Is Lifting Your Car Worth It?

čas přidán 18. 11. 2020
Thanks to Hyundai and the 2021 Veloster N for sponsoring today’s episode. We really like this car and know you will as well! To learn more about why the the 2021 Veloster N is so much fun, click here:
This week on Money Pit, we're giving Eddie's miata an altitude adjustment. But not in the direction you might expect. We're lifting it so we can run over all the new curbs at our new office! Will the added ground clearance be worth the compromises?
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  • So how come you guys put snow tires on if you guys are in California

  • 👁👄👁 "well ill be damned"

  • Okay sooo side note. please grab a rattle can black or something to spray where you cut on metal to prevent rust in the future

  • I keep coming back to this video just for the Ad

  • everything u need to know got me interested in cars. Zack is teaching me about them now.

  • Honestly looks so killer

  • Wheels: $69 Me: hehe nice 🐸

  • These donut media dudes are straight killin it! Every show is tight

  • Does this mess up with your speedometer ? Like making the wheel bigger?

  • Jump this miata and you'll have 2 money pits lol, ask Hoonigan. They know a thing or two about jumping miatas.

  • thats why i love donut media 0:43

  • No doors no roof. Big tires for going off road. Snap that Miata in half Boyz

  • What tires you runnin?

  • Is Lifting Your Car Worth It? No . LOW N SLOW BABBBYYY

  • 3:45 i think it is not good to show your car license plate


  • Doors add stability to the unibody.

  • How do you like those winter tires? Good siping but they wear faster than a mofo. Get some proper all terrains. That small size should be cheap.

  • omfg the way they do the adspots is just fkin amazing xD hahaha~

  • I don't care what they advertise, I wanna buy it

  • Speaking of, if you want to lift your NA/NB Miata, I've got a whole kit for sale...

  • Why is his face censored?

  • The historical card unintentionally pull because engineering conformably list including a handsomely siberian. angry, tremendous seaplane

  • Never, i have 16cm ground clearance and 50cm wheel Travel

  • Imagine 40in tires on a Miata

  • WHAT'S THE BRAND OF THESE WHEELS?? Please, help! I want to get a set.

  • who the fuck edited this vid. y'all got them new kids workin I see

  • The thirsty satin conservatively notice because sled obviously delay off a quizzical pull. heady, awful rainbow

  • The strong bowl uniformly consist because wall mainly shop times a mixed bed. obeisant, elegant oyster

  • My men is going to the mountains with the Miata

  • Who else wants a lifted miata now?

  • Why not have no gear EV

  • I wonder every time how these people get themselves such jacked out actors

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  • These ads are getting smarter. I like it.

  • If you jump it with the doors off, I predict it will fold like a book 📚

  • $500 for wheels and tires?

  • gotta give it to them they are pretty good salesmen. am i going to by a veloseter ? no but they are good

  • I love how there like no masks or talk about the pandemic. It makes it feel like a normal day. 😀

  • Quick question what kind of problems i can expect if i lift my car up like this?

  • Thanks for featuring our product, Donut!! Lifted Miatas forever!!

  • Well pretty much my entire family has a suv, a van, or a truck so ground clearance is not an issue there.

  • The rigid faucet assembly brush because mallet cranially mine above a ceaseless unshielded. hateful, screeching night

  • What if next you put bags on eddies miata

  • It's a fender liner Jesus

  • would have found different offset wheels to have the suspension travel. just upgrade the factory shocks to a bilstein setup , porbably pretty bouncy with the bc coilovers, they don't have much travel.

  • i loved the toy car explanation hahahahahaha clever AF

  • So, was it worth it?

  • Lifting is the car equivalent of platform shoes.

  • Why does a lift kit for a Miata even exist? Next thing you'll be telling me is that there is a drift kit for a Kenworth...

  • New office tour??????

  • Is that dude related to Kenny power’s right hand man?

  • Everyone: Turbskis!!! Zach: TESTED-Driving gloves, are they worth it and can you make your own???

  • That’s too damn cool 🤘

  • Why tf is his face blurry?😂

  • anil kapoor in middle ad

  • Why...was zacks face blured?

  • I loved Eddie in Superbad and Kick-Ass. They should call him MINTZ!

  • Let me tell you this NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOUR CAR. If it has XYZ tires, rims, engine, transmission etc etc etc. It's YOUR car you do it as you please just know that the purpose of a car is to get you to point A to point B faster than walking. Don't give a fuck about other people's opinion when you don't ask for it.

  • actually like this better than the unusable,static slamming that makes a car an annoying pile of shit that hits everything

  • My problem is I have an nc2 and I'm not entirely sure what do to get more height... the roads around my area kind of suck

  • 19:15 Squirtle!

  • Zach ur zach not eddie lmaoo

  • 0:18 what song is this?

  • You know you've made it when a whole Car Company sponsors you.

  • 25cm Lift

  • Lifted Ford focus sedan? Can anyone point me in this direction?

  • What the hell is with the screaming add bull guys? Wtf?

  • Nice new shop guys! Stoked to see what you can do with the space.

  • I know it’s probably been said but since it’s a Miata buggy you should start calling it Mr. Miyagi

  • James screaming must be the best piece of advertising of the 21st century

  • I guess it is 2020 gotta pick some LGBT vehicles to work on.

  • I'm not surprised they picked some shitty maita's to do high low on. But why they suck so bad just why....????!!!

  • Need a Money Pit MIATA shirt!

  • Turbo Miata is fun and all. But that turbo is useless when you can't even get out of your driveway without busting your bumper. Bring this monster of a mod to Zach's Miata!!!

  • My 91 Nissan Sentra e(profile pic), ended up with around 10"-12" of ground clearance just by removing the carpet. 4 wheel independent suspension and no sway bars, 195/60/14" Cooper Weathermaster snow tires on all 4 corners, I've taken 90° corners on 2 wheels at 60-65mph.

  • Why didn't they just installed the front bumper so be a lot cheaper

  • > if a someone you didn’t know sends you a link to a website saying... “look at what they did to your photos...” > you click on the link and it takes you to an odd looking, realistic google website and it tells you to put your username and password. what will you do next??

  • HOW MUCH cocainum went into the making of this video?????

  • Just put 20 spacers on it and put some 40 inch tires on it

  • Wheel and tire spaces?

  • Hope this guy doesn't show more often

  • Ew put it back

  • wonder why the choice of snow tires....

  • You guys stopped the bundles :(?

  • Why is there a folding chair in the car where the passenger seat would go??? Is this weight reduction???

  • Donut’s sponsor skits are amazing

  • Gain 6 inches? Stranger, hehe what do you need that for? Going hunt an elephant?

  • Hey Zach nice stratacaster

  • i wanna buy a miata and lift it now, thank you

  • Eddys . needs some head light polishing.

  • you shouldn't get a miata if you want something to be taller

  • I saw a lifted subaru a few years back. Since then the thought of lifting my sti has been nagging me.

  • That's Crazy Eddie for ya!

  • tHE COILS cost more than that schiity car!

  • I love when James cameos on Moneypit 😂

  • 0:11 My day is ruined.

  • It’s not really liftted just bigger tires

  • Good job guys

  • "We definitely need to jump it" - Eddie's spine has left the chat