iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr!

čas přidán 13. 09. 2018
Some highlights from the 2018 Apple Event! Hands on with the new iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xr and the new gold Apple Watch Series 4.
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  • Been waiting for thisss

  • 1,000 and doesn’t even have a real flight mode.

  • I knew you'd play softball with these releases, but I was hoping you'd prove me wrong. I review RC Tech and always tell it like it is. The bigger screen is cool, but it is way overpriced compared to the rest of the market and the screen on the R is pathetic for $750. You just glazed right over the poor screen resolution and that is disappointing to say the least.

  • Got mines today ❤️

  • All you salty cant afford Apple peeps. Keep your little androids with 1440p super hd, 450+ppi slow ass phones. Work up atuntu and geek bench. ..iPhone 7 out does pixel 2 and any samshit...they aren’t even in the Xs’ league. ...(Heard the note 9 ‘s are exploding lol...) ..salty freaks. I can’t afford them either and have my lg 6 lol..but I know my lowly place. I give the iPhone to my wife like a good whiped hubby I am.

  • iPhone XR: “brilliant in every way” Me: Yeahhhh I bet that screen resolution is top notch

  • I have the new xr YAY!!!

  • X r portrait mode????

  • jesus how big would the iphone57 be

  • Omggg guys look rip off number one annnddd rip off number two!!! YAY

  • 😍😍😍😍

  • When you want the iPhone Xs but you are poor xD

  • Still use my iPhone 5

  • I currently have the Google Pixel 2 XL on Google Fi; but, I've been missing my iPhone I had previously. And watching your video made me miss it more. I'm pretty sure my next phone will be an iPhone again...

  • Can u give away you old phones pls

  • Eu queria muito que os iPhone voltassem com o botão 😥😥

  • I just got a new phone so my dad won’t let get the new xr in yellow (my favorite color)

  • I got an ad thing that said get free I phone sr fake scam because they come till October

  • Smaller notepad Bigger phone Good play.

  • I checked my iPhone 8. MEHHHH I WANNA BUY THATT

  • I have the iPhone x idkk if I should get the max

  • $750 for a phone without a 1080p display

  • For $799 you can get a s9 plus for nearly $700 at best buy with a OLED screen, huge display, beaitiful camera, and not look like a spoiled bitch

  • Xr 256GB BLUE

  • they make new iphone X's but wheres the 9?!?!

  • This beasts will cost us around 6000 to 7000 Malaysian Ringgit, that's reallybcost us a lot of the money. Just imagine, if that 7000 Malaysian Ringgit change to 7000 usd, will you guys buy a 7k usd mobile phone? Hahaha..

  • Is it just me or am i just broke af for even an iphone8

  • I’m good I have the phone 8

  • I want the iPhone xs max

  • bad phone

  • I currently have the iPhone 8, I really want to get the iPhone X max tho but I’m broke af😅😣

  • IPhone's are too basic for basic people ... eh lame

  • I will get a free upgrade

  • Do you think the iPhone xs is worth the extra money vs the xr? I don’t know whether the extra money is worth it but I really need to upgrade my phone.

  • I have a rose gold iPhone 7 have had it for a year almost 2. Thinking abt upgrading to the XS max or XR. Or the galaxy 9 note

  • Apple starting to make me feel broke


  • I have an iPhone 3G and I’m 14

  • Y’all not showin my iPhone xr no love 😩💔❣️

  • you are biased.

  • Iphone xr good in that price point?! Are you crazy? How can this girl be a techtuber?!

  • Hi!! I need new iphone can you send one for me ? Please!!! ❤!

  • I HATE your withe nailpolish. It’s really ugly

  • Ohhh, a 7 MP camera. So innovative by Apple not putting in a 12 MP in it, charge more than the competition, and make it sound like a great deal. Wait, it will come out in the next version for $2K. How is the theater standing? Held up by all the hot air expelled by all the fan boys by the iAir collector.

  • ppi less than 500 in any iphone model, camera aperture is 1.8 when android flagships have cameras with 1.6 aperture so more light captured in the dark, battery less than 3000, all in all is a crap for HUUUUGE BUCKS, big salaries and bonuses for apple bosses subsidized from fool people salaries

  • I don't even have a iPhone😭😖

  • You are one the only cool tech women on you tube, don’t mess it up by sucking up to Apple! Please be transparent about the new iPhones. I’m not even techy, but there’s really nothing mind blowing about this new iPhone.

  • I just traded in my 7plus for the Xs max 😊😊

  • Can you give me ?plzzz

  • Wtf is Matthew doing there

  • Should i change my mind? I didnt buy my ip8 plus yet. Should i just buy IPXS? Lmao. I still have that chance. I should change my mind this octorber. Hmmmm.

  • This just shows how dumb stupid justine really is shallow air head

  • Does anyone even like the new iPhone like there isn’t even any home button which is frustrating😐😐

  • Watch unbox therapy 10xr is junk!!

  • Meanwhile, my Note 9 is also $1,000, shoots in 4K, charges other people's phones, and takes my pictures with a click of the built in S Pen. I could go on for hours, and not just talk about the size and camera differences lol

  • Iphone suck!!!

  • I have the iPhone 7 I am aiming for the iPhone 7+ all these new expensive phones are to fragile and I am too irresponsible

  • Thumbs up if you think Steve Jobs Theater should be named Lisa Jobs Theater .... #metoo

  • I just got mine! It arrives Friday morning. I am so excited!!! 😊

  • Un comentario random en español, pero el crossover del video de justine con victor me da vida!

  • She is an advertisement for apple products

  • Omg 😲 android, plebs get rekt

  • Oled display iPhone purchase samsung

  • But I hope that apple will release iphone 11

  • I thought on 2019 the apple will release iphone 11 because uts their 11th anniversary but iphone xs, xs max, and xr are pretty good

  • Nice

  • i like but dont like Apple (love hate) but I watch iJustine b/c i like her videos.

  • I want the 10s Max! I’m gonna save up my money for one or an iPhone 8+ I love bigger phones. My parents would never buy me those unless I paid for half or the whole thing

  • With $750 i'd rather buy an iphone6 and still have a balance of $500.

  • Omg I got it too!! 😀 I wish....

  • Looking at my wallet 3 penny’s lol wish I had the iPhone X max 🙂

  • Justine.............as a tech enthusiast, how can you be this excited for a f***ing bloody colours?!?! Apple is good but that is not enough.

  • I love your Tiffany ring😍

  • Title: iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr Thumbnail: Holds Xs Max and X

  • What's wrong with you

  • Do u do the giveaways? I rlly want the watch or the Xs

  • If you already had an apple phone for a long time say about a two-three years (and you still have it on your bill) you could upgrade for only $30-$75 (based on my experience)

  • I need same potrait camera feature on my 8 plus plus lik this.

  • *All the power in the world doesn't matter unless you have the software to take advantage of it*

  • A bit XSive

  • LCD,720P AT,750$? Apple I kinda like ya but not as much as Samsung tho. Apple you need to get off crack. AND THERE IS A SAMSUNG PHONE AT 300EUR THAT RUNS 1080p.

  • Still not comfortable with the fact that Apple skipped the iPhone 9

  • $750 for the XR is pure robbery, its a suped up Iphone 6 with IOS12. The sad thing is that Apple fanboi's want to eat that D***

  • iphone 7 plus

  • where’s the 9😬

  • The iPhone XS Max is 2100 dollars in Norway and the 64gb xs is around 1450 dollars🙂

  • #☹

  • I’m getting a 7 for Christmas ffs iPhone xs max or out

  • Get the Xr and you won’t be able to watch ANY videos in 1080P or higher since the screen doesn’t support it. What a blow to the customers face.

  • iJustine Needs no man she gets wet juste of unboxing appel produkts

  • The most biased channel on CS-tv🤬

  • Stop buying the phone so they can lower the dam price 😭😭😭😭😭😭 the prices is crazy idk why she calmly saying the price lmaooo if its so cheap get me one ijustine 😂😂😂❤️❤️✌🏻✌🏻

  • I’m too broke to even watch this video

  • Dumb paid blonde who has no idea what she's barfing out of her mouth. Cool, keep making these people rich (Apple included).

  • God, she's so brainwashed...

  • I think that the Gold colour on the iPhone 8 and 8+ looks better that the XS and XS Max for some reason.

  • I f**k your ass babe

  • I have had the 7plus one year after he came out and I’ll *keep* the iPhone 7 Plus . *No thank you*

  • Boys : snapdragons 845 with 4 gigs of RAM and 4k display (spend 500$) girl : rose gold 😍(1000k)

  • What a bias video 😂 but greatly informative!