Jungle - Time

čas přidán 8. 07. 2014
Jungle - 'Time'
Taken from their debut album 'Jungle' released through XL Recordings - out now
Buy it here: smarturl.it/JungleJungle
Directed by J from Jungle & Oliver Hadlee Pearch
Website: www.junglejunglejungle.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/jungle4eva
Tumblr: www.junglejunglejungle.tumblr.com
XL Recordings: www.xlrecordings.com


  • Saw them live in Kuala Lumpur. Amazing band

  • I didn’t know this song was in FIFA 16 soundtrack 😋🤔

  • ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💯

  • De la part de la Dame de ♥️pour la dame de ♠️

  • Contrée 💯⚔️♟🎻 AS DIT D AS

  • Me everytime I hear a jungle song *MattHDGamer flashbacks intensify*

  • Me encanta !!!!!!

  • I feel like this band is the more pop version of The Parcels. Not bad at all.

  • time and time again

  • this is so pure

  • This sinth is amazing

  • What are their names...????

  • Amazing Band. The Groove's say more than a lot of Words.

  • Am i the only one who noticed the two guys are from their other song Julia but they older now so they slow af

  • Old farts ballroom!

    • One day you would be one yourself!

  • Matthdgamer?

  • Holy shit they were both dancing so good that I didn’t even notice the switch at first when I looked away for a second🤣 Truly a testament to how awesome these guys are!!

  • loving the jungle atm videos are like pieces or art - I love your philosophy of spreading the good luck to other artists and collaborating - casio broke my heart, the choreography is amazing - anyways enjoy

  • I like them better without adidas. Was a welcome change from all the endorsement.

  • Oh dayum, they can dance

  • Y avait un truc avec cett3 vidéo et je le garde pour moi,maintenant je le garde pour moi 📍

  • Gostei das músicas tem uma vaip muito boa, e as danças tbm

  • On va en profiter comme vous autres .

  • Maintenant on est spectateurs.

  • As dit d as

  • As dit d as

  • This video owes Fatboy Slim some money

  • the dancing style got me to subscribe!

  • Makes me Dance every time 💃

  • Oh c'mon, where was I that I had never seen this wonder?

  • Loved this song for a while, and now... Watching 'time traveling bong' with this song! Quite epic. Highly recommended show:)

  • When I hang out with a homie I haven't seen in years

  • Охуенная группа.

  • I love this

  • J y croit pas ! Regardez bien la deco...y a pas mal de chosessssssss

  • Ah dit d AS de ♠️

  • Their facial expressions make me smile lol

  • A vouloir danser avec les loups on finit par les trouver 📰🗞

  • Comment les dés logés hé en BEAUTÉ

  • Ah dit d as club...brillant issu 🃏

  • Genialissime ♥️

  • Vamos ese baile

  • Where is Asian guy ?

  • I want that jungle jacket in the background

  • #male_dancers_aren't_gay_they're_just_amazingly_cool if i was 10% as cool as these guys i would be in complete heaven

  • 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • I really, really, really hope that the good gentlemen in this video actually got their deserved praise monetarily that they should!

  • after listening to 5 of their songs, i have concluded that jungle is precious and must be protected at all costs.

  • 3:12


  • i am very happy...

  • This is me, when I'm 80! 😁

  • Can they come up with anything else other than copying Egyptian hieroglyphs?!

  • I just love how these guys dance , so cool tho

  • This is awesome!!!! 💛💛

  • Reminds of ‘Heat’. I asked if anyone knows of the two brothers in that video regarding social media. I ask the same question now of these two. Legends of dance and timing 🔥

  • Jungle always gets top-notch choreographers and dancers - their videos always amaze me

  • Influencias que he detectado: Jamiroquai Foals MGMT Empire of the sun Beck Justice Arcade Fire.

  • wtf this is too good