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Produced by RL Grime
Music video directed by James Defina
Oct 26 - Vancouver, BC - Pacific Coliseum
Oct 27 - Seattle, WA - Showare Center
Oct 31 - San Francisco, CA - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
Dec 06 - London, United Kingdom - Heaven
Dec 08 - Paris, France - Le Trabendo
Dec 09 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg Oude Zaal (Early Show)
Dec 09 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg Oude Zaal (Late Show)
Dec 10 - Berlin, Germany - Festsaal Kreuzberg
Dec 12 - London, United Kingdom - Heaven
88 is double happiness


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  • she took me for a ride

  • this shit is so dope.

  • Love what your doing joji , always watched your content !!keep up the great work if u find yourself in the weber county area hmu i got u place to stay , and maybe collage on some music

  • Wtf he sound so much like post malone. Thought it was post but it was joji. So glad for his success.

  • pink car, it reminds me to that human cake

  • Cringe, but fake edgy is a thing.

  • This one is pretty dope! I miss papa Franku

  • In one of the last shots with him rolling on the ground he has a bandaid on his cheek and i didnt notice til now

  • really from being a funny ass meme to a good ass singer damn bruh thats crazzyzyzyzyzyzzyyzyyzyzzyzyyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • You actually have somme cool content

  • We all mostly subscribed to this channel for Joji

  • so if your wearing the dress, is max Mario now?

  • 最高

  • Oye, donde esta pink guy??????!!!!!!

  • What kind of hat is joji wearing, it's so cool.

  • is he gay


  • I miss papa franku

  • Billie: my songs are depressing Joji :hold my rat burrito

    • Mia Riveralee this is how i feel lol. jojis been thru so much so it feels much much more meaningful

  • 2:07 is so good

  • Papu Frank! Your gonna shoot your eye out

  • WTF

  • Song hits home too you Joji

  • Still has a little bit of filthy frank in him 🙏

  • For “her” please come back to joji please. His heart broken.

  • i hope in a future music video he has pink guy and chin-chin in the background as a little easter egg

  • I can no longer see the Filth in him. He has been redeemed.

  • :(

  • STFU from Pink Season has over double the views than this video has

  • This guy is part of the top 10 eminem is afraid to diss

  • I love how he's doing the 'pretending to be retarded' face the entire time, love Joji

  • Джоджи ваще кросс

  • Кто русский?

  • Who miss filthyfrank?

  • I love joji🥰

  • Joji is literally the upgraded spooky black

  • 😳😍

  • OMG it pink guys car 0:03


  • 0:50 there's still evil inside him


  • Joji has to be high out of his mind when he thinks of some of his videos, the music is great tho good job joji

  • i feel very save tho under filthy franks shot gun skills

  • he looks fucking weird god dam edgynes is too much

  • bruh ''she'' sound like a hoe

  • how fucking good is this, that charisma, that simplicity, that vibe

  • Nike video Tes Drive Suport Like my friend 😘

  • this is more weird than eminems beard

  • About half a year since he dropped this album, waiting for some new content

  • I listened to this song while my friends and I went on a road trip through southern Utah, it was phenomenal

  • The 6k dislikes are the people that don’t know how to drive

  • Producer: How weird do you want this video to be? Joji: Yes

  • The shotgun brings back some good old memories

  • Pink guy to Joji so fuckin cute

  • damn. his tracks have been getting less and less original. He's just another "sad" autotune rapper now...

  • Who hurt him? I only wanna talk...

  • We now filthy frank is locked up in his body and wants to get out😂

  • Hey man miss when you did all that stupid stuff but love your music

  • Joji where the fuck is franku why did you get replaced by the fucking bulimic dude

  • So Joji is kinda mans version of Taylor Swift?

  • Seein Papa Franku in a Dress make me more gay

  • I graduated last year in June and this song came out too late, I was so drunk and high this song could've made the euphoria better

  • why didn't I discover his music sooner??? he is soooo good.

  • ❤❤

  • iT's mY mOmmA's rEciPe yoU doN't aPprEciAte mY aRt

  • F F

  • he feels trapped that she just wants to know how the relationship would be with him and he knows it going to end but he want to stay with her till his next life

  • awh look he said boi.

  • His songs are so aesthetically depressing when it’s at 0.75x speed

    • I think your on to something there. It's quite unique and if used in the right setting with the right sounds to back it up but not used too much could have a vary powerful impact on the tone and mood of a song

  • STFU is the best song

  • I'm in the "I need more time" situation. That's killing me but it also gives me hope I could be with her in the future so I try my best... I hope it'll be worth it

  • Hope Joji doesn’t stop making music

  • I'm still watching filthyfrank videos ;)

  • sia ft. joji please

  • Is that the pink-mobile ?

  • ugh, Joji in a bride dress is everyone's religion

  • honestly, I'm glad Joji's doing what he loves.

  • I love this song😍❤😊😙😜😝😛🌈

  • I love your sound

  • The world is soo old and we got lucky to live in the same time lane as legends like our papa franku

  • His voice is like Khalid on steroids Btw I'm a Khalid fan

  • Nice drive. Guys check my videos

  • I just wanna lick a whale in the fucking whale pussy And thats why i fucking fucked your girlfriend you fucking nerd

  • i loooove this song

  • 0:55 he was almost filthy frank

  • Is that a lyfe hax reference

  • Joji, please, dont die on us.

  • omg joji with the dress im cryin my gayness increased

  • I miss Frank.

  • Me taking my driving test : She Just wanted more time “*starts accelerating*”

    • За шкварка 😂 😂

    • I'm looking for a long ride... 30mph ... 40mph... She just wanted test drive... 50mph ... 60mph... Instructor screams you to stop but you don't listen to him... *Crash*

    • ThatOneGuy OverThere ha

  • Wow

  • what can I do go replicate a bass sound like that

  • I'm last

  • dude is hella fine in this video lol

  • Anyone want a post Malone and joji song

  • *She don't watch my hentaiiii.*

  • This filthy Frank?

  • Shotgun's busted.