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Jaguars vs. Patriots | NFL AFC Championship Game Highlights

čas přidán 21. 01. 2018
The Jacksonville Jaguars take on the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship during the 2017 NFL Postseason.
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  • 17:42, Fournette could have dove there

  • When u realize u traded Cooks for an injured at Preseason Isiah Wynn....he better be good when he recovers

  • The patriots are only bad against the steelers when the steelers are at home and the Eagles also kc

  • I just realized if it at NE then Gg pats win but if it's at KC THATS A DIFFERENT STORY FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP

  • Jags were paid this season to not make the playoffs. Nfl loves new england

  • Pats cheated in this one definitely, dont know what sounds better, a chiefs win to keep brady out the Super Bowl or a superbowl loss to disqualify him from the goat conversation

  • 2019 anyone?

  • I still can’t believe the jaguars were so close to being in the Super Bowl

  • When you spill coffee on the anti-brady machine

  • One conclusion: When patriots have to score, flags come in. Very obvious in this game. Some should be called some could be no call.

  • Gronk:*Catches ball. Gets hit. ball pops out.* Refs: *ill be your Jesus. Unnecessary roughness*

  • Pats Fans in the comments after they won- tHey hAte uS cuSe thEy aiN'T uS.

  • People are so quick to forget that the jags began to play conservative football. That’s not how you beat the Patriots. If you’re going to beat the Patriots you have to keep your foot on the gas until that clock hits 0:00 because until then, you’re going to get everything Tom Brady and Co. have. That’s how the eagles got it done in the super bowl.

  • Fly eagles fly!!

  • I was so pissed when Jacksonville lost this game. However, beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl was even better ;).

  • G.O.A.T. 🐐

  • Iu guys dont know how much i hate the pats

  • why did they trade amendola he was good

    • Owen Dillen C H E A P

    • BB let Amendola, Lewis, Cooks, and Soldier go from the offense alone. Guess he figured TB12 had it too easy.

  • Jacksonville players told that to let the patriots wim

  • The patriots roll the NFL

  • lol brady moves around so weird

  • That unecessary roughness call for the hit on gronkowski, that just screams patriots crying all over it. Big babies that cry until they get their way.

  • Too bad pats lost to eagles in super bowl

  • I like how the officials did not call a single penalty against the New England offence and defence lmaoooooo so sus

    • Liftedbari actually no idiot, it was on their special teams

    • nshanahan13 they did it was 1

  • those refs were cheeks

  • This game didn’t have the hype like it did when Manning went against Brady. Good old days


  • whats scary about this game is IF bortles was anybody else or any other competent qb pats woulda got washed

  • Jack should have ran it back man 😐😐😐😐😐

  • no one would be angry that the pats were "cheating" if the jaguars won

  • this is the saddest game i have ever seen

  • Sure

  • Who else wishes jaguars and raiders were good like last year

  • Brady only went thr at Superbowl to lose once again...

  • lol 10 points isnt that great of a comeback

  • this game is rigged for the patriots to win

  • Go Jaguars

  • The GOAT will not be denied.

  • Who's here after the Pats lost the Super Bowl? lol Btw I'm a Pats fan but I don't really care

  • Please sub to me. I got only 5 but my videos took me a long time please

  • Oh my god.

  • Myles jack was never down

  • Let's go pats

  • Sorry but 17:39 is still a mystery for me...

  • 4th Qtr....6:15...Pass Interference.....Jacksonville #20 ...D-bag Ramsey. LOL!

  • Jaguars had this game until patriots started cheating

  • Only people that like football and know how to play it dont go for the patriots, people just go for the patriots because they win almost every time

  • I love these Jacksonville uniforms. Bring em back.

  • There were some craaaazy unbelievable catches in this game by pats receivers...... anyone who denies that either is in denial, a hater, or doesn't understand football

  • These Patriots realized they weren't going to come back, so they paused the game and adjusted the sliders.

  • Belichick is trying so hard to prove the point that it’s his ‘system’ that wins and not the players. But at some point u have to have talented players. They need a better pass rush and better receivers or they’re not even going to smell the playoffs this year

  • Jacksonville is better this year than last year they'll go to the Superbowl this year

  • Who's here after that horrific loss last night😑🖐🏻

  • ok so the jags were very good and and won fair and square so gg, but all these jags fans r saying “THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END FOR THE PATS” or “THE JAGS R THIS YEARS SB CHAMPS” stuff like that when they only really won one game and keep in mind the pats have almost been embarrassed by a game almost every year (last year was the chiefs) and they made it to the super bowl. just saying don’t get tooooo proud jags fans 🤷‍♀️ (oh and btw don’t think this is biased i’m a seahawks fan lol)

  • Who’s back after the jags beat them today?

  • Jax won 2018. Pats done. Jax should have won sb vs phi. Pats lost all that matters

  • come on patriots

  • Watch the Patriots @ Jaguars LIVE NFL on CBS preseason coverage tonight •PC🖥️👉 • Mobile📱👉 • Laptop💻👉

  • Myles Jack wasn't down.

  • Patriots Mais Conhecido Como Flamengo Da NFL

  • the jaguars will win

  • So pats got bailed out by refs ....surprised?

  • Patriots Nation

  • Ramsey is trash PatsNation

  • Patriots got 47 free yards when they were down 14-3, typical.

  • Some one take tom brady out...injure him!! i hate the patriots!!

    • who do u like>?

  • Are the Patriots going to win

  • Week 17 I said the NFC Championship Game would be LA vs. Minnesota and the AFC Championship Game would be Jacksonville vs. New England. So close

  • Remember... Myles Jack wasn't down.

  • That second to last pass on the pats side was pass interference though. Heavily.

  • Penalties

  • Myles jack wasn’t down

  • Myles Jack was not down

  • Blake sucks ‼️

  • How do you give up a 3rd and 18 with the lead in the 4th quarter in a championship game?

  • Doesn’t everyone think madden should make a playoff mode

  • Danny never got the credit he deserved on pats

    • danny scored in every superbowl he played for us

  • I gotta say this is to be expected from a team that has no real playoff experience. Jags were playing so good, then I noticed when the defense saw they were under pressure they CHOKED! Also Brady simply did surgery with the passes and receivers. Man! Bortles did better than I thought he would. That last play to me was just like the Sherman Seahawks vs Niners end zone play. He just got stuffed!! LOL Btw, I think Jags are dirty team. They only got what was coming. You can blame Ramsey's big mouth for the lost! LoL ALso I cant stand New England but the lesser of two evils won. hahaha

    • I ll take being a so called dirty team that WINS over 10 straight losing seasons every time GO JAGS!!! #DTWD

  • To be honest, everyone knew the Pats would win, the Jaguars are an easy match for them. Although, if the Steelers won, then it would have been a better match.

  • Rob Gronkowski is a two faced fraud.

  • What a great game

  • i could watch that Gilmore break up all day

  • Raiders fan here aint a pats fan but love or hate Brady u gotta respect greatness. He is arguably the greatest NFL quarterback in the world. And still gotta give props to Jacksonville on a great season as well. They wasnt even expected to make the AFC championship and their is no shame in losing a close team to a damn great patriots team

    • right on. and people forget jags were 3-13 before that.

  • And they should have kept using Mercedes Lewis

  • Soon as Gronk got hurt Flags started flying like crazy. Jags was getting in their ass!

  • The Play @ 17:42...Some Say The Game Is Rigged...Thank Me Later

  • Browns > Patriots

  • 3rd & 18 conversion at 13:07 was probably the game in my opinion. They don't get that first down, they probably aren't winning this game.

    • i feel like pats still would have won imo (I'm a jags fan). the jags had already hunkered down and stopped trying to score points. we were using grant so well and all of a sudden stopped using him. dumb decision to not keep the pedal to the metal so to speak. any lead is never safe with brady.

  • I love the Patriots

  • Im a pats fan but this game was so rigged

  • idc what anyone says Blake played great this postseason

  • If Jaguars would’ve won this game, they would be the 29th Franchise team to appear in the Super Bowl.

  • Who’s watching this in August

  • 👏👏👏

  • Well...good thing New England lost the next game(SuperBowl)....Sorry can't win every Superbowl you go to.

  • No lewis, cooks, Mitchell or amendola or PEDelman for the 1st 4 games only way pats to win all those 1st 4 games is with ref help against texans and jaguars. Pats r gonna be predictable and use the running backs as wide receivers. If pats make the afc championship game or superbowl with less then good offense cause they let there players go then NFL and the refs are gonna be rigging it for the pats big time and if Brady gets hurt then definitely no afc championship game or superbowl with hoyer.

  • 7:29 bullshit...

  • Im a patriots fan but i have mad respect for the jags

  • When Brady gets sacked: I want a flag for Christmas 😂

  • flags everywhere in favor of the Pats. it is so obvious