joji - slow dancing in the dark (cover)

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i hope it turned out alright i love u so much !!
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  • Let's pray Tik Tok doesn't take this. No seriously XDD This girl's voice range is amazing Wtf like how is it even possible ??? Okay I just found my new favourite singer of the year...

  • Goddd you sing so fucking well

  • You're so beautiful and you sing like an angel. I love you and your videos so much ❤

  • Do a cover of “Bitches ain’t shit.” By Pink guy.

  • The shrug in the end is the most cutest thing ive ever seen


  • You....are so.... beautiful, adorable, gorgeous, cute, astonishing, glamorous, breath-taking, and so much more And your voice don't get me started 💜💜💜💙💙❤❤💗💗💜💜💜

  • You 're such a Aesthetic Queen

  • YOU ARE SO AMAZING OMG and such an aesthetic but its cute

  • I'm in l o v e


  • 👌♥

  • Also, what type of uke is that?? I would love to learn how to play

  • How did she do her nose like that ? It’s so cute 🥺❤️😍🥰

  • See everyone deserves a chance to shine everyday we dont see people like her we always look at the ones already made it

  • Can't wait for an album!!

  • Hi! 1rt of all, I love your voice

  • This is so beautiful 😍

  • Chloe: "Uh, hi!" Me: i think am in love


  • i’m so attracted to you

  • 2:33 me when i see my crush

  • ur so bOOtiful I can't.

  • wow... amzing.. you and your voice

  • 2:34 most/only relatable part in the whole video

  • Your album isn’t available in my country😭😭😭

  • My... My heart. Im deded

  • You're so perfect

  • This doesn’t help while I’m still trying to figure out my sexuality lol 😂 your so beautiful Chloe so is your voice

  • Me: trying to sleep The mosquitos in my room: 2:34 They not this cute tho;(

  • I don't want a friend I want my life in two  Waiting to get there  Waiting for you    (I'm done fighting all night) When I'm around slow dancing in the dark  Don't follow me, you'll end up in my arms  You done made up your mind  I don't need no more signs  Can you ?  Can you ? Give me reasons we should be complete  You should be with him, I can't compete  You looked at me like I was someone else,  oh well Can't you see?  I don't wanna slow dance  In the dark, dark When you gotta run  Just hear my voice in you Shutting me out you Doing so great { You } Used to be the one to hold you when you fall  I don't fuck with your tone I don't wanna go home Can it be one night ?  Can you ?  Can you ? Give me reasons we should be complete  You should be with him, I can't compete  You looked at me like I was someone else,  oh well Can't you see?  I don't wanna slow dance  In the dark,  dark  In the dark,  dark

  • Ok that little thing you did at 2:33 was adorable. Like I'm sorry but 😶

  • Y r u soooo perfect😍😍😍

  • I’m freaked out my CS-tv was glitching and it said the chanel was filthyfranktv, I ss it

  • i legit thought ure a korean boi

  • Chloe:hope you liked it i tried my best Me:I dont like it... I JUST LOVE IT

  • 3.4k people are holding their phone upside down

  • I don’t understand how there is 3.4K dislikes, this is so amazing 😭💖💖💖

  • Why am I crying?

  • ur gay of real girl?

  • She is really good...but its to fast

  • ur so cute omfg

  • She's like a button. I love her so much

  • Me) *watches this and catches feelings* Me) starts to cry* so beautiful!!! Friend) u ok? Me) NO

  • Is this a guy or a girl?

  • Noice makeup

  • You sound like Rory gilmore😍😍


  • Your amazing at singing! I’ve stated to sing more, and I’ve tried guitar, but I don’t have time for it anymore.

  • You're so beautiful wow

  • OMG, amazing girl❤

  • *A E S T H E T I C V I B E S*

  • why is everyone questioning their sexuality? i 👏 need 👏 an 👏 explanation

    • iLikeGacha *-* cuz she's so pretty🤪😍

  • Love you..

  • I thought u be someone who likes james charles, but u actually not a gay lmfao

  • 2:34 When someone asks me how's life going Such a cutie tho

  • I like your lamp

  • can i just hug your voice already?

  • صوتك هو المفضل عندي💗💗💗💗

  • your voice is literal perfection I love it so much 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • *cries in pansexual* 😂

  • Her: uh hi Me: *INSTANT GAY*

  • nobody me at 4am: omg im crying

  • This is so much better than the og😍😍😍😍

  • Please do listen before I go by Billie Eilish!!! 🖤

  • Who else thinks she needs another 8mil subscribers???😍😍😍

  • Chaplin

  • You look like a fantasy that came to life 🙈💗

  • Your really pretty unlike me lmao

  • :"3

  • I know I'm late to this but just wanted to say, I got chills listening to this!! Love it!!

  • Chloe Moriondo, Cavetown, Abbey Glover, Sammy Copley are myfavorite singers you? comment ^~^

  • Omg your so cute your voice is so softt😍 i love this cover 👀 i cant get over this who ever says your ugly you look like a boy your a dork ugly weird singing dont listen to them i think the other way nice.pretty.awesome.awesome voice ! 👏 👏 👏

  • The “uhhHhhHhHh” And shrug after the song was so goddamn cute good god

  • Esta mejor que la canción original xd

  • I kinda discovered joji through this video And I AM SUPER HAPPY CUZ I FOUND MYSELF A NEW TYPE OF MUSIC THAT I CAN RELATE AND CRY TO

  • Im in love

  • I'm so gay holy fuck your so good i'm gonna fucking cry my gay ass heart marry me you made this song into something even better you get a gold star you good fucking noodle :0

  • omg u are amazing

  • @2:34 Me-

  • This song messes me up but I love it so much ugh

  • 0:11

  • And people saying that angels didn't exist

  • Speed 0,75 prfct!

  • Bet she’s good at Mathematics.

  • 😩❤️

  • is that a boy or girl...

  • You're beautiful

  • She's awesome but looks like she is about to sneeze 24/7 😂

  • She looks like an animation when she squints and smiles simultaneously..0:08

  • How can you go so fast I can't even type and double voice how omg I like it it's great I wish I can do that

  • You are the most adorable human being I have ever seen

  • This is amazing. I'm legitimately stunned and I hope you never doubt that you're talented, despite that probably being hard. But I love your voice and you are attractive in a completely admiration centered way. Also, the little hhhnnnnnngnnn at the end was beautiful!

  • Aahh hi (?

  • *_and people are wondering why am questioning my sexuality_*

  • 언니. 사랑해요 i iove you

  • you are beautiful and so talented! i really like your covers, keep going!

  • 2:34 Exactly how I feel when I get compliments

  • Oh god you have really beautiful voice *^* it's just 👌

  • Holy shit her voice