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čas přidán 8. 12. 2016
Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to present you with an extended cut of a very special film: Matt LeBlanc on a tour of London with Ken Block and his Hoonicorn Mustang. Watch more Ken Block here:

Want to watch more from Mr. Ken Block? Here he is talking about his rally hero Colin McRae:

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Taken from Top Gear: Series 23

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  • Want to watch more from Mr. Ken Block? Here he is talking about his rally hero Colin McRae:

  • Hoon Rules!👍👍

  • Amazing - soo crazy 😍👌

  • 6:40 Stig: Yeah, uhm I’m just gonna read more about how to drift clean……

  • 50 kez izledim 51 oldu her defasında vay amk dedim bu sefer ta amk dedim :)

  • Wow! What a ride..although a tranquilizer would be necessary, maybe 2.

  • 8:35 No it isn't the steering wheel's on the wrong side! :)

  • London baby!

  • Dope

  • ... this is the shit we should be exporting

  • I really appreciate how they used the real sounds. Hollywood car chases hardly ever do, I wish they sounded like this. OMG the stig at 6:41, I nearly spat out my coffee

  • That man is a beast

  • It's like playing the hardest drift race in Need for Speed and Joe sits right to your side!


  • Anybody else see the Stig 😂🤷🏼‍♂️

  • This guy is the really fast and furious guy, i hope someday he will come to Cuba, i want to see the hoonicorn racing and drifting in El Malecón and Prado.

  • from indonesia 🇮🇩 👍👍👍

  • bruh thats not a drift, thats a powerslide.

  • ken must go thru the tyres

  • JOEY !!!!! 👌🏻

  • imagine hearing that at 2am while your in bed. Music to your ears!

  • Greta likes this xD

  • The kid who plays racing game in first person thinks they be like:

  • 6:40 i see something hehehe...

  • 6:18 nothing to say

  • did you guys see stig drinking at the coffee shop

  • Wonder what that button does

  • I’ve watched this numerous times and it never gets old 😁

  • Idealisum of others being higher than rest is evil for we are one.

  • ok

  • the confort Ken Bkock has its just WOW

  • "I'm not in a big rush, you know" Neither is Ken. This is him taking things slow.

  • hey ken, hit me up. need to go for a ride with u

  • ❤️

  • 6:40 Stig be chill reading a book.

  • 6:40 the stig

  • no donuts at Buckingham Palace? im sure the queen would approve


  • i bet going down the lift is the first time that car has ever gone that slow

  • The only thing i saw was Matt le blanc and the drifts that the driver did

  • Ken block es la bestia con power

  • Matt LeBlanc has ice in his veins

  • Poor mat le blanc

  • Insert your eurobeat intensify music

  • What a high performance machine 👏 and why/how did 18000 dinks dislike this 🤷‍♂️ I don't get it.

  • good driver... he can... no people no cars active !!! :D ehehehee i wat see KEN with active people and cars and more....

  • Ken is the type of guy who turns right when he wants to go left

  • This was so great… 😂 funny and 😜 crazy at the same time

  • Was that Stig making a cameo at 6:41?

  • What awesome Organisation and expensive production costs, for those track videos

  • Joey: London baby 😂😂

  • Leaving tread all over london🤣😂 epic!

  • Alpha Predator 🦁✌️🦁✌️

  • I whant to know what does the red button do ?

  • 👹👹👹👹👏🇧🇷

  • 👏👏👏🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • wieviel leistung hat dieser eleanor?

  • Он сливается с машиной в одно целое👌👍

  • im curious too, what does the red button do??

  • Wild stig appears at 6:40

  • ha I remember watching this when it coming out I remembered the LeBlanc from some where but I knew he was one of the American top gear people, now watching again I realized I remembered him from Friends as Joey Tribbiani and now I can't watch it with just seeing him play Joey

  • So good :D

  • What was that red button????

  • 👏🏼

  • Good Content tagged. ☑️ That was Awesome!!

  • if thw sound of that car doesnt get your adrenaline going I presume you work as Teletubbies on2 kids shows lol

  • I found the Stig at 6:41

  • I love the top gear crew

  • Ken is the type of dude who wakes up in the morning and asks the ruler how long he has been asleep

  • who saw stig at 6:40? LoL is at the bar watching a newspaper

  • The Camera man teleporting in front of them: *PATHETIC*

  • I am a little proud knowing that 1400hp of asphalt ripping, American muscle car was tearing ass through the heart of London England.

  • They'd never let this happen again 🤣

  • ken be like the protagonist of redbull

  • 0:57 haha the guy was scared by the car

  • Was that the dude from Friends?

  • Wonder how many sets of tires they went through just for this video

  • 6:39 did anyone else see the stig?

  • Ken Block Mustang ❤❤

  • the stig just casualy sitting there XD 6:40

  • I´ll think this will hit 1b in feb 2024. So much fun!

  • The only good part out of the new series

  • What is the red button on the handbrake for???

  • Worst co driver ever.

  • I thought i saw stig at the cafe

  • min 6:40... top gear?

  • 6:40

  • How have I only just noticed the stig reading a paper outside the cafe?

  • Too many views for this and also the most viewed video in this channel!

  • Hoonigan boi!

  • Damn it’s fast car

  • 6:40 the stig is on the bench

  • I don't wanna know how expensive this video was

  • Find myself always coming back for that sweet sweet sequential sound 1:20

  • 06:41 anyone else notice the Stig sat reading a newspaper?

  • Bitchen

  • imagine getting into a cop chase with this car

  • The Hoonicorn, the car that came, saw and went.

  • How do they get rid of those skid marks though

  • Can this car beat a Hennessy venom?