Kelsea Ballerini - half of my hometown (feat. Kenny Chesney) [Official Music Video]

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Half of my high school got too drunk
Half of my high school fell in love
With the girl next door
In their daddy’s Ford
Half of my main street’s mini skirts
Half of my main street’s dressed for church
It could use some rain
And a fresh coat of paint
Half of my hometown’s still hangin’ around
Still talkin’ about that one touchdown
They’re still wearin’ red and black
Go Bobcats, while the other half
Of my hometown, they all got out
Some went north
Some went south
Still lookin’ for a feelin’ half of us ain’t found
So stay or leave
Part of me will always be
Half of my hometown
Half of our prom queens cut their hair
Half of them think that it ain’t fair
The quarterback moved away and never came back
Half of my family is happy I left
The other half worries I’ll just forget
Where I came from
Same place where they came from
Half of my hometown’s still hangin’ around
Still talkin’ about that one touchdown
They’re still wearin’ red and black
Go Bobcats, while the other half
Of my hometown, they all got out
Some went north
Some went south
Still lookin’ for a feelin’ half of us ain’t found
So stay or leave
Part of me will always be
Half of my hometown
Half of my hometown
Back roads raise us
Highways they take us
Memories make us want to go back
To our hometown, settle down
Talk about that one touchdown
Raise some kids in red and black
Go Bobcats, while the other half
Of my hometown was in the crowd
They knew the words
They sang them loud
And all I wanna do is make them proud
‘Cause half of me will always be
Knoxville, Tennessee
My hometown
My hometown
© 2021 Black River Entertainment
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  • This song is so amazing, this is the ONLY song in the past 2 years I’ve heard on the radio that I can’t stop playing

    • you and Clay both commented this both of you are as real as it gets!!

    • Ryan Upchurch you like this song that's crazy I like this song too it reminds me of my old town

    • well i love lots lol this is one however u have some good taste 🙃

    • wish i could say the same, during the past 2 years this is the only song WORTH playing. in salt lake city utah, FM 104.3 over the past 2 months i have heard it twice, extremely disappointed, such an amazing song that is just not getting played here.

    • I agree

  • This song hits so hard for any small town kid who grew up and moved away but still loves where they came from. Getting to visit home and drive the backroads again as an adult and still feeling happy and comfortable. I love this song so much and it brings back all my happy memories of growing up a small town girl on a farm. Even though I'm in the 'big city' now, I'll always love where I came from. And I absolutely love this song and video!!!!!!

    • Absolutely, I feel so identificated

    • Yes that is me I loved it in my small little town

    • yesss i moved from a small ct town when i was 14 that i lived in for like 10 yrs

    • @Emma King I'm a big city kid (miami) and believe it or not it resonates with me....every big city is made up of small towns...

    • It one of those songs that hit close to home I know we all got that one song that just make us break down in tears hearing it.

  • This song is So amazing, this is the ONLY Song in The 3years I've heard On The Radio that I can't Stop playing Kelsea Ballerini She is NewCountrySinger❤ WOW Half Hometown New Song

  • I'm not into country music for that long as it's not that popular in France. Got into it last year when studying in Quebec but man... this song is incredible when it comes to the lyrics.. I can feel my tears coming...

  • I'm a country radio programmer and each each on my show I give my own "award" for best song of the year. This is the one for 2021. Last year was "More Hearts Than Mine" by Ingrid Andress. The ladies are killing it.

  • This is incredible I love it 💐😊

  • Loved it! No matter where life takes us, we will always be a part of where we grew up.

  • This music video hits me hard and deep. There’s a legacy that comes from where you were raised as a child and/or young adult, and you realize that one of your biggest desires of your hometown is to fulfill your part of that legacy and make those who grew up with you proud and amazed by who you have become. And it causes me to tear up with motivation. Saying to my old neighborhood friends and schoolmates in spirit, “I love you guys and I promise I won’t let you down! Please believe in me!” And that’s why my emotions are strong in hearing this song!

    • Especially at the end where she is going back in time through her memories until she is that teen again. I can almost do that myself. I still look around and remember things just driving down a street or somewhere we used to go.

  • Incredible song and coordinating video that takes you back to your HS days. Cherish your youth as it flies by and then we're all just working full time supporting bills/family.

  • Heard this song for the first time last night on the Nashville New Year's Countdown needless to say I'm now a big fan of this young woman. Keep on singing girl!!! 😍

  • I am not from her hometown or even that state, but I can relate. There are still a few people I grew up with that are still my hometown including myself. I have lived in other towns/cities but always came back to my roots where almost all of my was raised. I absolutely love this song. Great job on this amazing song Kelsey

  • I've heard this song so many times on iHeartRadio, it's a amazing song and I didn't really get the story behind it, all I knew was it sounds so good! Now I know and Kelsea nailed it again. My best part is at the end, Knoxville, Tennessee. She sure makes her hometown proud every time her song is played anywhere! 👍❤️❤️

    • All the songs of hers that I've heard tell such a story, and really feel like they come straight from her heart. She puts a lot of emotion in her songs ❤ She's incredible.

  • I have a feeling this song will be played at every future graduation ceremony for those attending school in Knoxville, TN. You absolutely made them proud Kelsey!! A stunning song that everyone can relate to!!💞💞💞

    • Or reunions.

    • True

    • Hello Fan, How are you doing? Thank you for being a fan and linking my page & music,may God bless. You

    • @JsEllie2 Hello Fan, How are you doing? Thank you for being a fan and linking my page & music,may God bless. You

    • Not even just there either. I'm in AL, my daughter is a senior this year, varsity cheer captain for the Bobcats whose colors are red and black. I cant hear this without crying

  • Your two voices paired together sound heavenly. Perfect compliment to each other. I could listen to you two sing all day long.

  • This made me cry. I graduated in 2011 also & our high school team colors were red & black. I think one of the hardest parts of being a 90s kid now is not realizing like, those were the good old days & how much they’ll always stay with us. I moved away and whenever I visit my hometown I just get so emotional. I’d love to be 17 again just for one more day. I have so, so many friends.. countless friends who have overdosed and have passed away since then. It’s gut-wrenching. I wish we knew in those moments back then, to soak it all up. Don’t worry about the materialistic shit & just be in the moment.

    • I remember we all used to couldn’t wait to graduate. Once we did, we realized how much better it was being a kid lol, good ol days.

  • Every time I listen to this song I invariably get touched deep inside, and always shed a few tears. And I am a grown Italian man. Beautiful. Well done Kelsea!

  • My town, my home created me, it's always wonderful to go home. This song is so beautiful and the video moving. I love Kelsea Ballerini's music because the storytelling hits home. Thank you. Makes the drive home that much sweeter listening to you.

  • I left my little hometown 8 years ago, when I was 21 & this song makes me want to move back and settle down and let my kids experience all the things I experienced growing up there. One high school and everyone was at our football games on Friday nights. I miss it so much💙

    • Bigger (cities) are not necessarily better. But you already know that. I have lived in Los Angeles, Dallas and Miami. I have also lived in small towns. Moving back to a small town. The experiences are genuine, along with the people. 😘

    • Hello 👋🏿 how are you doing

    • I've been gone for mine for over 30 years. I still call Kentucky home and it's the most important fact you can get about me. I'd go back in a heartbeat but I love that boy too much.

    • Amen same. I feel it.

  • I really love how she never put down one decision over another. One wasn’t better then the other. She would be happy in ether life, but made choices that lead to where she’s at and is glad about it. Beautiful video!

  • Beautiful song

  • Beautiful song. Lyrics are perfect. Kelsea sings it perfectly; she lives it.

  • I love this song

  • This song is so amazing, it hits a spot that just moves me!🥰

  • "And all i wanna do is make them proud !" that part speaks to me so much because where i'm from not a lot of people make it to be successful, productive members of society and for me that's always been huge, i want to be the example. Love this song.

  • So emotional. I Don’t like the fact that a lot of people say that she isn’t country. I mean she totally represent what country songs are about. This video is so personal !! Good job Kelsea!!!

    • She’s always been a country singer country folks just don’t like her music and don’t wanna call her a country singer

    • You just gotta roll with it if you're a fan. The same thing was said about Taylor Swift for years (but they didn't hate all the money and exposure she generated for the genre!) before she crossed over...and Shania Twain before her...and Faith Hill, etc etc. And those women are now icons in country music, including Taylor at the ripe age of 32. All she has to do is keep making music people buy and like. Nobody saying that about her is saying boo about Kenny singing with her, and Kenny had to endure much of the same BS the first 10 years or so of his career...and guess what? Now he's a legendary artist who still has years to keep churning out songs. She will be fine, just keep doing what she likes and sing what she wants that true to herself. That's what people connect with.

    • i agree with you she is what country should be

    • I love this song

  • I grew up in a small town but moved to the big city 9 years ago after high school. I still remember my hometown of Taber, Alberta whenever I hear this song. Especially when she sings "Cause half of me will always be in Knoxville, TN.", I tear up every time. Never forget where you come from.

  • 2 years ago, I left my hometown. Started working and building a decent life in the city. Some of my high school friends chose to stay and damn do I envy them sometimes. I miss everything about my hometown and this song just amplified it to the point of me having a mild palpitation. I really wish I can replay my high school years.

  • I'm a black man that grew up on r&b hip hop and rap I was in a relationship for 30 years and it ended I was very depressed and riding home from work l was flipping through the radio and this song was playing I heard it downloaded it and by far this is the greatest song I ever heard I let everything go that that was painful inside of me I thank God for letting me here this song unbelievable greatest song ever

    • God is good 🤍

    • Why do people feel the need to say what color skin they have I thought it didn’t matter we are all the same

    • Hey man, it's 10 mo later...I pray you're good?

  • I didn’t grow up in a small town but there was a very strong sense of community. We had a nationally ranked high school football team my senior year and it made it feel like everyone knew each other. We had elementary school kids writing us letters! I have a great life in a big city but miss the simpler times back then. The nostalgia of those Friday night lights almost makes me, a grown man cry. Some of my friends never left, I want to go visit them soon.

  • This song perfectly encapsulates the insurmountable struggle felt by anyone whose ever lived in a small town, and also had a dream. Do I leave the comfort of my hometown, the familiarity, the friends, the traditions? And then move to the big city with the bright lights and the world cuisines and the many things to do? And why do I gotta sacrifice my life and my upbringing for a second-tier level of happiness elsewhere, when really I'd be happiest back home? But then if I do stay home, I've got to give up on the success I could only have by leaving? Why the heck can't I have it both ways. And sometimes when I find myself caught in this struggle, I stop what I'm doing and go listen to this song. Thank you Kelsea.

  • Okay, the end where you flashed clips of your younger self performing shows definitely made me tear up. I’m so proud of you, Kels 😢

  • I just saw Kelsea and Kenny Chesney play this song in Lexington, Kentucky. This song pulls on my heart strings. A beautifully sung duet. This is a fantastic song. I can’t stop playing it. By the way, you were amazing, Kelsea!!

  • This song gets me anytime. Nicely done!

  • I just moved out of the only home I have ever lived in for 25 years to a new city. This song hits so deep. I will never forget my hometown, high school, and friends i made there over the years.

  • I know most people try to outgrow and leave towns like this... but being from Los Angeles, I can't help but wishing I had been from a town like this. What a beautiful song.

  • Extremely beautiful singing

  • this song makes you stop and take time to reflect on how your childhood has made you into the person you are today; it also hits a point that your hometown is always in your heart and will always be with you no matter what.

    • Good or bad.

    • Spot on, exactly how I felt listening.

    • Hello Fan, How are you doing? Thank you for being a fan and linking my page & music,may God bless. You

    • hey

    • Our childhood is a part of who we become. I envy people who can still relate to their hometown. I grew up in Seattle, parts of my family lived there since the 1870's, but Seattle changed even more than I did during a couple of decades of service in the US Army.

  • Love this song. It hits my heart deep down. 😥

  • I spent 10 years in Knoxville, some of the best times of my life. This song brought me right here, way to go!

  • As someone who moved right after freshman year, this one gives me tears each time. Such a great song 👏.

  • I'm from Knoxville,TN so this song really hits deep. I can't stop playing it. LOVE IT!!!🥰💞💞💞

  • Listening to this while traveling on my way back from home to my dorm. Passing through my old schools. The feels.

  • I just watched this music video for the first time and it gave me chills! I’ve loved this song since it was performed on the ACM Awards. I can’t wait to hopefully see it performed live in concert someday!

    • I really appreciate you.

    • I saw her last summer in Bethlehem at Musikfest. The crowd went crazy when she did this song.

  • I absolutely adore this song! I miss my home town so much! I go back as much as possible!

  • Now that's how you sing a sentimental song: straight up, no tears. Great song, great lyrics, great singers. Sobbing still.

  • So very true... We always go back to basics, family and friends. And sometimes hometown too. Great song. Great story.

  • I love this video it’s amazing thank you so much for this 💐😊

  • never have lived in a place that would necessarily be labeled as a town, but I will never ever forget where I grew up and all of the people that helped me create memories there. this song is so powerful and the video just took it to another level. who else cries every time? ✨✨

    • I know part of me will miss my hometown, but the other part will be so glad that I left.

  • All the feels. This song hit me at the heart level. It’s why I gave my parents a sign that says, “no matter where I go, this is home”

    • How sweet! It must be one of the things they treasure most.

  • This song and video is everything to me. I’m 35 and chose to leave the North Carolina after college and leave those that meant the most to me to travel most of the US and do contract work as a nurse for 5 years before going back to become an NP and get my masters and doctorate at Duke, which led me back to my home. However, I’ve always felt like I was meant to be somewhere else and out chasing my dreams helping others around the world. But I always felt like I was watching those friends and family I loved settle down and create families while I had failed relationships but chased my dreams and at times it felt lonely and I felt envious of those back home because a part of me always wanted the family life. This video and song helped me find acceptance in closure in knowing that I made the right decision to chase my dreams and grow and become the man I am today. Thank you for this song and sharing your musical gifts with us all Kelsea. I discovered you in 2015 by accident after a 5 year relationship ended, Apple Music was new and randomly played your song “the first time” when I was driving listening to suggested music and through that song not only did I discover an amazing artist but I found healing through my heartbreak. You are truly a one of a kind and an amazing songwriter and singer Kelsea! Thank you ❤️

  • A couple weeks ago I got married in my tiny country hometown, and soon we'll be moving across the country (just need to lock down a job offer). This song was stuck in my head the whole wedding weekend, when we had our rehearsal dinner in the only restaurant we have, when we were driving through and I was pointing out all our little landmarks ("this is the stop sign me and Leesha grafitti'd when we were 15 and bored!" "Ooh the tootsie freeze, we'd bike here and get any flavor cones", etc )... I think this will be played a lot when we finally start officially moving too. All the feelings. 😭♥️

  • SO SO good!!! Gives me goosebumps. Brings me back to those days :) Thanks Kelsea, Kenny and the co-writers!

  • Such a beautiful song.

  • I remember the first time I saw her she hadn't even made the radio yet playing way up here in Maine got her autograph on a shirt from the fair she was playing at. Knew as soon as she opened her mouth she was going to go amazing places and this was years ago ended up buying the album she was selling and it's been played to death.. keep it up girl forever a fan.. some random Maine guy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Being from Knoxville and moving away after high school, this hits hard. I recognize so many of the places they showed! It makes me miss my (our) hometown.

    • Same .. but still living right in the heart of FC

    • hey

    • Hello 👋🏿 how are you doing

    • Same! Went to Bearden, but spent a lot of time at Central! Crazy video lol.

    • @Jesse O'Dell hey another Bearden!! Man it feels forever seeing that name. I moved out west just after 10th grade and boy do I miss Knoxville.

  • I absolutely love this track. So damn good. I do wish Kenny sang a little more in this.

    • Kenny's harmonizing in the background most of the time. They're so tight, you almost can't tell.

  • This song is beautifully sang. Thank you for the feel good vibes and much success in the future!

  • I love your music

  • No matter what genre(s) of music you listen to…the words in this song are universal ❤️

  • This song is amazing. Its relatable for me because i grew up in montgonery and am still in touch with some of my friends there. But i visited years after moving to tarkington and theyre putting new houses next to older houses they put a house between our house and my old neighbors house butour house is still there and my grandoarents moved away from there old house where alot of our christmas parties used to be. The place isnt the same as when i grew up but it still holds memories and any time we go by it i remind myself that a new set f kids is gonna have great emories here just like i did. All of my friends though have moved as well except for one.

  • That was by far the best music video I have ever seen. I love Kelsea so much. She is so relatable and down to earth and is such an inspiration to me. Thank you for your music and everything you do ❤️❤️❤️

  • Canta muito e é o estilo de música que eu curto. Além de ser linda demais.

    • Eu tbm curtir muito. E ainda Me lembrou bastante da Taylor Swift quando cantava com a pegada mais country.

  • This songs brought back some great high school memories and more. I love it 👍

  • I heard this on the radio and i loved it ❤

  • As a small town girl myself, this song hits very close to home, smashes the nail on the head haha 😅 As for the quarterback though it was the head of drama class boy, but still close enough haha 🤗 And yes, I am half of my hometown as well honestly 🥰

    • And instead of red and black, it's gold, blue and maroon or purple(it's an open discussion/argument in town haha 😅👍

  • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇧🇷

  • I can't get over how special and personal this is for the both of them, I'm sure Knoxville is super proud of y'all!!

  • this is some next level sorcery... I've never been in Knoxville. Or TN. Or the USA. I come from eastern europe where our culture is nothing like the stereotypical american small town vibe. I've never experienced this. And yet, somehow, this song made me tear up. WTF...

  • I moved away after high school. 25 years later I'm listening to this wonderful song half a world away from my hometown... and I can't stop listening... first song ever that's brought me tears. I miss my hometown so much.

  • Love this 💕 song

  • You never realize the good ol days while you're living them

  • Love this song, literally speaks volumes, my daughter moved to a big city to follow her dreams, and everything about this song, is everything she is chasing, this song made me cry.

  • I love that she's openly singing about starting a family. Need more music showing the good side of being a mom.

    • Absolutely, lately all i hear is the negative side of motherhood, but there are ups and downs to everything. My mother wasn't perfect, but she did her very best and that was good enough. She's gone now, and i miss her everyday, this beautiful song made me cry, smile and remember her. Thanks, Kelsea and Kenny. 😊

  • I love country it's so good

  • beautiful song

  • This song never gets old!

  • I love this song. My home town was pretty big when I left in 1999 (Fresno, Ca). It's even bigger now. I've only visited a handful of times since leaving and I feel like a complete outsider when I go back. My school wasn't very big (Central Grizzlies) so this song definitely hits home.

  • Absolutely beautiful 🌹

  • Never forget where you come from. Your roots is what makes you who you are. Homegrown will always be where your born and raised, it’s who you are at heart. ♥️♥️♥️🇺🇸

    • @Kelsea Ballerini Jesus Christ is My Lord, My Savior, and My King, but as for you, Kelsea, and for Carrie Underwood: Sizdǝn ötrü can vermǝyǝ cümlǝ hazırım Sizdǝn ötrü qan tökmǝyǝ cümlǝ qadirim Üçrǝngli bayrağınızla mǝsud yaşayın! Üçrǝngli bayrağınızla mǝsud yaşayın! ღმერთმა დალოცოს დონალდ ტრამპი

    • and you never have to stay to be who you are. The town is not you but a part of you.

    • @Lexikhan310 it make me remember Emma Walker.. 🥺💔

    • @Antonio Mosca where are you supporting me from?

  • I will always keep my hometown in my heart - and it’s never been far from where I’ve relocated, but even if I move way beyond New England it will stay with me in my heart.

  • 25 April 2023 Thank you Kelsea and Kenny for this great song. It brings back memories of my little hometown in Port Chester, NY. A long time ago memory. Thank God for having the chance to make new one's wherever our feet land.

  • Damn, first time hearing and probably only listen once or twice more than i have to stop. Talk about hitting the homesick part of my heart. I was born in South Carolina, but as I spent twelve years of my childhood in Knoxville it always hits me in the heart seeing the city. I’ve been living in Colorado for the past eleven years and I’ve only gone back three times and each time it gets harder to leave. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can get as close to done with college by next summer and then make my way back down south. I was thinking of returning to Knoxville, but it is a growing city and even before the inflation housing was expensive. So, I’m thinking heading back to birth state than home state, it is close enough i can always pop over the mountain and explore. Shout out to anyone who went to Sequoyah, Bearden Middle and Cedar Bluff Middle, and Bearden High! I didnt know until this video that Kelsea was from Knoxville as well, but it is great knowing there’s one more singer to add that is from my home state.

  • This song is very emotional to me. Much of my hometown still has my heart. Along with the friends I grew up with there.

  • I Love your music

  • Literally gave me chills!! Crying like a baby over here. Such an amazing video. You are amazing Kelsea and should be so so proud of all you do!❤️

  • This song really hits home for me.

  • I fell in love with country music a long time ago and this song just reminds me why. Just WOW Kelsea. That's all I can say.

  • love it

  • Love this song ❤️❤️

  • I love this song so much

  • This is absolute perfection! I got goosebumps and tears fell. Congrats to Kelsea on another beautiful hit.

  • Very beautiful song . And great video aswell.

  • I love this song ❤️❤️❤️

  • Heard it first time on the radio on my way to work this morning around 6am. Love it and here I am.

  • My hometown is Angleton, Texas, but I love this song so much cus when I sing it, I just throw Angleton, Texas, in the mix. I think everyone does it like that when they sing it. It's one of my favorites from Kelsea. 🎵🎶❤️ Thank you, Kelsea, for making this song it brings back many memories.

  • Ooh so nice and amazing 🤗🤗 In love with it

  • Simply Beautiful!!! Kelsea definitely knows how to make incredible music videos. ❤️😁🥳🤩

  • Love this song 🙂

  • This is a great walk down memory lane to good music & voices. Love the song so much. Love my hometown nestled in the Ozarks.

  • This song will always give me chills.