Juventus 2-1 Verona | Ramsey Scores First Goal For Juve! | Serie A

čas přidán 21. 09. 2019
Ramsey and Ronaldo goals secure win over Verona.
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  • Ramsey scores Me: googles all the celebs that I know and love

  • buffon the best

  • Pongan a buffon más seguido

  • 0:42 veloso

  • Ramsey score a goal Juice wrld dies two months later

  • Like si crees en la maldición de Ramsy

  • Ramsy anoto el gol y dias despues murio jose jose😱

  • That Veloso banger tho

  • R.I.P Famous Person.

  • But it wasn’t his goal. Hit off the defender. Means he hasn’t scored a goal yet as the other goal was Ronaldos! Thief ha

  • ronaldo no

  • Penaldo again. is this the 700th penalty?

  • It was already a goal, Ronaldos goal

  • nice

  • penaldo

  • 0:28

  • Pijanic ronaldo

  • Goals a goal. Even though it was a deflection from the common rear end 😂.

  • Aaron Ramsey:scores a goal Every Celebrity:Im in danger

    • Ikr

  • Alguien sabe quien murió ? Por el gol de Ramsey

  • Take a bow Veloso, what s goal

  • -_-_

  • PENALdo !!!! like always !! ...easy goals shouldnt count ...overrated player !!

  • Rip Jose Jose

  • Buffon

  • En mexico murió hace dias un cantante famoso.

  • Jose jose :(

  • Murió José José porque Aarón Ramsey porqueeeeeee

  • ok some one died

  • José Jose Is death

  • Mataste a José José pinchi Ramsey

  • R.I.P José José

  • José José Rip

  • Hoy 28 septiembre murió jose José la maldición de Ramsey sigue

  • Ahora la víctima fue José José

  • Ya murio JOSE JOSE

  • Q.u.e.p José José por el gol de ramsey

  • Con razón falleció el cantante mexicano José José

  • Jose Jose just died, thank you Ramsey

  • José José dies.


  • U mean pimonte calcio

  • Te pasas ya me mataste a jose jose

  • RIP Jose Jose

  • RIP: José José "Príncipe de la canción"

  • Se murio jose jose :v

  • RIP José José, mexican singer. Ramsey goal?

  • So no ones gonna talk about the first goal? Okay then

  • Merih Demiral VS De Ligt

  • Great respect to both legends. Hope Buffon will not spoil his honor by continuing career for too long, it would be terrible to see him playing bad

  • Ok, Ramsey made the deal done. The former French president Jack Chirac has died.....

  • Forza juve ⚪⚫♥️

  • Hello welcome you tube I LOVE YOU JUVENTU$.

  • Ramsey scored, Jacques Chirac died.

  • Falleció uno de los productores de los Simpson y rick and morty.... Así que.... Ya van un famoso

  • CR7 Maior Finalizador de todos os tempos.

  • Ramsey scores! I vote Trump!!

  • Treat to watch him play.

  • MERİH DEMİRAL 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🔥🔥🔥

  • Forza Juve arriba Juventus 🏆🏆🏆⚽ ⚽⚽⚽⚽