Jeffree Star Speaks Up After Seeing What Fans Did to Shane Dawson Palette

čas přidán 15. 11. 2019
Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star sold out of their new makeup collection but fans are upset at some of the buyers.

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  • But that is no reason to blame the 2 greatest youtubers on earth! At least you can get it when they restocke unlike some of us kids that aren't aloud to get it at all :(

  • And in my opinion I don't even think that that it's shopify fault, it's just that there were to many people on the site I get that that's frustrating

  • Those people who are blaming shane and jefree it's not there fault I watched the last episode of the series literally 5 minutes ago so chill

  • Lol “gotta be quicker then that”😂😂

  • people out here complaining about not being able to buy $70 eyeshadow. $70! that's alot! there are people literally starving and dying! first world problems. so annoying

  • Kim there's people that are dying

  • Why is everybody shocked? Like did y'all not realize capitalism was a thing until now?

  • These people have never struggled once in their life, spoiled mother f**ers

  • Please, even Jeffree knows that people are going to resell it. When something is in demand RESELLING will NEVER end get used to it and don’t knock someone else’s hustle

  • 2:16 J E F R E E I S W A T C H I N G Y O U

  • If not getting a makeup palette is the worst thing that happened to you had a pretty good day.

  • I do buy from resellers from japan... the struggles of being a Johnny's Fan

  • All the 6’s. Satan!!

  • Me and my partner are trying to buy a house right now, and this sounds just like out of town/region home buyers that but at a local and resell for more than double. It makes it impossible to buy a home at a reasonable cost, and what's leftover is so expensive it isn't worth it. This is what the WORLD economy is doing; it isn't isolated to the makeup industry. It's skeezy at best, and a dangerous pattern for business at worst.... There's going to be makeup inflation lol

  • it's eyeshadow, calm down

  • One time I wanted to buy tickets to a Billie Eilish concert, right? The highest seating price was $120, and I was r e a d y. Seating opened, and in literally like three seconds, everything was bought out. I looked up other ticket options and IMMEDIATELY spotted reselling. Y'all wanna know how much the *worst* seating was?? $300. It was originally like $35 at most. However, then I saw the highest ticket price. TWO AND A HALF THOUSAND DOLLARS P E R T I C K E T. I was absolutely fuming.

  • Why can someone not wait 1-2 months for a makeup palate that sold out, even though they have waited a year already? I mean, really, is your life going to be destroyed if you don’t get that makeup immediately? People, grow up, seriously, it will come back in stock. How do you get rid of resellers?? Don’t buy from them, simple as that. Sheeeesh!

  • Kim, there's people that are dying.

  • So many of these people are just throwing temper tantrums 😒

  • "This is so unfair" *OPS-*

  • 1:35 This is called, capitalism. People whining over makeup is the real problem.

  • I’m a reseller as a side job. But I don’t increase my prices so significantly to exploit buyers. And no, I’m not reselling this collection.

  • My god I feel so bad for Shane and Jeffree having to explain to thousands of teenage girls how webtraffic works and that when MILLIONS of people all log three different websites at once, THEYRE GONNA SHUT DOWN.

  • I paid $218 for my palette bundle. It happens. I ain’t even mad.

  • plot twist- What if Jeffrey and Shane were a few of theses resellers to see how much people would buy the products for?

  • Meh, normal thing. If something is hot and not that widely avaible, then it's sure to show up as resell for double price. No one's forcing ppl to buy that though, especially since it's been said there will be restock etc so why even bother crying?

  • Just dont buy from re-sellers and they will run out if business.

  • I'm waiting until the 3rd restock or so when all of the hype dies down bc y'all are literally ridiculous.

  • resell for 2x-3x the amount should be made illegal tbh. This happen way too often, and it is getting out of hand. it happens during concerts, limited console/game released etc. nothing sucks more then waiting in line 2-4 hours to get a game you've been waiting for, only for reseller just a head of you buy all of the copies just to resell it for 5x the retail. this is why re-ording started to become a thing, and companies resorted to having limited purchases.

  • Ok so.. if they wanted to avoid people being upset about this they would do preorders. See they only put out SO Much inventory for sale because they want to be able to say they sold out. Why do you thing gaming companies allow you to preorder a game before it comes out? So that everyone is able to get their hands on a game.. and then they have plenty of time so produce the exact amount of inventory needed to sell. If makeup brands allowed you to preorder items before the release this wouldn’t be a problem. But of course they arnt going to do that because you WANT to be able to say you sold out. That’s why a lot of companies purchase smaller amounts of products. That way if it sells out you know it’s a good product. It’s a marketing strategy.

  • Y'all could've just gone to the morphe store or maybe just chill TF out

  • ya'll are lucky shane's merch or the makeup pallette doesnt even ship to a lot of countries

  • I get the anger towards the resellers. Especially for how much hype the pallet has. Like people literally had the items in their carts ready to check out when they would out.

  • Yikes, people. I can smell the entitlement from here, it smells like death.

  • “tHiS iS sO uN-fAiR!” -that hunger was makeup selling the most un-fair thing-

  • see, if its still available on site (or will be, if its being restocked) i see it as very scammy if people try to sell something thats still being made for double(or more) than what its worth from the official maker. If it was limited edition or they stopped making them, yeah, i could see a markup being ok. but if its still being produced? Thats...kinda scammy if someone doesnt know its still being sold by the maker and buys the product for more than what its worth.

  • All this video is doing is bringing to light all these spoiled, entitled, brats. These people sound like they've never been told no in their life before 🙄 People are really pathetic. What's not "fair" is the amount of starving and homeless people in America....not you not getting a palette the first launch 👏👏 Go start a fundraiser for a good cause y'all

  • "tHiS iS So uNfaIr" I can't even buy the collection bcs the shipping will be way too expensive if shipped to my country, and yet here we are 🤔🤔...

  • This is a big problem with launches. You shouldn't be able to take out of someone elses basket. When you put that item in your basket, it should be yours until you check out. It's a malfunction with the websites.

  • My mum woke up at 4am to get the palette (Aussie time) and she literally paid for 2 Mini Controversy palettes but got a refund a bit later (like, later than they should've) because they said they didn't actually have 2 available but then they found out they had more so instead of giving them to the people who had gotten refunds they just put them all online again which was totally unfair.