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J. Cole - KOD (Lyrics)

čas přidán 14. 05. 2018
J. Cole - KOD (Lyrics)
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• J. Cole
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  • This is what you call a flip 10 keys from a Carter brick makes more sense if you know you know

  • K.O.D=King Of Drugs

  • Gucci

  • You Kings need to learn fast how to keep the enemy out of your territories. Territories with an S. I'm sick of the slave minded niggas who constantly hate on True Powerful Queens.

  • Okay I'm not like a scientist or chemistry anything but can somebody tell me how on God's green earth can you make 10 keys off of quarter brick like how would that even become anything that somebody would even buy and actually get high off of

  • the hook copies kanyes new work out plan btw

  • Kod

  • This song helps with someone suffering from depression gets you hype and makes you want to yell out the lyrics while tears slide out your eyes. Especially at 1:34-2:16.

  • it's like amatz of shanti


  • I so want J. Cole, K-Dot and Weezy to drop a shit together in 2019.

  • This is hip-hop thank you J Cole

  • i was drinking water now its vodka

  • Best song actually

  • So nobody gonna talk about how those rappers ain't worthy

  • This song is for assholes


  • Low key a bop

  • This song makes me wanna put water out with fire

  • When I first heard the song I thought it was boring, but when I saw the lyrics, 😩😩this song is fire🔥🔥🔥

  • Tech N9ne has been, is and always will be the only K.O.D I KNOW!!! TECHNICIANS!!!!!

  • Kause Of Death

  • shout out to cole for recognizing flip. #HeHardAsShit

  • *10 keys from a quater? nigga get the fuck out of here*

  • J cole caused the drought in california

  • What does K O D supposed to stand for tho?!

  • Nice

  • This is what you call a flip kfc and chicken strips

  • Ending gave me chills, damn true. This song on MDMA Fucking Kicks Though!

  • Lit

  • Good shiza!!!!!

  • K.O.D kids over dogs

  • J.Cole...this hit & Middle Child stay on my mind.

  • 2019 Anybody

  • To lit leave a like if you area 👍

  • Favourite song

  • In the beginning I thought he was "goat, goat, goat, goat"

  • I fucking love this

  • I showed this to a candle Now it's lit

    • udkdkdjdkk. djshdv iss f j snd tue gd

    • how do you get 10 k's from a quarter brick? I thought he said "Carter brick"

    • Lmao

    • I get it

    • What the heck?!


  • KOD = Know Or Die

  • first time listening to this. not my style but he's very good at what he does!

  • Ok

  • When she said strongest drug i turnt it off 🤷🏾🤷🏾

  • How about git of my Dick...BITCH 😁😁😂🤣

  • I Stacked a few M's like my last name is Shady 😂

  • Was drinking water before listening to this than it turned to wine....

  • It is my favourite song

  • He snapped on that second verse

  • This is power mony weed

  • 1:47

  • Love this song

  • K.o.d. like it

    • I'm right here K.💎.D Ñ.Ñ $.$ B.C W.V.E Bih 20/20 👁️💙🖤💙🙈🙉🙊

  • 👌👌

  • Rauf Baba Kod VARMI

  • this go hard as shit

  • I wish J. cole made a song with X. But this shit still LIT.

  • Here's the thing, I am at that point in my life.. that I understand what you saying Cole!! Thank you .I'll just refer them to this shit right here when I got some shit to say!!!


  • I had water on my dresser when I was watching this after I looked back and the water was steam 🔥

  • listen to this while watching people jump of a plane

  • how bout u just get the fuck off my dick

  • Only 3million views kids are listening to nothing

  • Like, if you watch this in 2k18


  • Kod he hard as shit nice bet

  • Cherry asf!!!!

  • The last line for me is crazy

  • This is what you call a flip ten keys from a quarter brick Bentley that shit hard as hell K.O.D he hard as shit

  • K.O.D. kids in drugs

  • ♨️♨️♨️litttt

  • What is k o d?

  • K.O.D: kill only ducks

  • I know this because a saw basketball vines

  • K. O. D = kill Our demand

  • For that drake if have K.O.D

  • *GTA 6*

  • K.O.D means two things to meh kids on drugs and kids on D word LOL

  • KOD - Kill Our Demons

  • This a great song good Weed Coke codeine \o/

  • this is hot shit yo

  • Play this in the club 👌👌

  • 🏘

  • Love

  • J Cole is the best rapper in new generation , lyrical genius also KOD is masterpiece his best by far

  • Cole and denzel are fucking saving the game

  • Check out my remix to this fire!!


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  • Yusss 😘😂

  • K.O.D....= killers on demand.... yo.... doe 4get

  • Finally

  • Kod

  • K.O.D = killed on Drugs


  • this suach a good vid

  • too good

  • Ye

  • I like this song

  • Fuck the street