Italian squirrel eating pizza?

čas přidán 30. 01. 2023
We all have that friend 😂

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  • Alternate title: The squirrel being italian

  • That squirrel is a true italian 🤩

  • This Italian squirrel is so cute! 🍕🇮🇹🐿❤

  • That squirrel needs more pizza 🍕 🐿️

  • That's not any ordinary squirrel. That's an 'Italian' squirrel for you guys. 🔥🔥🔥

    • It's a "squee-roll" 😍😅😂😍

    • Italian squirrel will do the Italian hand gesture soon

    • ​@RBTSHellboy not india

    • India

  • Adorable! ♥️ The squirrel is even eating the pizza the right way. That means immediate approval for an Italian citizenship, right? 🤣

  • For the first time in this channel Matteo brought out his guitar 👏

    • @StarWars_Knowledge 🤪

    • Oui oui I’m French but the F, r, e, n, c and h are silent for I am not actually french

    • India

  • Che carino! "I'm eating lunch, don't bother me". The slice of pizza is bigger than the squirrel. 😄

  • Aww that’s so cute.

  • Matteo’s playing the guitar! He’s a music master

  • Squirrel approved🐿

  • As a vocal coach I demmand to hear Emilia' s wonderful baritone voice!!!

  • Look at him sitting what a beast

  • That squirrel looks and acts more italian than most of us

  • Pets in Italia be like:

  • That squirrel is my spirit animal

  • That squirrel knows what’s good

  • Emi be like: matteo you want to give me a competion with your guitar👺

  • SOUND!! Yes! Totally sharing now. You guys sing pretty well.

  • Even squirrels know how to eat pizza while some people dont

  • We have squirrels like this! One took a slice of pizza up into a tree in our backyard and we could hear it fighting over the pizza with a bunch of other squirrels. Another one managed to get a whole candy bar once.

  • I love how they say squirrel while singing. It’s so cute 🥰

  • Fifth 😇 Very nice video Huge respect to Italians Rule number 1: Don't break spaghetti

  • That squirrel is living his best life 😄

  • The squirrel is more Italian than Albert can cook 💀

  • The Italy squirrel is sooooooo cute🥺

  • So cuteeee

  • Little bro is eating this pizza like it's life or death 🤣

  • cute squirrel

  • Even squirrels know that pizza is the best food.

  • Italian Squirrel be like- Let me eat my pizza in peace Lionfield- Send this squirrel to a couple friends the last person to reply needs to buy you a pizza back Italian Squirrel be like - Whatever....

  • A squirrel of culture

  • Ah, yes. My spirit animal

  • Squirrel having a best moment of its live

  • New York Squirrels be like:

  • Imagine this is the first thing you see when entering Italy for the first time

  • And now that's what I call an Italian squirrel 😂😂😂

  • Aww he is supa cute

  • This is the cutest thing I've seen in a while

  • A cute italian!❤❤❤❤

  • *audio has joined the chat*

  • squirrels when there are no more foods in the forest:

  • So cute and very Italian squirrel, nice! 👌😍

  • Ah yes squirrel eating a pizza wish I could see that in irl

  • Squirrels in Italy be like:

  • He is the real Italian squirrel 🐿️

  • This squirrel has a good taste in food. I am sure that it was an Italian chef in his past life. 😁

  • I didn’t know animals had this technology at this point we evolved into animals. This makes so much sense.

  • Yay the audio is finally back!!!!😂😂

  • The squirrel is like adorable

  • I bet he has a house🥰

  • The squirrl is gonna reply back and I have to give more


  • POV : Italy is different 😂

  • This squirrel is me eating pizza

  • Awwww he is so cute

  • I love Italian food

  • I hope the squirrel doesn’t get sick🙏🏼

  • Thats the most italian thing i've ever seen

  • Andiamo...make that squirrel an appreciation for eating pizza 🤌🤌

  • Most Italian Squirrel ever 🤌🤌 I sent it to my friend and she sent it back to me. So now i gotta buy pizza

  • She's so cute😍🥺

  • Normal day in italy be like :

  • The squirrel ate a pizza he cannot refuse

  • I'm more concerned about the ashes falling around the squirrel from the volcano that just erupted

  • Italian squirrel be like

  • is like if we are eating a 80kg pizza!! ahahha

  • my italian shepherd does the same thing, if you try to take away the slice of pizza he growls at you... 😡

  • Average squirrel in Italy:

  • So that squirrel was a true italiano?

  • 😂😂today is the best I've seen...

  • So cute

  • Now I have 0 friends but a pizza

  • The Italian squirrel (Get him a italia passport)

  • Braking news! A Italian squirrel is eating a pizza

  • That one kid: I dOnT hAvE aNy FrIeNdS

  • Alguém deveria ter levado um copo com Coca-Cola para ele

  • Che bello 🥰


  • skweeeeeerl 🤣

  • Vi prego fate una cosa del tipo: Quando tradisci la nonna per il sushi

  • normal squirrel in rome italy


  • Most normal squirrel in Italy

  • Cute the squirrel eating pepperoni pizza.......

  • It's so sad that the poor squirrel do not have any natural resources left in that area to eat her staple food therefore she had to eat that pizza

  • Poor squirrel. Must have been suffering with stomach ache, constipation and I hope, it is still alive 😐

  • U should be a singer


  • Im gonna say all of them are the last person to respond and get a punch of free pizzas

  • None of them replied; they just left me on read ;-;

  • True Italian

  • Cute

  • Yep seems like a new york squirrel. Just like new york mice and rats etc. They hungry they ask.

  • The squirrel is being Italian

  • lo scoiattolo ha capito tutto dalla vita!!

  • Italian Squirrel Vs Pizza Rat. Round 1. Fight!

  • Nice 🍕🍕🍕

  • A normal squirrel in Italy

  • Squirrel:yummmmm