Jet Blue Flight 292 - SNL

čas přidán 13. 11. 2018
A couple on a Jet Blue flight (Steve Carell, Amy Poehler) have very different reactions to some news about their plane. [Season 31, 2005]
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  • Is Chris Hemsworth playing the pilot or am I tripping?

  • I lost it when the fire truck blew up

  • I lost it when the fire truck blew up

  • Don’t watch this right before taking a flight.

  • to bad they weren't on a real plane when it crashes that would be the funniest thing ever on this planet 🥃🕺🏻🎉🎈👍🏼

  • Todd Packer was here

  • This is freaking me out I’m watching this waiting to board my jet blue flight on a Wednesday and I looked up the date September 21 2005... it’s also a Wednesday

  • Amy looks so beautiful wow

  • Flight "292"......11=2/9=9/2018=11=2 11/9/2018=292 "Kennedy" airport "Blue" "No survivors". Fuck this shit.

  • Seeing Michael Scott And Leslie Knope on the same plane is just amazing!

  • Not my fav snl era. They kinda lost me until a couple of years ago.

  • 2005 Amy, so hot.

  • Haha, why did the fire trucks burst into flames?

  • Another example of Ignorance is Bliss . - Three weeks in Burbank! Ugggh ..

  • So funny created a link for it:

  • Exact portryal of media vs reality.

  • All i hear now is Cpt. Jerry

  • A320 - the best aircraft of 1988.

  • I love how they used actual footage from the real event.

  • We need the old SNL skits back. Comedy ?


  • lame

  • Is the guy who voices Cyril Figgis the pilot?

  • The announcer is fucking MCREE

  • Sometimes I book JetBlue for the chips...

  • This is when they were politics, just humor!!

  • 2 different shows, 2 different bosses, 2 similar styles

  • Damn you snl, don't remind me that shitty sketches like this aren't a new thing.

  • dr spaceman!

  • Seems like a quality airline.

  • Sounds like jerry is flying this aircraft.

  • i was a year and a day old when this flight took place

  • Anyone see Colin Joist at 5:20? This was the first sketch he wrote that aired!

  • Hey, i am a simple man... I see carell, i click!!

  • Steve Carrel must have modeled his character after Tom Cruise 😂

  • This is a great sketch!

  • 13 years later Jet Blue is still as relaxed as ever serving you whole meals and watching 1 month old movies.

  • Leslie knope and michael have come a long way from dunder mufflin and parks department days huh😂😂

  • Emory University!

  • An extremely anticlimactic ending.

  • Steve Carell looks so young!

  • I was on a jet blue flight today with the same exact EVERYTHING

  • Leslie Knope + Micheal Scott parks and rec + the office

  • Did anyone notice Steve’s headphones not working then went cut to the tv they fixed it or is that just me lol

  • My wife would watch the off the wall channels also, while I would watch the news, even on a plane she would find something stupid to watch...

  • Jet blue...the most ghetto airline ever flew once never again

  • This didnt make me superstitious

  • Who’s voicing the pilot??

  • SNL is really pure trash.

  • Man I miss this Steve

  • Fun fact, Leslie Knope was supposed to actually be Micheal love interest instead of Holly, but they saved her for Parks and Rec

  • Best not to know.

  • SNL just isn't that funny is it.

  • Fool me once, strike one, but fool me twice...strike three

  • Yes m8 go to the description before you say something's that we'll get your ass own

  • I got so happy when i saw Hader...then i seen that it was filmed in 2005 but published in 2018💔🙄

  • Was this a CNN is fake news joke 😂

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • _wow they all look so young_ lol

  • CNN lying yet again

  • This was fucking hysterical! The news commentators really made this HA HA was all well written tho.

  • They clapped when the plane landed

  • Lmfaooo

  • lmao watched this few times already, love it!!!!

  • my thoughts exactly every time i fly..

  • Does anybody know who voices the captain? He sounds a whole lot like Matthew Mercer

  • I was about 2 when this was filmed and now I’m almost 16 wow

  • This is nothing like my Jet Blue experience! The only issue we had was when they said we had to make a pit stop the flight attendants did a wonderful job keeping us calm. It wasn't until we lost half of the plane and the entire front end blew off did anyone panic. The vomit from the surviving passengers was able to extinguish the cabin fire. And nobody ran from the plane on fire either. We jumped out of the remaining middle part of the plane and the wind dynamic put out the fire on our flaming bodies. 5 of us DID go on to survive. I sure would've loved some complimentary chips though.

  • Micheal sccot paper company

  • Men are stupid

  • hhahaha

  • *Don't say we didn't feed ya*. lol

  • Why don’t they do a water landing?

  • This is totally not Funny. Plane Crashes are sad and shouldn't be parodied. I fly a lot and this is my worst fear. Can you imagine this happening to you? It just makes me sad.

  • Steve is still so hot though

  • Finally we get office and parks and recreation crossover

  • Amy is such a fox. Schwiiing!

  • I hate Jet Blue

  • Ignorance a bliss for steve

  • he looks so young

  • Wait is this the office or parks & rec?

  • That brief moment when Michael Scott and Leslie Knope dated

  • I guess Holly and Ben weren’t keeping them happy.

  • I'm sorry but Steve Carrell is not vintage. Steve Martin is vintage.

  • The computer simulation had be cracking up omg

  • Is this Ted Koppel as the news caster?

  • Kept waiting for the funny part, guess I missed it

  • If only we had these types of sketches nowadays

  • Funny because im flying in a jet blue plane today

  • Back before SNL became NPC humor, I like this.

  • Fuck you Steve

  • And, just to think I was planning on taking a Jet Blue flight from Long Beach airport to San Jose on Nov 14.... (-_____-)

  • I died when those people on fire running from the plane appeared 😂😂

  • I remember watching the real one live on the news lmao

  • When you realize this was 2005 and not 2018 which was published in 2018........

  • Bill Hader should’ve played Freddie Mercury.

  • Why does the pilot sound like jerry from Rick n morty

    • Holy shit. Thank you, I was trying to figure out who that was.

    • That is the actor who voices him.

  • I was waiting for the plane to explode

  • I didn't know Michael knew Leslie.

  • Why are these actors cute tho???