iPhone 11 Pro Review: For the Love of Cameras!

čas přidán 19. 09. 2019
There's really only 1 reason I'm upgrading to the iPhone 11 Pro Max.
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  • I haven't seen a video of him praising any phone heartily.

  • where do i can download the wallpaper he is using on the 11 pro here?

  • Fantastic I wish i purchase it

  • Dude that opening shot was dope how the I mean wtf you da man

  • no matter what, out with friends it'll be always the iPhone guys taking the pictures

  • why don't you do a night mode blind camera test ?

  • everyone's talking about how they have an old iPhone, i don't even have a phone.

    • Same I'm typing this on the samsung smart fridge

  • Where do I get that wallpaper!?

  • I have the 11 red cause I couldn’t afford the peo

  • 🎛️⬛⬛ ⬛🍎⬛ ⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛⬛

  • love the casey neistat/368 like intro music 💯

  • should i get the 11 or wait for the 12?

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="398">6:38</a> I just realized how much apple products he has...

  • can we just take a moment and appreciate the intro

  • just bought my 11 pro max. you're the first review i watched before i decided to get this phone and the last one i watched after i bought it💯💯

  • One day I will afford iphone

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="800">13:20</a> he is flying

  • That intro was ⲟrgasmוֹc

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="151">2:31</a> The difference of the colour in the middle is pretty substantial.

  • Im confused at the specs. I know its not only about them but.... They seem very underwhelming for a 2019 flagship phone. Idk, didnt own one, how was it?

  • Great review Marques. One of the best I've seen. I've ordered the 11 pro max and awaiting delivery.

  • Nice intro tho

  • Hey man where do i get this wallpaper you’re using?

  • My soul: iPhone 11 Pro My heart: iPhone 11 My wallet: Samsung galaxy A10e

  • I wish I have a phone like this😭😭

  • Marques, please share this blue and red wallpaper with us ! It’s mind blowing !

  • If i could get atleast an iphone 7... 😪💔

  • What color should I get?

  • how about burst shoots

  • Been watching you since I got my first iPad, I can’t tell you how big of a rolemodel for film you were to me, keep it up man. You motivated me to open my own channel and record my own iPhone 11 video ❤️❤️

  • Can I get that iphone as a giveaway.?☺️

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="399">6:39</a> That flex tho...

  • The iPhone SE The iPhone X Nice one apple 🍎

  • The Music of the beginning is from 368 from Casey, Right ?! Best wishes from Germany

  • Sauja boyie eemei oo,naisutula pee oo

  • 👍

  • Why is iphone so mocked for its price. I mean android flagships are also a 1000 dollars.

  • What's the wallpaper?

  • Music is awesome

  • What's the camera name and model at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="515">8:35</a>

  • Kive aa

  • Using your silly fingers to make quotation marks isn't PRO either.

  • Lmao dude has 11 million subscribers and doesn't want to test if its the strongest glass. Huhhh

  • Help Needed I Need To Buy New Iphone Which One Should I Get ? i had iphone x but it broke from me.i need two things in iphone 1-Camera 2-Battery Please Help

  • At first i also thought it wasn’t that good to look at but after that the android flagships started launching and looking more horrible than this.

  • need that wallpaper

  • Where does he get that wallpaper from

  • What happens if you want to take burst photos? Did they just get rid of that feature?

  • Markass Brownlee Said Will Smith

  • How did you remove the flashlight and camera from the lock screen? @MarquesBrownlee

  • Coming back here after the 6 month review version Just for that INTRO!!!!!!!!!

  • that intro was SOLID

  • You are eloquent, you are good at what you do, you are indeed a "pro". I enjoy your professionalism and the art with which you handle a subject matter. I think no matter what the subject matter it is that you are treating, you 'll make it an enjoyment to watch and listen to. Keep on shining and more anointing.

  • OO O

  • Enough about the phone. What is that shirt ur wearing? That’s nice bro 👌

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="485">8:05</a> if you caught that his education degree corrected his hood talk lol

  • Pro stands for Pro-hibitive.

  • Cool intro music

  • Wallpaper link ?

  • What is that wallpaper🔥?

  • The 11pros screen scratches so easily you can’t even put it in a empty pocket without a scratch. My phone is covered in scratches lol

  • Do you have to use Face ID? I want to unlock by finger

  • What is the name of the the intro music?

  • did anyone realise that the intro is the same as Casey's 368 vlogs?

  • is that 11 pro or pro max ?

  • A Linus Pulseway ad on a MKBHD video. Noice

  • Where did you get your wallpaper from? It looks sick

  • me: this is your card Marques: this is your $1000 phone, ha gotcha

  • The back glass is a work of art! JerryRigEverything did a video on it. Highly scratch and rub resistant.

  • What I really want is thru the screen Touch ID. I would have missed that too much and when my gen 1 SE went out I went to an 8 because the cost AND the Touch ID loss was just too much. I don’t enjoy Face ID it’s annoying

  • I bought it on Argos for £1300 I can pay it off in 6 months ☺️ Could have found it a bit cheaper but I wouldn't be able to afford it any other way LMAO

  • I got the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and it’s definitely an upgrade from the iPhone X. I wouldn’t upgrade from the iPhone XS Max to it, but I was using an iPhone X. The brightness and battery life, are things that I’ve noticed. It’s faster, and the camera is better. But being in lockdown, has really restricted what I can take photos of. I got my dad an iPhone 11, and I can’t really see a difference in the screen quality. It still looks vivid. I asked dad what he wanted, and he said the bigger phone. I interpreted that, as the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The guy at the store, interpreted it as an iPhone 11 (as it’s bigger than the iPhone 11 Pro). I didn’t realise, until I left. But I did realise it was much cheaper to get him the iPhone 11. I still think the iPhone 11 is a good phone, but I just had to get the 11 Pro Max, because I like big phones. I also want the best model, as my phone is the most important device I own. One thing I prefer on the 11, is the glossy back. I’m not really a fan of matte, but it’s growing on me. I also use a Tech 21 case, so it can withstand drops. I spent $240 just on cases and shatterproof screen protectors for our phones. Mine is worth $2.5k and dad’s is worth $1.3k. I’m going to get Apple Care for both my iPad Pro and my iPhone 11 Pro Max. A $2.5k phone is worth a lot of money to me. My iPad Pro 12.9” is worth $2k. I probably have assets worth $8k or $10k. When all my tech is combined. Over half of it, is Apple products.

    • Jonathan QuantumJG nobody gives af Karen

  • Is nobody gonna talk about the dog actually posing 😭

  • i have a iphone 11 pro max so cheap

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="168">2:48</a> good grieefffffff those scratches lol

  • Intro🔥 MKBHD

  • who are here only for the intro after TechDevoted

  • No one in the comments mentioned the intro music? Kind of miss Casey.

  • The intro to this video will forever be iconic

  • Did you now you can go undwater with that phone without breaking it