James Too Cold Feat. Blueface "No Witness" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

čas přidán 4. 01. 2019
Watch the official music video for "No Witness" by James Too Cold Feat. Blueface.
Sick Wid It Records artist James Too Cold links up with Blueface to bring you “No Witness”
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Prod. by instagram.com/fbeat_productions/
Dir by instagram.com/jayyyomar/
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  • when yo balls get bit 0:42

  • I know the whole song word for word

  • Bro look like Lil B when he was with the pack lol I fucks with the Bay Area flow.!

  • *im not a stripper but I always gotta keep a pole*

  • 0:42 look at the nigga on the left he bout to break his dick of

  • Slow Poke "Pop out nigga getting poked niggas slow" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Where can I find the sweater blueface wearin in this music video!???

  • Anyone else notice Sada Baby?! I'm confused

  • 0:22 dude on the right going off nigga

  • 1:26 through 130 throw up the set it goes wit it

  • Will

  • James and blue face killed this wait what o yea I’m right “Yo PoCkEtS EmPtY wE CaNt KiCk iT iF yO LeGs BrOkE”

  • 'Knock the waves off his cap' If that mf did that to me, I woulda bounce out wit tha 44 and that james too cold!

  • 0:42 when babe finally say she'll give you head

  • This song go hard as fuck on God

  • Too cold came in on point 💪

  • are all of you seriously going to crack jokes? Jame$TooCold finessed the beat and you're not going to give him any credit??? Just make jokes????? That's weird, this is why other niggas like him on the westside can't come up, you niggas just think it's a joke, Blueface is the most mainstream LA artist, but guess why? Because he's a quip.

  • We cant kick it if yo legs broke 🔥🔥

  • Suwoooooooo

  • Tell me when this is on apple music so I can make a litt playlist👌🔥

  • IM only HERE 4 blueFACE baby !

  • This man probability said the whole English langue lol copy this comment an dill shove a stick down your throat PERIOD

  • Trynna copy Drakeo Style. Knock it off Fuck ass Niggaz .. you straight Acting Niggas .. #DrakeoGang

  • James killed this

  • "Yo pockets empty we can't kick it if you legs broke" 🔥🔥

  • Blueface can't rap lol

  • Fuck allat who I came here for this mf slap on my hood

  • I wanna see more Shorline and BlueFace collab songs one ese days

  • This joint was cool tho

  • Last nigga hell trash and that's on the red homies

  • Light skin niggas 🔴😂 no

  • Why these people sleeping on dis dis shi fir

  • reach for this chain bet this glock change his mind🌀

  • 1:23 your welcome run up my likes

  • 00:59 dude on the right dudes back on beat . 😂😂😂😅😂👌

  • Sada baby in the cut... Detroit to the bay. Ayy!!

  • James so cold sounds like keak da sneak alil bit?

  • The beats be crazy asf duuuuude


  • dude you 2 must diss 6ix9ine it would be straight FIRE

  • Why do niggas In Cali dress like it's midwest weather?

  • Srtaight flames

  • Give a bitch a jacket Just to do her TOO COLD 🥶 🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♂️

  • 1:26 Reach for these chains Bet this glock change his mind😂🔥🔥

  • I swear people like to listen to blue face because of how annoying he sounds and how he cuts all his bars 1 word short

  • What is happening to music

  • Stole Drakeo the ruler flow

  • 40 water

  • I can't stop playing this joint

  • BOP

  • respect his crypon

  • Get this shit. Out of here

  • James sound like drakeo

  • Blueface ruined the fuck outta this song

  • He snapped on this

  • James too cold verse went crazy 🔥🔥💯


  • James too Cold bars are a banger

  • Try listening to ""rap"" nowadays I cant

  • anyone know who the bitch to the right is at 1:42

  • I'm nOt a sTrIpPer bUt I kEeP a pOlE

  • Knock off a nicca tupe' Lol 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂

  • Not to be rude but blueface part was kinda trash expecting more I like all his song except for this one

  • *jerkin aint dead*

  • “Pull up on his block and I hope we missing the children” Damn dark ass bar

  • oof

  • .

  • I swear to god im like this comment🙌

  • Man he stole cash Kidd flow Lmaoooo

  • blueface babbyy ya aight reach for these chains bet this glock change it mind

  • Greatest rap beefs ever 1. tupac vs biggie 2. ice cube vs nwa 3. blueface vs beats

  • Blueface is fucking garbage

  • Have you guys listened to the background sound that shit is disturbing

  • He got blue face same flow🔥💯

  • Nigga is that e-40

  • 1:24 Only hear for Blueface

  • Long live Eose CTE🙏 graff kings never die

  • Y'all here for 1:24

  • [Intro] FBeat producin' all the heat [Verse 1: JamesTooCold] Ayy, we really trippin' Pull up on his block and I hope we missin' the children I just fuck 'em and duck 'em, on my granny, don't deal with feelings Better stick to the squabble 'cause you niggas ain't with no killing Stop cappin', nigga We was punkin', packin', and jackin' niggas Move with all that yappin', full metal jackets for actin' niggas Forties in my dashes, I catch 'em lackin', I blast a nigga Tryna ride this wave, on gang, I'm quick to splash a nigga Big poles, ayy, and we got big MAC's Knick-knacks, that fake ass front you, come get your shit back Good cooks, nigga, she on that riff-raff Gang in here like a kickback and we all click clack like quick math, ayy It's .40 plus a thirty, lil' birdie, heard you be singin' so I won't show no mercy Do him dirty, hoes then spotty, we turned him to a jersey I ain't worried, niggas be really jokes like Charlie Murphy Rick James, bitch, better have the TooCold I go crazy, bitch, I'm tryna dodge the group homes He a snitch, he not the homie, I know you told On my mom, on my pops, I'll never fold, never blow Boy you sober, you don't want no smoke, niggas broke Pop out, you niggas gettin' poked, niggas slow I be trickin' and finessin' hoes, gettin' dough Fuck your bitch but we ain't cuffin' those, nigga [Chorus: JamesTooCold] Slide back down that block, leave no witness (Leave no witness) Fuck with keys but this Glock got extensions (Got extensions) Bite an apple, yeah I mack on his bitches (On these bitches) Big blowers, I ain't ridin' with no snitch, nigga (Ain't no snitch, nigga) Slide back down that block, leave no witness (Leave no witness) Fuck with keys but this Glock got extensions (Got extensions) Bite an apple, yeah I mack on his bitches Big blowers, I ain't ridin' with no snitch, nigga, bitch nigga [Verse 2: Blueface] Blueface, baby, yeah aight Reach for this chain, bet this Glock change his mind (On the set) Big apple mackin', with the action (Big mackin') Pistol packin', get hit with a stick like I'm playin' Madden Knock the waves off his cap, I ain't doin' no cappin' (No cappin') Too paid, big forty knock off a nigga toupée (off a toupée) Glock with a dick for niggas thinkin' they big bold (Oh, yeah aight) James in the cut, bounce out with the TooCold (With the TooCold) Big Glock, get to barkin' like a blue nose (Boom boom boom) I'm not a stripper but I always gotta keep a pole (Big poles) Give a bitch a jacket just to do her too cold (So cold) They gave me twenty-five hundred just to get up close (Bop) Cutthroat, your pockets empty, we can't kick it if your legs broke (Bleed 'em) Keep the pussy, baby, I just want the throat (Ooh), yeah Keep the pussy, baby, I just want the throat [Outro: Blueface] What he say? Your pockets empty, how we gon' kick it if your legs broke? On the dead locs (Bop, yeah aight) FBeat producin' all the heat

  • Blueface:🚶🏾 beat:🏃🏾

  • Go watch the video brand new content creator! young DON

  • 🔥

  • James too Cold Ft. Blueface No witness 0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 2:22 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻ Seen this comment by Dan in Thotiana comment section and copied it (always good to give credits)

  • Who the light skin girl

  • Jamestoocold is what we need the whole song.

  • Bleuface is a whole mess😣

  • 1:36 when u pass a test without studying shit!!!

    • that me hopefully 😦😁


  • This shit wack as fuck....

  • Blueface think he E40

  • This song makes me want to put up gang sighs I don’t even know 🤣😂

  • Niggas ain't catch dat heat tho.. bruh Said "Yo pockets Empty.. How we gone KICK it if Yo LEGS Broke" !! 💯💯💯


  • I just hear 40.

  • Straight trash and this dude BluGay cant rap for shit..

  • james too cold remind me of tech n9ne

  • Blue face really came out of nowhere 😂💀

  • 0:14 Pause Did he just say "I just fuck him and deck him"? 😂

  • I came here for e40