Jonestown Massacre [ Apocalyptic Cult ] Who Was Jim Jones ? |Mystery & Makeup - GRWM| Bailey Sarian

čas přidán 12. 07. 2020
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Hi friends happy Monday!
Hope you are all staying safe and healthy out there. Sorry I went a little MIA but I am happy to be back. Today I wanted to talk about Jim Jones and what was going on with his whole situation. This could easily be a 3 part series, there are so many more people and factors that came into play as well, but I wanted to keep it simple and focus on Jim and his life. Honestly, it would've gotten so confusing QUICK if I started throwing all these different names at you. Anywho, thank you guys so much for stopping by and hanging out with me. Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day, Love and appreciate you guys so much!! I hope to be seeing you very soon
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Bailey Sarian

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  • If he can miracle heal people, why can't he heal his wifes back...did no one question that?

    • cognitive dissonance mayhaps? The congression wanted to believe so they were willing to overlook that.

    • There were a lot of things his followers didn't how Jim said that he didn't allow guns in Jonestown, yet he had armed security guards there and he himself had a gun too.

    • @Priscilla More or less it wasn't taught rather it was manipulated into the people it's pretty interesting how their psychology worked

    • One of the survivors still believes in his healing abilities for curing her breast cancer. I believe it could be a placebo effect. People believed so whole heartedly in him that they cured their own ailments through their belief that they were no longer sick. And his wife knew just how human he was so definitely didn’t work for her

    • If he healed his wife he wouldn't be able to sleep with a younger girl tho. Gotta make sure Jim comes first, ya know

  • Jim Jones scares me like no other cult leader because his early message of equality is one I would have agreed with, and might have been tempted to follow. Other cults leave me wondering how these people got taken in by the leader, but with Jones, I know exactly how. I can see myself as one of his followers and it terrifies me.

    • @kristen gifford The guy was great with seducing young people with no mentor figures to look out for their wellbeing, especially young women. The women in his cult came from very bad home lives and were not emotionally mature-- they went through emotional abuse and neglect which would absolutely wreck anyone's psyche.

    • I wonder the credibility of his claim in believing in equality. He could walk the talk, or so it seemed. He refused to sleep with black members and only was attracted to white members. I think the support and attention he got fed his "beliefs". A white man doing this stuff would get him a lot of attention with people. He is clearly a narcissist who feeds off attention, like LRH. I agree, though. it is scary how I actually supported his early works with equality but in the end it turned out to not be what it seemed. Cults are not usually ones that appear insane or toxic from the beginning, but something that slowly seduces you into their brainwashing. By the time Jones reached cult level (from the outside) his followers were already absolutely devoted to him.

    • @kristen gifford Ooh that’s scary! You should always be absolutely cautious whenever someone’s else ideology resonates or attracts your attention.

    • This! Normally cults are dumb or very clearly dangerous from the start, but this one started with such a positive and necessary message especially at the time he did this. Knowing how it ended, of course I wouldn’t ever join him, but if I were alive at the start, it’s scary to think that he likely could’ve convinced me and so many more people too

    • The thing about cults generally is they look for people who are optimistic and want to make a positive impact on the world. They offer something different than the 9-5 life. Definitely get what you mean about Jim Jones vs others, but it really is quite fascinating the psychology behind cults. And cultish things like MLM schemes.

  • My uncle who was in the army at the time had to clean up the body's after this happened. He said that they could only stay and clean up for 20 minutes at a time because the crime scene smelled so bad. I won't go into detail but the clean up for this tragedy was horrific and very sad. He has been to war before but he said this was the worst things he has ever seen. RIP to all the victims of this sick man.

    • I know that the families wanted their relatives back, which is why the US military took on the task alone (the Guayanese government wanted nothing to do with it), but am I cold for considering on disagreeing with the US's decision to send the military for the bodies. A lot of people got PTSD from working with the bodies. Was it really worth it to sacrifice sanity for the families' peace of mind? Did we need to go in anyway to identify the bodies?

    • @Lovely Lilies That’s crazy. Poor person.

    • Oh wow. I hope he got the support he needed to cope with such trauma. I can’t imagine.

    • Almost 1,000 bodies sitting out in that heat for several days...I can't even imagine.

    • @AwsomeDoggo201 😥 so sad.

  • Bailey isn’t lying about that last tape. I had to listen to some of it for a college course years ago, and it is truly devastating. You hear people screaming in pain, including CHILDREN and BABIES, and you hear mothers wailing because their children are dying. There’s one point where mothers are crying and begging to keep their children from taking the poison, and Jim Jones is telling them they have to let their children go. You don’t forget that tape once you hear it. Jim Jones is an absolute monster.

    • They shouldn’t have follow a mad man

    • I listened to some of the audio a few years ago and it still makes me feel sick and anxious now. Honestly it's something I wish I hadn't gone looking for.

    • Yeahhh, I’m not gonna watch that. Not ready for a 3 hour palate cleanse afterwards. 😖

    • I understand. I’ve heard it. I can clearly recall the cries behind his horrible voice.

    • It truly is traumatic to listen to.

  • My dads grandmother was one of the followers who went with them to Guyana. I remember watching a documentary about it when I was a kid and my dad spoke up about it. He said he remembers going to the church as a kid in California & seeing the “miracle” sermons Jim would have. He said that the govt brought back the majority of the bodies but his grandmother’s body was never identified, so there’s no telling if she was left back there or brought back here. He got very teary eyed speaking about it and said he didn’t like talking about it...

    • I’m sorry that’s sad .

    • How terribly sad....gosh

    • That's so sad. 🥺

    • Prayers 🙏

    • You can speak to the fbi and have them help "close" her case and see/pick out her pic of who was brought back so she can have a gravestone. ❤️

  • My husband: ...but why does she do her makeup? *husband later, drops remote, losing our place in the video. Uses the progress of Bailey's makeup to find our place again* Husband: oh, that's why she does her makeup.

    • Lol, i think she’s said before it’s to give her hands something to do as she’s talking, but following how far she’s got with her makeup as a marker is a great side effect lol

    • @Liz M ugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugguguguguguguguguguguguguguguguguguguguguguguguguguguguguguggugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugguguguguguguggugguguguguguggugugugugugugugugguguguggguguguguggugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugguguguguguguguguguguggugguguguguguguguguggugguggfgfgfgfgfffgffgfgfffgfgfgfgf

    • awwwww i love that so much

    • Lol that's great

    • LOL

  • At my previous job I worked with a woman who survived this nightmare. Her, her son, mom, sister, and her husband all lived in Jonestown. When Jim Jones was telling everyone they had to die, she fled in the rainforest with her baby on her back. Unfortunately, her family didn’t join her. She had to leave in secret because she knew it was her only way out. A tragedy. PS she’s literally one of the sweetest, kindest people I know. Her name is Leslie and she actually wrote a book about her experience. It’s called Slavery of Faith by Leslie Wagner-Wilson

  • I love that you separate "black" and "African American" because its totally not the same thing. love it

    • @Dope-io i agree! i don't eat the food, don't wear the dress, don't do the dances. we have our own black american culture here to be proud of because we built it from nothing.

    • Thank you to the people explaining it in the replies :D I roughly understood before but y’all educated me ✨✨✨ I hope all you people have a wonderful day/night :))

    • Exaaactly. I am not African American. I haven't been to Africa, no living member of my close family has been to Africa. I can't speak any African languages, I don't know about African history. I am BLACK AMERICAN and part Seminole. Respect to those who identify that way, but it isn't a label for me.

    • I honestly thought everyone knew the difference, but it’s always nice to see that people are open to learning these kinds of things.

    • I'm learning allot from this comment section! Love to see it

  • As a black person I can confirm black churches are a whole other experience I highly recommend

    • @erin currie oh yes, anyone can come to a black church. We are loving and welcoming and we dont do this demonic stuff! Like we go in and go about service, eat and go home…

    • @Baylee S since when black churches prohibited others race to join ? Don't write BS if you don't know

    • @Baylee S Come as you are is the motto, what church turned you away ? I'd like to know ... Anyways, ERIN GIRL find one near a college likely the pastor will be younger and more relatable as far as the message ❣️

    • Absolutely lol

    • @Sidney Bales I’m catholic too and I was surprised by the length. Lol we give little Jesus snacks and wine in our services. Jesus wants me fed.

  • It might just be me, but I don't ever get upset at Bailey when she doesn't upload. I'm just so grateful that she makes these videos and makes Mondays better.

    • As someone who is disabled and chronically sick, I really don't care when youtubers take off time nor what their reasons are for. If they want time off that is their human right, especially if they are sick or going through major life events. People who scream about it are incredibly entitled.

    • @Hannah Jayne Usher Exactly!!

    • She could try for every other Monday and I would still be satisfied

    • She gives us content that is free to watch, well researched, sensitively presented, and nicely filmed. She could take a year long break and none of us could complain! 🖤

    • Same. I felt like that about Jenna marbles too. They’re both so amazing and deserve breaks whenever they need.

  • as a Guyanese, its unfortunate how this is what we are most "famous" for.

    • @John Mason nope. It's all going to exon and the politians. Cost of living is crazy high. A trained teacher's salary is about 800us dollars before tax. There is oil now and we only got a 7 percent increase which is also taxed. The government is pumping billions of dollars into a dead sugar industry that can never be revived only to please their supporters. I've seen a tourist from the US throw a fit in the supermarket the other day because of how expensive food items are. The average public servant is living paycheck to paycheck. It's wild here.

    • I can’t imagine. I’m so sorry

    • Exactly!

    • Ugh that is sad 💔😪 its such a beautiful place too.

    • Any economic benefits seen from guyanese oil discovery?

  • tbh i feel like this man took advantage of a severely oppressed group and used it to his advantage to push his success and “fame” i don’t think he ever was actually someone who truly wanted equality, i mean the inequality is what really made his money

    • I absolutely agree! He seems like a narcissist who used the attention to feed his ego. It shows that he really wasn't for equality when he refused to sleep with any black members, instead accepting (or forcing) only white members to sleep with him. I know there is a lot of conflict about peoples preference in race and physical traits, but he refused all black people (he preferred women but would sleep with men) and that is sus.

    • 100% agree

  • This was a ride! This story is exactly why Bailey telling the back story is VITAL. I’ve only ever heard about the tragic ending of Jonestown but the begging and middle are very important stories to tell.

    • There is a special on the Sundance app called Jonestown that very literally blew my mind and filled in a ton of blanks i didn't even know existed. This story is more heartbreaking than I ever knew. They also interview survivors in the special so have tissues at the ready. I HIGHLY recommend it.

  • The Jonestown tapes are horrifying. I heard one where he is berating a member calling her names and taunting her with a live snake, because that was her biggest fear.

    • hes. literally evil, i didnt listen to the tape bc every1 is saying how bad it is n how u can hear kids screaming n stuff . thats so sad

  • No one noticed he could perform “miracles” but couldn’t heal his wife?!?!

    • Wow. Thats SO true. I didn't even think of that. 🤯

    • "The Lord works in mysterious ways." 🤣 I love that saying. It basically means, "We don't know how to explain that."

    • Well spotted

    • I was JUST thinking that...

    • Brainwashing does that to people. Makes them blind logic

  • I saw one of the Jonestown survivors say that he cannot handle the smell of almonds to this day. They used cyanide.

  • i personally believe his whole social justice and desegregation act was all a ruse to get aa’s on his side. he preyed on the unfortunate so that they could join his cult. truly evil.

    • @ж Really? I haven't heard that but I would not be surprised. He would like anyone who reached any sort of notoriety.

    • yes.

    • Yeah. He studied H!tl3r as a youth and said the awful salute words of his as a kid.

    • Yep, exactly.

  • One of the people shot at the Jonestown airstrip was Jackie Speier who currently serves as a U.S. Representative for California's 14th congressional district since 2008. To hear her audio book "Undaunted" is truly astounding what that woman has been through - not just the shooting.

    • @Sara Kelly ohhhh then I misunderstood the comment, I'm not an American so I never heard her story before. Taking back what I said then😊

    • @STORM huh? She was an aide to a senator at the time trying to help get people out of the cult and helping to get answers for family here in the USA. She wasn't a cult member. She was shot at the cult site 5 times, but she wasn't a member. The senator she flew down with was shot and killed.

    • @TurquoiseInk I mean, I understand where you're coming from but at the same time.. can anyone guarantee that she's not gonna be influenced again? I guess neither of us can be sure but I'd think it's something worth considering

    • @STORM Maybe we need someone who did survive something this horrible. Their stories can teach us about NOT falling into cult mentality. You know, like Drummond's personality cult.

    • I don't mean to be insensitive or take away from this woman's suffering but am I the only one who thinks it's slightly terrifying to know that someone who was in a cult is now in politics? Not trying to take away from her survival story or what she went through but if someone is able to be brainwashed to that point, maybe she's not the best person to be in the government..

  • Years ago when I first found out about this, I watched a documentary and a recreation film. I went to CS-tv to hear the recording... it’s heart wrenching. I wrote a comment defending the members, because they were trapped there! You wouldn’t believe the hate I got, and people victim blaming saying they deserved it.. It’s a cruel world.

    • I’m sorry that happened to you. People can definitely be a holes.

    • I'm from San Francisco and can remember when this happened. My mother use to work for the San Francisco School district and she said one of the first alarms about this cult was that children's school transcripts were not being asked for, which was a major reason why the Congressman went to Guana to see whether or not the children were okay.

  • bailey honestly make me feel like i’m her best friend the way she talks in all her videos

    • fr tho

    • @Jodie McC ugh h in I

    • SAME

    • I want to have girl talk with her!! Like an old best friend that you don’t even notice time passed in how long you’ve seen each other.

    • I'm binge-watching for that very reason 🥰

  • The scary part was that I see why a lot of people even MYSELF would’ve joined him bc he wanted equality for everyone and that’s what people needed in the 60’s so it’s scary how so many people were lead on by him and ended up dying when all they wanted was a safe place

  • People dont always realize that when you are disabled you are sometimes stuck with an abusive partner. Basically you choose between staying in the relationship or being homeless.

    • And being homeless is a slow, painful death.

  • The sad thing is with Jim targeting people in minority communities or social movements, his paranoia propaganda was very believable and familiar to the people he was preaching to due to tactics like this ACTUALLY being employed by the government to disrupt civil rights and other movements that disrupted that status quo at the time and it being a known fact. The culture of the time unfortunately made Jim Jones more believable to his followers.

  • if Jim had kept doing what he was doing in the first 25 minutes of the video he would have been the greatest ever he could've been such a philanthropist ,but nooo he had to be a crazy person and do all that crazy possessive homicidal maniac

  • Jim Jones as a child wearing his Sunday clothes to school when his parents consistently ignore him reminds me of that video of Michael Scott as a kid where he says "I want to get married and have 100 kids so I can have 100 friends and no one can say 'no' to being my friend." which is pretty much a cult if u think abt it

    • My first thought was that he was doing it for positive attention. The adults in the school probably thought he was such a cute little boy acting all mature and professional.

    • @Emmi Tombs a cult full of Dwights... 😳

    • Anna stop it 😂

    • I’d totally be in Michael Scott’s cult or Dwight Shcrute Assistant to the cult leader

    • Q

  • only bailey could make me and my short attention span to stay 50 minutes without getting bored. such a horrible story yet a compelling storytelling. easily THE BEST youtube channel to date 💜

    • IT'S BEEN 50 MINUTES!? Plus all the other videos I've watched and the one I'm watching rn

  • Some of my aunts and uncles knew Jim Jones, went to school with him at Richmond High School. One of my uncles said Jim was a real nice guy and was shocked to hear the news. My Mom tells a story about how this little Black boy walked into a barbershop in Richmond to get his hair cut for his mother's funeral. The White barber refused and Jim Jones stood up for the child. He shamed the barber for refusing the boy service when he just wanted to be presentable for his mother's funeral. This tragedy is heartbreaking on so many levels.

  • when she said “i love cults” then rethought her whole life😂😂 felt

    • I always wonder what people would think of my search history, because I read more about the cases she talks about... defs makes me rethink my life lol

  • 😂🤣😂... I literally just spit my Dr Pepper out all over the floor when Bailey suddenly comes back with glasses on pretending to B Jim Jones 🤣😂🤣...(late to the party...binge watching old Vids )

  • This is the definition of “they had us in the first half, I’m not gonna lie”

    • he was lying and scamming in the first place.....

    • He just used a oppressed group for his own agenda. They never had us in the first place.

    • I was genuinely wondering if these were two different people at first. I knew about the massacre, but not the activism.

    • Fr lol

    • top

  • Here in Jamaica we had a cult Pastor (Kevin Smith )who sacrificed his members etc I'd really love if you could do a story about it.

  • I've grown up my whole life hearing about Jonestown. and yet... this feels like the first time I'm getting the real story. Thank you, Bailey!

  • Dying by poison is incredibly painful. That's why Jim (And the mistress) chose the gun.

    • @squeak lol Because he’s a megalomaniac, a hypocrite, and a coward. He expected his followers to suffer, but he would always find an exception to the rule for himself. What a monster.

    • if that's the case, how come he had the members choose the poison

  • It's a shame he could not use his skills in unity to help humanity instead of destroying others.

  • Does anyone else still randomly hear her saying “aqua tofona” in their heads? We missed you Bailey!

  • I remember being a kid and one of my friends who was a paperboy walking and reading the paper with a horrified look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and he showed me the front page. Truly horrifying

  • I had to watch a Jonestown documentary for my social psych class last semester. Towards the end, there was an interview with one of the members of the church who witnessed both his wife and son drink the kool-aid and die in his arms. It was very sad to watch and listen to

    • @BinarySingularity i didnt even know i met a survivor until after he passed and his significant other posted a Dr. Phil interview reuniting him with Jackie Speier, another survivor. In my brief interaction with Vernon he was so kind and soft spoken youd never guess he went through something like that. Lost his wife and son too.

    • @BinarySingularity a few ppl expected into the jungle right before this happened when the reporters left and right in the middle of all this while the kids were dying… The guy he’s talking about Tim Carter was in Jim’s inter circle and was sent to give Russian 1million dollars along with another guy after they watched their families drink the kool aid

    • Tim Carter is believed to be one of his right hand men that’s why he didn’t have to drink the kook-aid

    • @BinarySingularity there were but very few of them

    • so were there any survivors how could there be any interview

  • My heart goes out to those victims and Leo Ryan who was trying to help some of them 😭😭 this Jim Jones dude was awful and a coward who took the easy way out, there are no words to describe how horrible he was

  • It’s sad how easy it is to fall right into the hands of someone that abuses their role/authority in ministry. BIG red flag when things became more about him than his “Christian / new age” teaching. (when he was infamous for HIS healing powers, etc.) such a sad case. I feel so sorry for all the people who were taken advantage of.

  • shes on trending every time she posts and still has the strength to sing the theme song, what a power move

    • Please don't ever stop singing your theme song. If you wanna change it up, maybe just add on backup singers and/or a music video...

    • I didnt really like it when I first started watching but its really grown on me haha 😅

    • The theme song is always my favorite part! 😂

    • The theme song has to happen

    • Wow she really has grown in her channel

  • In my opinion Jim shot himself because he witness all the death he caused. He was high as a kite and was freaking out. So he just shot himself because he didn't want to see it all. Also he knew if he were convicted by the law he knew he was going to be confined in jail for life. That is my thoughts of him.

    • He was shot in the back of the head

  • I love how the church members weren't allowed romantic relationships but Jim could have mistresses. Seems right.

  • When I was thirteen years old I babysat for 2 kids whose grandmother was part of Jim Jones's church. She died in Guyana. Her daughter told my sister that the few letters they had received from her didn't sound like her mother at all. A horrible tragedy. Jim Jones was a sadistic, egotistical, paranoid monster. Also most of those in his inner circle of lovers and go-to flunkys were white. So much for him being come one come all color blind.

  • bailey makes me feel like we’re on skype while she gets ready and i live for it

    • Yeeeeesssss i can so relate. it's the multitasking 🤣

  • this is trippy.. my aunt tried to join the cult when she was a teen and my grandpa wouldn’t let her 👀

  • this story honestly just makes me sick, i still can’t believe someone would do that to just random people who trusted him🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • For those who are curious about the tapes; unless you are desensitised to human suffering, neurodivergent where you are capable of closing off emotions entirely/don’t completely understand emotions, or can disassociate, don’t listen to them. With my neurodivergency the suffering in the tapes doesn’t affect me, but it would affect a neurotypical individual whom is capable of understanding emotions. Dunno how else to explain it, but basically I can’t feel that emotional response, but these tapes can bring out strong emotional responses from neurotypical individuals. The tape has a lot of children screaming/crying/pleading, parents actively telling their children, whom are dying, to be quiet. You can hear struggling, a hysterical woman and Jim telling women to control their children and to silence them, whom again, are literally dying and in pain. The tape starts to get really quiet towards the end, and at the end of the 44ish minute tape there’s silence, no crying, no screaming, no talking, all you can hear is the music Jim had been playing in the background the entire time (edit; I have been told the music was what Jim recorded over, so the distorted music comes from that). So you’ve been warned; if you are emotionally healthy then save yourself from listening to the tape, especially parents, folk have told me as parents this pains them and hurts their hearts, so this will be an incredibly difficult listen. I’m “lucky” to be neurodivergent and don’t really understand emotions at the best of times and am completely desensitised/can disassociate (I’ve cPTSD along with being neurodivergent) but the tape is still extremely creepy to listen to. Edit: never once stated all neurotypicals (NDs) are incapable of feeling emotions, I specifically stated that I, myself, as an individual, have a complete lack of proper understanding of emotions, am desensitised and can disassociate entirely from what emotions I somewhat understand. All NDs are different from one another, so please stop assuming I claimed we are all the same with regards to emotional responses. Thank you.

    • we get it. you're different.

    • @maddie_animalov3r 2020 It’s not a condition. Worry not.

    • @Juliet Davis don’t panic a neaurondiverse way of thinking is not a condition. It’s a word used when trying to explain the opposite of neurotypical thinking. Some people here seem to like to grab words and make them their own, maybe for drama or just not understanding it’s actual use. It’s a recently made up word by a lady called Judy Singer to help describe certain feelings and patterns that may be displayed by people with autism, dyslexia or special needs at certain times. I repeat, not a condition or illness, just a descriptive word. :)

    • Innocent question: People incapable of experiencing or understanding emotion--arent they sociopaths? Or have some sort of antisocial personality disorder? Or are there many different conditions with those characteristics?

    • Thank you for taking the time step us through what’s on those tapes

  • My grandma was in this cult when she was young. She was one of the few that couldn't go on the trip because of money.

  • My great grandma tried to convince my grandpa to go be healed by Jim Jones (for his paralysis) which is like a big bizarre thing in my family now

  • As a black girl I can confirm: Black churches are so lively and everyone is always happy to be there. The shouting(form of dancing) and music or even the food that we have after it's all comforting. Really shows their passion for all they do and believe in. Proud of that

    • I lost a friend in HS who was black, and the school choir sang at his funeral. We sang an African song that we'd been practicing and it starts out very slow but then builds. We sang the slow part and then stopped. I remember the pastor saying, "I know that song, and I know that's not how it ends." He had us sing the whole thing and it ended with everyone clapping and dancing. This was a funeral for a 14 year old boy who died in a freak accident. You'd think it would be depressing and somber, but it really turned into a joyous celebration of his life. That was a long time ago (I'm old, LOL), but I remember it so clearly. It was a beautiful experience.

    • @Maria Thelin You would be welcomed at MANY churches.

    • @Andy 3000 that's the thing about catholic churches... the tlpeace in worship. Maybe you should have just converted to protestant instead of talking this dumb ahit about Catholicism. Respect every religion

    • That’s wonderful. Many non-believers think that church is supposed to be super stiff and quiet when it’s actually supposed to be the exact opposite. It was said that King David danced out of his clothes during praise and worship 😂

    • @Tanner Adams so are black churches and catholics many support politicians for political backing the same game but people never call them out on their BS.

  • Oh my gosh, this is the first time I've heard about the Jonestown massacre. So awful. 909 people?!?! I'm from rural Alaska and my town has like 600-700 people living here. That's crazy.

  • This story literally broke my heart! I watched the documentary they had on tv & listening to that last recording I couldn’t get it outta my head for weeks..I appreciate you giving ppl the disclaimer about listening to it because💔💔💔it’s not for the easily disturbed.

  • This gave me chills because we’re seeing Jim Jones-like false teachers in the modern church today. I hope people don’t generalize Christianity based on the first part of this story.

  • 2:04 literally my favorite Bailey moment ever 😂😇

  • At first I was like “this guys nice!” Then I was like “oh! 😀”

    • Fred Phelps, the founder of Westboro Baptist Church, was a civil & equal rights champion as a lawyer too.

    • @toRealReality The "Flavor Aid" was to die for.

    • @‼️⚠️K1TZ3N⚠️‼️ They used off brand "Flavor Aid", not Kool Aid, but everyone uses the idiom "Don't drink the Kool-Aid". It's not exactly correct.

    • Same lol

    • How that Koolaid taste

  • Don't listen to the tape. You hear children crying in pain for being poisoned. It's brutal.

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  • At first I felt so conflicted because he seemed like a great person, I knew that he wasnt going to be because Bailey was making a video on him. But like, not being racist, creating a church where both black and white people could come and preach their religion. Making companies accept black customers, helping teenagers get to college for free with free housing and free food. Even the stores that helped out the community get clothes that they may need while helping the other people in the community get rid of some unwanted objects or clothing in their homes. Everything else, horrible, but those things made me think that he wasnt so bad at first.

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  • Representative Jackie Speier was there as a young staffer for Leo Ryan and was shot 5 times and waited 22 hours for help. Her story of that day is interesting and horrific

    • I consider that expression of fear permanent. It has never left her face.

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  • I have been studying this case for more than 15 years it seems every year I learn even more horrifying facts about this case it's just so sad that a person can destroy so many lives so sad!!

  • I’ve always wondered what happens to money when it seized by the government from a crime. I didn’t know if it just sat in an evidence box Or if it was used for like roads or other state expenses. If it does, in some cases, just sit in an evidence box, what a waste!

  • 17 minutes in: Jim Jones has me convinced to join his church and I'm agreeing with everything he is preaching. 24 minutes in: He loses me.

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  • I’m confused as to why the followers didn’t notice he couldn’t heal his wife’s back???

    • @MiqelDotCom As of July 2021, 500,000 Americans.

    • Cult mentality is insane.

    • @xAkira X ಠ_ಠ oh shiet sorry i dont know why youtube never tells me about when people reply- Well we didnt OFFICIALLY KNOW but I did figure out what was most likely. When I was looking into the recent history of the house I found that it had been sold very recently (like maybe a year max- but i think it was a few months or something) and it was at such a high price that even half of it wouldnt have been paid off. It seems like had we bought it we would have had to pay the rest of the debt off. As in scam us into buying a house thats worth more for less n then getting in trouble for not paying off the bank qwq

    • @Alia Y. ok but what was the deal with the house?

    • He probably said something along the lines of healing his wife was selfish gain so it wouldn’t work

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  • Drink the Kool-Aid...and as a kid I did in "Canteen" cups. Because my dad worked for that company and we were served our drinks in these cups. Just like they did in Jonestown. Scary!!! We had no idea how gruesome what we were imitating. So happy my daughter brought me to your channel. Keep up the backstories. Love you Bailey!

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  • You know, the scary part of this story is how easy it would be to fall for his charisma and charm. On the outside he looked like a genuinely decent person. Maybe he started that way. Maybe he was always screwy. But no matter what it makes me feel uneasy.

  • I remember being in Jr. High and delivering the daily news in the early morning. I would finish my paper route, come home, eat breakfast and read the news paper. I remember being sick to my stomach as my 14 year old brain could not wrap itself around this story on the front page of the paper. Talking to my football coach later, made me realize that I was blessed to be brought up around positive people. Not lost and searching. The bible preaches about many anti-christ type people. Know the bible so you will be able to spot the imposters. The ones who glorify themselves...

  • as a resident of guyana growing up my grandparents always told my siblings and myself about this story and it was truly horrible and honestly i didnt really believe it until we did a history story in school which made everyone in my class very uncomfortable ........ Thank you bailey for covering this story i know it wasnt easy researching this story sigh~~~~~~

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  • I have a dear friend who lost her nephew to the Jim Jones massacre. 😢 It was so sad! I'll never forget the San Francisco Bay area newspapers. They carried many photographs along with the story of Jim Jones. What got me were families holding on to one another, babies were dead in their parents arms. So tragic 💔😞😢. Thank you for all your research. Well done! 😘💕

  • I never get tired of this story, every time I hear it I can’t believe this really happened. I liked the fact that Bailey spoke about Jim’s background and the church at its beginnings and how they really helped people and that’s why they where into it in the first place before everything became crazy. Most of the people just tell the bad part of the story so you don’t really understand why this people was following this guy but listening how the guy was at the beginning now I can empathize a little bit more. I’m not the kind of person that Join groups or cults but I apréciate the fact that she tried to show these 2 sides of Jim.

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  • bailey: he was all for desegregation and was a huge advocator for equality!! me: okay awesome he sounds like a great guy bailey: 909 deaths :) me: well,

    • He was but he wasn’t. The “inner circle” of his cult was entirely white. Think about the group beatings they conducted. Idk...

    • That’s why we always need to really pay attention as groups get bigger and more people follow without questioning WHAT they are truly supporting. I always want to know exactly what the group is about fully. Like, read they’re stuff.

  • R.I.P to those 409 people who were never identifies, and obviously to the others as well. That number just sits with me. Like it's so high, and we'll never know who they are, what if they had families out there and they never know what happened to their loved ones.

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  • Jonestown is one of the few stories that truly make my skin crawl. I know this might just be a theory, but can you imagine being an african american in the times of segregation and you hear of this wonder church that accepts everyone and truly cares for you? Can you imagine how many african americans viewed his church as a sanctuary? A safe haven? A place where they truly felt equal? This monster could've easily make some of my family his victims and it sickens me. I hope he rots for eternity.

    • Its so sad and disturbing

    • @FOX E carpentress sure this is EXACTLY one of those times that Jesus should've stepped in...

    • I am sure, the True Jesus, got his vengeance on everyone that did evil at this scene!!!

    • @Alice Wright I am so very sorry. Those as some hard scars to heal. I hope that everyone around them treats them with constant compassion.

    • lp

  • There were two more survivors to this. Two young girls and their father were some of the people that were trying to leave with the congressman. When they started getting shot at as they were trying to get on the plane the father told them to run into the jungle and not come out and that he'll come to look for them. He (if I remember correctly) was one of the people that was killed there. They weren't found until days later.