Japan’s 400 Kilometre Tsunami Shield

čas přidán 13. 10. 2021
Meet one of the most important pieces of concrete in Japan.
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Executive Producer and Narrator - Fred Mills
Producer - Jaden Urbi
Video Editing and Graphics - James Durkin
Production Management - Clare Furlonger
Content Partnership - Liam Marsh

Special thanks to Dr. David McGovern and Damien Lutz. Additional footage and images courtesy of Channel 4, ABC News, CNN, Rs1421, Hitoshi Taguchi, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, HR Wallingford and UCL/URBANWAVES, Electric Entertainment and Morino Project.

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  • when the video haven't even started but it's a B1m vid so you know it's gonna be amazing!! 🤩

    • @Sailor376also waht

    • Are u high u will be first to get slapped with a tree trunk

    • and Japan

    • Nice video 👍

    • @Carl McLemore ur clearly trying to start something here. Just stfu

  • These walls are not against Tsunami, they're against Titans!

  • Smoke doge

  • Humans are the most demented species of all. We keep fighting nature with bigger walls. That's simply not going to work as a permanent solution because nature always wins. Instead, it would be much easier to stop rebuilding in these areas. Why can't we move a little bit more inland and on higher grounds? We could only have roads, harbors, warehouses, even factories in the impact areas, with zero residential buildings. Smart evacuation routes could be built, or have regulations that all buildings have easily accessible high decks for people to climb in case of a tsunami and save their lives.

  • Thanks to Japanese Korea is safe from Tsunami😁😁😁😁😁😁 thank you

  • Definitly it will help in zombie apoclayps

  • Thanks you. like 👍 .

  • I understand the necessity of it, but imagine living on the coast, and the government builds a 14 meter tall grey, concrete wall between you and your scenic beach view. You can kiss your property value goodbye too.

  • Since Ice is melting.... They will soon dig ocean deeper?

  • Tbh i'd rather be prisoned from the beach than dead. Why the complain? They can still climb the wall and go over the other side. The government is protecting them. If they don't then the 2011 disaster will repeat

  • These wonderful forests will require the people to move anyway not to mention rising sea levels because of climate change. Maybe someone can invent a fast growing forest that drinks sea water after we land on the Sun at night. Slowing down floating cars and houses with trees defeats the whole purpose anyway as their shouldn't be cars and buildings in this utopia of fairy tales.

  • They should put the wall out of view out in the ocean

  • Looking at those walls it reminds me of AOT. 😂

  • The Great Wall of Japan

  • you cannot stand against nature

  • What a beautiful video this was. It reminded me on my own experiences with the ocean and how I nearly fell to its tricks and power. Yet I still find it fascinating how Japan went to it head first to atleast have a defense because it could happen any day again. I was always thinking : „why don’t they just build huge walls to protect themselves from these tsunamis because the world knows for damn sure Japan will probably go down from natural catastrophies such as Typhoons, seasons with huge amounts of rainfall, Tsunamis, earthquakes and so on.“ (Sadly half of it happens yearly to them) This video gave me the clear answer I wasn’t thinking about. In a Country where citizens work their asses off to survive and get food on the table for their families loose one more important thing they’re attached to… the sea, the ocean. The view and smell, the cold breeze on a warm sunny day straight from the ocean. Everything combined gives us a sign of peace in our hearts, which gets completely stolen from big walls. So what are we going to do? Plant forests over forests? Build larger wall systems ? Escape and flee from the shore lines? In my opinion there’s only one thing you can do against nature : Work with nature. Walls are straight answers against it while planting trees and creating big green parks would only help against said catastrophies and for the people living there mentally. Fear of death always scares us and drifts us apart from the ocean. I, myself was caught in such huge waves once and drifted, nearly forced away by pure pressure and waves. How did I manage to get back and survive? I had no power, my legs stopped moving. All I had was a ball that I tried to get back before it gets lost to the waves pushing it back. I pushed my chin over the ball knowing it couldn’t sink and would always push itself upwards and I slowly paddled with one arm while I tried to keep my head on the ball with my other arm. After 5 to 10 minutes everyone realized I was in danger and immediately swam to me and helped me to get back to safety. Later on a very smart guy told me I was around 500 meters out (which I can kind of agree on because when I started to swim back everyone suddenly looked like little ants far away running around on the sand) Am I scared of the ocean now? Hell no. I even got more interested into diving. I started to respect the ocean and it‘s power, and now I know how I can survive from it. That’s how Japan is doing it right now. They failed, put themselves back up, respecting it even more than before and trying to find ways to never let it happen again. I hope they find a good natural way so everyone is happy and is able to feel safe again. Amen.

  • Don’t let them fool you this is an anti Kaiju wall

  • The type of earthquake matters. Subduction earthquakes can suddenly drop a section of coast 3 meters. The 24 foot tsunami wall suddenly can be breached by a 16 foot tsunami. People that live in flat lands by the coast are asking for grief.

  • Rookie suggestion but, overheating the wall during a tsunami and thus evaporating water as it comes?

  • Japanese ppl are my niggas

  • No matter how much progress humanity makes, nature will always be stronger!

  • It's quite impressive, but I still don't think this will stop it. 😱

  • What if earthquake occurr ?

  • As a Indian with an English accent it's none of your concern. There is no "we". The Japanese are more than capable of dealing with this. I'm not Japanese...you are not either. Don't intrude yourself!

    • The amount of racist comments on this video is really upsetting. The colour of my skin has no bearing on my nationality or my profession, or my right to have a scientific discussion on this topic. I'm going to turn off notifications on this video and will think twice about public science engagement in future. You've accomplished something at least.

  • There is a simple solution for tsunami. Think world don't have concretes

  • Idk how this popped up for me, but I am happy it did. Amazing video! Would be interesting to see a geo-wall. It may help and would be less of an eyesore than a concrete wall for the locals.

  • Too little too late... That Nuclear power plant has been poisoning the Pacific ocean for a very long time now. Who builds a GD Nuclear power plant on the coast where tsunami's hit? Absolutely insane... And We are all paying for it. Plus they have fished out everything around Japan... All that's left are jellyfish... Sheesh... 🙄

  • 1. Plant layers of tall trees mixed with dense type plants along the coast - better view compared to concreate wall 2. Built many high , earthquake proof, tsunami proof evacuation center around strategic area so people can quickly get protection 3. Install many reliable earthquake & tsunami detectors to alert people

  • We just can´t defend against the force of nature. Would you like to live behind a 15m concrete wall that still doesn´t guarantee it will stop a big tsunami ? Nuclear plants and other high value high risk constructions have to be protected but as for the rest I´m afraid we just have to accept the risk and be ready to rebuild what is destroyed over and over again,

    • that's what i think like why plus ruing the land for birds and stuff

  • no wall is safe, even a 50 meter wall remains destroyed by the titan

  • Y not reverse the wave?

    • Plants mangroves around coast is the best idea and use less money (my comment)

  • Said bro: bro Japan is a tsunami shield for China

  • AoT wall

  • Maybe we can get em here to finish our wall, please.

  • Your work and channel are great. In this instance however, highlighting the hyperbolic anti-nuclear disinformer Michio Kaku was an unfortunate choice. Disinformation and fear of radiation has been extremely costly ($700B + huge disruption) to the Japanese people. Yet the scientific literature has papers showing that evacuation because of Fukushima Diiachi was unjustified. Fear mongering is the real danger.

  • I thought i saw a video before where the ground was cracking and the ocean water was coming through it. Scary stuff when the ground beneath you moves.

  • Mangroves and coral reefs. Can it help lessen the tsunami? And maybe some natural barriers.

  • plant mangroove treess

  • The real wall of kaiju 😂😂😂

  • The problem with this is you block the view. Its like living inside prison. Thus, it raises depression among people. Ocean view is natural anti depression. What I suggest, no one lives near the shore... And all future contructions should be high sea level.

  • Investment in Solar and wind areas very crucial for energy needs. Rain water harvesting is crucial for cooling of Earth.

  • Better to live in higher grounds and houseboats as the future. Check dams, more deep rooted plants/trees are essential. Nature is stronger than Humans in many ways.

  • The ancient 'tsunami stones' found across Japan were supposedly built to warn people of the dangers of building too close to the coast.

  • amazing!! 🤩

  • Earthquakes will be more severe, and people, sadly, will not wise up and learn from mistake. Many countries do not any preventive measures to discourage residential areas building next to shore and earthquake prone places as Western part of US to have programm to start resettling them into interior of land for miles, if not for ten kilometer away from seashores. It is a matter of time when huge tsunamis will strike western shore of America and S America as well. Not only America but all countries should have implemented ban on residential area next to shores around the world.

  • 0:59 billions

  • same thing in new zealand, taiwan etc?

  • We need to stop building in places that habitually flood, especially in America. It's funny to look at a satellite map of a river in Missouri and see the twisting meandering river with clearly defined floodplains around it, and of course seeing whole towns built in those flood zones. Why would a county approve building permits for a place that's underwater every few years? Why would an insurance company offer coverage on a building that's sure to get destroyed? Because we're stupid

  • Meanwhile in my country the politicians can’t even get a decent road constructed. Respect to people and countries like japan

    • Well, just to point out that jaoan has been taking all the destruction and disasters that nature dished out at them and they just did what they had to do. There wasn't much conflict between them, and that's what led them to here.

  • We, the Japanese people, are grateful to the countries that helped us in the Great East Japan Earthquake !🇨🇳🇺🇸etc… 😭😭😭😭😭😭🤟

  • I am Japanese. Most of the countries are no longer restricting food imports due to the Fukushima nuclear accident. Recently, the United States lifted its restrictions. 🤝🤟

  • If almighty Allah wants, no one never can save themselves accept Allah.

  • My opinion, Japan has big mountain ⛰ areas very close to beaches,, those mountains if can make small borders mountains around 50-to 100m size 40m high between beaches to cities,, I think it will be better than concrete wall,, because,, what I am saying that human made mountain will be maybe more costly but more safe and permanently with trees 🌲 and with grass they can make cover and architectural designs route to waves, This will make more safe their cities,, our world is expanding its true,, belongs to sun life,, whoever lives very close to Pacific Ocean they should e more careful about huge tsunami 🌊 waves…

  • I'm waiting on Hawaii to blow so California can flood

  • Why don't they build the sea wall out in the sea so that it isn't an eye sore for the coastal people? Make a sea wall 3000 ft from shore.

  • People have got to think how many gallons of water came of the barrier work that out then measure the mass of the water and you should get a rough estimate on how high the wall would need to be. It's the whole Sea moving at once nobwall is stopping it

  • The 400km tsunami shield that won't do NAFF all if the tsunami is big enough

  • Terrible solution Japan picked probably pressure from large corporations that want to minimize losses in case of tsunami. Only the sea walls have the appearance of protection but not in reality. The better solution, more cost effective for the country in whole, and population in danger are evacuation towers that would line the coast in intervals relating to local population. It would not destroy culture, livelihoods, vista. It would be a tourist attraction. The towers with a buoyant landing on the top that doubles as a safe house and helicopter landing pads. Blah

  • Lunatics pretending to be humanitarian,,, who spending more money on wars and nukes rather innocent people…

  • 20,000 people were in an instant wiped out from your population. Extremely sad doesn't even begin describe the devastation. Japan has a slowly decreasing population. This event accelerated their decline. This event was so tragic on so many levels. They built seawalls before to defend against such an event and it wasn't enough. They are trying again. At least they are trying to use science to protect themselves.

  • I pray this works, truth is I’m not sure some islands & or cost lines should even be inhabited by humans as Full time homes. Playing with nature. Not sure anything can stop her.

    • At the end of video, it show no house near the Wall 👍 very good .

  • Walls are a stupid idea. What they need is a way to divert the sea water back into the ocean several kilometers. A huge pump that sucks water breaching inland with large pipes going all the way into the ocean would be a better way to do it.

    • @SubtoPolecat324 you can't redirect every single ounce of it but it can reduce the damage and flood level.

    • "A huge pump" lol yeah yeah because its definitely possible to redirect millions and millions if not billions of gallons of water from a tsunami with a pump

  • Thank you for this video. As someone living in Japan I really hate this government for concreting 66% of the whole coastline of the country. Given it is the same phenomena for river's bank, I cannot think of another nation that has destroyed its natural environment like Japan... They could have build these walls a bit more inland, move the population somewhere else (most of these walls will just protect a few thousands of old folks before these places become ghost town in the next 20 year), or simply build hills and plant trees... But Japan has a long history of bribes between officials and construction industry (one of the biggest in the wold, that used to represent 20% of the country's GDP in the 1990's), and use landfill technology from edo period. It's also a country where they kill thousands of bears every year only to please a few folks living in remoted part of the country... I guess that Japan's love for nature is just a myth. Japan hates nature at a level people who do not live there cannot immagine. They have really nice engineers but the way they use their knowledge is really backwarded if we compare with Western countries. I am pretty sure you can manage disasters by building protections that are a lot more eye friendly and respect environement.

  • It's an eyesore until the tsunami comes

  • Quality videos al always

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    • Exactly what I needed too

  • It’s NOT a wave. It’s a water displacement. Big difference. Tsunami = water displacement. Damn people, get it right. Otherwise fantastic vid in engineering.

  • 7:50 what are those rocks on the left??

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • we need to learn from japan

  • Opposite Arch shape construction of tsunami defence wall facing towards the sea, can be helpful. It will reduce the waves pressure, simultaneously after constructing that, they can contruct underground & covered reservoirs, that can store the water for sometimes. And when the situation will come under control, release it again into the sea with proper drainage system. Reservoirs can stop the flood very effeciently but reservoirs should be technologically perfect. Even though experts can think about it more accurately. I just said my opinion.

  • They should put atomic bombs along the coast. When the tsunami passes them they will be triggered to explode and push the wave back from where it came in the opposite direction (towards U.S). The Japanese can just claim they were protecting themselves. Its the ultimate blameless nuclear revenge for Nagasaki Hiroshima and its not even really nuclear just water.

  • I feel like japan needs to build city walls again and modern castles by villages. Make them really high, sturdy and beautiful. Yes the fasade may be destroyed from a tsunami but concrete just doesn´t look good. Put a small layer of another material over it and it will look a lot better.

  • 海外のチャンネルで自国のことより詳しく知ったわ

  • *_I used to ride my bike on top of the sea wall when I was still living in Japan._*

  • I think this shield won't last long

  • Japan is so beautiful

  • everyone gangsta until its a Lightning not a Tsunami that hit the wall

  • "Never going to be able to defend from them completely" - ye right like we can't figure out 1000000x stronger materials and scifi technology in couple hundred years.

  • 0:59 what cost? a piece of paper or Life? every life saved matters more then all the printed papers.


  • Japan is my favourite country. Very hard working gentle people.

  • how to get an video like this..for creating the youtube channel

  • It is like wall in AOT. Cool content

  • Great education, thanks

  • 👍👍👍

  • Wall maria

  • Seriously, did you call a Phd a doctor? it's academic David Mcgovern, only MDs are called doctors you idiots. Silly reporter.

  • It's impossible to build mangrove forest?

  • I feel like that if sea levels rise, the height of tsunamis are also rising up (If that's what I'm thinking from my logic; reply me back if it's logical)

  • Due to CNN and all the other msm, everyone is an expert on global warming, solving environmental problems, yet so many are ignorant. The funny thing is that the ones who rave about saving the environment and how they have the 'perfect solution', are the ones who buy all the junk stuff that destroys it. I am sure when a Tsunami hits, people's first concern will be the walls are bad for the water coming towards them.

  • This event was caused by Najib. This was the wrath of the then Japan's PM's atrocity to participate in the murder plot in Hokkaido

  • Dr. David McGovern is 100% south indian..

    • I'm 100% British, whether you like it or not. Who I am is not defined by my skin colour

  • Still of no use

  • No no my friend. This is for Zombie Apocalypse.

  • This kind of walls are necessary in India especially at the coastal cities. I belongs to a coastal village near Kakinada, Andhra pradesh. The bay of bengal captured around 2 km of my village since last 20 yrs. School, temples, govt bunglows etc went into the sea apart from thousands of houses. No strong actions were taken to avoid this loss. Only politicians visit during the cyclone season and shed some tears and do false promises. My village is a major panchayat with more than 15 k voters. Uppada village is going to be erased soon from the map. Sad story.

  • Won't matter when the pressure from the plates becomes unblocked and wipes Japan off the earth along with most of the planet . Enjoy life while you can , everything is a distraction in comparison

  • god bless ❤️🙏

  • All Geographers are surely appreciating this amazing and impressive hazard management, thanks to Japan by Somaliland.

  • india also encounters high tide problems in cities like mumbai every year since 2011 but govt is just eating money in form of taxes and doing nothing