Jackson State University Announces TC Taylor as Next Head Coach

čas přidán 12. 12. 2022
Posted by Deion Sanders Jr - DeionSandersJr
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  • While others are sitting around debating what Deion should and shouldn't be doing, THIS is happening. 👏🏿 He walked through the door and, when he decided to move on, he held it open for the next man.✊🏿✊🏿

  • Shout to Deion "Jr" for holding the curtain open for us all to enjoy. Well done videos. Keep 'em coming.

  • For those still not sure on how coach prime is able to briefly oversee two programs at the same time...just remember this is the same man that played in a professional NFL and MLB game on the same day 💪🏾

  • Deion deserves the utmost respect for what he brought to JSU! Good luck Coach TC!!!

  • This is how you pass the baton. One coach to the next. It keeps the momentum, passion, and heart. Congrats Coach TC and Prime!

  • This brought me to tears!!! I am truly blessed to see the torch being passed with humility and honor. You can see the love that team has for the new head coach. He is READY for the assignment, he is also very humble. The AD is truly a wonderful businessman and leader. They are going to have a great year in 2023.

  • See this is why prime moved on to make room for others to dominate

  • They way the players responded to their new head coach, is priceless!! Well deserved and they will not miss a beat!!

  • I love this!!! 13 young black men graduated with their Bachelor degree!!! This was an amazing and emotional time, wow!!! Coach Prime, you are amazing and many blessings to you and your family on your next endeavor(s)!! Last but not at all the least Congratulations Coach TC, the 22nd head football coach of Jackson State University!!! Your humbleness is very much evident in your speech and definitely touched my heart and teared me up!! You will do excellent!!!

  • It's nice to see how much the players love TC and knowing TC's background. You can tell getting the head coaching job means a bunch to him! A great chaperter was built with Prime and now it will stay top notch with coach TC !

  • Congratulations to the new coach and respect to Coach Prime for leaving the program in a far better condition than where he found it. Giving opportunities to new coaches.

  • The heartfelt JOY of all the young men on the team says it all. Congratulations to Coach Taylor & Thank you Coach Prime 💙💙

  • I just hope someone is going to keep filming when Coach Prime and his family leaves. I'm invested in these kids man and I want to see them all succeed. ✊🏾

  • This is the greatest switch ever!!!!! 🎊🎉Congratulations TC 🎊🎉 He has earned the teams trust, and they know their loved and in good hands. Intentionally chooses the next coach. I'm in tears... He has made the family proud 22nd Head Coach, we are coming back next season!!!!!! Homegrown

  • This made me cry! This is how you do it! Thank God for Coach Sanders! God used him to help and uplift and open the door for others to thrive!

  • Congrats to TC Taylor. I wish him love and success in all of his endeavors. I am excited, and I will be watching JSU next year. This is pure gold; I can feel the energy and love. Well deserved. Thanks for the content Well Off Media.

  • When we stick together, we all can do better. Love to see this. Congrats Coach TC and thank you Coach Prime.

  • 3 powerful bros helping and teaching and reaching our kids is a beautiful thing 💯

  • I know absolutely nothing about Jackson state university or this coach, but I can already tell he was the right choice based on his attitude, gratitude and intensity as well as his clearly stated drive/motivation. Kudos to him for grinding all of these years and getting his shot.

  • Really heartwarming. How can you not pull for TC Taylor and his team?!!