Is Apple's new iPad Mini an iPhone?

čas přidán 28. 09. 2021
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Apple's latest edition of the iPad Mini has the same processor as the iPhone 13, so is it an iPhone now? Riley checks it out and discovers that it can be but not really.

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  • I love stevejobs I love apple 🍎

  • Wait a minute didn’t Mac Address do a bid on this?

  • ipad mini 6 is the first apple product that im gonna buy,brand new.been waiting for them to discard the up and down weird bezel for so long on mini.anything bigger than 8.5 is not a tablet,for me.i could just buy any laptop with detachable display if i want a bigger display on my palm

  • Seems WhatsApp doesn’t support iPad at the moment. 🥺

  • 6:45 my dreams be like


  • Why can’t Apple make Iphones look like the Ipad mini, NO NOTCH! 😅

  • OK I smashed that like button and subbed! Now what??? 😊

  • ipad mini - you buy it for kids on long trips, you can chuck it into glove box, because it's smaller kids are less likely to bent it in half, it's not to big for them ...

  • Take an ipad mini, put it in your front pocket - there you go, you have first iFold device !

  • literally just a portable car dashboard x3

  • So you could essentially turn this iPad to a phone if you have T-Mobile. You can add a secondary number with T-Mobile digits and it would allow you to make phone calls and text messages.

  • Was a few clicks away from buying one until I found out that you CANNOT pair an Apple Watch with an iPad. 😅

    • @Pong Krell I sold my iPhone before I found out about this. So I'm on Android for the moment.

    • Do U not have an iphone you can still use it kinda if u pairr it to an iphone and get the cellualar model

  • Now only if it could fold

  • does it have sim card

    • There is a model that does but it costs 150 USD more than the wifi one other than that its the same

  • "Maybe even people" -dbrand sponser

  • I want friends called Horst so i can call them up and do like this guy 8:08

  • A semi-pocketable drawing tablet… think I’m sold 👌

  • The iPad Mini is the iPhone I'd buy coming from Android: Fingerprint reader, and using a global universal port are huge.

  • I'm gonna get myself one because it's more affordable then a regular one, and also I think the size suits me more than the others... Regular iPad's are pretty big

  • are these youtubers blind? this put on a shit looking dbrand skin and go “Oh wow amaze, best skin”

  • „For some reaso-….“ THE REASON IS MONAY, GODDAMMIT

  • It needs CarPlay lol

  • If Apple actually added the phone app to the iPad, it’d be an infinitely better product than the Pro Max and Pro “phones”. A phone that needs 2 hands to use is hardly a phone. At least if the mini were a phone (in the sense that it has the app) it wouldn’t be doing to a stupid half measure between tablet and phone. It’d simply be a tablet that you can call people on.

  • google voice people always forget about that

  • only 499 for 64gb 🤣

  • But Riley.. Can that thing run Fortnite though??..

  • This guy is an idiot talking about the volume buttons. I've notice this channel targets noobs and not tech enthusiasts.

  • spoiler alert no

  • The iPad mini is a bigger better iPhone 13.

  • Why do you guys care about 5g? It's like utterly irrelevant not only now when coverage is "not the greatest" but even if it is, when it gets like today's 4g.. Why do we need it?

  • I have been using VoIP on my iPad Mini 4 since I got in 2017.

  • apple is weird

  • the d brand make sponsor of your videos but when you talk about dbrand i will never buy things of dbrand when you talk about it so dbrand your sponsors are strange and don´t make any sense

  • I like how until 2018-19, the iPad was a laughing stock and wasn't selling well but then exploded as Apple's most exciting tech front

  • I think I could use it as my daily driver phone

    • Did dBrand really just skin the iPad and then put the paper covering thing back on the iPad??

  • so you can insert your sim card and use mobile data but can't receive calls.. it's wonderful!

  • It is for BOBAN

  • Apple Watch can makes calls. But a big boy like iPad... no phone app.

  • Sellouts

  • You know, I haven't touched an apple product in many years, but I am in the market for an e-reader, but I've come to realize that e-readers are NOT tablets, and what I really want is a small tablet. I found this video about was like "well alright, lets see what this new iPad mini is all about", and the second he said "USB C".....I was sold.....

  • Damn that bezel is huge

  • I realised that no one's talking about how amazing his hairstyle is hahaha its amazing

  • wow this is so fucking exciting it's an ipad mini aka a big iphone aka a small ipad aka a piece of fucking garbage

  • this ipad is actually good value just need a phone like this but smaller. want no notch and touch id in the power button.

  • pubg with this would be nice

  • 5:27 male privilege is being able to fit this in your pocket

  • Is it possible to replace the Iphone's lighitning port with an ipad's USB-C port?

  • How about you research before creating a video?

  • 3:40 WhatsApp isn’t on iPads bruh

  • the ifold, folding sold separately.

  • I love everything about it... except that jelly scrolling.

  • I pad mini rocks

  • 4:19 McMagnetic?

  • No it’s not. I just saved you 10min of your life.

  • The iPad mini has a type c, because eu wants all device powered by type c

  • It is called a phablet.

  • “Everyone has AirPods now.” I hate assumptions like this. It’s what Apple wants you to believe, but only Apple simps say stuff like this. But it’s not even a tiny but true.

  • Putting a skin on an ipad is atrocious. The iPads look so good in the back, and since it's not glass it doesn't scratch.

  • I would 100% use it as a phone

  • For some reason not putting USB-C on iPhone. 😂 nerds are so clueless. Apple choice = piss off billions of regular users with no USB-C cables or piss of maybe a handful of nerds. Pretty easy choice.

  • Mate WhatsApp is not on iPads

  • Are they still "jailbreaking" iOS devices nowadays?? If so they could make it so you can make calls right??

  • Hello there Tech Lasso

  • The iPhone 13 getting the lightening was def the nail that sealed me going to the fold 3

  • ipad mini would be super useful for taking notes while walking around like performing inspections on industrical equipment or something, other than that i'll stick with my 12.9inch one from 2018

  • Acrully the volume button position is brilliant, u manly use tour i pad landscape and it easier to use the volume button this way

  • 1:23 「Stand Name」Metallica 「Stand Master」Rissoto Nero

  • The iPad mini with promotion would have been a killer deal. Cuz going from iPhone pro max 13 to iPad mini is gonna be super noticeable

    • @Sarah T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me the manager to cut on some places but not we’re it matters the most. Most people won’t even notice the difference but will surely notice the price !

  • Diabolical

  • Is the 64gb enough?

  • Written: October 5, 2021 Fun fact: Ios/iPadOS 15 will allow apps up to 7 extra ram on the M1 iPad 16GB, bringing the total from 5GB to 12GB. This will surly benefit games and apps tremendously.

  • Cool presenter

  • Omg the beast iPad yet, said somebody at apple.

  • the volume knobs are probably in a good spot if you are using a keyboard with it though

    • What are there these usernames?

  • Can we not just get a bezeless free tablet? Just make the sides not touch sensitive jesus

  • Go to 6:46 if you want to watch Ned Flanders jam to some tunes with a crab

  • Apple claims it is for business people or for hospitals to make use of, which I can honestly see. For us normies, I think it's a stupid purchase unless you plan on flexing😂

  • It’s just a mini tablet designed for children with little hands like grade school aged kids. It was up graded in hopes of attracting buyers since the line has had little success. The public really doesn’t like their small cel phone screens. It would be nice if they made the tablets with conventional cell phones, but they won’t. Using wifi telephone services is a joke.

  • His hair tho

  • how pathetic can someone be for thumbnails 😭

  • Was gonna watch until I saw the mustache 😩

  • iPads are very popular in construction. Looking at plans and pdfs, etc.

  • Another useless video ,did Apple Pay to do it ?

  • Who cares what chip is inside they are all powerful enough,what’s the connection to the cell towers is it the X60 ? Or u got no clue !

  • Are u Donna tell us what Qualcomm modem is used in iPad mini 6 or are u making another useless video ?

  • Nice hair riley

  • I'm here for the mustache. Don't have the money to buy one. (wishing)

  • "whats the matter wit you, put some skin on" i had to chuckle at that one. Nice channel. new sub bro

  • “If it’s not a phone it’s just a tiny iPad” yep! That’s why I love mine. I’m not keen on carrying a backpack around and this size is the perfect size for media consumption and everything else I’d want from an iPad, plus it actually fits in my bag or if I can’t use a bag then my hoodie pocket. It’s just way more versatile and portable than a normal sized iPad for me and I’m super excited to pick up the new one once i get the money

  • Womens pockets: I can maybe fit a quarter or 2 in here... Mens pockets: iPad mini? Ya throw that shit in here. I got room.

  • technically imac m1 is chungus iphone

  • Riley is the best host! Every video with him in it is guaranteed to make me laugh.

  • They probably moved the volume rocker to the top to keep the horizontal integrity, because the charge spot for the pencil is now a weak point for bending.

  • This dude is VERY attractive to me

  • iPad Mini? More like iPhone Really Fucking Big

  • Apple was referring to 15% faster than LG Phones

  • The bezels on the mini are...absurd..holy crap.

  • Apple won't put the phone app on the Mini because they want you to buy iPhone too. Europe doesn't let them get away with that. If you can get the international model of the Mini you can use it as a phone and only have to carry one device instead of too.

  • Side buttons were removed cause of the pen..