Japanese Spider-Man vs Adam West Batman | DEATH BATTLE Cast

čas přidán 5. 06. 2023
Guaranteed to be goofy! This week we are pitting two of the silliest takes on super heros against each other.
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  • See this is what we need in death battle. Adam West climbing the Spider Mech only for a celebrity guest star to pop out a non existent window half way up the suit

  • After seeing this we NEED this as a full episode

  • I am highly intrigued with this fight. Spuidaman looks like a fun show, and I really like the Adam West Batman media. If this ever became a real episode, it would be hilarious if it was live action.

    • You what's funny ? Both of them look ridiculous, but.... Japanese spiderman is stronger than Tom holland's spiderman Adam west batman has way more utilities and gadgets than current modern batman..

  • Most enjoyable cast in a long time! 😂

  • The Swan actually sounds like a Adam West Batman villain.

  • Japanese Spider-Man says emissary from hell that sounds awesome af

  • This one is on my most wanted list. When this happens Toei Spider-Man has to speak entirely in Japanese and badass entrance quotes

  • I'd love this battle to be live action. It could be like Power Rangers, and use bad effects in ways that are funny.

  • ok, if Automatron Batman is canonically too small for 1v1 Leopardon, that means Batman already prepared for a situation like this and can make it big in some way with the utility belt like a growing up device or combination with other bat vehicles. (still voting for Supaidaman)

  • This fight feels like it's gonna be akin to the next fight Stitch Vs Rocket where it doesn't matter how much more intelligent you are if your opponent can destroy you a hundred times over.

  • I expected this of Billy but it still had me laughing to much. The walk out in the accurate Adam west batman suit was to perfect. Had to pause now back for the rest

  • If we're gonna do more tokusatsu stuff, then Ultraman vs. Zone Fighter would fit perfectly.

  • This is the kind of match-ups that death battle needs more of. Absolute nonsense because it's fun

  • So recently with the Batman storyline it has been revealed that the Adam West Batman is in accordance with mainline Batman, the most prepared batman (because of the shark repellent) even more then himself.

  • This fight better be live action

    • That'll be sick, I do watch as a weak and slow type of battle like they do in the 1930/1940s

  • I am highly disappointed that they went with Japanese Spider-Man instead of Electric Company Spider-Man. The only one that could defeat that version would be Morgan Freeman. That being said I would have to give the win to the guy with the giant robot as I sincerely doubt West had any robot repellent in his utility belt. Though come to think of it apparently his batmobile was atomic powered so he could always just set it off like a bomb....."atomic batteries to full, turbines to speed" and all that. It would be totally against character but it's not like any of these death battles really try to preserve the moral codes of the combatants.

  • Huh, well, this was a interesting one, i wonder how this would be like as a actual Episode?

  • Japanese Spider-Man all the way. Adam west’s batman is comedy 🤡

  • Billy gets my vote just for the Cosplay alone!!! 😂😂😂

  • 👍 Me encantó este video de este interesante batalla lo disfruté

  • Loved this guys! Youre the best!😊😊😊❤❤❤❤

  • Who would be excellent opponents for each main villain in Jackie Chan Adventures in Death Battle? Close fights.

    • For Tso Lan, the moon demon, I will suggest Fujitora from "One Piece" based on the gravity aspect of his powers.

  • So anybody think they're ever going to go back to the old death battle cast set? Or do you think they just got rid of it

  • You should save these battles for April Fools day.

  • This would not be fair at all 😭 Edit: I’d like to retract my statement after watching this 💀

  • I love billy so much man 😂

  • Seeing how you guys made a video where Peter Parker Spiderman took Bruce Wayne's Batmans head off, who's to say that Japanese Spiderman can't find a way to take off Adam Wests Batmans head off

  • Adam West Batman and Robin once fought the Green Hornet and Kato, Kato was potrayed by Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee beat Chuck Norris in a fight and remember Chuck Norris has crazy and bizarre feats that DEATH BATTLE has mentioned in the Chuck Norris VS Segata Sanshiro. So in my opinion I think Adam West Batman would win.

  • I’ve got some ideas for a Death Battle: 1. Deadpool vs Bloodshot (Marvel vs Valiant Comics) 2. Charizard vs Rathalos (Pokémon vs Monster Hunter) 3. Zoe vs Hekapoo (League of Legends vs Star vs the Forces of Evil) 4. Link vs Aloy (Legend of Zelda vs Horizon) 5. Pyro vs Bols (Team Fortress 2 vs Akame ga Kill!) 6. Gojo vs Makima (Jujutsu Kaisen vs Chainsaw Man) 7. Arashi Mikami vs Red Hood (Triage vs DC Comics) 8. The Redeemer vs Black Manta (Image vs DC Comics) 9. Bullseye vs Deadshot (Marvel vs DC Comics) 10. Zeref vs Ardyn (Fairy Tail vs Final Fantasy) 11. X-23 vs Scandal Savage (Marvel vs DC Comics) 12. Hot Rod vs Cyborg (Transformers vs DC Comics) 13. Albert Wesker vs Green Goblin (Tekken vs Marvel Comics) 14. Alex Armstrong vs Dudley (Fullmetal Alchemist vs Street Fighter) 15. Trish vs Rachel (Devil May Cry vs Ninja Gaiden) 16. Captain Underpants vs Obelix 17. She-Hulk vs Caulifla (Marvel vs Dragon Ball) 18. Vegeta vs Phoenix Ikki (Dragon Ball vs Saint Seiya) 19. Erza vs Clare (Fairy Tail vs Claymore) 20. Goku vs Jin Mori (Dragon Ball vs The God of High School) 21. Cell vs Fu (Dragon Ball vs No More Heroes) 22. Luz vs Anne (The Owl House vs Amphibia) 23. Ichigo vs Yusuke (Bleach vs Yu Yu Hakusho) 24. Sasuke vs Zeldris (Naruto vs Seven Deadly Sins) 25. Leonardo vs Daredevil (Ninja Turtles vs Marvel) 26. Shikamaru vs Zora (Naruto vs Black Clover) 27. Steven vs Adora (Cartoon Network vs She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) 28. Colonel vs M. Bison (Mega Man vs Street Fighter) 29. Ken Vs Shinichi (Tokyo Ghoul vs Parasyte) 30. Mega Man vs Emerl (Capcom vs Sega) 31. Pain vs Diavolo (Naruto vs Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) 32. Pit vs Zagreus (Kid Icarus vs Hades) 33. Thanos vs Exdeath (Marvel vs Final Fantasy) 34. Rex vs Sorey (Xenoblade Chronicles vs Tales of Zestiria) 35. Zeus vs Odin (Greek Mythology vs Norse Mythology) 36. Min Min vs Xiangling (ARMS vs Genshin Impact) 37. Yaiba vs Raiden (Ninja Gaiden vs Metal Gear) 38. Vash vs Vincent (Trigun vs Final Fantasy) 39. Aoi Todo vs Tengen Uzui (Jujutsu Kaisen vs Demon Slayer) 40. Goku Black vs Shem-Ha (Dragon Ball vs Symphogear) 41. Zim vs Crypto (Invader Zim vs Destroy All Humans) 42. The Ed’s vs Animaniacs (Cartoon Network vs Warner Bros.) 43. Piccolo vs Magus (Dragon Ball vs Chrono Trigger) 44. Otis vs Shaun (Nickelodeon vs Aardman) 45. Steve vs Akihiko (Tekken vs Persona) 46. Whitebeard vs Escanor (One Piece vs Seven Deadly Sins) 47. Bumblebee vs Metabee (Transformers vs Metabots) 48. Ness vs Frisk (Earthbound vs Undertale) 49. Cammy vs Nina (Street Fighter vs Tekken) 50. Moon Knight vs Azrael (Marvel vs DC Comics) 51. Seth vs Taskmaster (Street Fighter vs Marvel Comics) 52. Kars vs Meruem (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure vs Hunter x Hunter) And before someone even thinks about putting this on my reply section, the answer is yes, I do know there is a form. Doesn’t mean I can’t also post suggestions.

    • I was actually gonna say Wolverine seems like a better fit for Bloodshot, they were both ex-soldiers who were experimented on by their respective governments, lost the women they loved which sent them on missions of revenge and have impressive healing factors for their respective universes.

  • I want to see this fight make it happen

  • Yes, yes please, oh god yes i want to see this!

  • Here's a joke supervillain battle you should do: Toiletnator vs Condiment King (KND vs DC)!!

  • Yall should do collabs with some of the debate community

  • i know this is very random and only real ones know who am talking about here but we need to accept SheZow as a participant for death battle he has super strengh speed agility an arsenal of gadgets a sonic scream time travel flight a super slap and alot more who agrees?

    • Only if they came up with another cross-dressing superhero to pit him against. No wait I just remembered...cyber six. Technically speaking that character is actually female but crossdresses as a male for their civilian identity. So there you go. A cross-dressing cat fight where one of them actually brings a cat to the fight.

    • @alex solomon Would be great to see

  • I would like to see Baki Hanma vs Ohma Tokita

  • Liam Swan with Liam's Wank won the poll of Toei Spider-Man vs Adam West Batman by three votes to one. Is this supposed to be a Boomstick pun?

  • I hope they saw my request for a DB cast

  • Next death battle, Smurf vs CareBear

  • 55:00 The greatest possible feat???

  • Wow wow wubbzy needs to be in a death battle please

  • Japanese Spider-Man humiliates Batman🕷🕸

  • Community Death Battle idea: Shadow vs Zero (Sonic vs Mega Man)!

  • Spider-Man, emissary of hell all the way!

  • Best Heroes

  • Japan Supaidaman Gonna Use Hi MegaZord Win

  • Billy's audio was fricked. I didn't know wth he was saying at all.😕

  • I can barely understand batman bc of the mic. if i didnt turn on subs then i wouldnt have known he said "3 human men" and not "3 CUBAN men"

  • Still asking for Francisco Scaramanga vs Agent 47


  • Black hat vs the lich (Villainous vs adventure time) In death battle

  • Sonic vs Rainbow Dash (Sonic The Hedgehog vs My Little Pony Death Battle cast

  • Can deathbattle do SpongeBob vs pinkie pie or SpongeBob vs popye the sailor man

  • I choose death battle! Japanese spider-man winner🏆spider-man this we won🏆marvel spider-man i like it superhero comic magazine books😠🤟🕸🕷👊💥🦹‍♂️📚amazing marvel spider-man spider web powers🤟🕸 i like it🥰❤❤❤👍🎉 awesome

  • Homelander vs ironman

  • Bring in six

  • PS4 Marvel's Spiderman vs Arkham Series Batman

  • Lmfao

  • Yes plz

  • Ash vs yugi is better

  • Sss

  • Yo this is kinda kinda cringe lol