iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing

čas přidán 16. 07. 2019
iPhone 11 is just around the corner and as usual we've got pre-release clones flooding the market. Welcome to my iPhone 11 clone unboxing.
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  • iPhone 11 ugly or fine?

  • I want that one can you send it

  • where i can buy this clone?

  • It looks like the google pixel4

  • I can’t believe people actually believed the camera module would look like that. Apple would never make such an ugly design choice. LOVE THE VIDEO LEW!❤️

  • Why aren't you making Videos about Apple. You are getting a lot of views from it

  • can someone develop a new type of phone so this shtty iphone will became a piece of sht

  • Looks like the pixel 4

  • Oh. You would know a stuff or two on clone product huh.

  • Where can I buy this? Please respond.

  • Hello Greetings Help us with the Contact to buy the iphone 11 pro max clone would be very helpful

  • iphone 11 pro max how much in china

  • Hi man how are you? which one is better Apple xs max o 11 pro please thanks

  • Where can I buy this one

  • It looks more like a pixel 4 xl clone

  • Lol, there is a huge market for it in Africa and other third world countries where we want to get a feel of the iphone.

  • they actually are Pixel 4 with the Apple logo lol

  • Anyone else watching this after the actual iPhone 11 came out?

  • The clone is with body of iphone 11 and Camera set up of pixel 😂😂

  • What's the clone called?

  • he's saying that the iPhone 11 will look nothing like the clone when in reality its the exact same except for the camera

  • Looks like the google pixel 4 XD

  • Fake

  • It literally looks like pixel 4

  • Google pixel????

  • This is rela or fake

  • iPhone 11 looks nothing like that. WTF is that camera on the clone?!

    • He said “ it might not be the actual design” dummy pay attention

  • What site do you get the clones from?

  • Who is here after iPhone 11 got realest

  • I want to buy one bro where i will get it ?

  • Can i have the black one? Fan From the Philipines🇵🇭

  • One question where do i get one lo

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  • They exist because some people like the design and can no afford the real phone. That's why.

  • What company did You buy that iPhone?

  • What company did You buy that iPhone?

  • How & why does Apple allow others to make clone of their own brand.. I don't understand, isn't it should be illegal.. I am confused... Help me here..

    • @2fast4all so how apple dealing with this.. I mean then anyone can copy your product right..

    • Why yes it should be illegal but at the same time a real iPhone is made in the motherland of everything tech. China. You have 1 factory building the real thing and the other building fakes.

  • I actully am using the clone right now while im typing and its actully really cool cause its kinda the same thing but cheaper witch i like cause im not that rich

    • It's just a decent spec android with okay hardware to get buy.

  • I actully am using the clone right now while im typing and its actully really cool cause its kinda the same thing but cheaper witch i like cause im not that rich

  • From where did you get it ?