iPhone 12 Unboxing Experience + MagSafe Demo!

čas přidán 20. 10. 2020
iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro's new boxes, and an in-depth look at the MAGNETS!
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Hardware provided by Apple for review.


  • If Apple is going to go without the lightning port in the next iPhone. Does that mean that they will upgrade MagSafe to handle data? I’m just thinking how i would use Apple play since it needs to be plugged in to work….

  • I am getting an iPhone 12 I am so happy

  • And here I'm waiting for their removal of the box and shipping the phone in a plastic polythene

  • Product pink

  • I’m glad that a power brick isn’t included cuz I’ve too many lying around anyway.

  • Nice review! You never disappoint, Marques!

  • hi

  • hi I have a iPhone 12 pro

  • Didn't this so-called new Industrial Design existed in older iPhones? Apple seems running out of ideas mate

  • I think if apple wanted to be more “environmentally safe” they should have stuck with the old charging block and cord /: with the new phones people will just throw away all the old blocks and cords and it’ll create even more trash. As they say eat the rich

  • Is nobody gonna talk about that the red one is an I phone 12 MINI ?!😂

  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • hahahhahahhah

  • I love the aluminum sides a lot better! The only thing I do not like about them is that the color might fade away. But besides that, it’s awesome.

  • As a Xiaomi user I like watching vintage products like those from Apple.

  • I hate Apple they do useless inovations they only need more money

  • iPhone 12 unboxing with 12 million views

  • They could easily have fitted the full charging equipment in that box. How can it be more environemently friendly to buy another product in a full another box. Has to be transported one extra time and I have to drive to the store to get one.

  • Keep it up with the great Apple Reviews!

  • Why can't you charge with MagSafe leather wallet attached on but can charge with MagSafe leather case attached on, when both are made of same leather and have same magnets?

  • 3:52 Marques almost drops the iphone 12

  • At first I thought that the cut out was some type of trackpad and what not.

  • Bagged gir

  • I am using iPhone 5s for years and it’s really worn out and overheating and battery is draining quickly I want to upgrade any ideas how can I do it?

  • GOD bless💕🙏🏾

  • I think he just got a gash in his phone when he just slid the phones through the table like it was nothing

  • And that's why I don't buy iPhone....never will

  • i canrt wait for the day apple make your phone cost 75 pounds or dollars more to include airpods

  • Apple went too far on this, they're charging 800 to 1000 dollars for this phone. And we only get like....1 APPLE STICKERRRR! 😠

  • Rich kids: I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it Me: I see it, I like it, I want it, I ask my parents, I don't get it, I cry, I check all internet, I find a cheaper version, I'm too poor for it, I realize I don't really need it.

  • but in France you can get a charging break with the new iPhone

  • People crying over chargers 😂😂 can’t afford a charger? Why get this phone? I have a few laying around, anyone want any? So y’all can stop the bitching 😭

  • I'm going to get an iPhone next next year after my Samsung note 20's 2 year plan had ended cus I haven't had an iPhone since the iPhone 4 when j was a kid and I miss the old iPhone 4 feel and I'm getting bored of the same os for these android phones and I wanna see with I'd rather

    • @Laur hello

    • hello fellow last iphone was an iphone 4 person

  • Hey if u think about it it makes it cheaper I mean playstation he had to buy the dock and headset and vr headset separately until now xbox u still need to buy the dock and vr device seperately

  • I like how this guy speaks.. his voice is nice and the attitude is not "I know it all" and also not "I don't know what this shit is" kind of thing, if that makes sense.

  • ভালো লাগলো ভাই, Ima Bangladeshi

  • ভালো লাগলো ভাই, Ima Bangladeshi

  • Mag safe version 2 next year will be way better till then avoid

  • Bruh and I am with an iPhone 5s :(

  • Feeling dreaded out when I found out my 12 pro doesn’t support 5G.

  • Wallpaper?

  • I’m from the future and Apple has removed the charging cable from the box too.

  • Apple should make a MagSafe battery pack

  • 😱😱

  • This is a effing rip off...what the bloody hell....environmental benefit my ass....when you buy the charher/wall brick it's going to come in in separate box so what environment are they saving ...apple should be ashamed of themselves for this scaly behavior

  • Hi can I asked if your what’s your 12 red model name appear in the setting ?

  • Is the iPhone 12 smaller then the iPhone 11 ??

  • I am sure for iPhone 13 you will get empty box and then you will need to buy phone seperately. That's great!

  • Why does everybody want USB-C charging port

  • ...and guess what😁 i'm watching this video on my broken S7 samsung 🤪😄 anyway I lo💖e iphones but can't afford them😏

  • 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷❤️❤️✅

  • iPhone 12 = 💩💩💩 3 good reasons: 1.Need to buy usb-c wall brick separately, earplugs too, and since the earplugs aren’t inside, don’t believe they’ll add AirPods with the iPhone anytime soon 2. No 3rd party repair ( can’t replace technology which means 1st and last components of use before you throw it away) this would go against the environmental phrases 3. Wireless features, wireless charging is useless and wasteful and using Bluetooth for wireless connections and devices ( AirPods ) are extremely weak since the connection is fighting against your WiFi...

  • Let's be honest, the reason Apple© doesn't include a charging brick in the box is so you're forced to buy one separately. That way they can ensure you're paying more for their products. Bottom line, it's all about money, not the environment. However, I still like Apple© products, regardless.

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  • Plz give me

  • Is your hand big or the phones are small?

  • Me: can I get a charger in the box? Apple: sorry , we don't speak broke.

    • @LMaaoO gi really? I haven't seen any of the new samsung's , I upgraded from the s9 to the iphone 12

    • samsung also did that

  • Time for a phone you can stick to your refrigerator 🤣

  • Maaaan dont be mad now the brick is a DLC

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  • I have no idea what sort of features are still left for 13.

  • "More grippable" as it slips out of his hands.

  • Where did you get that iPhone 12 pro lockscreen wallpaper from?

  • “Wireless charger”(Has a 3 FT cord😂)

  • i dont understand why they call it wireless charging when basically you just have to carry a powerbank and physically attach your phone to it!!!!!!!!!

  • Honestly, the iPhone 12 unboxing isn’t as exciting as it used to be.

  • Who just got there’s 🥲

  • I am in love with the small box, but I hate its content A LOT. I'd stick to the ugly and iconic fat box though

  • oh how i wish i was as rich as him

  • can I charge the iPhone 12 with a Xiaomi fast charger? Or Samsung?

  • Now after these phones have been out, it’s come to light that the magnet can mess with pacemakers and medical equipment when it’s in your front pocket.

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  • the most stupid hardware decision of ths yer's iPhone is the flat frames.Its absolutely not practical. It visually looks thick & also physically feels thick

  • You don’t have to buy a usb c block because you can charge it on a regular charger

  • These kids in the comment are saying iPhone 12 is bad even though they have a. Android lmaoo

  • So apple wasn't first to make magsafe😂

  • I highly recommend everyone to jonasgadget on IG he helped me in getting an iPhone 11 on Amazon he his a great deal

  • This guys production quality is just OP.

  • can i have 1?

  • Apple is a scam: As we all know, a new feature is 20 watt charging. You need the phone and charger to see it go to work. You would think that it would come with a charging brick. Well ur wrong. Apple literally made people pay for a feature that we didnt get. Huge scam. So now you have to go back and pay and extra 40 bucks so you get the whole feature. And they claim to start being more environmentally friendly. Im confused. They added a sticker no one is gonna use. You could of replaced the sticker with a charger. Lets take the S20 for example. It comes with a USBC cable, charging brick, headphones, a phone case in some regions. Now thats surprising and amazing. Apple is kinda falling back a little while Samsung is rising. Apple phones might fall like LGs if they keep up with there ridiculous ways

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  • I like how you just brushed off apple’s environmental claims and went on to review the free shit they gave you. Bro come on

  • Why are the phones so thick ?! C'mon apple it's time to make them thinner😭


  • no headphones 😤

  • Wouldn't those magnets interfere with the internal magnetic sensor compass ?

  • Damn Apple soon finna just give u the phone in the box 😂😭

  • how dare they gave only one sticker!!! I’m so disappointed

  • Hold up my iPhone 11 never came wit a USB C wall brick???

  • The next iPhone will probably be just the box that cost $999

  • Not me wishing I had a iPhone 11

  • It would have been nice to be able to use an Apple Pencil The “Mini Apllepencil”

  • They charge so much money without the charger not fair apple


  • 6:23 minecraft villager lololololol

  • And then there’s me with my iPhone 5c


  • So, the whole point of MagSafe is just that animation and the fact that Iphone 12 is magnetic?

  • Thanks to nelson__toolzol my iphone was bypass through him

  • Thanks to nelson__toolzol my iphone was bypass through him