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Judge, Voit help lead Yankees to ALDS: 10/3/18

čas přidán 4. 10. 2018
Daily Recap: Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge homered, while Luke Voit drove in two to back Luis Severino and lead the Yankees to the ALDS
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The American League consists of the following teams: Baltimore Orioles; Boston Red Sox; Chicago White Sox; Cleveland Indians; Detroit Tigers; Houston Astros; Kansas City Royals; Los Angeles Angels ; Minnesota Twins; New York Yankees; Oakland Athletics; Seattle Mariners; Tampa Bay Rays; Texas Rangers; and Toronto Blue Jays. The National League, originally founded in 1876, consists of the following teams: Arizona Diamondbacks; Atlanta Braves; Chicago Cubs; Cincinnati Reds; Colorado Rockies; Los Angeles Dodgers; Miami Marlins; Milwaukee Brewers; New York Mets; Philadelphia Phillies; Pittsburgh Pirates; San Diego Padres; San Francisco Giants; St. Louis Cardinals; and Washington Nationals.
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  • A' s so many times on bases but not a single game changing hit. Yankees and Red Sox should be a good series

  • F〇ck...

  • That's no surprise I knew Yankees were going to win because Yankees were in 2nd and 3rd was as

  • Look out bean town here come the bombers

  • I missed da game. Da fug with putting it on weird channels again. Oh well Murphy Awful Liberal Brown was on Tonight. I’m sure 3 people watched it. Christin, Debbie and Julie Sweatnick!


  • Let’s Go Yankees!!!! Let’s take the division series from the Red Soxs Ps: Congrats on The A’s making it to the playoffs and winning 97 games.

  • Hey

  • That hit by Station was Barry Bonds territory

  • Lets goo!!!

  • Yankees in 5 !

  • The Yankees are the best team in baseball that's it

  • When you notice her booty is bigger than in Instagram pics 2:33 LOL

  • Yanks in 4!

  • In my opinion the yankees are my least favourite team. Like honestly, They are the richest team so they just buy the best hitters and pitchers in baseball. Other teams cant resist the offers and give away good players. The cubs for example lost Chapman, their star pitcher. This leaves the teams unbalanced. Just think about it, dodgers, yankees, and Astros always make the playoffs. This year I want the Indians or the rockies to win. (don’t hate me all you yankee fanboys)

    • By that logic the Phillies should have more than 2 world series wins.

    • Franco de hooman I wonder when people will come up with better excuses than “they buy their rings”

  • Let’s go to Boston and show em what’s up

  • Astros forever

  • How can you not be romantic about a 267 jack season?

  • Go yenkes

  • Like I said 3 months ago and got so much shit about and now I'll say it again simply cuz along with being a Red Sox fan my whole life I'm also a big baseball fan, so I'm gonna say this, I'll be surprised if the Yankees don't sweep the Red Sox and what an alcs. Houston against the Yankees. I couldn't really pick a winner there. The Yankees offense is just too much.

    • I wouldn't count Boston out just yet. Lol

  • Alex Giancora Wwe addict where you at


  • Beat down.

  • Absolutely amazing 🔥🐐🔥

  • Staton Ended Like a MVP

  • lets go yankees

  • That catch by hecheveria was insane

  • Could of at least shown Davis’s homer🤷🏻‍♂️...Oakland is never a bad opponent they just didn’t have there A game 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Man I am so glad the A's lost. Not because I'm a Yankees or Red Sox fan. It's because I just witnessed the worst managed postseason game in history with that ( opener) shit! This is another prime example as to how analytics has destroyed baseball. I just got the sense Oakland never recovered from that terrible opener experiment. Asking pitchers to do stuff they're not accustomed to do like relievers starting, asking another bullpen arm to go 3 innings in the 2nd inning or bringing your closer in the 6th inning. The game pitching wise was a complete mess! Hopefully other managers will take notice and stop listening to analytical nerds. I was kind of routing for Oakland because of West Coast bias, but the game was so poorly managed that I found myself believing Oakland got what it deserved. There she be a new slogan in baseball SAY NO TO ANALYTICS!

  • Never thought I would ever be happy to see the Yankees win, but my hate for the As as a Mariner fan surpasses any annoyance with the Yankees

  • Porque le dan todo el crédito a Judge y a Voit. Y el trabajo de Severino por 4 innings y Betances que él hizo un cero de Oro, nada!.

  • If you can make it in New York... you can make it anywhere -Frank Sinatra

  • Depression

  • Congrats Yankees on beating the A’s, bravo, sigh...

  • We coming for that ass Boston and we hot 🔥🔥

  • 1:56

  • 2:05 ball hit the ground Incomplete

  • The Yankees win The announcer can suck it

  • I would love to see my beloved Atlanta braves play the Yankees in the world series but I don't know my braves are so young. I believe in them I hope my braves do good in the playoffs

    • Oliver Henninger you’re a fan that doesn’t like the yanks

    • coolgamer17 why should I cry, I'm not an A's fan

    • Oliver Henninger cry

    • The Yankees aren't going to make it to the World Series.

  • Last night's game had both a Judgian Blast and a Stantonian Blast.

  • - What a Disastrous way for the A's season to end. They Lived by the Opener, and Died by it. I guess it's fitting, considering a lot of MLB Fans don't like the concept. - The Yankees Won by doing what they always do. CRUSH THE BALL. Judge with a 2-Run HR in the 1st, Luke Voit just missed one, but still managed a 2-run Triple, and an Exclamation Point/Grave Burying HR from Stanton. This game was over when Judge hit his 2-Run Shot. - It will be THE RIVALRY for the ALDS. Yankees VS Red Sox. Who's for real? Who's the Fluke? We're gonna find out starting Friday. The ALDS is looking far more exciting than the NLDS right now.

  • The bullpen was great, starting pitcher was spetacular, bats were absolutely flying. Play like this against the sox and very good chance to have a date with the astros or indians. That game 1 against the Sox will be crucial. If the Yanks get shut down by sale itll hurt them thru the rest of the series. Go Yanks!

    • Yankees and Indians would be a great match up

  • Wow

  • Hecheverria's play at 3rd was ridiculous

  • Impressive win for the bombers. Excited for this upcoming series. Go Sox

  • “We want Boston!”

  • LUUUUUUKE! 👊🏽💥⚾️

  • Woulda been cool to win this one, but then we would have just lost to boston lol.. good run

  • alright bring it on skankees

  • Kill The Boston Red Sox

  • Bring On Shitzton!!!! All those wins Don’t mean shit starting Friday!

  • Yankees beat Red sox tomarrow

  • Next year my mariners will be making the playoffs but for now I'll root for the yankees to win the world series yankees if you have a series against the astros sweep them

    • anyseattleteamfangamer if they figure out how to stop kicking their fans in the dick

  • They don't even show the A's runs, lame

  • Delin betances low key saved this game for the Yankees

    • Israel Raider raiders out too

  • Yeah

  • Hey, somebody remind Luke to leg out fly balls.

  • Wow, Yanks handled As and Davis...Judge and Stanton doing their thing as usual but Voight has been amazing! J.A. Happ is gonna handle the Red Sox on Friday and steal home field advantage same way he beat em last week...Red Sox don't want no part of this team.

  • Yanks shut those critics up saying that A's will beat them ... Bring on the Boston Bums lol

  • Let's go yanks 👏👍

  • A's had their chances and did Nothing. Pitching to the Yankees for this one. See you in Fenway Suckees!

    • It takes a loser to name another!

    • dany chillis I don’t try on losers 😂😂😂

    • It's the only thing you can say...get original!

    • dany chillis cry

  • That's an unfortunate ending to a great season for the A's

  • I'm not a fan of the Yankees or Red Sox but my gut feeling tells me Yankees in 4 just getting THAT feeling...this is going to be pure entertainment watching the comments and trash talking here on CS-tv....let the games begin!! Round 1!! Ding! 🔔

  • Final score: Umps 7, A's comeback 2

    • jazzalex22 actually it’s bombers 7 Athletics 2.

  • “My heroes, my dreams, and my future lay in Yankee Stadium. And they can’t take that away from me.”-Derek Jeter

  • Phenomenal playing for the yankees

  • Boston now shaking in worry

    • SetsunaAngel99 you guys dropped 4 of your last 6 against us your bullpen is horrid outside of the closer, your rotation has 0 playoff wins and you have the double wammy for game 2 in price who sucks in the playoffs and against the yankees

    • Not me I wanted this match up. And we have better power hitters anyways.. You just have Aaron Judge who is a closet Boston lover. We got JD and Betts as our power hitters.

  • 51 haters

  • Look like that bullpen opener backfired big time. Hopefully that decision doesn't get Melvin fired. Any hooo...what a game by the Yankees! Bring on the Red Sox!

  • Dahhhhhhh!!!

    • +Brian Noonan To ensure MLB's #1 rivalry would begin tonight

    • why didn't the a's start mike fiers

  • Yanks, keep it going!



  • Red Sox fans are $hitting in their pants now. They should.

    • SetsunaAngel99 what about 96 98 99 2000 is that not a dynasty? And u should mention your spread from 1919-2004. Sure won a lot then pussy didn’t u?

    • +Sucy Manbavaranyes it only took you 86 years to get that 04 win in the world series

    • SetsunaAngel99 lmfao you’re talking about another sport😂😂😂😂

    • When was the last time the Yankees were culturally relevant? The late 90s. 2001 2002 2003 2004 and 2005 your dynasty fell harder than Tom Brady's loss to the Eagles. Speaking of which the Patriots alone have owned the NFL for almost 20 years, which the Yankees did in the fucking 40s and 50s.. But it isn't 1950 anymore so no one gives a shit. 2000 to 2009 is not consistent. 2004 2007 and 2013 is a decent world series spread.

  • Seeing all the empty seats on Stanton’s home run makes me sick. Tell me how a city with millions of baseball fans can’t fill every seat for a winner take all game.

    • you can sell all the tickets, doesn't mean everyone will be there or stay for the whole game.

    • Austin Brennecke game was a sellout 🤦‍♂️

  • Good game Yankee fans, my team couldn't hold down your bats or pitching, so, moving forward, I will root for the the Astros to win it all and keep the title in the west.

  • YESS! i knew the yanks would win

  • And by the way, congratulations to the A’s for their great season this year, it’s been good and hopefully it’s gonna get better next year.

  • I hate to act loathed against the Yankees, but once again the Yankees buy their way to the playoffs. Unlike Andujar, Walker, Judge, and a few others. (They do have one of the best farm systems in baseball) But contrasting to the Yankees, the Athletics were thought to have absolutely no chance of making the playoffs. (They had a 3% chance) I really wanted them to prove baseball wrong, but the Yankees are a juggernaut of a team that can't be stopped, sadly.

    • @Jay Southpaw That is true. I'll try to reword that next time around

    • Mark Markus the only big name free agents are stanton and chapman the rest are either homegrown players or guys under the radar that the Yankees front office saw potential

    • The Yankees didnt buy majority of their team. Majority of this team is off the farm system and trades. So idk where this "buy their way to the playoffs" shenanigans are coming from. Our last purchase of any talent was Didi. Everything has been trades and farm system.

    • Yup. Yanks just buy anyone they want. They are ruining the sport.

    • Yanks don't even have one of the biggest payrolls they're just good

  • The greatest Wildcard game ever, way to go Yankees! Can’t wait for the ALDS against the Red Sox, bring it on!

    • Bro the wild card Yankees twins from last year was more exciting.

    • gl in the alds!

    • Jared Williams oh thats not being biased at all

    • Carcarw9 Now that I think about, you’re right, it was more close than this one.

    • Jared Williams wouldn’t say this was the greatest wild card game, the NL wild card was way more nail biting, coming from a. Braves fan, hope they can take down them dodgers, but congrats to y’all on winning the wild card


    • Well you got us and lost.

    • TJ Tilghman 3-1


  • #28 in a few weeks? Could be stay tuned.

  • Hey Yankees. Do you remember blowing a 4-1 or 5-1 lead in the 9th inning this year?

  • How big has Cutch & Voit been since being acquired, I do not care 4 the 1 game playoff and that should be changed

  • Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Lightning McQueen blew a 1 lap lead in the Pistion Cup.

    • +TMS Branden lol u to

    • imaamazingguy Camilla Smith got one right. The Boston fan :). Have fun next series.

    • Lol who still watches cars you must be a 8 year old boston fan

  • Die Boston!!!!!!!!

    • +TMS Branden Yep and you deserved it. that was a major league ass whipping if I've ever seen one. I said this in July. This team is not as good as the record says it is. This is like a stock bubble and it will soon burst. It bursted after the break and they have been true to form ever since. The Red Sox out pitched us. They out hit us and they ran the bases like the Cardinals of the 1980s. I despise the Red Sox, but I will tip my hat to them on this one. We were totally outclassed. This team benefited from an amazing run in May and June. Everything else was smoke and mirrors. Fire Boone. Stanton sucks. Sanchez is dumb as a box of rocks.

    • Shah-Allah Shabazz 3-1

    • give oakland respect at least

  • Staton with a moonshot

  • Hey didn’t most of you say that the a’s will rape the Yanks

    • +Striker 56 both are absolute cancer Im just a A's fan.s

    • flaws and red sux fans are cancer

    • Most of us just hope cause their fanbase is aids.

  • Respect to Oakland they had a hell of a year

  • Where are all the people that said A's would win

  • Nice win Yanks now let’s beat the red sux ass

  • I was telling myself before the game that the decisions to use the opener wouldn't be good for the A's. They should've started Fiers

    • Jared Williams Yankees win alds 3-1

    • Ben Drescher Yeah I agree, and also a big mistake bringing out Rodney too....

  • Hope red Sox beat the Yankees so Astros can whoop the red Sox if they get past Indians.

  • Congratulations to both the A's and Yankees on tremendous seasons.

  • Bring it on New York! It sucks that Happ is starting the first game though... He kills us. And chris sale might not be chris sale. But whatever. It's playoff ball. Let's go!

    • SetsunaAngel99 chris sale hasn't thrown 6+ innings since july and his fastball is down plus you have price on the mound for game 2 get ready for the bronx beatdown in beantown

    • Chris Sale is going throw straight bullets past those Bronx bums.

  • Congrats to the A's on a great season. As for the Yankees bring on the rival.

  • Woke up The showed

  • We coming for you Red Sox; you can’t stop us

  • Watch out boston here come the yankees!