Joji - WANTED U (Official Audio)

čas přidán 26. 10. 2018
Joji - WANTED U (Official Audio)
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Dec 06 - London, United Kingdom - Heaven
Dec 08 - Paris, France - Le Trabendo
Dec 09 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg Oude Zaal (Early Show)
Dec 09 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg Oude Zaal (Late Show)
Dec 10 - Berlin, Germany - Festsaal Kreuzberg
Dec 12 - London, United Kingdom - Heaven
88 is double happiness


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    • Is the store coming back? Why is it closed?

    • plz release the original i can tell version of this joji song.

    • Nicolas Porto You’ve lost no nut November my dude. Stay strong

    • 88rising makes me nutttt

    • can joji come to Seattle soon? i missed the concert in tacoma :(

  • who noticed that the eyes glow randomly tho

  • Hey I covered Joji's Attention, check it out on my channel, tell me if it ye or nah:

  • Lil peep joined the chat

  • 100 likes and I’ll tell my crush for over a year, everything I’ve needed to tell her. Do it for me guys.

  • Damn, my crush rejected me while I was listening to this song :((((

  • did anyone just realize his eyes changed and there are sparkles on his teeth or is that just me ?

  • Imagine Joji x Lil Peep

  • Damn am I late? Where have been? Joji this is amazing music

  • Anyone else notice his eyes were glowing and teeth sparkling?

  • he maked me laugh now he maked me cry stop playing with my feelings :((

  • i remember when i was younger watching his filthy frank videos and thinking “damn he can actually sing tho” look at where we are now.

  • joji youre a genius

  • at 1:33 is giving me old eminem vibes

  • this song be deeper than the sea

  • The pink is raising again.

  • i love the song but i mean this solo is fucking TRASH

  • ı love u

  • This mother fucker shot fireworks at his own testicles

  • my ex broke up with me and on valentine’s day it would’ve been our 1 month so we boutta blast this shit

  • it is a amazing album

  • the start sounds the same from fried noodles

  • I wasnt even sad but im crying wtf papa George whatchu doing to me, AND WHY HER NAME POPS EVERYTIME FUUCCKKKK

  • And good job you killed

  • Where is the pink guy smile

  • Lits ' fuck love nite boys cuarre gud sad :(

  • Boi that eyes give me goosebumps lol its creepy btw it's wonderful music

  • Fuck.

  • God that guitar cuts thru my fucking SOUL

  • Holy shit

  • I just realized his eyes are turning red

  • This man once made a rat burrito and almost fed it to a miget

  • Joji should be in a movie

  • Just went through a pretty tough breakup, 7 years gone. This is soothing.

  • Feelings suck

  • Please, come to Europe with a tour.

  • wanted you ♥

  • Look up Can’t Tell my joji it’s the same lyrics but different instrumental

  • This guy once vomited into cake batter, baked it into a cake, ate the cake, and vomited it back out

  • this dud whipped some bald chocolate boi

  • yo my heart just broke and then mended itself

  • Just wanted to say, while I was listening to this I was sitting on my couch and my phone fell. I didn't have to get up or reach over because I was wearing earbuds, you know the ones with a wire.. it saved my phone lol

  • watching while smacked fucked me up

  • of course i really miss Filthy Frank, but im happy that you found something that you love to do 💖

  • I wanted a Wii u

  • Thank you pink guy #2

  • Why does this sound familiar?

  • i really miss frank but i'll be damned if i'm not crying to this drunk as fuck at 3 am.

  • When a moth sees a lamp

  • Joji has created a soundtrack for an entire generation. Sad, displaced and belonging to nothing.

  • Fun story!!! I was supposed to be a fuck buddied I’m marrying that ass next year❤️ I felt this in my gut


  • koroshitekure

  • Stick to CS-tv, your musics just shit... comedy suits you better.

  • One of my icon next to mac

  • This guy made a song called balls in my face

  • the begining of the somg reminds me of Club Banger 3000

  • This guy came dissed on everyone ate a Hair Cake Vomit Cake and Human Cake and now is just doing music

  • This is the most perfect song ever made

  • Is-is that Joji Vlogs?

  • He's my favorite artist!

  • Love the guitar

  • These songs prevent me from killing my self

  • he's angelical

  • Mix one cup of sprite, one cup of sake' one fourth cup of cranberry juice and just a hint of depression and romance And you have yourself a joji

  • Filthyfrank is that you

  • This reminds me of Lil Peep

  • Dear,Joji I know you are happier (and helthier) becoming a singer/rapper on 88 rising but us at the filthy Frank show want you back for the 2019 year I was probably the only gamer that liked your channel

  • George I'm proud of you

  • Rip filthy frank and welcome to the world joji

  • His songs are so fucking weird simply cus i know that he used to be filthy frank

  • Why is joji a god?

  • Nyees..... Iam crying

  • Very chilli but missing the rap

  • Welcome to the depression fields motherfucker

  • someone mix this with Haute couture's instrumental??

  • Don't you guy's hate when she takes the fuckin kids

  • The melody of this sounds like cry baby by lil peep 😢

  • Ballads 1 album = Joji discovers an electric guitar

  • News years eve

  • The beginning of this song sounds like when you try to get a pan out of the cabinet and all the pans start to fall on top of eachother (no hate, still a banger).

  • Anyone else notice his teeth shine and his eyes change?

  • If u are suicidal u have come to the right place

  • Have you ever been so depressed, and you say to yourself; "It can't get any worse than this". And then it just gets *so, so, so* much worse.

  • Br 🇧🇷

  • I sense a filth in the frank

  • 💗💗💗

  • Any one noticed his teeth shine during the song?

  • who noticed that joji's eyes change from dark red to light red?

  • The eyes get bright if you watch em


  • The guitar is giving my twilight vibes

  • papa franku

  • filthy frank to joji big gap indeed

  • Not gonna lie this kinda soudns like a lil Peep inspired song. Frank you mad genious.

  • this song makes me happy and incredibly sad at the same time

  • So bad :)

  • I love -

  • fresh

  • Anyone notice his teeth sparkle?