iPhone 11 Pro Review: For the Love of Cameras!

čas přidán 20. 09. 2019
There's really only 1 reason I'm upgrading to the iPhone 11 Pro Max.
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  • 13:25

  • 6:40 his devices look like an entire twitter feed

  • Apple made great strides with battery and camera with this update, but if you are a visually oriented person who uses a phone as a primary camera, dealing with the outdated display design with those three year old bezels and the horrendous notch, and no ability to mask it as in Android means you have to deal with an unacceptable design failure every time you unlock your phone... and if you are a visual person that will just ruin your day over time... as much as I wanted to return to iPhones with this generation I just can't because of that issue... as Mr Jobs said when he introduced the Retina display "after all, what do you want to be looking at all day?"... even if you have the longest lasting battery and best camera, you still have to confront that design failure on a constant basis, which you are then sanctioning with your purchase... and no one who really understands design and function and the meaning of both in the context of this company would do that... hopefully they get it right with the next one?

  • The 11pro has finger print proof glass and from what I have seen, the glass has only broken from 11ft above being dropped onto the Pro Max.

  • Very nice introduction

  • Imagine how much better the 3 cameras would look if they didn't have that stupid box outline around them

  • I'm just happy the cams are great I'm not tryna be one of those guys that so spoiled lol notch or no notch...the notch lets me know I actually have a phone

  • I hate the unoriginality companies have, they just slap "pro" on shit and thinks its cool.

  • Give your previous iphone to me. Please

  • Love the intro music 🎵

  • Great job! Nice review!!

  • What a stupid over-engineered phone. Get back to basics🥔

  • Sorry, thr only product from apple i respect is the iPad

  • Hey MKBHD, my friend us trying to get me a new 11 pro 256 gb but he is saying there is a shortage of phones in the USA is that true

  • wallpaper link

  • Sana all

  • Does anyone know how to record using front and back cameras at the same time🤔

  • 3:19 so cool you can see the infrared lights blinking in the "notch"!


  • 3D touch on iphone x/xs is 3 times faster then iphone 11 pro haptic touch, apple is going backwards ... don't belive it ? ...compare it!

  • Fact is no phone can beat this beast...... .. In terms of money

  • Once I buy an iPhone I plan to use it for about 2-3 years. I just got the 11 and so far so good. I’m gonna have it for years.

    • Lee Shelton but Apple wants customers to upgrade every year. They will hate you. Lol

  • I’m watching a review of the phone I’m using to watch the review 😑

  • Intro=Neistat=368

  • Steve jobS took apple with him when he died.... All are paid to give good ReviewS....

  • Where did you get that wallpaper from ? Please share.

  • Buy this phone if you can afford it. Fantastic in every single way.

  • LOVE the Spike Lee moves with the camera!!😍😍😍😍😍👊🏽😎

  • Does anyone know where to find the wallpaper?

  • Hi, i want to know what do you do with the electronic gadgets after its review and all that? If you dont use it can you give me!!

  • You dont have to really try, you just need to play pokemon GO...


  • Can you please share the link of the wallpaper that you have used on your iPhone 11 Pro/Max.

  • I like the 11 so Much

  • anyone else switched from android to this iphone pro?or just me?🤔

  • I want that wallpaper

  • When apple going to bring projector on I phone. Then we can watch you tube movies or Netflix movies by sleeping inside bedroom and watch. Please apple has to consider this.

  • Where's 1440p iPhone CS-tv at... XDR display limited to 1080p because of Codec Wars. @marques brownlee

  • Where did you get your wallpaper from

  • Does this model have twin sim card slots?

  • Very nice video 👍🏽.. Good Explain Marques IPhone 11 pro good also compare withe iPhone 10 xs side by side 💖👌🏽 I will hop soon I puy iPhone 11 pro 📱

  • What's the point? The front still looks the same, including the look of the UI and icons and then the same notch. Could of removed or at least reduced the size of the notch. Price still high.

  • 😡Hey Siri on my AirPods 2 works less than half the time ever since the update. I’ve tried numerous ways to disconnect and connect them and I’ve come to the conclusion that it has to be iOS. When they’re not working I put them in the case and then immediately take them out and they start working again. But that doesn’t work every time. It’s A mess. 🤦‍♂️

  • I want that wallpaper ! Where can i find it ?

  • I think I m not gonna buy cuz it’s not 5G

  • I'm still gonna get a note 9, anyone recommend good screen protectors? And a good clear case? I was thinking of actually getting a dbrand skin with a rhinoshield crash guard case

  • Please give me iPhone 11 pro. I am your big fan. Love you your CS-tv channel. I am from Bangladesh.

  • Hey Marques, love your videos! Just curious, I've noticed a lot of Americans drop the "H" sound in "Huawei," and unlike Spanish or other latin-based languages, the "H" in China's "Huawei" is very present. Just a small detail; keep up the great work!

  • Soo the phone sucks?

  • Awesome video please watch my new video 😆🙏❤️

  • What's the cost of it ?

  • Hey Marques! I love all your videos and reviews, as well as the effort put into the videography and editing. Would you possibly be able to do an over the phone interview with me for a school assignment? I'm Dante Hernandez an aspiring videographer and a student at Colorado Media School. It would be awesome if we could set that up. Once again, love all your stuff! Thanks.

  • great vid

  • 8:37 “slower glass” lol wut

  • Iphone 11pro max 7 hour battery Rog 2:hold my 6000mah battery

  • Does anyone have an idea what is the equivalent in focal length of the Wide, Normal and Zoom lens of iphone camera?

    • Ultra Wide 13mm, wide 26mm, telephoto (standard) 52mm

  • can i charge my iphone xs with my ipad charger, cuz charger from the box is too slow

  • Marques what is the wallpaper on your iphone plz send me


  • come on man give link of the every wallpaper on your description