Kamil - BANG [prod. Cxdy]

čas přidán
(My original intent for making this song was to show that it wasn't hard to make a hype song about nonsense. But in the middle i got to real and a little sad and now we got... this ? Hope you enjoy.)
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I let it bang, let you hang, catch a motherfucking fuckin cap.
I let it rain, on these bitches that be grindin on my lap.
I'm 17 with an attitude, put me on the map.
I swear to god i'll tear it up like i'm london on the track. x2
Try to stop me, get stepped on
you motherfuckers are slept on.
You feelin bad? Need a pep talk.
Outline yo dead body w chalk.
I hate the way that you walk,
I hate the way that you breathe.
I might jus kick in your teeth.
The way you lookin at me.
It got me feelin malicious, you know that i'm bout my buisness
you know my niggas is vicious, we know you actin suspicious.
An you gon meet the clip, you gon need to dip, crash yo mother-
fuckin whip on the way out of yo crib.
What got you shook? What got you worried?
We see that you in a hurry.
What you runnin for?
What you been gunnin for?
You aint got no-one to feed, you aint got no fuckin needs.
Got yo girl upon my D, she live to please a fuckin king.
Take a step in my brain, you couldn't handle my pain
I'll show you that i'm insane. Now holup let me explain.
I'm talkin killin my ex's, im memorizin addresses.
I'm stackin up on defenses. I'm boutta catch me a sentance.
I'm fuckin honing my senses. Take fuckin lines off my dresser.
They say that i'm an aggressor, and what you do to impress her
I do asleep. Try to copy me cause you a sheep.
Wishin you could ride upon my wave.
Like you on my level.
Bitch i'm workin for the devil.
These thoughts are plaguing my mind
I'm shakin and fuckin cryin
I'm fuckin breaking inside.
I wish i could fuckin die.
You wouldn't last up inside.
Don't act like its a suprise.
You overwhelmed by your pride.
I'll stab you in the neck but still cry every night.
I got these scars upon my legs from fuckin playin w/ knifes.
A constant state dissaray i'm stayin up every night.
Countin down until till the days i take my own fuckin life.
I'm sayin stay out of my lane, you better take my advice.
Cause just i'm sayin it once, and i aint sayin it twice.
I'll sell your soul, to anybody who can lay down a price.
I'm layin in my bed slupin on these noodles an rice.
Cause i relapsed again, hit japan countin yen.
Stack my bread, crash a benz
never cared what they said
Bitch i'm 17. and i'm hella mean.
Stack n countin green. Catch me on the screen. (bitch... i think thats good.)