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Nude AF, Amazeballs, Obsessed
That Girl, Sofia, Perfectionist
Fussy, Control Freak, Hot Toddy
Ambition, Independent, Bada$$

These lipsticks are created with a blend of murumuru butter, Shea Butter & Mango Butter.
They are also infused with Sunflower Seed Oil that helps give my formula the creamy, moisturizing feel. It also contains Collagen & a custom blend of fragrance that kind of smells like vanilla butter cake.
*Sorry in the video I said "Avocado Oil" I mixed it up with a different product i'm developing!
They are also vegan, cruelty free & made in the USA!



  • jaclyn i love you so much and i hope you know that this is not your fault and that your colors are Gorgeous 😘stay positive

    • Ok and Isla but like low key I love all of them

    • Btw I love love love the hustle color

  • Maybe she did start making the lipsticks in 2014? Hence the molding and the hairs? But dont know about the bubbles tho.

  • Safiya makes better lipsticks at her house

  • She is crazyyy

  • This is so weird to watch back now seeing how apparently genuine she was about it all

  • What happened to your makeup line??!

  • with organic replenishing brush tips

  • I don’t know the product, I don’t trust the product, and I am not excited about the product..

  • Honestly I would buy the lipsticks if she relaunched them and worked with another lab

  • I feel like she was sabotaged.

  • No wonder she never showed the lipsticks or swatches up close 😂🧐

  • Congratulations! Best wishes in all your endeavors!

  • You are one of the fakest people I've ever seen 😂

  • Lol fussy should be fuzzy btw don't forget to shave your lipsticks every day

  • I can not believe you didn’t delete this video.

  • i just bought your palate today!! it’s amazing! i love it 💜

  • If you get a lipstick, You might see, Hairy stuff on it, so if you get these lipsticks, make sure you shave it every once a week,

  • Why is this even in my recommendation 5 months later? Is youtube tryin to force people to buy her full of hair lipsticks still?

  • I hate your lipstick they have hair in it

  • the public toilet in China is cleaner than your lipsticks :P

  • Hairy Moldy Dirty Melted Broken Squished 💄👎🏽👎🏻👎🏼👎🏾👎🏿🃏❌❌❌❌🚫🚫🚫🚫

  • Nobody Jaclyn will be the nun!

  • Luv them so much

  • I’m mad, but I do feel bad for her since she did work on this for many years...

  • WHAT NECKLACE IS SHE WEARING! i want it so bad

  • now, make sure your hairs on the lipstick go on your lips... its makes you look like you were kissing a white cat who sheds...

  • People why are you so mean it’s not Jaclyn’s problem her works did it she didn’t ruin it you guys are so so so rude

  • Keep your head up Jaclyn! Just remember people on social media thrive on people’s mistakes and negativity. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done they will take anything and everything to make you feel like your not good enough and trash your name! All these people are so heart felt and praising you for a give away but turn into crusaders when you make a mistake. Remember your success is not valued by the number of people supporting you, because at the end of the day those same people can and will eventually turn on you. I love all of your products and still use them to this day! 😘

  • I would delete this babe

  • "This one named "perfectionist" because you know, I'm perfectionist".... Oh girl

  • her top is by a brand called self portrait

  • i feel horrible for her. she seemed so excited

  • Oh dear

  • *Quality left the chat*

  • Are you sure there nude lip sticks cause last time I checked there wearing fur coats 🤔

  • You spent so much time on the packaging that you messed up the lipstick

  • ⚠️This is just my opinion and it could not be true so don’t take it to heart⚠️. Jaclyn used the PR package to introduce it, by the videos I’ve watched people have done side by side comparisons on the lipsticks ( RawBeautyKristi, there may be a few others) the bought 20 lipsticks look so different to the PR package lipsticks, it even looks like a different batch was made specifically for the PR package, because if you compare to the bought lipsticks, the bought lipsticks had hair, holes,metal, had bumps, beads, etc and the PR package lipsticks were creamy, soft and lovely to use. It looks as though they made a different batch for the PR package to influence people to think ‘ oh it’s all just rumours and it’s not true, I’ll buy it’. I do think because Jaclyn has ( I believe ) different coloured fans and it would be easier to choose a shade for them if they were tested on a different coloured person ( not trying to be racist) and that would be helpful for them to find a shade that would suit them. Once again this is only my opinion and this could not be true.

  • nude means something different to different people. I hate how much the term nude is immediately related to light skin tones.

  • I love your shirt!!!

  • I wouldn't be surprised if in the future we would use these lipsticks as a science experiment in class. Like cmon at this point is she ever going to shut this product down it's like she keeps making up excuses for it. It's obvious that if she doesn't shut this product down NOW or in a couple more months she has no respect for her paying customers and audience. I just feel bad for the people who genuinely believe her and trust her enough to take her word for it and still buy the lipsticks because she said it was "safe".

  • your lipstick is have a hair

  • Jaclyn you will be crying YOU DUMB BITCH because you will lose all your money because of your nasty ass lipstick

  • My favorite shades are "Dirty Holes," "Infected Balls," and "Sharp hair"

  • Bad idea for putting your name on it

  • Introducing death cosmetics

  • Now I’m wondering if she even uses them?

  • JH:There are so many little thing that are wrong 😑: sure, jan.....

  • *are these hairy too?*

  • 😂

  • Jaclyn’s secret ingredients - *Hair* - *Metal*

  • 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • No.

  • Honestly, at this point, I'm just impressed at how she didn't bother taking this down. Maybe it still rakes some coin for her?

  • SUCH A PREFECTIONIST! lmao! What a disaster!

  • 6:30.

  • Well this video just like her lipsticks didn't age well

  • I can’t find a positive comment about the lipsticks when there’s 222k likes cmon where y’all at

  • I love the top!!!!!!! Where is it from??

  • You and Adrianne bailon have the same shirt. Go look at the reals most recent Instagram post. I saw her post and was like. 🤔 I’ve seen that shirt before. I love it and I’m going to find it and buy it!!!

  • WHERE DID YOU GET THAT TOP??😍😍😍😍 please tell me .. it’s GORGEOUS 💙💙💙