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Jason Derulo x David Guetta - Goodbye (feat. Nicki Minaj & Willy William) [Official HD Lyric Video]

čas přidán 24. 08. 2018
The new single "Goodbye" with David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj & Willy William is available now!
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Produced by Post Office Studios
Executive Producer: Mohit Bhasin
Director: Aditya Tawde
Lead Producer: Ankur Chakravarty
Graphic Designers: Adarsh Panicker, Omkar Sawant and Riffat Aga
Animators: Harsh Sharma, Kunal Prabhu, Shikha Sharma, Neekhil Dighe, Pratik Satam and Aghil Prasannan
Editor: Harsh Sharma
Official Website:


  • Andrea Bocelli has left the Chat...


  • i love your song

  • last time we got a david X nicki collab was Where them girls at!

  • how els no this song cose of youre mom

  • 😍😍que

  • I love this song!!!!😍😍😍


  • What a shame for the original song

  • Copy right

  • Cony right

  • omgg this is my favorite song😍😍❤️💖

  • why they have to this to an atg song

  • this song reminds me of an old song

  • An insult to the original song...

  • 讲真这首还挺不错的呀!赞一个!👍🏼🔥🔥🔥

  • Love this song!

  • Essa musica é de uma musica classica


  • i like it

  • This reminds me of kian and marius

  • Nice song

  • j'aime la chanson sur tout sur les refrain de jason derulo et Nicki minji

  • Тот случай, когда просто видео набрала больше просмотров чем сам клип😂😂😂


  • My new gym hit song, so love this song

  • Con te Partiro ♪♪

  • the first few seconds was the melody of time to say goodbye by andrea bocelli and sara brightman

  • Why did you hate xx your a bitch you killed himr

  • This reminds me of ‘Freaks’ by French Montana ft. Nicki

  • Fuck you for doing this shit. Your song is shit and you guys are fucking hacks.

  • Je t'aime j'adore ta musique bisous Jason marilou😗😗😗😗

  • WHY?

  • This song was made by an Italian, and there's Spanish and french in it? Wow, just completely forget to include Italian in there.

  • I lovely song

  • I lovely song

  • making this song was a criminal offense. An insult to Bocelli. I love guetta... but come on man... unnecessary

  • Marion

  • The Best song ever

  • I just think Nicki bitch Minaj's every sound or word or whatever sound she makes in this song, is just plain attention whoring. That spain sh!t at the end? Translate it. What does it have to do with anything in the song? "Down for my fatty fatty" really??

  • I love this song!!😍😍❤

  • Todo bien hasta el final inesperado de la canción JAJAJAJA papichulo :v

  • this it cool drives me crazy

  • hi

  • this was posted on my 13th bday hahaha

  • The song is amazing, this version not

  • Wabongo Tunacomment Wap

  • twenty one pilots' time to say goodbye will always be the best modern version of it, better than this one

  • 🔥

  • God sang

  • Colombia

  • Italia

  • Antes rifaban, ahora se quedaron sin ideas // Before you looked, now they ran out of ideas

  • I need you i need you tonight!

  • I want to be the same famous guy like you XD 1 like = if you want too

  • addicted to this soong!! oh my fuckin god!!

  • Das ist besser als das von Andrea bocelli

  • This was bad. Would be much more appreciated if it was at least something original.

  • Oh wow 😮this so amazing i real love it down for loven 💞😍

  • jo ez a muzsika !!444!!!!!

  • i dont want some strange language in any songs

  • This song is a good song and like liesten to it 😊

  • Time 2 say gud bye love u Niki

  • What a crazy song!!! This is my chreography for this lovely song ♥️💜♥️ Tell me what do you think 🎉😎

  • Andrea Bocelli saben lo que hacen 🙄

  • Cuanto amas este culo? And some people call this “art” , really? Her ass or let’s call it like she said, culo. Her culo is damn fake. And it’s not even beautiful to call it like that in first place lol

  • 😍😍😂i love it 💝💖💓💕💗💙💚❤💘

  • Goodbye

  • 0:24🥰😍🇨🇺🇭🇹

  • You copied Andrea Bocelli,sorry

  • R.I.P Time to say goodbye.

  • R.I.P Time to say goodbye.

  • R.I.P Time to say goodbye.

  • Bonjour 👋🏻 ⭐️⭐️

  • Bloody hell this is crap, stupid autoplay

  • osm killer song

  • Why whenever I see David Guetta its always a banger

  • Dieser Song passt zu den Brände in usa weil die Villen der Star s auch angerannt sind jetz müssen sie sagen its time to say good bay

  • made me smile Love it

  • Is really I love it... maybe I listening this song more then 100 time

  • "Si si si" it's not french it's italian Guarda te 'sti ignoranti

  • ,,KULO"= In Slovakia Language is ,,SHIT" :D

  • Já está quase no português -_-

  • I like jason derulos music

  • OMG

  • Canción original en el link :)

  • Why would you do this to Con te Partirò?

  • Jason i gonna meet you in Amsterdam see you later bro

  • Best collabo ever

  • Don’t tell m Gbye

  • This song must’ve been really fun recording it cause it’s fun listening to the song

  • 😈😈😆😉😈😇😀😉😯😬😠😢😅😅😆😯😢😬

  • Videoclip +18😂

  • I think this song is happy, i mean rythm by that, but my friend thinks its a bit sad (the lyrics) But what is it now?

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  • Time to say Goodbye from INDIA🇮🇳 🙏🙏

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  • Its fk copyright boys

  • no way!

  • Goodbye is best tittle of me. Y love you nicky Y love side to side with ariana grande and anaconda put the best is idol