchased Crest toothpaste there was hair in it or the toothpaste smelled funny and had small pieces of metal in it cracking ur teeth etc. you would never buy the product again but because there is this video relationship between this woman and her fans shes able to talk her way out of the shitty quality of her products and says sorry and she won't let this happen again and her fans have sympathy for her and want to believe her and when she comes out with a new product they buy it and it just happens all over again. Y'all have got to stop giving her these chances to make millions off of hard working people . I can't believe anyone would continue buying her products especially with her track record of poor product quality. She's made enough money off of fans sympathy and she's definitely had enough chances. I hope u spend ur money with someone who truly appreciates their fan base and wants to make great quality products not just for their fans but for everyone. She's definitely not the one. I just can't believe people continue to buy anything she puts out. I've never seen anything like this. It really goes to show what kinda person she is and the morals she stands by. I hope her fans realize she used them and their sympathy to get rich and it's so wrong on so many levels.

  • When she said she went against suggestions about putting her name on it so she wouldn’t have to take responsibility...ooh, girl. Where you at? 🙃

  • 5:48 well this is awkward (imagine if she didn't have five years 😱)

  • 2 mins ago : INTRODUCING JACLYN COSMETICS !!!! 1 week later : My Lipsticks.


  • How lazy you gotta be not to Swatch them on your actual lips up close. Geeeez... that girl sh.. I don’t know her actual name but she does a lot of colourpop reviews swatches all lipsticks extensively on her lips, all super shock shadows she applies on her lid like one by one. Now that is dedication!!!!! This is like....your OWN BRAND! Like what the hell?

  • Skank

  • 4:54 “the general public isn’t going to notice these little faults but I do” yet cannot spot black holes and hairs all over the lipsticks 😂😂😂 Also in the next breath says this is MY brand and these are MY products, but yet she can’t notice in the microbial reports she didn’t redact MORPHE properly as the customer 😂😂😂. So basically who really owns these products, Jaclyn? And, if you wanted to keep up the charade that this was YOUR product, couldn’t you at least notice MORPHE was not properly redacted?

  • This is the saddest thing i have ever watched

  • OOPS looks like someone forgot to redact MORPHE out of the microbial report! So shouldn’t this be INTRODUCING MORPHE COSMETICS!? 😂😂😂

  • Are you crying right now? Smh

  • I didn't know what it was, but I just never liked this girl. This is the longest I've watched her- NOW I KNOW

  • I only want to know where that top is from, hehe

  • i LOVE your hair up in a sweet messy bun!😍

  • you are GOALZ

  • Hi, missing you!

  • the lipsticks would have been a bomb without the hairs and foreign products

  • It's really cringey watching this now

  • Wow people are so rude. I believe these mistakes weren't on purpose just to push out a product I'm sure you weren't hurting for the money .. i believe you want it to be perfect or you wouldn't of refunded everyone and sent a new one.. what other brands do that?! I think it's awesome that you are being so honest

    • Look into her history, this isn't the first time she made a "mistake"

  • Desde el momento en que no se los probó en sus labios debieron saber que algo estaba mal, nisiquiera deja que se note el labial los tapa enseguida xD jajajajajaja

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  • She just seems shady threw the whole video tbh

  • The brand didn't launch in 2015 as planned, but rest assured no lipsticks have been harmed or thrown out. They were all preserved and here we are in 2019, they are finally available to her fans. 😂😂 I mean...all the clues are right there

  • Oh Jaclyn. You had one job.

  • This would be so embarrassing

  • 8:54 Itsss so hard to see 9:16 9:40

  • Its so cringey just by listening to her, the way she talks. And what makes it more cringey is that these were all lies 😂

  • 13:57 what was that

    • Jacqueline Ochoa the fucking cringiest thing I’ve seen in my life.

  • Y'all, she was sitting on the floor because she was already subconsciously preparing us for her cliche CS-tvr apology video.

  • HAHAHAHA!!!! 🤣

  • This video should be deleted

  • Sandy cheeks.. shut up Jaclyn

  • How many subscribers did she use to have?


  • You guys are really rude like u think she was so exited and it not her fault it’s the brands fualt that she worked with

  • so fucking dramatic and obnoxious, I actually can't understand how you have a fan base, I seriously can't

  • This video didn’t age well

  • Diarrhea of the mouth already. Just take your channel down. You’re done.

  • WTF?????? Hairy lipstick. Time to quit. You may have to go back on Food Stamps.

    • Des she’s coming out with a Morphe collab soon according to import records. Jaclyn x Morphe Dipbrow🙄

  • Site is closed 😳😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

  • I just bout your Bling Boss pallet at ulta!! I love it and I haven’t even used it yet! ❤️

  • Ok a walked away knowing your brand actually 👏🏽❤️

  • I kinda thought that maybe this wouldn't last when she kept on saying "I think this is goin to be a best selle!" Because one thing I learned is thst you shouldn't get too cocky. I think she was trying to achieve the same success James Charles had with his collaboration with Morphe and that palette sold out once it was lunched. But alas, fate had a different path for her products. It's such a shame and I hope she recovers.

  • embarrassing

  • I just found out about her after the hairy holes scandal. Ya'll dummies gotta stop gassing up these seedy booty bogglers smh

  • This was truly painful to watch.. like a train wreck! We saw 41 personalities in less than 17 minutes - WTF! Gotta medicate this migraine now...

  • Well this was a fail

  • She’s not genuine at all🤦🏻‍♀️