Jet Blue Flight 292 - SNL

čas přidán 13. 11. 2018
A couple on a Jet Blue flight (Steve Carell, Amy Poehler) have very different reactions to some news about their plane. [Season 31, 2005]
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  • Their maximum takeoff weight is less than 5 percent over the maximum landing weight, so it doesn’t need to dump fuel.

  • A320s can’t dump fuel

  • Oh my gosh. Michael Scott and Leslie Knope crossing over.

  • I mean it's better landing gear stuck open than closed

  • Asta cuando estas aerolineas seguiran abusando de los pasajeros en el sentido que un dia estan regulares los precios de los vuelos y al dia siguientes estan mas caros,no hay una estabilidad hacen lo que les da la gana con el bolsillo del pasajero son unos abusadores por que si no les suben el combustible no tienen que subir constante mente los precios deben de rejirse por los precios de los combustibles...asta cuando los pendejos pasajeros le seguiran pagando la voluntad a los cabrones dueños de lineas aereas que hoy tienen un precio y mañana otro...malditos ladrones

  • Is it mocking 9/11?

  • Jerry?

  • Office and Parks and Recreation crossover.

  • Their pilot is Jerry Smith!

  • Trivia: How many times did Steve Carell say honey in this video?

  • Leslie and Michael hell yeah

  • she makes a better spouse to michael scott than holly

  • Leslie Knope and Michael Scott Legends

  • I just realized the voice on the airplane is Chris Parnell aka Cyril Figgis from archer and Jerry Smith from Rick and Morty

  • I will never be able to look at Steve and Amy and not think of them as Michael and Leslie

  • wow the captain sounds like Jerry Smith from Rick and Morty

  • is this supposed to be funny?

  • Micheal Scott and Leslie Knope! Worlds collide!

  • Sometimes Amy Pohler is cute, and sometimes she's not.

  • Michael Scott AND Leslie Knope?? finally there's a Parks/Office mashup


  • If 2005 is vintage then I’m fucking ancient

  • Since when did Michael Scott fly JetBlue?

  • Micheal and Leslie have such similar characters. I want to see them in a scene together

  • Everything is sponsored in SNL Some shows do not show the brand or airline name....

  • Seth myres=tony hawk

  • 3:00 yeah, just blow up the firetrucks too. To give a little excitment.

  • Isn’t that Jerry Smith’s voice?

  • Such a weak slow paced script... Shameful waste of those wonderful actors.

  • She wasn’t wearing her headphones

  • Z


  • Accurate except that Amy Poehler didnt need to take off her headphones to hear the announcements, it mutes the headphones and plays announcements in them.

  • So white people do clap when the plane lands? I thought that was only a wack meme 🤔

  • Dammit Cyril .


  • Just so dumb. Really dumb. Dumb generation thinks this is funny. SNL is the greatest trash on tv. Fucking terrible so bad.

  • 4:15 Its the guy from Brooklyn 99!!

  • I just went to LAX. In a JetBlue plane...

  • does anybody know who’s doing the voiceover for the captain?

  • Michael Scott doesn’t care about anybody when he is on his flight to Sandals, Jamaica

  • I see Michal and Jan so hard

  • Lol, the two weird people from the Office and Parks and Recreation.

  • Yeet

  • This actually did happen, it's not just a fake snl skit


  • That’s why Jet Blue has problems; Jerry Smith was the Captain!

  • Is Chris Hemsworth playing the pilot or am I tripping?

  • I lost it when the fire truck blew up

  • I lost it when the fire truck blew up

  • Don’t watch this right before taking a flight.

  • to bad they weren't on a real plane when it crashes that would be the funniest thing ever on this planet 🥃🕺🏻🎉🎈👍🏼

  • Todd Packer was here

  • This is freaking me out I’m watching this waiting to board my jet blue flight on a Wednesday and I looked up the date September 21 2005... it’s also a Wednesday

  • Amy looks so beautiful wow

  • Flight "292"......11=2/9=9/2018=11=2 11/9/2018=292 "Kennedy" airport "Blue" "No survivors". Fuck this shit.

  • Seeing Michael Scott And Leslie Knope on the same plane is just amazing!

  • Not my fav snl era. They kinda lost me until a couple of years ago.

  • 2005 Amy, so hot.

  • Haha, why did the fire trucks burst into flames?

  • So funny created a link for it:

  • Exact portryal of media vs reality.

  • All i hear now is Cpt. Jerry

  • A320 - the best aircraft of 1988.

  • I love how they used actual footage from the real event.

  • We need the old SNL skits back. Comedy ?


  • lame

  • Is the guy who voices Cyril Figgis the pilot?

  • The announcer is fucking MCREE

  • Sometimes I book JetBlue for the chips...

  • This is when they were politics, just humor!!

  • 2 different shows, 2 different bosses, 2 similar styles

  • Damn you snl, don't remind me that shitty sketches like this aren't a new thing.

  • dr spaceman!

  • Seems like a quality airline.

  • Sounds like jerry is flying this aircraft.

  • i was a year and a day old when this flight took place

  • Anyone see Colin Joist at 5:20? This was the first sketch he wrote that aired!

  • Hey, i am a simple man... I see carell, i click!!

  • Steve Carrel must have modeled his character after Tom Cruise 😂

  • This is a great sketch!

  • 13 years later Jet Blue is still as relaxed as ever serving you whole meals and watching 1 month old movies.

  • Leslie knope and michael have come a long way from dunder mufflin and parks department days huh😂😂

  • Emory University!

  • An extremely anticlimactic ending.

  • Steve Carell looks so young!

  • I was on a jet blue flight today with the same exact EVERYTHING

  • Leslie Knope + Micheal Scott parks and rec + the office

  • Did anyone notice Steve’s headphones not working then went cut to the tv they fixed it or is that just me lol

  • My wife would watch the off the wall channels also, while I would watch the news, even on a plane she would find something stupid to watch...

  • Jet blue...the most ghetto airline ever flew once never again

  • This didnt make me superstitious

  • Who’s voicing the pilot??

  • Man I miss this Steve

  • Fun fact, Leslie Knope was supposed to actually be Micheal love interest instead of Holly, but they saved her for Parks and Rec

  • Best not to know.

  • SNL just isn't that funny is it.

  • Fool me once, strike one, but fool me twice...strike three

  • I got so happy when i saw Hader...then i seen that it was filmed in 2005 but published in 2018💔🙄