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Jax Jones - House Work ft. Mike Dunn, MNEK

čas přidán 30. 06. 2016
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  • Lol!!!

  • What gay lyrics.

  • absolute tuneeeee every time.x

  • Malaa @Concord Music hall 2016 !!!!


  • House wake up....hugeee work to do kid

  • Bomb! The end.

  • To all tha folks cryin that this song sounds like every other house song, I hope you understand how ironic your statement is, and that your opinion only proves that you really don't understand house music, because if you truly DID, then you would also understand that the idea that this song sounds like "every other house song" is sorta the point OF house music in and of itself. Those who truly love it, understand each song as, while sharing many characteristics of other tracks, are still ultimately unique. Only a novice hears house as all sounding the same. This being said, while yes, this song may technically sound a bit generic, it is still a nasty thumper and worthy of respect.

  • පට්ට

  • Super crush track

  • Xd

  • 2019?

  • 2019 ?? DIPS BITCHEZZ

  • Dr Scholes can fix this all

  • I call it tech-house.. Cuz its tech house...

  • jax jones and sickick should collaborate now that would be good to see

  • Got Me dancin man! House work, light work!

  • rinse n repeat

  • Domestos?

  • The Other Brands will work like that with Music,Dance like Starbucks,Personal Instructions..

  • E Ep Epi Epic Epico O Co ico Pico Epico

  • that guy is cool!

  • super lit 2018

  • Nice track

  • Dude in washing up liquid... What more you want... D

  • Yeaaa..its really a good song

  • What is i the bottle??

  • Me de água!!!

  • Great club beat!! Luvin it!!!

  • This is the same guy that was on the cereal box

  • The best

  • Such hot sauce

  • Why am I finding you for the first time?

  • 2018?

  • Hi

  • But, I don't wanna do house work! 😞 lol 😂

  • uh tss uh tss uh tss ---------> awesome !!!

  • Nice


  • J'adore

  • We're dancing to this and i love it!

  • 1:08

  • This song 16/🌐

  • Waaavey... i hope he still makes house in the future now hes made it to the top, hes bad as f.

  • *Got me in my bedroom dancing with my cat*

  • im in tap class i dance to this song

  • Tries to clean house, but just keep for being til she death drops, work me godamn it

  • #freethelittledudefromproducts

  • Nice 😍

  • I like it. But I love the official video more