Java Account Move: A Fun Visit from Dinnerbone

čas přidán 23. 11. 2021
Knock, knock. Who’s there? It’s Dinnerbone, with more detailed information about moving your Java account! Find out how to safely move your account, where to find information, and - oh who are we kidding? It’s all about how to get your free cape! Read more here:

AUDIO DESCRIPTION version is here:


  • You know, it really is strange seeing dinnerbone not walking upsidown.

  • Can't wait for Dinnerbone's scream to become a meme like Jeb's

  • I love how Minecraft can explain serious information in a non serious way

  • I love how they make it obvious that everyone hates this update and they know it

  • Free capes is always the answer to every minecraft player's heart

  • Dinnerbone: "don't forget the capes, it's not a bribe"

  • Parent: "Are you sure you're not the clown?"

  • one of the best animated series ever

  • Things have really gone downhill ever since they flipped Dinnerbone upside-down. 😔

  • “Are you certain, you’re not the clown?”

  • I love how the actual opinions of the community are being represented here rather than PvPers wearing gold armour being satisfied with everything Dinnerbone says

  • I would recommend NOT moving until the last possible moment. I migrated September 9th, made a support-ticket September 10th, and Microsoft has still not given me the option to turn on multiplayer for my "newly" migrated Mojang-account.

  • Dinnerbone being almost sorry for asking players to do this is really interesting, especially in what's basically an official information video

  • Why isn't this public, those animations are FIRE!

  • Fun fact: Llama means "Why" in Hebrew, so it's a fitting ending.

  • "I've seen the first Sun rising in the Overworld and I want to see its last"

  • 0:25

  • I really hate this being a forced thing, but the animation is so well made and self aware I can’t even complain

  • A man-"Are you sure you are not the clown?"

  • If only you could make different capes depending on when the account was created