Is Hudson Yards Good For New York?

čas přidán 22. 09. 2021
Hudson Yards is everything New York: big, bold and outrageously ambitious. But as the city tries to recover from the pandemic, the megadevelopment’s future is unclear. For more by The B1M subscribe now -

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Executive Producer and Narrator - Fred Mills
Producer - Jaden Urbi
Video Editing and Graphics - Aaron Wood

Special thanks to The Dronalist, Adam Parker Goldberg and Samuel Stein. Additional footage and images courtesy of Hudson Yards and The Edge.

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  • I appreciate that this channel is not simply, "look at these amazing new developments!", but also looks critically at the effect these developments have on the communities in which they're built. It would be easy to just make a fluff piece, but taking into account the lack of affordable housing and the risk to taxpayers really elevates The B1M to a journalistic standard.

    • @Nehco Oahnait I actually like that they just show the development without bitching about poor people problems like everyone loves to do all the fucking time. I’ll go watch some charity shit if I want those vibes.

    • Lol I hated this channel so much a while back when they first talked about the Hudson development. They were just like what you said ‘look at that rich people’s new playground how amazing is that!”

    • I just made your comment's 1000th like! I agree with this comment.

    • I agree

    • @Lac Tran I think the point you're missing isn't that development needs to only focus on helping those who can't necessarily afford living in a specific area of NYC, but rather, that development as a whole has become an exercise of profit extraction on a level never before seen. This is partially due to overregulation, which brought up development costs so high, it wouldn't make sense for private developers to build anything short of ultra luxury buildings to make a profit. Land values don't help the situation either. Ultimately, if a metropolitan area as a whole chooses to only focus on luxury development only, even outer extremities of NYC aren't safe from this massive cost of living explosion. In fact, I can prove this to you. Have you seen how much prices have gone up in Brooklyn and Queens in the last 10 years? Have you seen how much rent went up? When a center portion of the city increases in price so drastically, it has a ripple effect on the entire city, including areas that were once more affordable. It starts with rapid gentrification of places like Harlem, but quickly balloon outwards towards other boroughs and towns directly outside NYC. This is where I think you misunderstood the point the video made and others in the comment section.

  • I was actually looking at some condos there they have some affordable ones starting at just over 1 million

  • This ia the perfect example of, just because you can, doesn't mean you should. With all of the homeless living on the streets of New York, this waste of money is shameful!

  • I hate crowded places, being in a city where there isn't that much foot traffic is heaven.

  • Sounds like the rich wanted a new playground and the government foot the bill👎

  • Losing the Olympic bid was the best thing that happened to the big apple.

  • As long as it has nothing to do with government I’m good with it. Manhattan is not a poor area we need to get over the fact some want all incomes represented everywhere. We need to stop all subsidies also

  • This neighborhood is gorgeous but extremely pretentious and full of tourists. It doesn’t feel like New York. It’s just too pretentious to be honest.

  • beautiful


  • *B1M is supporting Govermental Tyrany and Medical Aparthide! Don't support this channel! Unscribe!!*

  • Hold a Trump rally there if you want to make it come alive.

  • Is this where our tax money is going? Is that really necessary just ask Chuck Shumer.

  • The staff needed to maintain that property can't afford to live anywhere near there.

  • how we all skip over "hey, taxpayer\cow, pay us $2B or this success story won't continue"

  • Builders wanna build, can't blame them for that, but public servants should want to SERVE....

  • For me it is just a tourist attraction.

  • that guy is spot on. I'm tired of seeing all these rockets and yachts and skyscrapers for the ultra-rich when there are people going hungry in the same exact city.

  • These people complain about the Hudson yards are the same people who complained about the World Trade Centres complained about the Empire State Building bitch & moaned about the Brooklyn Bridge been built and you know where all those people are now they dead and those structures will live on forever

  • This Hudson Yards project reminds me of a song Melanie wrote years ago, and performed by the New Seekers: Look What They Done To My Song, Ma. When I visited New York before the pandemic hit, I wasn't too thrilled to see those ginormous skyscrapers which ruined one of the most beautiful skylines in America. I missed seeing the classic Empire State and Chrysler Buildings as the bus I rode on was making its way to the Lincoln Tunnel. What the hell were they thinking? my mind was screaming! None the less, when the other projects, a new stadium for the Olympics and other proposals fell through, this one came along. I did see it up close, but was not too impressed by it. I liked the video's explanation of how this work was done and how they manage to keep a delicate balance between the buildings and the rail yards underneath. It may be years after the pandemic or other urban challenges until these places gain acceptance from New Yorkers and visitors. I liked this video. Keep up the good work!

  • Thousand yrs later: Our ancestors built towering skyscrapers above train tracks that it's still in use at that time. How do they do it? With the help of aliens?

  • Didn't know big bird was a big fan of skyscrapers.

  • Hudson Yards is a mini-Dubai and is exactly what NYC does NOT need. I think it's pretentious, unfriendly, and unlivable... it's emptiness is proof of that.

  • It’s ugly

  • It would be cool if a train driver did a time lapse from his POV.

  • Federally funded?

  • An utter conceptual failure!!! For high-end retail there's FA and Mad. Most stores on the upper floors of the mall have already closed permanently. They had never sold a thing even before the pandemic. The empty space was supposed to be converted to house the Facebook company canteen. But who knows if they still need that when everybody's working remotely now. Also: No word about that "suicide shawarma" outside?

  • Wait a minute...isn't the whole idea of hudson yards that there's supposed to be a big tunnel under the Hudson from NJ to there? What's going on with that?

  • It doesn't feel like NYC because it's not covered in garbage or smelling of piss yet. Yet.

  • Nice video.

  • 110%

  • NYC!!!!!!! city with a heart, a soul. unlike other somewhat newer cities that want to break world records

  • that boy just broke

  • If it doesn't work it will be abandoned at night and really spooked to come home to. Urban design is hard . - but if you rob someone you can be sure they are worth the risk.

  • Wells Fargo more like Ill ShortStop

  • I already see a new location for Cercle ;)

  • I just find these cluster of buildings uninspired, esp for nyc. These will fit in Los Angeles though. Lol

    • there👋👋,how are you doing today?❤️❤️!!

  • Below/around these "exquisite/luxury" buildings and other similar projects, lie old lead pipes carrying our water, an underground steam system that is volatile and explodes manhole covers that kill pedestrians, traffic congestion that robs residents of peace and quiet and thousands of hours of their lives spent in traffic, a mass transit that continues to fail physically and security-wise despite constant fare increases, an electric grid that is constantly on the precipice of of a black out, sewage systems that are centuries old and areas prone to floods with even moderate severity storms, dangerous and poorly designed overpasses and signage that results in frequent accidents and deaths and even more traffic congestion. Noting in the physical infrastructure around these projects is 21century and certainly not 22nd century ready. It's all decades if not centuries old. Meanwhile, our federal gov't cannot see the trees for the forest and are squabbling about a badly needed national infrastructure revitalization/expansion legislative package and crying about how much it costs, when they've burned 10's of trillions on wars. the Dubai's of the world aren't acting as global police or fighting other people's wars, they're steadfast building and taking care of their own. WAKE UP AMERICANS!

  • I’ve been there. Yeah it’s tall and new, but there’s not much else going for it from a visitor perspective.

    • @James Moran good to hear that , im doing well thanks. Where are you from?

    • @Amy Taylor I'm doing fine, thanks. HBU?

    • there👋👋,how are you doing today?❤️❤️!!

  • How can those platforms hold up skyscrapers? Is it really safe?

  • Please make a video about Miami and future Miami skyscrapers!


  • This has to be one of the best if not the best channel on CS-tv

  • Americans debate and discuss so much to invest $25 Billion in their own country but will easily send Billions to other nations.

    • @Ken Yea we have when we vote

    • Well. We don't have much say in the end

  • Thank you for the sharing.

  • Interesting video minus the unavoidable swallowing of letters from which British narrators suffer. ENUNCIATE.

  • This reminds me of the problems that the area known as Porto Maravilha (Marvelous Port) is facing in Rio de Janeiro. It is a good development because it occupies an empty region, but there is also a desolation and lack of residents.

  • I have been working in the real estate development industry for 6 years, and I can tell you outright that project like this will never accommodate average folks. The simple reason is, when you build tall, cost goes up, and the high construction cost will be reflected on the tenants' monthly rent or the condos' listing price. The developers have to get their money back somehow. these buildings do look beautiful, but they will not become homes for your average New Yorker who make around 50K. What I do not understand is, if local government has the money to finance this project, why not just use that money to build a large public park on top of the old rail yard? Building a public park will be a lot cheaper than building these fancy skyscrapers, and allow everyone (rich or poor) around it enjoy this newly created public amenity.

  • Gotta say I'm not sure about it. I don't like buildings with huge viewing platforms, and that beehive thing has already got into trouble with suicides etc eh... I dunno. It's better than just having a railyard but I'm not sure if it "fits?"

  • People will hate but anywhere else in the world doesn't have it like new york city.

  • I remember what it was before it was Hudson Yards. It created a lot of jobs but everything is high-end. Shirts for $235. You will not find a McDonald's or anything of that nature here. As a Chelsea Manhattan resident the novelty wore off a long time. They had to close the Vessel because three people jumped off the top and committed suicide. I have pictures of what it used to be before it was Hudson Yards. It was a beer garden and an outdoor roller rink. The Vessel is just a bunch of steps as a Manhattan resident I do enough walking as it is the hell I'm going up and down those flights of steps. Although there is an elevator for people with mobility issues and it's a one of a kind and was made in Italy. I also have a debilitating fear of open heights therefore The Edge out of the question. I'm trying to keep an open mind but I miss the drive-thru McDonald's that used to be on the corner of 34th and 10th Avenue.

    • @Michael S. 👋

    • @Amy Taylor forgive me you're very friendly and it's refreshing I guess one gets into a rut when there's so much animosity and belligerence towards each other online.

    • @Michael S. nice 👍 alright good to hear that. What do you do for fun?

    • @Amy Taylor 70° today. Although I like all seasons living winter as we vacationed in Wolfeboro New Hampshire over 30 years I've been -30°.

    • @Michael S. ohh nice place. Nothing lol. Well I’m originally from New York but I live in VA. How’s the weather over there today ?

  • Did they mention the huge, empty Javits Center?

  • Another great example of how New York City’s elite is out of touch with 95% of most Americans and what they want and need ….

  • I would say so

  • The interviewee, Samual Stein, is a bit delusional and idealistic. While it may sound nice to prioritize "affordable" housing areas. Its not what pays the bills. Someone making 30k a year with the privilege to live in such a nice area doesn't keep the lights on. It's the millionaires and billionaries who can afford the multimillion dollar apartments, and who can afford to shop and dine there frequently.

  • I wish this commentator didn't have this shitty accent...

  • Thank you so much.

  • NYC one of the best 😊

  • Voice is very night lovely

  • So boring . Houston skyline and underground mall is a much better project for the city than Hudson yards for New York City

  • I’ve been there. Cold and uninspiring. Even depressing in a way. The upscale shopping mall was empty.

  • id rather a cool stadium all could have enjoyed instead of another playground for the rich

  • I don’t disagree with your primary argument, however, I believe it’s a bit naïve to think that a company as large as the Related Cos. wouldn’t perform their due diligence and build what they atleast EXPECT to succeed. With that being said, how much they’re doing for the community is a valid point, but that’s a slightly different topic.

  • 4:35 They want 2 billion dollars of government money to help them build a massive private complex for which they will profit billions from?? In that case, Fuck You "Related" I'm fine with it remaining a train yard.

  • As vast as the US is New York just seems to excessive

  • No building for profit's sake ever benefitted a city. Ever.

  • What these projects should include is reserved appartments of affordable residence offered to people working in the area to reduce their need to travel in the first place..

  • Being half-done it will fit right into NYC.

  • Criticizing Hudson Yards based on the number of visitors during a pandemic is nonsense. The video failed to mention the connection between Hudson Yards and the High Line Park, which essentially guarantees a flow of people moving between the West Village and Hudson Yards. The inclusion of a new, adaptable public performance space was also given little discussion. As for the argument for affordable housing, large high-density project are routinely spiked across many New York neighborhood, which is a vastly more significant problem than whether housing was incorporated into Phase 1 or Phase 2 of Hudson Yards.

    • As an African developer in Africa BM1 has been my go to guide in understanding how real estate can be functional for as long as it exists.

  • I wonder what Hudson Yang thinks about Hudson yards

    • @Phoenix 𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝙼𝚢 PROFILE mate i think you replied to the wrong comment lol

  • Poor people can get stuffed. Move aside and let builders build and the wealthy spend. It all trickles down in the end anyway. This project would never have been commenced if there was not funding through pre-sales hence the reason why it's a good strategy to sell high end first to validate the market demand and secure the capital necessary. If you want affordable housing then don't live in the most popular city in the world.

  • Damn, that's ugly as f*ck. Looks like somebody threw out a bunch of boxes.

  • Ive been to the mall here and there were literally 10 shoppers that i saw

  • you said the arts with a picture of the vessel??!????

  • I’d keep building endless skyscrapers! Except all those jobs are coming to my state now! Oh well, they r pretty to look at while ur getting shot.

  • The vessel is a disaster Where to big for the space. A novelty to attract tourists to a community they can’t afford to buy anything

  • While I like it, no it's not.

  • Instead of just skyscrapers, they can also build structures with base platforms of open spaces for retail and restaurants. That will bring in so much more ppl and That’s how most commercial development in Asia succeeded

  • The Empire State Building took 20 years to fill its rental space...

    • All of the residential space was bought up by wealthy foreigners looking for tax-advantaged investments in the USA-- so no one actually lives there :-(

  • This is European version of New York:

  • its not economical to do new construction in NYC for ordinary (median income) people, never mind low income. So anything new will be for upper income. Get over it. in NYC, $125K/yr qualifies as low income

  • 100 affordable units is nothing. The only way to significantly increase housing and jobs for lower income people is to stop trying to create master plans for the “needs” of the area and just let developers build more housing and office space. If you increase supply, rents will fall. Mandating affordable units to be distributed in a lottery can’t even make a dent in the number of housing units being demanded that aren’t supplied because of regulation

    • there👋👋,how are you doing today?❤️❤️!!

  • Public, taxpayer-supported subsidies for building homes and "playgrounds" for millionaires and billionaires: what's wrong with this picture?

  • It would be hilarious if Hudson Yards lost billions too. Some might say deservedly so. But then, the taxpayers would probably have to make up the difference. So who gets the last laugh? In fact it would be the developers. 2 laughs for them over the public.

  • The Edge clearly is not the tallest. The one over the Grand Canyon at 1 mile is literally, clearly higher.

  • Big cities are sooo outdated.

  • Went to the Edge and it was spectacular, but that was it. Everything else seemed desolate. The Vessel being closed did not help. Saving grace was the High Line being connected to the grounds

  • Just a guy without a mustache is not here, ah finally free

  • To be fair, it sounds similar to Canary Wharf. Outside of the weekdays, you'll find the place is pretty much a ghost town on a weekend. There really is no reason to go there unless you work there. Just because New York, really really is a city that never sleeps in comparison to places like London. Doesn't mean every where in New York needs to be.

  • No

  • Not from states but I think when designing a neighborhood like Hudson Yards, developers need to understand that it should not just cater rich people. The neighborhood needs to have a culture that can resonate with the public at large. Bring in some local authentic affordable food carts, host open movie nights, events for kids and things like that. Rich people are too boring to inject any soul to the neighborhood lol. Can't wait for the 2nd phase completion 😎

  • Coronavirus is the most devastating thing economically in recent American history, even more so than 911 to me... 😑

  • Truly fantastic analysis and presentation. Thanks B1M, you’re really the definitive construction channel.

  • Skyscrapers are just terrible for society

    • @D S yes its one or the other. Wind issues, block sunlight, kill million of birds, have economic issues, are ugly, and block the views for people walking and living in the city, .etc. European countries have their own styles of architecture, that has nothing to with not having skyscrapers. skyscrapers are a cancer, all the chemicals and types of glass are literally cancer causing, they also cause soil issues, sinking land and of course horrific to look at when in the city

    • @Jey Calc I mean I like European buildings as well. I just also like a good looking skyscraper. It doesn't have to be one or the other. It would be boring if every population center in the world looked like a European city

    • @D S density doesn't need to be done with skyscrapers, that's the american way. Europe is the best example. I am very passionate about urban planning myself

    • Actually it is much better for the environment for people to live close to each other instead of spread out where they then have to waste gas traveling to and from work, use more land and more electricity to stay warm/cool, sewage systems are less efficient, etc.

    • @Regular Person yes despite these garbage channel skyscraper cause wind issues, block sunlight, kill million of birds, have economic issues, are ugly, etc.

  • Kota yang Bagus

  • Lets be honest its not made for the poor or middle class.

  • It's a litte late now to reflect such fundamental issues in a such far develloped state, isn't it.

    • The best closing statement of all B1M videos yet, IMHO... "It's lasting success can be determined by the culture and community that grows there. To be truly embraced as a new NYC neighborhood, it has to deliver on what people of Manhattan really need, not just what developers think they want."... that is the issue around of every dollar put on urban development in the world right now.

  • “what the population needs, what the developers want”

  • One big, mega nothing. Especially disturbing is The Vessel, which is half filled with tragedy.

  • What's this? B1M being negative? Shame on you.