iOS 15 - 19 Settings You NEED to Change Immediately!

čas přidán 22. 09. 2021
19+ iOS 15 Settings You NEED to Change Immediately! | iOS 15 Tips & Tricks

Apple's latest software, iOS 15, was just recently released and there are a ton of new features & changes in the software, especially hidden deep in the settings. As a matter of fact, you probably haven't even seen most of the new settings in this update yet!

So in this video, we run through 19+ settings that you might want to consider changing ASAP. These tips will help you have a better experience with performance, battery life and overall ease of use with iOS 15.

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0:00 Intro
0:36 Setting #1
1:14 Setting #2
2:35 Setting #3
4:05 Setting #4
4:59 Setting #5
5:54 Setting #6
6:47 Setting #7
7:42 Setting #8
8:23 Setting #9
9:17 Setting #10
9:49 Setting #11
11:10 Setting #12
11:44 Setting #13
12:23 Setting #14
13:22 Setting #15
14:12 Setting #16
14:57 Setting #17
15:46 Setting #18
16:27 Setting #19
17:47 Conclusion

What settings did you change throughout this video? How are you liking iOS 15 so far?

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  • Just get an iPhone 13? Here are the first 17 things you NEED to do: What was the first thing you changed once you updated?

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    • @GammaBoost Gaming I agree.. the new update messed up my main apps I use and I can’t fix it

    • @Glen Mark Salutan don’t do it

    • @Glen Mark Salutan don’t do it

    • I hate this new update!!! Just update it to iOS 15 and I think I made a bad decision.. it messed up my apps I use and I wish I never update it.. anyone agree? Wish I can go back to 14

  • We can use relay to overcome safari issues

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  • Does Background sound On and at 0 consumes battery?

  • I can't seem to find Setting #8 advanced fraud protection on my IOS 15.0.2 iPhone 13 mini , can someone help please?

  • I have Live Photos turned off in my settings but it’s always on when I open my camera. It’s very annoying to have to always press the button to turn it off before I take a picture.

  • Anybody else not have the Announce Notifications option? 15.0.2. iPhone 11 in Canada.

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  • this is the second "tip" in a row you have shown that doesn't add up to what I'm seeing... I've double checked, and I am updated to iOS 15. Would the fact that I'm in Canada have anything to do with it? The "Backpack... don't leave behind tip... no idea where that is, and you go so fast, maybe I missed it, but Siri doesn't know about it either. And Advanced Fraud protection... don't see it! I'm confused.

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  • Found this video informative but question which version of IOS15 you got your information from. Was it a Beta? I say this because I am on 15.0.2 and some of the locations (or steps) for these options are not where you found them. Also some are already set as default. Still I found it quite helpful and appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge.

  • About Notifications when you leave product behind. Got excited at first until I started looking into setting it up. It’s actually a bit useless. If I only have a phone and I leave it behind. How is it going to notify me??? This application is only if you have another comparable device that you intended to take with you. I think that should have been made clear not only in your review but defiantly in Apple’s description of its use. If I have this completely wrong do tell me.

  • I have the iPhoneX …I do have an Apple Card, but, I don’t see the screen that you are showing(I don’t see the “Apple card”) My iPhone is updated to iOS 15.0.2

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  • Apple are cheating US very hard. On one side he make some kind of protect this user but on the hand you are confirm that Apple can be check your cloud data. How the fu….. are doing

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  • Good video, but structured horribly bad. Jumping back and forth through all the settings quite randomly. And if you do chapters, of which I am a big fan, please, make them useful!

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  • Thanks for all the tips… it was very helpful. I just purchased the 13 Pro Max and have the latest software updates installed. So far I have found two options that do not show up on my phone, ie, Phone Noise Cancellation which I saw on another video and the Announce Notifications which I just now saw on ur video. I found an Apple blog that said Apple was aware of the Phone Noise Cancellation problem but I haven’t researched the Announce Notifications issue yet. Are u aware of this issue, apparently not everyone is having this problem?

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 I also leave this comment to let them know how stupid they sound.

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    • It works great. Cell side and wifi side…..

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  • You should NOT turn off Cell Network Search in location services

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