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Dropping Jelly into the Fast Shredder! Enjoy & Subscribe!
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  • 1:00 well that's a pleasant sound

  • ไทยหายย

  • Play 3:40 and save time

  • No pls

  • Why are you wasting stuff:-(

  • Honestly I feel bad for what that dog must feel like. His toys being destroyed and having to watch them suffer

  • 挟まれそうで怖い

  • Foot wasting

  • how did you protect yourself from the glass?

  • 3:40 is what you came for you dont need to like

  • Caraca para caraca perguntei por você não tem comida não ou seminário Por que você tá dizendo as coisa errada pô coisa bom para caraca aí eu nunca ninguém vai gostar aí eu não gostei não gostei

  • Wow

  • Its so lost

  • ...Is That Jelly Edible cause...It Looks AMAZING🥺

  • 3:37 Amazing time😍

  • Marble vs shreeder

  • 1:18 I’m not the only one that wanted that stick to get shredded, was I?

  • This channel has mastered half life SFX

  • Why does anyone watch this

  • 5:30 this is someones fettish

  • I thought the vídeo was in fast motion

  • Oh God, the squeeky toys gave me "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" flashbacks 😭

  • Bose fala usted portuguéis

  • ** 0:49

  • 3:40

  • 3:42

  • Pop corn ok like ok

  • 파편 등으로, 위험 하니까 조심군요?

  • Who else was waiting to see the shredded material

  • Hello

  • jelek banget bikin vidio nya😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛

  • 2:50 sniper elite testicle shot

  • honestly if the jelly part is the "amazing" part then it's overwhelmingly underwhelming.....the sound it makes on the other hand is freaking hilarious

  • Dog: **hears squeaky toy** Guy: **proceeds to put squeaky toys in shredder** Dog: *OOH SQUEAKY*

  • 1:22 "pIKaCHU!"

  • Your CS-tv channel so shut the fuck up pussy as bitch

  • It would be nice to see a shredder shredding a shredder.

  • *_kinda sad i didnt get to eat any of that jelly..._*

  • Soo much of wastage man I am seeing your vedios from 5years but now I con understand

  • Thank me later 3:39

  • 音鳴るやつ鳴き声みたいに聞こえてグロい… 日本人いないの? 個人的に好きなところ💓3:34


  • Oh fast shredder I thought you said fat shredder

  • This is amazing 🤪🥰😋

  • Roses are red A heart is too I think this was you came for 4:09

  • Mãe: cadê o meu controle Eu: è... num sei

  • I don't know why... I LOVE THE DESTRUCTION ! 4:23 CRAZY DIAMOND 🔹 - Josuke Higashitaka

  • Asmr in a nutshell:

  • Thấy rê quá Việt nam

  • Các cái thạch nhìn trông ngon

  • Nghe phe tai vai cut

  • ここに嫌いな人を入れたいな(⑉• •⑉)❤︎

  • The shredder just *_absorbs_* the jelly. 3:34

  • Good Job Like

  • Puts a bomb

  • Should I study?

  • Dang! I wish I had that De-Shredder! I could create and invent anything with it!

  • africans are hungry and are running out of food. they could eat all of the wasted jello that you bought and shredded. africans have to suffer thanks to you.

  • My puppy looking around my room for random stuff to eat:

  • Have fun cleaning the shredder now lol