Is This Doctor Racist??? | Diversity in Healthcare | Wednesday Checkup | Doctor Mike

čas přidán 8. 11. 2018
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Welcome to a new episode of Wednesday Checkup and today we are covering the recent viral video from Twitter. Many people are accusing the doctor in the video of racism and discrimination.
I think this was a really sad incident and I give my feelings in this video on the importance of diversity in healthcare as well as my thoughts on discrimination. If you agree or disagree please hop in the comments section.
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Thanks to Angie FBG for letting us use this video and giving me more details on the incident.
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If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review Series in a couple of weeks so please submit more names of shows/episodes you'd like for me to watch. Love you all!
- Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • The guy was disrespectful but when i wanted to move to germany for college i started learning german. If you’re going to another country, it’s not mandated but it would be a useful skill to be able to speak the language. A _useful_ skill but not a mandatory one

  • What if she incorrectly translates what the doctor is saying?

  • No into sound? Refund pls. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

  • I came from Doctor Mama Jones’ recent video ✌🏼

  • Cishet, white, nurotypical, abled, man have been seen as the default for too long. Thank you doctor Mike for speaking up for minority and fighting bias in medicine.

  • This was painful to wacth. I feal so bad for the women in that video.

  • You just gotta sue that racist doctor. Now that's the American dream!

  • Where are you originally from?

  • First of all, the US doesn't even have an official language

  • It's normal to have people that don't speak another language good enough to visit a doctor. I mean, there are people who can't do math at all in high school. So it is expected that there are people who can't learn a second language beyond the basics. Are we saying that some people don't deserve medical attention because they lack some abilities? It's a meritocracy, I get it, but surely there are some minimum rights that all people regardless of talent and accomplishment deserve. Plus, this increases the demand for interpreters in the economy, creating more jobs!

  • aawwww BTW Dr. Mike I have my begingo waiting for you too. I have only had one man in my life so I Bet my begingo is tighter than your Filipina miss world girlfriend. Wonder why you broke up with that Filipina. White American girl Blonde girl again? Yea right that suits the American medical society favorite

  • Yea right, racisr....

  • yo you so stupid. English is so easy to learn. When you have a car accident, you can just say : "One car come, one car go, two car pongpong, one car die". The end

  • Isn't USA like, the most diverse country in the world? He should already get used to the fact that not everyone speaks english.

  • Totally understand the concept of the video but I have to share my own opinion on this. People don't go to doctors to hear lectures, or to be belittled, they go because there's something wrong with them. Doctors have a job to do and should just stick to that. It reminds me of when I called the cops on my father for choking me. One of the cops gave me a lecture about why I was still living at home. (I was living there temporarily because my mom just had open heart surgery and my father did absolutely nothing to help her.) There's a time and place for everything, and in the middle of a situation isn't the right time. He could have saved his stupid comment until the end of the appointment, at the very least. More importantly, he never should have said it.

  • As long as they do their job. Their opinions dont matter to me imo. That being said doctors should keep their opinions to themselves. Especially on sensitive subjects

  • It's still surprising to know that you are an immigrant.

  • What mike is trying to say is "this doctor radiates small d*ck energy"

  • My French teacher is really cool. She is someone who translates for other people at doctor's offices.

  • 45 years here and you don't know English enough without having your daughter translate everything for you? That's too long. The doctor was a jerk but he wasn't wrong. I guarantee, if I moved to France and lived there for 45 years, I would have learned French so I could live my life. I wouldn't expect everybody to accomodate me.

    • She could of lived in Peuto Rico or any other Hispanic heavy region. The USA has NO official language. Saying she must speak English is like telling a Welshmah they must speak English in London

    • @Julie Biddle irrelevant since I haven't been living in another country for 40+ years, but I can speak 2 languages.

    • How many languages do you speak?

  • oh man. i have had doctor visit with a friend of mine that was ill. and the doctor was an immigrant from assumed India. but man was his language bad. we hardly understood anything. so i asked him if his english was better. but by rules he had to speak danish (my nationality). so that wasn't any help at all.

  • Racist? No Douchebag and unprofessional? Fk yeah

  • As an aspiring interpreter, I would be honoured to work in medical contexts, mostly because it's that kind of situation which really needs help and competence

  • Here's the problem with some American citizens, they ought to be so perfect, yet they aren't. Feels so bossy, knows everything but not.

  • English is very very hard no one has to learn English for your convenience ....

  • If we are being honest here, ya you should learn English if you plan on staying in America. Do you have to? No. But it makes life a whole lot easier

    • The USA has many Hispanic Heavy regions(such as Peutro Rico). The USA also has NO official language

  • I love the way you clickbait yourself

  • How is Doctor Mike so fcking hot?

  • Those of you justifying that doctors attitude because sHe cOuLd HaVe leArNed laNGuAge iN 45 yEars: To hell with you.

  • Don't know why, but i had a feeling mike was/is italian.

  • Ur hot 🥵 and really smart

  • She does need to learn English. It wasn’t insensitive it was practical

    • Yo teach your white sisters and witch moms how to pronounce "My Body My Choice"

    • then every single english speaker needs to learn spanish. it’s not insensitive, it’s practical.

  • Thank you so much for posting this video! I work with students who are predominantly Hispanic, and most are either children of immigrants or immigrants themselves. Unfortunately there are a lot of negative stereotypes and messages portrayed in the media about Hispanic people. However, I do my best to combat this and emphasize how much we NEED them, especially in positions of power where they can advocate for themselves, their families, and their communities. I am always so excited when students tell me they want to become doctors or lawyers! We need more voices and stories like yours so that more kids can realized the extent of the opportunities that are available to them and reach their full potential.

    • Yea right. Latinos have the talents it's called loved by everyone and need to do something everyone loves like singing, dancing, and in movies. When it comes to Asians, well it is another story.

  • What a lot of doctors (especially older ones) don't actually understand is, that doctors are basically hired by their patients and paid by them & their insurance. If a doctor gives poor service or are impersonal, the patient could & should FIRE THEM.

    • @Xingzi Z A doctor does have rights not to keep a patient. Do you think that a doctor sued for malpractice by a patient has to keep them. I don't know what is racist or sexist about that. So if a patient is not comfortable with their doctor for any reason, get a new doctor. If you think that you'll change that doctor (your crazy) and risking your health. By the way you know nothing about me to spew hatred. Mental case

    • Does it go the same way as doctor-patient relationship? If the doctor doesn't like the patient because he/she/it is a racist sexist piece of garbage like you, can she fire you too? wow great Job CEO. you are creating a race war again. Good. I am so proud of you. MAGAAAAAA

  • I mean 45 years in the country is a little long to not try and learn the language, but we don’t know the full story. Regardless the background of the patient should play no role in the quality of treatment received.

    • The USA has many Hispanic heavy regions. The USA also has NO official language

  • It's terrible she had to go through this, but it's good she learned quickly how terrible this doctor was. I went to a doctor 2 years ago and he was extremely rude and condescending to me. I have a graduate degree and a professional job, but he treated my questions as if I were an imbecile. I never went back to him and it took me a few months to find another doctor. My current doctor is very nice and easy to talk to. You have to be comfortable with your physician or you cannot communicate with him your health needs. Bedside manner is just as important as medical knowledge to health care.

  • Shes lived in a mainly english speaking country for 45 years and doesn't speak english.. he's got a point.. I mean there's a bright white CS-tvr who lives in India speaking Hindi like an Indian within a few years.. She's not even trying at all

    • @Free sure, but we can all agree that English is the most spoken language in the usa

    • The USA isn't (officially) an English speaking. It chooses to have no official language. There are also many Hispanic Heavy regions (such as Peutro Rico) so saying she MUST learn English is like telling a Welshman to learn English

    • It doesn't justify his actions. It's not a reason to deny health-care for a patient.

  • white migrants live in America since hundreds of years but they don't know any sentence in Navajo, Quechua or Iroquoian language.

  • but the doctor is right tough

  • Everyone benefits from diversity. No one should EVER receive inferior treatment because of the language they speak (or don’t speak). No one should receive inferior treatment from a doctor because of the color of their skin, or because of they sexuality, or for any other reason. Unfortunately, doctors can be bigots, just like so many other Americans. As for language, most Americans don’t even speak English very well, so they have no room to lecture someone else about their language skills. If you don’t know how to use "your" and "you’re" properly 100% of the time, or if you get confused about "its" and "it’s," then you need to learn English before you tell someone else to learn English. Acquiring a second or third language is relatively easy when you’re young, but it gets very difficult as you age. I learned Spanish as a child, and it was easy. I learned German in college, and it was a bit more challenging. Now, in my 50s, I’m working on learning French. It’s hard. If I were in France - and especially if I wasn’t feeling well - I would have a great deal of difficulty communicating with a doctor. For someone with no access to educational resources, it’s that much harder. Americans are laughed at the world over because of this. Everyone in the world knows that Americans will demand that you speak English to them, but those same Americans never bother to learn another language. The uneducated half of the American population (we call them Republicans) is actually proud of the fact that they’re too stupid to learn another language.

  • The worst, the WORST thing is when Americans lecture somebody on "not being "american"". Bruh, your country doesn't have an official language, I could speak fucking Klingon if I wanted. Unless you are a native american, you shut your xenophobic/racist mouth.

    • Thank you. Americans also cry 'bout how they should all know English. Peutro Rico speaks more Spanish than English and that's part of the USA

  • English or death. Remember is up to you. Jajajaja.

  • and now with COVID... i feel bad for those people who got discriminated because they were asian.

  • What is your experience with people with disabilities in healthcare? I am a teenage girl who has autism and I would love to become a doctor/medical professional

  • Thank you for advocating for diversity. Indeed! We have people from many different countries and backgrounds who need specific medical information in their own language! And they deserve good treatment! And I am glad to see that in my insurance statements there are 2 pages of small paragraphs in languages of non - English - speaking people that tell how they can get help in their language. It's time we as a nation get out of our comfort zone and be compassionate to Hispanic and non - white people in this country. That includes providing for translation.

  • Many Americans have a superiority complex and it’s sick

  • I have had the opposite occur. Kaiser's doctors are almost exclusively not english as a first language speakers. Communication is essential when talking with a medical professional. While I think we should have doctors with different language skills (my my hood: Spanish, Cantonese, Vietnames, Manderin, Tagalog, etc) -- but as an english only speaker, it is unreasonable to ask for a engish speaking doctor that I can understand? Just asking for opinions.

    • BTW: I would have never guess you were Russian from your accent. My wife who is Dutch doesn't have an accent either

  • Wow. That was bullshit! That patient has every right like the rest of us to get as much care and attention as they need. That really pissed me off. Language should never be a barrier, especially when it comes to dealing with doctors and our health. 😡

  • Ako magaling magenglish, englisherist Charoot Ps. But I really do lol

  • Gotta love how United States was founded by Spanish speakers and most of the United States names of locations, as in states and cities are Spanish words. Most street names across the country are Spanish too! Yet people who are worthless think that English should be the language everyone learns🤣🤷🏼‍♀️. If anything, we should all know Spanish! We wouldn't have a United States without Spanish-speaking immigrants!

    • The reason the USA has no official language is because it saw itself as a free havon from imperialist

  • Reading the comments and I feel like some of you are missing the point....whether or not this woman had the time/inclination/ability to learn English is NOT the issue. The issue is that that that doctor had NO RIGHT to walk into the room and tell her to learn a different language. It was not his place to do so. It is not the reason why he works there. There are plenty of resources that help doctors get translation services for patients. He should have focused less on the language (especially since she had people who could translate for her) and more on that woman's health: which he apparently did not do.

    • Some of us just want to debate, so take it easy

  • As crude and unfair as this is, it's not technically racism. This is clearly cultural discrimination mixed with some xenophobia. As we know, Hispanic is not a race, but a culture. You can be a white hispanic, a black Hispanic, a native American Hispanic, or a Hispanic mixed of a multitude of races. Hispanic just means you identify with the food, music, language, art, and religion of Spain and Spanish people. Language is part of culture. Xenophobia is the disapproval/hatred of immigrants or foreign nationaities. Racism, on the other hand is discrimination on the basis of genetic and physical traits connected with a specific division of mankind, including, but not limited to height, facial features, hair texture, bone shape, eye colour and position, and skin colour. The doctor clearly didn't care that the mestizo woman was brown, but he had a hatred for a cultural tradition (her language) and her status as a foreigner (from Latin America) It is important that we as a society can recognise and differentiate between different forms of bigotry and discrimination. By the way, it's important to note that Racism includes other physical and genetic traits, not just skin colour.

  • I agree that the woman should learn English, it's in her best interest. However, the doctor should have been professional and delivered care anyway.

  • This is a difficult one for me. I am a native English speaker, who moved to Berlin 18 months ago. I only have very basic German because I plan to leave again in 6-9 months, plus I am learning Spanish, my wife's first language. More than once, when using a service here, I have received comments about not having learned more German, including from a doctor. I resent this because 1) German is simply not an international language (like English or Spanish for example) 2) These comments are based on assumptions of someone's living situation, income, available time, future time left in-country, and 3) Even if I learned more German, I doubt it would include medical terms. Overall, I don't appreciate the comment during a stressful and private moment like a doctor's visit! All that being said, I do think it's inexcusable to live anywhere for 45 years and not learn the majority language, for your own sake and for others

  • I went to a hospital in Spain once. I didn’t speak Spanish and the doctor didn’t speak English. She could clearly see my throat was infected and showed compassion - somehow we managed to communicate. Nobody in the hospital was mean, even though I didn’t speak their language. When she asked about allergies, I understood and yet she got a surgeon to come in and ask in English - just to be completely sure - that I had no allergies, before she gave me an injection. I remember this with so much gratitude, their compassion and how professional they were. I got all the help I needed. I think the doctor from that video was also thinking that family members won’t be 100% honest with each other, but there is a nicer way to go about this.

  • if you live somewhere you should learn the language, its called integration. not the doctors place to point it out though

  • Why are so many people hating on her for not speaking English in America? Do you guys not realize that though most Americans speak English, America has no official language?

  • You must learn the main language of the country in which you live. The doctor was right.

    • The USA has 41 million native Spanish-speakers(12.4%). It is the second largest Spanish-speaking country behind only Mexico. Spanish is a "main" language even though calling one language the "main" one defeats the purpose of multilingual systems The whole reason there is no official language is to encourage people to speak their native tongue and to limit the reach of Anglo Culture. The Union was founded on those merits

    • @Free I said "the main" language.

    • The USA has no official language. If it were to adopt official languages, Sanish would be one of them

  • America has no official language. That doctor had no right to treat her that way!

  • Here is the surgery's statement: A spokesperson for Pulse Cardiology said Ryan isn’t currently seeing patients at either of the practice’s clinics. “The reported incident does not reflect the values of Pulse physicians, assistants and administrators,” Pulse said in a statement.

  • there is a scrubs episode addressing the family translator.

  • Why did you refuse to debate the Plannedemic lady on Valuetainment?

  • If I moved to a foreign country, I'd learn the main language... it's a package deal. Just saying.. 🤷‍♀️

    • @Free But there are more English-speakers, yes? My point is proven. The United States also has a larger population than Spain, so it's very possible that more people in it could speak Spain's official language.

    • Many regions in the US have high native Spanish-speakers. In total, there are 41 million nattive Spanish-speakers(12.4% of the population) making it the second largest Spanish-speaking country behind only Mexico. It has a higher Spanish-speaking population than fucking Spain It's really irrelevant what is spoken throughout the country when said country is comparable to the EU in size and population. My point was also that Spanish was a common lahguage and in no way a foreign language inside the USA. Kinda the same way English isn't a foreign language in India Yes it isn't the main language, but Spanish-speakers have a right to speak their language and have a right to not learn English. Denying that is like saying a French Canadian must learn English or a Welshman must learn English. It disrespectful

    • @Free I never said it was the "official" language. I said the *main* language. Read my comment. To explain, what language is spoken the most throughout the entire country? English. That makes it the main language.

    • The USA has no official language. The USA also has Hispanic territories such as Peutro Rico

  • Russian is just english doing moonwalk..

  • Wait english is not Dr Mike's first language?

  • Tbh most Americans don't even speak English just sayin..

  • despite that fact that That shii was racist he's right if your here for 47 years you should learn English

    • The USA has no official language. The USA also has Hispanic territories such as Peutro Rico

  • never would of guessed English wasn't your first language

  • classic American boomer racist

  • what about da '' pee-whoop" doe .-.


  • ♥️😘👍

  • This is a little different but I have a family member who works with mental health. She helps people who want to get asylum to come to America with their case regarding the mental side of it. She once had a patient who was gay is a county where he would be killed for that. The person could not speak openly to her because the translator was homophobic. It made it very difficult since the case was based around his sexuality and eventually they got a different translator. but what I’m saying is the translator has their own opinion and idea of what is happening and that can affect the information that is passed between the doctor and the patient.

  • Where my peee woop 😩😢

  • Love that shirt

  • How would the following cultural/religious issues be handled? In an example of a religious issue a provider because of personal beliefs refuses to provide certain care or in an example of a cultural issue where a male head of household feels that he can oppose the healthcare wishes of an adult female member of the family? What would Hippocrates say?

  • I’m sad I saw the rainbow and thought it was about LGBT discrimination and found something just as gross. Ugh people make me sad

  • This clip make me furious. She had 2 people to translate for her. I work for the Federal government and we have a service we call and ask for an interpreter. Sooo many languages beyond Spanish, and mostly native speakers interpreting. I know for a fact there are systems like this for the three health systems in West Michigan. Completely unnecessary for him to make that comment. I can speak 2 other languages and I want learn Vietnamese because Spanish and a America’s Sign Language and French just do not cover enough of the people we serve. He is entitled to his beliefs, just not to prescribe learning English as medical advice.

  • I totally agree!

  • No beewoop?