ITALY VS INDIA Food Face-off 😂

čas přidán 31. 01. 2023
Should we go to India next? 😎
(Via tiktok @ pushpeksidhu)
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  • Should we go to India next?

  • As an Indian I can confirm that no one got offended 😂😂

  • You made indian people Nostalgia how we open these packets in school with pen.😂😂

  • As an Indian, I am not offended as during my childhood when I was not able to open the packet i literally use to drill my pencil in it😂😂😂😂😂

    • I used to do that too, when I was a kid..

    • I think you were malnourished bro. My 7 year nephew always opens it easily for himself

    • @@somishme2299 my 8 year old little brother also opens now very easily.. I think they're a bit easier to open nowadays..

    • I used to do it for fun

    • Lol me too sometimes the packets are too hard to open

  • As an Indian, soaking the mixture in water would have been a bigger crime 😂😂

  • I think they taught us the best way to open the packet.❤❤❤❤😂😂😂

  • By doing this u wasted ur money and food but the Indian guy did not 😂😂

  • Bruh the Mario bros just turned in to the Mario food serial killers💀💀💀💀

  • As an Indian, I have to say that this is the second short I have seen of them trying to offend Indians and they failed again.😂😂😂

  • Thank you man. Now I know how to open a packet without my hands breaking 😂

  • As an Indian, i can assure you, the packet was opened exactly as it is mentioned on the packaging.

  • I love that Lionfield trying to give a payback without offending anyone else.

  • We indians don't takes it seriously because we also does such silly things like this 😂

  • Assaulting Maggie noodles would have been much brutal for us Indians 😂

  • That 🤌 at the beginning was *TOO* personal

  • I was scared to death that they will soak it in water but i feel so relieved 😌😌 And i think u made a new and good way to open it 😂😂

  • As an Indian,I would say this is a much more civil method to open a packet compared to how we do it

  • As an Indian i can confirm that that's how we open our packs💀✋

  • As an Indian i would like to say We do not care We are people who love to experiment with food to get newer varieties

    • Yeah, we don't usually get offended by food but one thing I can say for sure is that Indians would 💯% get offended if it's about religion, Shah Rukh Khan or Virat Kohli

    • @@Keli_mafuyu I AGREE with you a 100%

  • as an indian, adding some chocolate sauce or nutella to that would be fucking offending 💀

  • Wtf how is nobody talking about that big ass fire 🔥🔥

  • I was so scared by how close that drill came to him lol

  • as an Indian , i recommend there is no better way to open a packet of khatta mitha 🤣🤣 Thanks for 1k likes 🖐️😅

    • Exactly he showed

    • Pure comment section me sirf Indians hi hai to tu kisko bata rha hai " As an indian " likhkar

    • The tip of a pen does wonders. *pop*

    • ​@@its_Aryan_here tujhe chhodke sabko. Mere pehle se kuch logon ne ye comment Kiya tha . Usne dekh ke Maine as an Indian likha hai

  • As an indian my reaction :Why use a drilling machine.just use a pen or pencil. We also does when packing is extra layered😅

  • Always drill towards the person holding the bag. I like it. 😂

  • Glad you didn't picked alloo bhujia 😂

  • This is hilarious 😂😂 both Puspek and Lionfield are my fav ❤

  • I didnt know we can get Haldirams in Italy😃

  • As an indian you made our childhood intrusive dreams come true and we enjoyed it 💀

    • Pure comment section me sirf Indians hi hai to tu kisko bata rha hai " As an indian " likhkar

  • They never disappoint Indians..

  • As an Indian i can confirm that drilling the packet wasn't offensive 😂😂

  • As an Indian I confirm no Indians got offended 😂

    • Bruhhh...... I am very Disappointed 😑😑

    • Bruhhh i did not i am Indian proud to be Indian as other countries might hate us

    • ​@@triggereds-nation. actually haters make me to feel more proud of being Indian 😂

    • @@Ja__mar 😂

    • ​@@triggereds-nation.I am.Proud to be Punjabi Punjab ❤

  • you have not only made indian rage, but the whole southeast asians 💀

    • Nah Indians didn't got offended 😅


  • The way he demolished that bag was TOO personal

  • As an Indian i confirm that , you just showed us a new way of opening the packet. 👍 Thanks

  • When childs are not able to open packet 😂😂😂

  • As an Indian, all I want to say is.......bruh, we don't get offended by the destruction of "Khatta Meetha" at all because the company that makes that product is a private company, not an Indian pride dish. 😂

  • As an Indian , I can confirm that we all enjoyed 🤣😂

  • Abhi ruk beta ruk papa a rehe hain 😂😂😂😂

  • people in 1878:there will be flying cars in 2023 people in 2023:two humans waste national food because there broke spaghetti

  • as an Indian, bro you picked the best namkeen packet lmao. I hate it so much that watching this made me feel relieved.

  • Thanks dude I couldn't open up my khatta meetha thanks 💀

  • As an Indian I can confirm you that we are even happy because we don't care about this flavour 😂😂😂😂😂

  • indian: *breaks spaghetti and does the hand move* lionfield: “so you have chosen war”

  • As an Indian, what funny scene going on in front of me as an stand-up comedy expressions on their faces 🤣 😂 😆 😅

  • As a indian I think this is the way to open Indian foods for now 💀💀

  • That’s actually the traditional way to open it! Good job getting it accurate!

    • What? Psychopath spotted

  • When ever these fellas walk in to your store, just know that somebody the same country as you has decided to challenge them.

  • As an Indian... I can say you didn't offend us. We do that here too :)

  • Quiero ver un Italia vs Venezuela. 😂❤ Saludos muchachos

  • And the comeback of khatta meetha came out with pizza😂

  • As an Indian I can confirm you just founded another way to open my khatta meetha namkeen packet

  • Puspek is taking our revenge 😂😂

  • As a Indian My words are Ayo bro wtf 😂😂

  • Gotta say: instead of offending, they actually satisfied us Indians by doing that. And this nothing compared to Indian(s) brutal packet opening technique😂

  • I am also Indian but I love your videos love from India 🇮🇮🇳💓🇮🇹

  • Can people stop pissing off the Italians

  • as an Indian , the way he broke the spaghetti 😭 my apologies for him 😂

    • Spaghetti is not maggi 🤣🤣🤣dude that you can break it

    • ​@@shivangichatterjee7308 If it was maggi , then it would be a true crime 😭

  • Dnt wry boys u done the job gracefully then us🤣

  • You both need to choose some better option for which you need to come here.. That harmless packet did not impact much..😂😂😂

  • As an Indian, i found a new way to open the waffers 😂😂

  • As an indian these guys are showing the truth i use a pen to open packets

  • As an Indian that is not offending me in any way💀

  • Out of all the things, you manage to find the worst Indian snack 💀💀

  • As an Indian I confirm that this packet of mixture deserves this treatment it’s too sweet for me

  • How do they keep a straight face, is what I don't get! These are so hilarious!

  • As an Indian, I did the same thing with a pen to open a packet if I had nothing else yeah! We're in the same page🙂

  • We all respect Lionfield cause he open the packet correct way.

  • As an Indian I did not get offended. Indian PPL who also did not get offended 👇

  • This is the embodiment of "and I took that personally"

  • Bro just open the packet right way😂

  • As an Indian I used to do the same to Indian snacks with a pen 💀, when I was in high school.

  • Pouring chocolate on biryani would’ve been more effective 😂

    • My friend, that is a crime. You might be jailed for that in some Indian States.😅

    • @@lizzyavril9259 I was expecting public execution 😂

    • They are doing that in Karachi. Disgusting

    • ​@heisenberg19989 eh? Never seen anyone do that in my life We respect biryani here more any other thing lol

    • @@omairasdaq7409 OPTP did it once… I remember

  • Italy vs Korea please 🇮🇹vs🇰🇷

  • As an Indian I'm not offended. Even if you offend one part of india you cannot offend everyone. India is too diverse to just have 1 snack.

    • Yes!

    • You can offend them by saying something bad about their religion. Or say something bad about actors such as Shah Rukh Khan or cricketer such as Sachin / Virat / Dohni

  • Put tea on butter chicken 😂 then they will know.

  • As an indian, thank you for destroying the haldiram copy.

  • As an Indian we thank you for paying such respect to the packet :)

  • "You break-a the spaghetti, you-a soon will regretti."

  • As an indian, I don’t care what you did with Haldiram pack, because it already sucks😂😂. Thanks for that!

  • Cooking maggi under 2 minutes would be more brutal 😂

  • No contest Italy win just for how clean they are

  • NOT THE SNACKSSS NOOO those snacks carried me through childhood I mean 50 rupees for 10 packets

  • As an Indian i can confirm we guys are sooo chilled that some of us are giving you tips how to destroy food in a more offending way😂😂😂😂😂

    • Cause why the fuck would you be offended bro

    • "As an india"💀

    • @@eyadsalim8911 oh damn, i didn't notice that🤡, thanks for the rectification

    • @@simran3302 sry if the comment made you mad it was a joke

    • @@eyadsalim8911 hey, not at fact thanks, aur zyada bezzati hone se bacha liya tumne😂

  • The most pacific youtubers:

  • U have committed the khatta- meetha crime not approved😅

  • Ahhhh, finally, a much-awaited Italy vs India food face-off 😁😂


    • @@Karan-hm2qk I know right?? 😁 So was I! We shouldn't be left behind 😂

  • I think we can take italian cooking and indian cooking, mix them together and get something really interesting. Both are so delicious. ❤❤❤

  • He started! 🤌🏼🤌🏼🤌🏼

  • As an Indian: as long as you don't eat with a spoon, we're not offended 😂

    • योजना मत बताओ

    • Why you giving ideas?!

    • I would not mind if they eat with spoon as long as they like the taste

    • I won't get offended till they don't eat Dosa like sandwich or Pizza

    • Well I as an Indian has eaten it many times with spoon

  • Bro there is no insult Indians open the packaging of snack like this only😂😂😂🤣 Btw nice video!!!!

  • Do more this types of fights because this types of little fights make our country relation is good 💗💗

  • Bro that indian be doing italian hand expressions💀

  • Volturis go to establish the order 😂

  • Bro murdered the whole packet

  • Yo as a Punjabi born and raised in Italy for 12 years now living in the UK this hurt both ways lol Edit: 100 likes in less than an hour mamma Mia 🤌🏽

  • Imagine Maggie pack in place of that haldirams💀💀🇮🇳❣🇮🇹

  • Try putting chocolate in maggi, oh no, I revealed the greatest offense for Indians. 😂😂

  • So nobody saw the burning house with smoke on the way back- 😂😂😂

  • Ok that was a little unsafe but I love the facial expressions haha