Joji - SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK (Acoustic Remix)

čas přidán 19. 10. 2018
Listen to SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK (Acoustic Remix):
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88 is double happiness


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  • FUCK

  • Oh no. Someone punched Joji in the balls. Someone help him. Plz.

  • How can he makes this song sadder than it is already 😭😭😭😭 this is so beautiful but it makes me depressed laul.

  • Why is someone gripping George's balls

  • My depression now has depression

  • Hi

  • Depression squared

  • Playing this while looking back at Franku’s channel is just so fucking depressing

  • Hey b0ss can i habe depresso expresso?

  • Perfeito. Perfect. Lindo. Beautiful. ❤️😍

  • When Joji thinks the original is not yet perfect. *THIS HAPPENS*

  • Joji is a God. He is an amazing lyricist probably as good as Eminem. Love you Joj.

  • Does anyone know if there is sheet music for the piano

  • Goddamnit, i can feel the sadness running through my veins, who hurt him? Is he ok?

  • У тебя свой канал Ксюша

  • Slowly dying in the dark

  • fuck.

  • First note reminded me of faded by Alan Walker lololol

  • What key is this in?

  • I'm eating orange chicken but I'm somewhat depressed...😐

  • My noose wants to hang itself

  • This song makes me happy

  • The first high note hit me like a tonne of bricks

  • RIP. Life. RIP me. RIP happiness.

  • Without vocals it sounds like a background song in minecraft

  • Makes me want to drive me and my girl off a cliff 😭😭😭

  • 0ㅐ

  • *~_Sad music.);_~*

  • *_sad and slow twerking_*

  • damn dude, the original song was already sad:( why do u gotta make it sadder? but i'm still loving it though

  • R.I.P Frank

  • b 0 s s

  • 😍😍😍

  • oh george miller I love you so much

  • Why?

  • So good.

  • Piano chords?

  • This is art.

  • joji can sing higher than I can¿¿¿

  • ang sakit ANG SAKIT SAKIT

  • HELLO? This is Joji? This sounds like a complete other person hitting them notes like it’s nothing

  • Ravioli ravioli, what’s in the pocketoli....

  • This hit me directly in the f e e l s edit: I came back to this song and listened to the full version instead of 1 minute, and I’m pleased.

  • Oof, I liked the tune of the other song, but this is the one for my break up, thanks

  • hi,,,s voi,cee, so,,, beauT.,ful bu.t,,,,,,,,,,,,so,,,,,s,,,sad

  • *pink guy has left the chat*

  • With some ukele and static sound this would be some classic joji vlog shit

  • Who else heard “I don’t want to smell as$” in the dark?

  • Goosebumps omg

  • when he started singing, i felt so down and good at the same time.

  • I don't find his music depressing at all, it's the kinda music you hear with your emotions. I get the same feeling when listening to pink floyd, just gives you that experience of being free to allow your emotions to be really felt on a different level. I feel very humbled to be apart watching and listening to jojis come up in music, it's a breath of fresh air.

  • Hey b0ss

  • i appreciate Joji's voice more in here like wow so beautiful

  • The same man that made a song about hentai

  • This hurts.

  • Oh you SAD sad

  • I think it's not a good time for my wife to get pregnant.


  • this was uploaded on my birthday. that put a smile on my face. this song doesnt. its so emotional.

  • This isn’t wat I mean by acoustic...😭


  • Do I habe depression please?

  • i'm not a big fan of the entire song being sung in falsetto, but I do still enjoy this song

  • Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • 0.75 speed and the depression sinks in deeper very noice :3

  • *Depression ^2*

  • bruh those NOTES im screeching

  • ¥

  • omg im the only person who does not feel sad listening to joji songs

  • JOJI is something else

  • Boohoo sad music for sad fucks

  • so this guy is trying to tell us he has some vocal chord/throat tissue damage?

  • genah

  • How does one make a sad song even more sad??

  • 88 is double depression

  • Was excited for the acoustic remix. Now now, idk what skilled ninja crying with me.

  • Now my anxiety is anxious

  • who hurt you

  • this is so calming

  • authentic frank

  • Dang my heart nutted 00:17

  • shifting my depression into mk 2

  • Ravioli Ravioli wats in da pocket wholi

  • depression left the chat extremedepression71 joined the chat!

  • bro what the fuck I’m crying

  • Crippling depression

  • I just finished Nisekoi. Now I feel suicidal.

    • Wtf kind of anime is that ?

  • I’d love to hear this in Spanish

  • Quacc

  • I caught depression.

  • Bit of a slow burn at the start but maaan when it reaches that "DAAARK" it's so byaatiful

  • Joji the genius, absolutely incredible

  • I need this master piece on Spotify

  • Welcome to ballads1 what would you like to order? A slow dancing in the dark? okay Would you like it depressing Not so depressing Or suicidal

  • Keep it up

  • That shit HURTED

  • I want this played at my funeral. I'm fucking serious I'll revive from hell and tear their asses apart if they don't

  • te amo joji

    • sos re clave de ruta ndeah dre pincantovich skrrr

  • holy