iOS 13 Beta 4! 50 New Features & Changes

čas přidán 18. 07. 2019
iOS 13 Beta 4 has some incredible changes! 3D touch is back, revamped & speed improvements. 50 new features & changes.
Last iOS 13 beta 3 features.
iPhone 11 clone unboxing.
New iPhone 11 leaks.
Top iOS 13 features.
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New emojis source.


  • I would love a Jeep emoji

  • I do not recommend iOS 13 beta 4 100% the worst beta ever too many bugs you will instantly regret it. download it at your own risk. But I just don’t recommend it (My opinion) Have a wonderful rest of 2019 !!❤️

  • were is the always on display...?

  • I just got iOS 13 dev beta 6 and I still don’t see those traffic lights. Maybe they only appear in larger cities🤔

  • Im having headache with ios13 beta 4 battery life, how do l improve the battery life

  • When the iOS 13 is officially released, if I am on public beta, in order to upgrade to the official version, what I need to do is just remove the beta profile and reboot the device to get the upgrade, is it how this work?

    • Ender Wang yes that’s exactly how it works. After the reboot just go to general>software update And install the new iOS version

  • Everytime you upload an update video the update it self gives you from 2 to 6 gb back of storage, by this time your iPhone should be like -300 gb of free space 🤔

  • iPad os???

  • Watching this on iphone 8 with beta 5 Not experienced any bugs yet

  • Can someone help me? Every song I play and I check them all they all don’t have allow lyrics? Why is that

  • This version sucks! Siri is not working....please let the 5 get released to the beta testers.

  • Where can I find this wallpaper?

  • You should work for apple you are so smart

  • If you noticed, the speed scroll feature the side Tab became a bit thicker

  • What’s the time difference between developer betas and public beta?

  • I can’t update.. it says at least 50% or a power source but my phones plugged in and it’s still greyed out

  • I still have the same bugs, like AppStore > games crashing every time I open it and the big space where I type on discord and Line apps. Those two are pretty annoying to me :/

  • So at the beginning you said you got 6GB back, what was in beta 3 that’s gone in beta 4 that takes up 6GB? That’s no small amount

  • my map doesn’t have traffic lights

  • The traffic lights in maps is actually in beta 3. Currently using it and it’s great. It will also say at the next light make a....

  • I just hope they keep killing things like cellebrite. Government shouldn’t be on our phones

  • Please give me those wallpaper links if available

  • Does anyone notice that the text on the top of the screen never says what it's supposed to...

  • How do I update to the iOS 13?? I have the xr it doesn’t say noting about the update

  • That’s the most boring video ever. It’s like watching paint dry.

  • Dark mode- like Without dark mode- comment

  • @EverythingApplePro iOS 13 Beta 5 came out a couple of days ago could you bring a video out please 👍

  • I have a ghost touch problem. How do i fix it?

  • There is a bug in iOS 12.4 that when Apple Pay is enabled it makes your power lag too turn your screen off. Differences can be seen when enabling and disabling. You rock everythingapplepro..

  • Waiting for your beta 5 review

  • I have the public beta and twice now has my phone deleted my entire music library. Anyone have any similar issues? Or fixes?

  • I miss your old jailbreak, bypass and emulaor videos :/

  • My maps doesn’t have traffic lights?

  • When will the iPhone 12 come out in 2020??? It’s rumoured to come out September 20th but I just want to make sure that’s real because I’m getting it right when it comes out

  • Can you reach out to 8bitdo and get info about iOS 13? Will they support iOS again?

  • This is cool but I'm switching to pixel bye Apple ..

  • i have an xs max, and still says mi iphone up to date

  • Great video. I’m running iOS 13 beta 3 and there’s a lot more little changes to beta 4 than I would have expected. Also, I’ve noticed beta 3 is already very stable (using a XR) with virtually no unexpected app crashes so glad to see all the changes to iOS 13 in general with stability.

  • I just found iOS 13 beta 4 for android send me an email to find it

    • Wtf are you even talking about dude

  • Where does he get these fire backgrounds??