iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone 11 - Which Should You choose?

čas přidán 13. 10. 2019
iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 have some differences, but also have a lot more similarities than you might think. I help you decide which iPhone 11 is the right choice for you. I compare the price, the display, talk about the camera and much more. #iphone11 #iphone11pro #apple
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***Time Codes***
00:00 - Start
00:13 - Colors
00:42 - Price
01:35 - Build
02:26 - Weight
02:50 - Display
04:45 - 3D Touch vs Haptic Touch
05:12 - Speakers
05:45 - Battery
06:20 - CPU and Speed
06:53 - Face ID
07:02 - Front Cameras
07:38 - Rear Cameras
08:20 - Portrait Mode
08:42 - OLED Flicker
09:23 - Size comparison with 11 Pro Max
10:00 - Water resistance
10:33 - Fast Charging
10:47 - Conclusion
11:32 - Outro
11:52 - End
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  • Why are there so many people with a 6 still? 😂😂😂😂

  • i would beg to differ on the telephoto lens though. If one does have some knowledge of photography, it is very easy to tell which one is the result of a digital zoom and which one is an optical zoom, as the actual frame of the photo could easily show.

  • I bought my Iphone 11 for $856

  • @zollotech hey, since im broke af, can you please help me buy a phone? i DO have one but it does fail all the time, but i don't have money for another so...Can you hel a brother?

  • I feel relaxed after seeing all the comments. I always thought like I am the one of the few people who are still using iPhone 6s.

  • I originally got the iPhone 11 Pro but noticed I was getting headaches and felt nauseous all the time until I switched to the iPhone 11. Much better now. Thanks for the info about why the Oled screen causes that in some people.

  • The Bible says, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” -Matthew <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="427">7:7</a> Can some please assist me to get a new phone. This iPhone 6 has ran it’s course. The battery 🔋 life is extremely short. All I do is charge it. Sometimes, I cannot use it without a headphone and also my calls fails after a few minutes of being on the phones. Due to the pandemic, I am out of work and a new phone is definitely not within my budget. It doesn’t have to be a new phone it just needs to be fully functional. It is honestly a struggle and only God knows.

  • Thanks, this was very helpful! Clear and straightforward information.

  • Please email me this phone🙏

  • LCD

  • Thank you for saying that the screen flickers

  • Why do I want a Tesla now? #subliminal

  • Why no one has expained about it's material type,i mean aluminum(iphone 11) & steel body(iphone 11 pro & 11pro max) Does it have any impact & what about the heating Capacity. This would help me to choose the right phone.

    • No. It makes no difference

  • Conclusion: Whats different? Size, display, battery life and camera. One is cheaper and more economical (11) but if you want best the best picture ( 11 pro)

  • I am very sensitive to flicker so that was good to know

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="538">8:58</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="551">9:11</a> what iPhone 11 pro display dim dim?

  • Comments: I still have the iPhone 6s rip Me watching on my android like 👁👄👁

  • I got 6s and I’m getting a iPhone 11 rn

  • I just love the green color on the iPhone 11!!! It’s the main reason i am buying one

  • Neither. Buy an Android phone like the rest of the world.

  • I bought an i phone 11 pro max case today just for good luck. Would that help? I have an i phone 6 now.

  • I got the iPhone 8+ but I’m gonna try that 11 Pro 😎

    • I'm waiting for iPhone 12 they might drop it in market before October

  • hardest decision in my life

  • You sound like my old math teacher from lumen Dr hird

  • Does the simpler iPhone 11 have night mode? Would like to try and photograph the galaxy.

  • More or less the shame sh”t I have the IPhone 11 coming from a 7 best decision of the year so far 😭

  • The iPhone 11 isn’t that good I was planning on getting one but then the NEWEST iPhone SE 2020 came out last month and I liked it better then the iPhone 11 so I prefer just the iPhone SE 2020 better!

  • I see the iPhone 6 comments and I’m like boi I still got the iPhone 5

  • i still feel like the 11 portraits are weird.

  • I'm an Android user. Currently using Galaxy S8 and all really happy with it. However, thinking to shift to iPhone just for experience sake. And no I don't like huge phones. Please suggest which one to go for???

    • @Waleed Akhtar it has the latest 12 mp camera and a13 chip

    • @RG GAMING but won't it be low on performance? I need top quality camera and top end performance

    • you could go for the new iPhone SE 2 . its only 4.7 inches

  • Where’s my iPhone 1 users at 🤙

  • Iphone 12🤣

  • I honestly have been looking for a good iPhone 11/11 pro review video for awhile now and this did it!! Thankyou so much, I know which phone I’m getting now. You made it so easy to choose and you explained everything so simply. Definitely will be getting the IPhone 11 since the iPhone 11 Pro flickers and I have really bad migraines!! I have the 8 plus now so getting the iPhone 11 won’t be that much of a size difference since I love big phones. Haha thanks again.

  • I want the pro but the only reason I’m gonna get the 11 is because it’s hundreds of dollars cheaper

  • I can't buy no one, not even other phones, i am anyways suicidal and i will be killing myself soon anyways

  • Why is this guy not turning the phones on their max brightness? How is that a review when we can't see the difference between their strong colors and brightness? Shit review

  • Oled still has flikering issue so i prefer iphone11 lcd type.

  • Exact iPhone 11 I’m gettint

  • that wallpaper tho

  • I upgraded my iPhone 8 to the 11 and its amazing battery 🔋 and I got the product red I was going to get the pro but I really don’t need a 3 camera And it’s smaller then the 11

  • I upgraded recently and I can say I love absolutely everything about the iPhone 11 except that it’s so big. I miss being able to comfortably use my phone with one hand

  • One of the best phone in market it's iphone company and it's value of money

  • I am considering the iphone 11 now instead of the pro.. the flickering that the pro does has me a little turned off. I do get headaches, but I also have blue light glasses. Not sure if those will help.

  • im gonna buy iphone 11 and apple watch or airpods

  • i haveiphone 6s, iwatch 4 plus, airpods 2, ipad 2018. i feel okey :)) i only come across problems when i dance salsa at places and try to record my video w 6s. it is so dark.

  • Watching on a 7+...... I chose the 11 :) I do CS-tv videos, video/photo editing and love photography and a good long battery usage would be lovely for my work

  • Legit ordered an 11pro yesterday I hope I don't regret this 😬

    • RG GAMING 100% loving it

    • @Sarah Foxx was it worth it?

    • RG GAMING got it 3 days ago now

    • have you got the phone yet?

  • Thanks for the video.. I´m getting the IPhone 11, I guess I won´t regret it.

  • This apple shit is soooo confusing it’s just the same thing. I wonder what wacky ideas hold for the next one.

  • how do you enable the 12OO nits? Auto brightness? Tnx

  • 11 pro

  • Does this need a case because its all glass? I have an otter box on my 6, and it has 3 layers of protection... if I drop the 11 pro on the floor from my jacket pocket, will it crack?

  • I have both. Didn’t see many much difference between the two, especially at camera... just the pro feels more premium when you hold it... eveything else is same, again the camera is literally the same, same pictures , same video couldn’t notice a difference.

  • I'm buying the 11 I'll update yall

  • Brother nice comparisons, plz reply on their battery life both phones SOT, I'm seriously consider to buy one out, plz help me out

    • @zollotech yeah I have listened though, but I require, SOTs of these devices plz, i need in numbers bro👍👍

    • I mention it on the video

  • The new iPhones lack a fingerprint scanner 🤔

  • If I had a chance, I’d choose either one.

  • The solution is easy. Go android. The One Plus 8 is actually very iPhone-esque and is amazing!

  • I’m going with the 11 pro it’s been a pain to get one though cause of parents and quarantine but I’m paying for it so i choose pro

  • iPhone 5s to galaxy s7 to iPhone 11 😁

  • I just got the 11 pro and I Love it 🖤

  • I still think an iPhone x is fine. You can get refurbished ones from Apple for hundreds less than the 11 pro.

  • I should have watched this video before buying the iPhone 11 it seems to thick and big

  • It is the fake phone

  • I have the 7 plus and I’m getting the 11 soon, I’ll update when I get it🙂 Edit: I got the green one today and I recommend it, that color is really pretty and the phone is really fast and different✨ I love it❤️ Update: I’ve had it for a few days now and you can use it the whole day and it will still have a lot of charge😍 Also the phone is really fast and the camera quality is beautiful✨

    • Frances Marie the keyboard on the 11 is smaller but not that much of a difference, I got used to it after like 2 days, I recommend the normal 11 over the pro because it’s almost the same thing and the price is lower

    • I have a 7plus and am debating over 11 or pro max? Do you notice a difference in keyboard size from the 7+ compared to the 11?

    • I am getting the 11 in yellow. I currently have a 7 Plus also.

    • same! i'm getting the 11 in red

    • Same

  • Ok set everything aside, We can all agree that the editing from this is really nice, just very qualified

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="231">3:51</a> Mr. Tech-youtuber, that option is available on the fucking iPhone 5. doesn’t mean shit

  • Hi Aaron will apple consider giving a software update to the XR so we can take pictures of other objects not just faces.

    • zollotech it’s ok I found a app in the store called halide camera but cost me £5.99 over 6 dollars in your money and it’s a excellent app taking portraits of other subjects check it out Aaron

    • No, they wont do that

  • My dad is getting my sister and me, and iPhone pro max. Simply because he gets discounts on our plan and is something he can afford since my mom is no longer on the plan. Plus my sister and I are pretty blind so we are getting the max instead of just the pro, haha. As well as the fact we tend to take many photos, so the extra lens is a plus.

  • Very helpful!

  • Me watching this on my 7plus 🧿👄🧿

  • i really like iphone 11 but the thing that attracts me to 11 pro is the charger but the flickering thing on 11 pro kinda bothers me so i’m stuck...

  • I feel like everyone with an iPhone 6 is upgrading to the iPhone 11 🙌

    • 6 here, and I'm only upgrading because I have to charge 3x a day and the charging port itself is messed up. if it wasn't for the forced upgrade a couple of years ago... I would still rock the 6.

  • The pro is small wtf lmao

  • so hard to watch this and end up with nothing to decide cause im broke af. can't afford any of it. :(

  • I think I’ll go with 11. I don’t trust Oled screens. I don’t want something flickering at me even if I don’t see it. I’ve got pretty great eyesight and fairly heightened senses in general, so I’m guessing I’d be in the effected group. I like dialling down screens (TV/Phone) a lot as even high brightness hurts my eyes, and those lower settings are when Oleds flicker even more. I heard somewhere that Oled is not necessarily the future as LCD tech is catching up with replicating what Oled’s can do minus the issues (eyes/burn in). I hope Apple keep giving an LCD option in their high end phones. I’m deep in the Apple Eco System and would hate to even consider leaving it if they didn’t offer LCD.

  • I really like the 11 pro, but I wish the 11pro was the same size as the 11

    • 11 pro has the perfect size

    • Anthony Aguilar The iPhone 12 Pro will be the same size as 11 🙂

  • why does the front camera look so different terms of color? that the effect of OLED screen VS LCD rather then the picture taking?

  • Fantastically informative video. You clearly know what you're talking about, and I can tell that you genuinely care about giving this information to your fellow consumers. Thank you for the time you put into your videos!

  • 11