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Jaguars vs. Patriots | NFL AFC Championship Game Highlights

čas přidán 21. 01. 2018
The Jacksonville Jaguars take on the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship during the 2017 NFL Postseason.
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  • What if the Jax played the eagles

  • Game was rigged by Las Vegas

  • I thought the jags had this game in the bag. That was until I realized the Jags had a considerable lead over the pats. and you know what happens when you put 14 or more points on the pats......:......

  • The jags defense is the GOAT!!! Myles Jack wasn't down!!!

  • Logan and titto and chilly were watching this

  • Patriots AFC championship games always need to be nail biters 😂

  • Gilmore was meant to be a Patriot. He was the best cover corner in football this year and had an MVP caliber game against the Rams in the Superbowl.

  • In today's NFL if you don't have a big following and the media doesn't care about you, the NFL will do everything in its power to keep you out of the Super Bowl. What they did to Jacksonville here is proof. Downright pathetic

  • unnecessary roughness penalty was bologna, gronk ran onto him

  • If you don’t think jags fans are toxic, this comment section proves you wrong. 😂

    • I’m a jags fan but I’m not toxic. We both played a good game in this conference champ

  • The Patriot won by luck but the eagles still bet them

    • Yup just like Giants beat the 18-0 Patriots by Luck.

  • This game was dum I’m a jags fan

  • pats haters have no clue what "bandwagon" is.

  • Fourtnett is the man

  • Still amazed Jaguars didn't win this game. As a Jaguars fan, disappointing but end of 1st half and not being able to sustain a drive in 4th qtr is what did them in.

  • All of the patriots Super Bowls came down to the final play (vs rams game winning field goal, vs panthers game winning field goal, vs Philly came down to a Hail Mary by mcnabb, vs giants came down to a 4th down unsuccessful conversion, 2012 vs giants came down to a Hail Mary by Brady that was incomplete, vs Seahawks came down to a game winning interception with 15 seconds left on the clock, vs Falcons game winning halfback toss to James white in overtime and another unsuccessful Hail Mary by Brady

  • The coach

  • The 4th and 14 last play for Jacksonville was such a blatant pass interference on Gilmore with the ref standing right there

    • +HBK360MUSIC the angle at 18:37 showing him jump up to bat the ball is a perfect angle. When he jumps zero contact is made. Hes playing the ball anyways and his hand that isnt going for the ball isnt touching the receiever. Its at his side. Great play from a great player. No one but you looks at that and says pass interference. You're reaching

    • +HBK360MUSIC pretty sure every angle they show from 18-19 minutes is a good angle of him making the play. When the replay showed Gilmore unning through the middle with the receiver, he did not hold him at all. He had his hand on the players hip towards the end of the route for a brief moment and there was no jersey tug. When he leaps into the air he leaps backwards with his head facing the ball and during his jump to bat the ball down not once does he make contact with the receiver. He leaps back with his left hand pointed to the ground and his right hand in the air. He does not push off or hold him anywhere.

    • Watch the jourdan Lewis play at Michigan against Wisconsin, It is the exact same play

    • lord donk if It was a great play by Gilmore find me 1, just one replay that shows Gilmore the entire time. You won’t. Because he held him and launched off him to make the play. It was a perfect play, perfect ball, and was an easy touchdown, but the refs blew the game in NEs favor once again

  • only in fake ass america where they ROB you. jags got lynched by the refs.

  • Saints fan here at least jags got ball back after strip if Saints were playing call would have been called as down

    • now you know what bad calls are like

  • As a Titans fan, this makes me happy but the Jaguars should have won. Oh wells 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • I though the pats was gonna lose but I remembered the Patriots cheat

  • Lolol really jags made a championship OMG lol

  • 2018 Patriots: Super Bowl 2019 Patriots: Super Bowl 2018 Jags: AFC Championship 2019 Jags: 5-11

    • +J. Scadoots I think he's an average starter, that's what the jags need but the defense slipped from last year

    • Jarius Bell Nick Foles is too hyped. People don’t know that half of his playoff wins, the eagles scored less than 20 pts. Eagles also had good defense in that Super Bowl year.

    • +GreenDbzTo me defense last 3 years at peak powers and the NFL too unpredictable to say we'll be back. Should've signed someone last year

    • Jarius Bell Yep, and now everyone in the NFL is rumoring the Jags will sign him

    • Think nick Foles can get em back?

  • of the game, hands down. Jack strips the ball, recovers it and is CLEARLY headed for a TD...but somehow ***cough, rigged, cough*** the ball is ruled dead.

    • Chai it was not a loose ball. Jack tangled arms with the receiver so when he stripped it and they were already in the ground, it’s down by contact.

    • Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot Hm... in 2015 Julian Edelman caught a pass, wasn’t down, but a whistle was inexplicably blown. There was nobody in front of him, it was a surefire touchdown. Instead, the Patriots got it where Edelman caught the pass, and they failed to get the same result, settling for a field goal, which was missed. The Patriots lost that game. So, uh, no. It’s not rigged if it’s happened to both teams. It’s called the refs blew a whistle and had good reason to think he was down. You can’t unblow a whistle. It doesn’t matter anyways, because the Jaguars were a terrible one hit wonder.

    • how tf we blow that lead last night

  • how i just saw brady do the chiefs brings up the memory of my team getting robbed this game smh

  • Anyone here after the Pats beat the chiefs

  • wow pats so good to mostly might lose to underdogs eagles

  • Deja Vu...

  • this was the most rigged game i seen in my life refs do ur job ....smh


  • A year later it still stings... Myles jack not down, no holding on the Gilmore play, no holding on ANY play for the pats (including the game sealing run where it was very obvious) and tons of missed plays by Bortles. May not have that shot again anytime soon.

    • It’s clear we didn’t watch the same game. There was no holding on Gilmore’s bat, neither was there holding on the sealing run. Perhaps learn what holding look like.


    • Keep the faith

  • 17:42, Fournette could have dove there

  • When u realize u traded Cooks for an injured at Preseason Isiah Wynn....he better be good when he recovers

  • Jags were paid this season to not make the playoffs. Nfl loves new england

  • Pats cheated in this one definitely, dont know what sounds better, a chiefs win to keep brady out the Super Bowl or a superbowl loss to disqualify him from the goat conversation

    • LOOLOLLOLLOLOLLOLOLLLLLOOOOOL. When will you guys learn to take the L? Where’s your proof? Genuinely, give me proof. Myles Jack wasn’t down happened to Julian Edelman in 2015, and it resulted in a loss. That doesn’t count. Where else did they cheat? Anyways he has 6 rings now. He’s the GOAT without question. The more you doubt him the more he’ll prove you wrong. Enjoy years of ineptitude!

  • 2019 anyone?

  • I still can’t believe the jaguars were so close to being in the Super Bowl

    • Not that hard to believe. Competitive division but easy to win with only 10 wins. Got to play the worst playoff team in NFL history (the Bills) in the wildcard. Then got to play a team they beat earlier in the year in the divisional round (the Steelers).

  • When you spill coffee on the anti-brady machine

  • One conclusion: When patriots have to score, flags come in. Very obvious in this game. Some should be called some could be no call.

    • Give evidence. I’m not proving your point for you.

    • LIAR

  • Gronk:*Catches ball. Gets hit. ball pops out.* Refs: *ill be your Jesus. Unnecessary roughness*

  • Pats Fans in the comments after they won- tHey hAte uS cuSe thEy aiN'T uS.

    • It’s true, Jets man. Enjoy Super Bowl III!

  • People are so quick to forget that the jags began to play conservative football. That’s not how you beat the Patriots. If you’re going to beat the Patriots you have to keep your foot on the gas until that clock hits 0:00 because until then, you’re going to get everything Tom Brady and Co. have. That’s how the eagles got it done in the super bowl.

  • Fly eagles fly!!

  • I was so pissed when Jacksonville lost this game. However, beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl was even better ;).

    • +Chai That's like saying the Browns, Jaguars, Vikings, etc... will never get a ring. The NFL is going to be here for a long time. Literally anything could happen. The Patriots could go 0-16. The Cardinals could go undefeated. The Bills could lose 4 Super Bowls in a row again. You can't predict the future. You clearly haven't seen Wentz in his first year. He got us to 10-2 at one point! 10-2! He's gonna be healthy eventually, and when he is, we'll be out hunting NFL teams like they're wild deer.

    • Going to 3 straight and winning 2 is also better! Enjoy your draft bust in Wentz! You’re never getting another ring in your lifetime.

  • G.O.A.T. 🐐

  • Iu guys dont know how much i hate the pats

  • why did they trade amendola he was good

    • Chai true

    • Brotato Chip Cheap wins Super Bowls.

    • Owen Dillen C H E A P

    • BB let Amendola, Lewis, Cooks, and Soldier go from the offense alone. Guess he figured TB12 had it too easy.

  • Jacksonville players told that to let the patriots wim

  • The patriots roll the NFL

  • lol brady moves around so weird

  • That unecessary roughness call for the hit on gronkowski, that just screams patriots crying all over it. Big babies that cry until they get their way.

    • Good for you. They cried their way to 6 rings, no hard work involved. They don’t do anything, like film study or the hills or gameplanning or practicing that would help them, they just cry. Lol sometimes you guys reach. How do you feel that your favorite player most likely respects the hell out TB12 and the Pats?

  • Too bad pats lost to eagles in super bowl

  • I like how the officials did not call a single penalty against the New England offence and defence lmaoooooo so sus

    • Liftedbari actually no idiot, it was on their special teams

    • nshanahan13 they did it was 1

  • those refs were cheeks

  • This game didn’t have the hype like it did when Manning went against Brady. Good old days


  • whats scary about this game is IF bortles was anybody else or any other competent qb pats woulda got washed

  • Jack should have ran it back man 😐😐😐😐😐

  • no one would be angry that the pats were "cheating" if the jaguars won

  • this is the saddest game i have ever seen

  • Sure

  • Who else wishes jaguars and raiders were good like last year

  • Brady only went thr at Superbowl to lose once again...

  • lol 10 points isnt that great of a comeback

  • this game is rigged for the patriots to win

    • serenitee tarter or maybe the pats are just good?

  • Go Jaguars

  • The GOAT will not be denied.

  • Who's here after the Pats lost the Super Bowl? lol Btw I'm a Pats fan but I don't really care

  • Please sub to me. I got only 5 but my videos took me a long time please

  • Myles jack was never down

    • +Kenny Lofton Are you mentally ill, stupid, or just an ignorant Patriots fan? The NFL released a statement not too long after this game took place that it was a CLEAR fumble and recovery, and that Jack should not have been called down on the recovery. How can you possibly argue against that!?

    • +Kenny Lofton yea dawg that count as a fumble

    • +Jarius Bell Ok but Lewis still never fumbled

    • +Kenny Lofton not gon lie better team won so no excused but that ball was on his hip with possession belonging to Jack and he never got touched

    • Stfu

  • Let's go pats

  • Sorry but 17:39 is still a mystery for me...

  • 4th Qtr....6:15...Pass Interference.....Jacksonville #20 ...D-bag Ramsey. LOL!

  • Jaguars had this game until patriots started cheating

  • Only people that like football and know how to play it dont go for the patriots, people just go for the patriots because they win almost every time

  • I love these Jacksonville uniforms. Bring em back.

  • There were some craaaazy unbelievable catches in this game by pats receivers...... anyone who denies that either is in denial, a hater, or doesn't understand football

  • These Patriots realized they weren't going to come back, so they paused the game and adjusted the sliders.

  • Belichick is trying so hard to prove the point that it’s his ‘system’ that wins and not the players. But at some point u have to have talented players. They need a better pass rush and better receivers or they’re not even going to smell the playoffs this year

  • Jacksonville is better this year than last year they'll go to the Superbowl this year

  • Who's here after that horrific loss last night😑🖐🏻

  • ok so the jags were very good and and won fair and square so gg, but all these jags fans r saying “THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END FOR THE PATS” or “THE JAGS R THIS YEARS SB CHAMPS” stuff like that when they only really won one game and keep in mind the pats have almost been embarrassed by a game almost every year (last year was the chiefs) and they made it to the super bowl. just saying don’t get tooooo proud jags fans 🤷‍♀️ (oh and btw don’t think this is biased i’m a seahawks fan lol)

  • Who’s back after the jags beat them today?

  • Jax won 2018. Pats done. Jax should have won sb vs phi. Pats lost all that matters

  • come on patriots

  • Watch the Patriots @ Jaguars LIVE NFL on CBS preseason coverage tonight •PC🖥️👉 • Mobile📱👉 • Laptop💻👉

  • Myles Jack wasn't down.

  • Patriots Mais Conhecido Como Flamengo Da NFL

  • the jaguars will win

  • So pats got bailed out by refs ....surprised?

  • Patriots Nation

  • Ramsey is trash PatsNation

  • Patriots got 47 free yards when they were down 14-3, typical.

  • Some one take tom brady out...injure him!! i hate the patriots!!

    • who do u like>?

  • Are the Patriots going to win

  • Week 17 I said the NFC Championship Game would be LA vs. Minnesota and the AFC Championship Game would be Jacksonville vs. New England. So close

  • Remember... Myles Jack wasn't down.

  • That second to last pass on the pats side was pass interference though. Heavily.

  • Penalties