Kelsea Ballerini Performs "IF YOU GO DOWN (I’M GOIN’ DOWN TOO)" | CMT Storytellers

čas přidán 1. 02. 2023
SNEAK PEEK: Kelsea Ballerini delivers the ultimate friendship anthem on #CMTStorytellers and we simply cannot get enough 👯 💕
Kelsea’s #CMTStorytellers episode premieres Thursday, Feb. 16 at 10/9c on CMT.
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  • You can tell she loves performing she’s always smiling

  • Love the way she performs she’s amazing .😊

    • Thank for your support may God continue to bless you

  • Kelsea always has a positive happy attitude and she gives off good vibes and that’s why how performances are loved by her fans.

  • Kelsea has one beautiful voice I have loved her since I started listening to her a couple years ago

  • A great song!!🤗👍👍

  • She has a great country voice

  • She looks absolutely beautiful as always.

  • Love This Song. 💯❤️

  • She is amazing great country voice ❤

    • She's not even close to country

    • At least she is country, young people don’t like this genre as much anymore, or at least compared to others.

    • @Mia Pearson she is pop not country regardless of anyone's opinion

    • ​@Joseph Beach I agree none the less she is more pop but not completely, hence it's called country pop.

    • @Mia Pearson there's no such thing as country pop, George Strait got rid of the pop sound in country in the 80s and became the King of Country because of it only for these new artists to kill it again and nows its worse than it was in the 80s.

  • Love this

  • Love this song

  • Love it! That's the way it's suppose to be. 💯

    • Thank for your support may God continue to bless you

  • Seems like every time I pick up this I phone and start scrolling there you are no matter where I go to there you are .Then I start listening and scrolling to hear your other songs and I don’t get my chores done ,not complaining , your voice just takes me away and draws me in ,I sure it is same with others.Love you

  • ugh i love her so! ❤

  • Hi I love country music! Kelsea Ballerini is one of my favorite country singers. 🤠good video! From Jonah

  • It’s s perfect Country song isn’t it

  • This song would of been such a good duet with like carrie or another country diva would of been awesome especially for the music video

  • I love HER

  • Me and my besties song ❤

  • Beautiful lady love at song

  • "Long time gone", from The Chicks?

  • 😎

  • I’m going marry Kelsea after she breaks up with her bf in the future

  • ok i'll say go down... big time.......

    • Hi thank for your support may God continue to bless you

  • Have you people listen to the words of the song it’s a sick song!

    • Mark Kus Oh, please, spare me. Lighten up. It's just a song for crying out loud. The lyrics are not meant to be taken seriously.

    • @Michelle Cena ok sure

    • It's the same concept as Goodbye Earl, nothing new.

  • They might as well dismantle CMT and put these shows on BET where they belong. I mean, it's ok to like this music but it needs to be played on pop not country.

    • This is literally her most country song.

    • @WildSarah although you are entitled to your opinion . Opinions don't matter or count against the truth. These new artists are pretending to be something they are not so they can brainwash and manipulate people into believing that they are so they can compete with everyone else. It's all about making money their heart is in the money not the music.

    • ​@Joseph Beach Give it a rest Joseph.

    • You made Joseph's point for him.