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Joji - Yeah Right (Lyric Video)

čas přidán 20. 05. 2018
New Track by Joji...
↪︎Joji - Slow Dancing In The Dark (Lyrics)
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  • Joji - Head In The Clouds here:

    • such a chill song i get a nice chill vibe to hell yea

    • Can you change song to music category?

  • Yeah yeah so good...😍

  • This is so good

  • And I think this is kinda neat...

  • Good

  • Wassup filthy frank

  • French Lofi, same vibe but in french @

  • He used to make human cakes. Now he makes music.

  • Doritosenpai

  • Frank Chin Chin Pink Guy Salamander Man Fake Frank Lemon joji George Miller

  • i dont want to accept my mortality why give up so soon and think nothing matters and ignore all the things that life has to offer?You may think that i am an optimist i may be because i admit that i believe that accepting the honesty that nothing matters and just keep living and not giving up on life is much better than just (sorry for the expression i dont mean it for someone that has suffered so much in his life that prefers to die than live)pussying out and take your own life...The thing is nothing actyally matters and people most of the time are nit even depressed,they just pretend to be or and even have conviced themselves they surely are.The key to life is keep thinking about stuff untill nothing really matters THEN accept your mortality since it will be very late for you but for then enjoy your life and try not to think about it very much just love your family and friends and do whatever you can to keep you distracted from the reality of meaningless that obsesses us...Sincerely a 15 year old goof from probably another country and mind!

  • nima Poloków ;(

  • Oh yeah yeah

  • my ears are horny

  • This "Glad you're back" at the beginning made me smile and I don't know why xD


  • I’m a simple man. I see joji I molest the like button

  • When your playing caveria and your turn around s corner to an nomad airjab 0:17

  • For for like 5 sec i thought this had 1.4B views 😂

  • I think this is the best lyric video I’ve ever seen. It’s so fucking smooth.

  • Its depressing. I like it.

  • this is the best song

  • joji is so amazing omlllll

  • Is my boy Frank ok tho??

  • Apo doriro re mounia

  • Love this song

  • Love how calming this video is. Great Job.

  • La escucho por qué una buena amiga me la recomendó

  • I don’t gotta look nice she just digging my ice 😢 🖤

  • 🌼💕🌼💛💛🌼💕💛💛🌼💛💛🌼💕

  • Your neck isn't a shirt, so don't hang it Your skin isn't paper, so don't cut it Your heart isn't a door, so don't lock it Your life isn't a film, so don't end it.

  • i am here cause of noah. 😂😂the only one??? okey

  • Fav depression song

  • Wow ! Very hard Song

  • Copyright ??????

  • what you know about blood? Bitch aint even my type cracked me up haha

  • I never realized how sad these lyrics are.

  • Cries in gay

  • This song is hella lit

  • Literally my first thoughts when I wake up.

  • This song makes me feel like sleeping with my eyes open

  • Love that beat 😍🤙😍

  • yeah right yeah right.... 3000?

  • His voice made me gay

  • 0:59

  • Bruh, I'm proud of frank and who he is now, who would have ever thought he would turn to music?

  • This song is so addicting!

  • Oe pajarones qlos se equivocaron el la letra

  • I zoned out

  • Who keeps hitting replay 🤭🔥

  • Relatable

  • George has evolved big up man

  • Nice


    • my will to live is better.

  • who else is here bc u heared the audio from musically or “tik Tok” 😂😩

  • Good song to smoke to.

  • Hey random person scrolling threw the comments hope you have a amazing person from a small CS-tvr trying to grow big ^.^

  • Very relatable

  • Joji made me proud

  • Idk why but i fucking love this guy

  • joji is filthy frank *FYI*

  • She don't Care If i die

  • Reminder : This is the same person that ate a hair cake and made burritos with dead rats

  • i love this song

  • I like this better than the music video

  • this song helps my soul

  • Can't even lie this song makes me wanna die😞

  • Some of the footage is from hostel 2

  • And my friend was saying that joji was bad

  • the unrelated video kind of takes me out of the experience

  • I just can’t get over the beat. It’s smooth

  • Is Joji, Pink Guy?

  • Wow Joji your very talented this is most def quality music

  • If my depression come back, I Know where to go

  • Noah Centineo brought me there 🖤

  • like it heart for you

  • Hey I know these are annoying but I made a revenge rewrite to this song on my channel if you wanted to check it out :)


  • Why is his depressed ass making me so happy? Its truly insane how much I love this song. 😥

  • Issa mood

  • Bet you wont try

  • Um hit desses bicho ♥

  • I’m thinking of a girl I never had but really like. It hurts to think about what it would be like in the future, having her arms around me and other kids. I’m 14 btw

  • Who heard this before it blew up

  • ┏༼ ◉ ╭╮ ◉༽┓.

  • He is singing this song with so much pain in his voice..

  • Cool ❤👍❤

  • I clicked are and the like

  • ⚅I just fucked up mai life⚅

  • THIS IS actually a copy from Xxxtentacion

  • 😄😄😄I can't stop singin' and dancin'🙃🙃🙃

  • Every time I listen to this I start balling I love joji soo much he's my sad boi💔💓😭

  • i think the 226 people who disliked this video had their phones upside down

  • 0:58

  • 1:20 to 1:34

  • "ooh might be copyrighted if i use the original video for this song" **rips other peoples music videos**

  • FACT:*joji is filthyfrank* **MIND BLOWING**

  • The thumbnail for this doesn't give the actual video enough credit for its beauty

  • I first heard this and forgot about its existence, half a year later it hits me, and now I'm sad