John Deere 8500 forager how cool 👌

čas přidán 22. 05. 2023
Going next door to have a look at the lovely shiny John Deere forage harvester or a chopper to us common folk. Silage time is upon us.. grass is blowing all over the town our turn at the weekend. Can’t wait
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  • Charlotte your dog is absolutely gorgeous. I grew up with b/w collies, as far as I'm concerned they are one of the best breeds xx

  • Thank you for your videos. They are lovely.

  • Looks cold there 👀 .need more than a t-shirt in this weather. Great video as all ways x

  • I would put the leftovers into pots , it will be less disturbance when it comes to planting.

  • Love your sheep 🐕 dog. Good luck with her.😊

  • A wee sneeky bit of product placement there at the end. The best Scottish export lol

  • Seriously beautiful Nel... ❤ such a sweet girl. ❤

  • A decision was made to stop mowing grass today because, there just wasn't enough 😢 not good got to wait around three weeks now.

    • Oh nooooo but at least if you wait a few weeks it will be worth doing more, some of ours is like clippings to be fair

    • ​@Charlotte Ashley Farmmine is patchy really and I don't use fertilizer, £500 a ton. My dad said you should wait but I had walked it, and the contractor could see a different view again. It's just me trying to make use of this good weather as well.

  • is that grass cut small when picking it up ?

  • You defo looked cold 🧐 in just the t shirt, poor lass !!!!

  • greatstuff

  • What's the music titles please ?

    • It feels like I’m on my own by Lewis Andrew

  • first ❤❤

  • Looks like an F35 plane. Sorry an aero geek

  • Are you paid to plant the hedges Would not work on our farm as they would be a hiding spot for the coyotes to slip in and kill calves and sheep

    • Yes we have some a few on stewardship latterly they were just for us x x

  • Charlotte have u seen Joe. new trough

  • First

    • How are you paddy x x

    • @Charlotte Ashley Farm I’m in the hospital at the moment Charlotte

    • ​@Paddy sorry to hear paddy hope all going well 😊