iPhone 11 Pro Max - 5 Months Later!

čas přidán 18. 02. 2020
iPhone 11 Pro Max - 5 Months Later! Hello all and welcome to this 5 month later update video on 11 Pro Max, in this video I will share with you everything I have learned about the 11 pro max and why I think it is the most polished smartphone experience you can buy today. If you have an iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max, please consider sharing your experience with the community. As always, thank you for watching :)
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iPhone 11 Pro Max All day battery test mention in video here:

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  • iPhone 11 Pro Max 5 Months Later! The most polished smartphone experience on earth? Yes or No?

    • I think so

    • Yes

    • Thanks for review! KNOW you love this phone (me too!😉); however, the main purpose of a "phone" is making calls. You cited on a couple occasions a "better phone;" which one? I want it all! 😄

    • I don't like iPhones

    • Ahmed Mostafaa Yes, that’s what I always do, after 4 months of Heavy use, almost 10 Hours a day screen time. It still at 100% Batt Health. And NEVER DRAIN YOUR BATTERY.

  • my battery health is at 96%. Got this phone in Feb. So you must haven't really used your phone coz its still at 100%.

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  • Getting this tomorrow 🥰🧚🏻‍♀️

  • what color dose he have ima get that one

  • Max is better. I bought few days ago Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB here: clc.to/iPhone11 works perfect.

  • Is there a huge difference between 90 Hz and 120 Hz because here you say you barely miss it, but in the comparison with the s20 you almost say the 11 pro has a bad display😂 I was going to buy it but your video really stopped me

  • might get this one when price drops

  • Does anyone have a problem when you just took a shot with the camera and when you close the camera app and try sliding down the drop down menu and it's lagging (the drop down menu).. doing it only after you opened the camera app?

  • *Hack_net02👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉in IG let my !p0ne work again*

  • I have my 11 Pro Max now since October 26th last year and I use iPhones since the iPhone 4, and had almost every iPhone except 5S / SE. And hands down, every year these iPhones getting better and better, but with this beast I am happier than ever with it this whole time. The two day battery Capacity is excellent. I am a bit bad at health managing, I am now at 95%, I allways thought its the best if I drain it about to 20% or so and then After two days, charge it fast with the 18 watt charger and use it another 2 days. Now I am going to do it a bit different. Heard that it stresses the battery WAY less, if you charge it at about 50%. Even overnight charge with the normal 5 watt charger is way better. But anyway, this are the BEST 1249€ I’ve ever spent. And this is no joke. I love it.

  • *im gettin one* 🙌

  • I ordered Iphone this exact phone 29-02.. wish me luck the store is closed until 15/04 due to coronavirus wish me luck 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • A-13 Chip Wow No One Comes Close To Apple Chips League Of Their Own!!!!

  • never mess with iPhone 11 pro max reviews click on the link to get iphone 11 pro max at cheap rate fast 👇👇👇 www.jmdtechspot.co.in/2020/04/never-mess-with-iphone-11-pro-review.html?m=1

  • *if you have any issue with your phone brendly_kent will sort it out with you within a min a trial will surely convince you*

  • Will be my first iphone after the iphone 5 was last one. I am tired of android. So i am exxited to try ios again

  • At this point if I’m just looking to upgrade from an iPhone X should I get the 11 pro max or wait it out for the iPhone 12 ??

  • Who is watching from a70 ? ❤

  • Upgraded from the iPhone X to 11 Pro Max...... No regrets!!!

  • This new E6 toc Lg display is realy amazing on my pro max,better than Samung amoled on note 10 for SURE.

  • No 3D Touch is why my xs max will be with me for at least 4yrs

  • I still got Ip6s+, honestly it’s still smooth as ever even with the new update!

  • Is the same with iPhone xs max,but just the camera change

  • Rgry

  • How is this phone out in rural areas, when it comes to sending and receiving calls?

    • BlackDawg i think that mainly depends on who your server is not the phone itself

  • Bruh I’m still stuck with my 8+

  • I'm grinding for the phone

  • getting my pro max tomorrow, upgrading from a 6s plus this is gonna be such a big change for me i'm so excited

    • @Arisha Arwayne Official sometimes i find myself pressing on the inexistant home button for like 30 seconds until i realize it's just .... not there anymore but other than that i'm so happy with it, hands down the greatest phone i've ever touched

    • Have you faced any problem

  • Who’s watching this on an 11 pro max? 🤚

  • The worst vile phone ever who ever made this should die of cornavirus

  • My friends daughter got my phone n just slide it down by mistake n it just went to airplane mode so if anyone gets my phone n outs it air plane mode there goes my phone they just stole 1600 phone help someone take that off pls

  • I just got mine today! I currently have the 8 plus. Previously I had the 5S. I’m upgrading every 2-3 years.

  • I just ordered the pro max, I get it tomorrow. I’m upgrading from the X so I’m pretty excited about the change.

  • I wish to have that one

    • Bharat Vyas *Text mattcype on !G*

  • This is the best IPhone 📱 it feels premium and the quality of the phone is unmatched. If you switch I promise u won’t regret I don’t miss the XS Max

  • Samsung s20 is better

    • Milu online different between all iPhone is a camera that’s the only the waste in 1000 dollar of the same phone with a different camera when u can pay less with that Samsung with more features lol

    • Actually it's not. It's all specialities are basically just fast charging and the camera. IPhone 11 pro max is way more usefull, with it's storage graphics and other specialities beat Samsungs all phones easily!

  • These phones are pocket burners

  • Buy it when it has 3 day battery life

  • I kept my 8 plus for 2 years and 5 months and yesterday I fell in the water with it and it's completely dead. I had to have a 3rd party screen repair on it, so naturally it wasn't water resistant anymore. I'm treating myself to the 11 pro max and hopefully I can keep it for at least 2 years without any problems. Fingers crossed

  • idk should i upgrade from iphone xs to pro max or wait for iphone 12 but i love the 11 pro max design so much idk

  • I am so excited for the iPhone se 2. I'm so sick of these enormous phones that barely fit in your pocket anymore

  • hey guys! idk who's interested but, I'm selling my perfect condition iPhone 11 Pro Max Gold 64GB for $450ish. Price is negotiable but, I'm switching back to my iPhone XR bc this camera doesn't do me any justice haha.

  • Get the iPhone 11 Pro Max in my shop: shopee.ph/product/221242680/4019763818/

  • I am using a Samsung smartphone for the last 5 years and want to buy a new iPhone - really prefer iOS. The problem is: iPhone 11 pro love it, but it's expensive and don't want to feel like the Ring-bearer; iPhone 11 on the other hand does the job but, it's slight bigger in size than I prefer and probably make my BAU a bit annoying and uncomfortable. Can't decide :-( Any thoughts??????

    • U gonna move from Samsung to iPhone don't downgrade bro

  • @Nick Ackerman - when you say you manage your battery properly what does that mean exactly?

  • Please can you ship me the iphone 11 Pro max

  • S20 ultra joined the chat

  • I also got 11 pro max at time of launch and I couldn’t be happier. Infact i have done a 6 months review of my own thoughts. Only concern i have is 95% battery health. troiy.com/2020/03/iphone-11-pro-max-review-after-6-months/

  • I have never used auto brightness on any of my phones except on my iPhone 11 Pro Max it works brilliantly, the screen is bright enough to use in full sunlight. I compared the brightness to my daughters Pixel 3 XL and her phone screen you couldn’t even read in full brightness outside on a sunny day, my iPhone no problem, it’s a great phone to use for drones as well.

  • I just bought one. I’m still perplexed though as to why they can’t either give us always on display or a notification light or something even more innovative to show notifications. Also Apple, can’t you just play nice with Google apps. I want Siri to use google maps if I decide to. I even tried to use Gboard as my keyboard and it’s slow and sluggish. It’s a keyboard for f*** sake. Apple intentionally dumbs down google apps so that we’ll use theirs.

  • this phone starts to bug after 6 months. Not worth of such high price.

  • Skip

  • i’m still using my iphone 5 #povertychild

  • I’m getting this phone in 3-5 more days yay I have an iPhone X rn

  • What do you do to keep battery capacity at 100%? How do you charge your phone ? Is it over night , I’ve got the same phone but my battery capacity is 96% now.

  • I have connectivity issues too same thing when WiFi is on my LTE drops if I’m not using WiFi my LTE signal comes back I think there’s something wrong with the WiFi chip I’m just holding till they drop the iPhone 12 and ima trade my 11 max pro 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • I miss 3D Touch

  • Has anybody else’s battery life gotten worse overtime the first month I had this phone the battery was amazing now it doesn’t even last all day someone help;(

  • I’m looking to upgrade from my 6s plus and I think I might just give the 11 pro max a try.

  • You're using since 5 months without any damages

  • Nick can you please tell me what is your battery health after 5 month? Bec my battery got down 2% in 1 month

  • Just opened up my 11 pro max 512gb two hours ago and I can’t take my eyes off of it. Maybe I should turn it on and set it up. 🤔

  • I've had mine for 1 month. Love it.

  • Imagine watching this from a android This message is from iPhone 6 Gang

  • My iphone 11 pro max display is a little bit yellow or more warm than other iphones. Although i close true tone and night shift it looks more yellow than iphone X and XS max display. Is this an issue or is it a function?

  • Is this the green color?

  • So to sum up, ''it doesn't matter''. They sold a largely undertested phone that still needed updates and getting rid of bugs many weeks into its release. I am not sure what the logic is any more taking into consideration they want an obscene amount of money for it.

  • Hi I installed sim bt no respond my iPhone 11pro max ...plz guide me I am in Saudi

  • Got my very first iPhone , the 11 pro max, just last month. So far I’m loving it! I’ve been using android phones for the last 10 years but I’ve always wanted to try the iPhone. It took me 10 years to own one cuz we know how pricey it is. I only got it because I renewed my postpaid plan. I will be paying almost $72/month for 2 years for the ip 11 pro max.

    • What games do u suggest? I don’t have any

  • How do you still have your battery health at 100% after 5 months. I have had mine for 2 months and it’s already at 99%. I try and run my battery now before charging, and don’t run things unnecessarily in the background. Is there anything I can do to improve it?

  • I upgraded to the Xs from iPhone 6 Plus but then changed and got the 11 pro max. The screen size camera and battery life make the upgrade worth it

  • M using from last 4 months it’s awesome

  • Nobody is switching celluar off🤷‍♂️

  • I got mine on wish for $100

  • Do U think they will go on sale when they announce the iPhone 12? I’d rather buy a 11 pro max I don’t need 5g

  • Hmmm dose it have Q hd or super Amoled reverse charging or 240mm touch or 5g ?

  • Got the Xs max and that is a beast of a phone. I’d wait for a game changer difference in a phone before I upgrade. Max feels more premium ✊🏽

  • Watching this on my iPhone 6s